What happened to our TURKEY that disappeared? 

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0:00 Hannah Juanita - Sway Together
2:54 Trevor Kowalski - First Time for Everything
6:23 Gavin Luke - If You Were Still Here
8:58 Will Harrison - Lillies in the Backyard
10:18 In Dawn - Aquatic Planet
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Feb 19, 2021




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Mia Spry
Mia Spry 18 hours ago
Never stop US-first u are the best and I love your emu :3
•[Chiyo Kanzaki]•
I’m so glad I found this channel! I’m an animal lover as well and your birds are so lovely ✨ You and 'A Chick Called Albert' are definitely my idols, I want to be just like you having my own farm^^
Ashik Ifty
Ashik Ifty 3 days ago
How peaceful it is to live like this I wish I had a farm like this
Jane Blackwell
Jane Blackwell 4 days ago
Slater: hmmm. I gots this. Imma make like a lone ranger and do this Winter: hold my beer Slater: take me back! take me back! Winter: that's what I thought
Joey James
Joey James 5 days ago
The best editing!
J5 Nephews
J5 Nephews 5 days ago
So happy for Slater and all your other animals who survived the deep freeze.
tawanna tucker
tawanna tucker 5 days ago
Slater was sowing his wild oats hehe
H McCann
H McCann 7 days ago
The sledding brings back memories! So much fun. Love those giggles.
Carol Trujillo
Carol Trujillo 7 days ago
Welcome home Slater. I'm so happy he's home. He went on a short vacation. 🦃🤗
Mitali Mitu
Mitali Mitu 7 days ago
Where is the new video.......
Hamdi 7 days ago
You have a muslim face i was thinking that you are one, may god protect your family
Haleys homestead
Haleys homestead 8 days ago
Oh i am so glad he came back!
Ivan Santos
Ivan Santos 8 days ago
I really love these animals channels they like make me feel happy sad
Eros' Time
Eros' Time 8 days ago
Thank you for inspiring me to start a farm :)
Dangerblast 8 days ago
Wow ur so rich just how big is ur land
Yani Alvarez
Yani Alvarez 8 days ago
When are you going to get a pitbull
Borkian3gg 8 days ago
For a new pet u should get Campanotnus naboraicus
The Farm at 64
The Farm at 64 8 days ago
I spotted your Mandarin ducks!!!!!! I recently bought a pair, and I am hoping to breed this year
shahzaib siddiqi
shahzaib siddiqi 8 days ago
I'm in UK 😀😀😀
shahzaib siddiqi
shahzaib siddiqi 8 days ago
I need incubator beacase I have red pigeons and the eggs are not haching
{XxwolfteamxX} 8 days ago
No small child Don't go towards the light Slater escaped you can't
Rafayet Kristen
Rafayet Kristen 8 days ago
I love your videos 🧡.Its inspired me.Whenever I saw your videos I loved it. THANK YOU WHITE HOUSE ON THE HILL.
Rowan Davies
Rowan Davies 8 days ago
Because coyotes were near the cage
Rowan Davies
Rowan Davies 8 days ago
Thé turkey ran away because it didn’t feel safe it went far away into another tree
Offense 9 days ago
i love this channel it makes you feel like you're part of the adventure
Haris Ahmadzai
Haris Ahmadzai 9 days ago
Whit house on the hill can you send me a baby chicken plz plz there .y favrout animal.
DSA Pulverizers
DSA Pulverizers 9 days ago
I want to live in a place like this
MieHanz 9 days ago
Farmhouse Teas
Farmhouse Teas 9 days ago
Yay! A happy ending!! Sledding looks like a lot of fun. We bought sleds and snow clothes now we have to go find some snow up the mountain.
Mia The Texas girl
I was thinking of a dog’s journey and just thought what about a turkeys journey
Luizzilla King of the Monsters
Hey guys! I want to to tell everyone that has bees always check on your bees cause theres the Asian Hornets AKA ''murder hornets" that kills bees and other small creatures are spreading over the U.S. so plz be careful the honey bees population is declining plz watch out for those Hornets before it's too late!!
Shimas Faris
Shimas Faris 9 days ago
How is there always some sort of drama
Tyler Loman
Tyler Loman 9 days ago
Hi I just started watching you guys you guys are pretty good people to go find a turkey 🦃
Clash Royal King
Clash Royal King 9 days ago
Are u vegans
Nikki Tremain
Nikki Tremain 9 days ago
We are going to get chickens in 5days can you tell me some stuff that would help plz
Nikki Tremain
Nikki Tremain 9 days ago
Julia Z
Julia Z 9 days ago
Late as always... ;
Lizzy Ritter
Lizzy Ritter 10 days ago
One of my male turkeys disappeared months ago!
YsabetJustYsabet 10 days ago
I'm so glad he came back! Think I'd clip those wings on all of them pretty fast, though.
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 10 days ago
Glad to see he is back!!
Elizabeth Donnelly
Elizabeth Donnelly 10 days ago
Love your channel! Please feel free to check out my homestead here in Ohio!
Squidzman 10 days ago
When u ask a farmer and they say “youtube” be like
Ash Castillio-Daniele
can you make a video of how to make the lego incubator?
White House on the Hill
Did you see the video? We showed it pretty closely on how we made it.
Bazigh 10 days ago
666k subs spooky that the turkey got lost :(
Lion the idiot :3
Lion the idiot :3 10 days ago
I love the bee videos and I love your videos I learn so much from your videos :)
Muggle Munchies
Muggle Munchies 10 days ago
Thank God he came back!!
lisa or lili? :3
lisa or lili? :3 10 days ago
U have 666k subs welp that's kinda creepy
Bunnies of Manila
Bunnies of Manila 10 days ago
Also, yayy slater’s back!!!
Bunnies of Manila
Bunnies of Manila 10 days ago
Love the videography!!!!! I guess skillshare paid off!
Cedie Miyake
Cedie Miyake 10 days ago
Can you please do camping you need tent and food and if you don't have then you need to make a camping house please check my comments 😊😊☺️☺️
Cedie Miyake
Cedie Miyake 10 days ago
Please check my comments can yo do camping
Lynda Gillingham
Lynda Gillingham 10 days ago
I absolutely love this channel! Reminds me of my childhood....many,many moons ago! I’m a farm girl through and through and miss the life,which wasn’t always that easy but so rewarding! Watching the children play and help to look after all the animals brings so many wonderful memories back so thank you! Hugs from the U.K.. X
Ashton Wentz
Ashton Wentz 10 days ago
I haven't been getting my notifications!!!! I realized I hadn't seen any vids in a while and was stunned to see how many I missed :o
Longcop Rachel
Longcop Rachel 11 days ago
Wee need to care to animals..... they are happinis in are life animal that wee need they can help i have a dog that i care he died he is my only happynis i keep criying becuse the that i love died he is my only happyniss i wish my dog never die:(
Chris Law
Chris Law 11 days ago
What's happening with the aviary has it stalled?
Brodie Howell
Brodie Howell 11 days ago
Let’s get 500 likes on this comment for them to finish the avearry
Alex Gaming
Alex Gaming 11 days ago
Rip him
Sam 11 days ago
Currently you have 666k subs :O
king ghidorah
king ghidorah 11 days ago
Please do more egg hatching please more please more please
ASMR Dann 11 days ago
I just love watching your videos when I grow up I'll be just like u
Arfa Jaiz
Arfa Jaiz 11 days ago
When i was a kid,i always hope my country have 4 seasons,but the reality theres only hot and very hot season.
Michael Block
Michael Block 11 days ago
Thank you so much for the awesome content!!
Jacob Key
Jacob Key 11 days ago
Please please please make a video on all your chickens I’ve seen a red shouldered Yokohama in a few of your videos and I love her!!!!! Also I would love to see how all of the bantams turned out!!!
Cheryl Fraunhofer
Cheryl Fraunhofer 11 days ago
I'm glad to see that Slater came back. I live in Maine and have wild turkeys that come to eat under the bird feeder in my back yard. Today there were twenty wild turkeys out there! They can survive just fine in the cold weather.
ابو سمر
ابو سمر 11 days ago
Bring a small cut onion and give it to chicken and duck, and also if there is lettuce, it is good and very useful for birds in cold days ... Because it works like an antibiotic for them and strengthens the birds' immunity against cold and increases egg production A week, one time alone is enough for them. I hope to work for you and within a year only I will make you earn a lot of money.
Someone was here :
Someone was here : 11 days ago
More bee stuff I love the bee stuff
Mj416 11 days ago
I know this has nothing to do with the video, but I have a recommendation. I think you guys should raise Cayuga ducks! They're beautiful and really good with people! :)🦆
Flannery O'Conner
Flannery O'Conner 11 days ago
Slater Then: Screw this farm!! Ima be a wild turkey. Be a new man. Get a wife and kids. Ty tree for your support. Slater now: NONONONO I DIDNT ASK FOR THIS!! FIND MEH HELP MEH ITS COLD
Flannery O'Conner
Flannery O'Conner 11 days ago
the piggies are precious btw 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Flannery O'Conner
Flannery O'Conner 11 days ago
OMG IM A SAVOR FIRST OF ALL THE COMMENTS RIGHT NOW IS 666 AHHHH I shall be 667 :) Your welcome. And I luv ur videos!!! Good thing you found the turkey
Takashi Feather
Takashi Feather 11 days ago
Have you found the netting for the place you're building still?
Iga henny Thresnawati
I love your videos please like and subscribe to White House in the hill 👌
Anna Sidley
Anna Sidley 12 days ago
Just a suggestion... but why don't you guys hatch a few sultans? They are pure white and have dragon-like features that include a puffy crest and a beard and adorable little boots!
Althea May
Althea May 12 days ago
Well I watch the video to the end and I'm glad he came back okay y'all keep doing what you doing and imma keep watching
Althea May
Althea May 12 days ago
I hope you find your turkey I remember when he was just a little egg so I'm praying you find them and it's so good to see that you're taking care of all the other animals y'all stay warm God bless you guys
Kathy Bradbury
Kathy Bradbury 12 days ago
i heard guineas will bully other species...id be very cautious if you plan on creating a mixed flock. i love your wood ducks and IDK if theyre chinese or Japanese ducks of similar coloration (you have both white and natural of the species im refering to) with the little sail shaped feathers that stand up on their wings. really beautiful. i havent watched this entire video, but im sorry about your turkey....oh! nope! yay! happy you got Slater back!
midnight fox dragon
The dad:*trys to lure him with noise* Dog:*jump* ello
All Abored
All Abored 12 days ago
Kiddos speech is improving!
Sharannya C
Sharannya C 12 days ago
From kerala, love your video
King GAMING 12 days ago
Post video 4 days later ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sandy Norlock
Sandy Norlock 12 days ago
I’m so happy for you that Slater came back.
Karen Neely
Karen Neely 12 days ago
Turkeys are very smart....almost became our National Bird...alas ,the eagle won out.
Karen Neely
Karen Neely 12 days ago
How will you keep him in?
Chong Thor BTL
Chong Thor BTL 12 days ago
Just to let you know your video clips selection and music editing is just amazing.
Willow McCune
Willow McCune 12 days ago
how do you get the pigens back home when they fly
Brooke Chiu
Brooke Chiu 12 days ago
at 7:56 in this video that on duck in the water bowl just went full one it the drink
maurice forget
maurice forget 12 days ago
your family is the best.
VlkOndrej 12 days ago
They dont need wathre they will just peck snow.
our life
our life 12 days ago
are you friends with gold shaw farm
Stormy Crossman
Stormy Crossman 12 days ago
I've heard domesticated turkeys will wander off with wild turkeys. Do you have wild turkeys on your property?
Candied Cracker
Candied Cracker 12 days ago
What chicken is in the intro at 0:54? Oh and at 6:42 It has really pretty eyes I'd like to search for one to buy
Dáibhí Lally
Dáibhí Lally 12 days ago
I'm so glad he's back, hope ye enjoyed the snow😂😂👍👍
Farah Abbani
Farah Abbani 12 days ago
I have a question Is it true that roosters lay one egg every year? ‼️⁉️
Susan Windley
Susan Windley 12 days ago
Will you clip his wing to keep him from flying away again or just leave him to come and go?
Bean plays games
Bean plays games 12 days ago
Why do you guys have sou much animal?😁
ashleyharwood5 12 days ago
So glad he came back
FaZe gay
FaZe gay 12 days ago
Next video: Slater our turkey flew away again
رياكشنات و ميمز بدون حقوق
can i please come to your house please im 13 and my name is yousef please kep the amzing videos❤️
Wes 12 days ago
What do you think animals did before humans caged them up in the winter they ate snow or live around flowing creeks for water
super gamer
super gamer 12 days ago
I wish i could work in your farm
super gamer
super gamer 12 days ago
Big fan big fan