What Happened to EVERY #1 Overall Pick Since 2000? 

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What Happened to EVERY #1 Overall Pick Since 2000!
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Apr 28, 2021




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Don Vu
Don Vu 8 days ago
Who do you think is the greatest #1 overall pick since 2000?
Oofman Entertainment
Clearly it's Eli. He's been to the Super Bowl twice and won it twice plus Super Bowl MVP. Can't spell Elite without ELI.
FM Weeking
FM Weeking 8 hours ago
Sean Lutke
Sean Lutke 9 hours ago
@Adrian Garza Not saying that his season ending leg injury will prevent him from having a solid career, but the chances he has a better career than Eli Manning (one of 5 players in NFL history to win multiple SB MVP awards) are very low and would be a terrible bet.
Adrian Garza
Adrian Garza 10 hours ago
@Sean Lutke He got injured, yeah, so? He’s a QB, he’s not really a run first guy anyways
Sean Lutke
Sean Lutke 11 hours ago
@Brandon Lucus Delusional Cowboys fan I see. Tony Romo was a good qb, but not even close to Eli's level -- Eli is one of 5 players in the history of the NFL with multiple SB MVPs.
Odesza 24 minutes ago
Crazy how much of these players straight up suck. The NFL and NBA have bad luck with 1st overall picks
JACK JUST JACK 2 hours ago
3:07 sometimes I hate being a pats fan
#TheRealest !!!
#TheRealest !!! 7 hours ago
Great video.
Velvet Bear
Velvet Bear 8 hours ago
So basically with all the hype the NFL creates on draft day to find the next great superstar, it’s safe to say, most are busts and overrated!? What causes this issue? Scouts who shouldn’t be? 1st round players over privileged and lack of heart? Or in my opinion great players get over looked to a biased lineup system on teams jot giving most players enough reps?? Since 2000 the NFL and most sports have gone down the shitter....sad
Captain Dadpool
Captain Dadpool 8 hours ago
Staffords fake spike TD is one of my favorite football plays!
2013: Eric Fisher 2014; javon Clooney 2015: Jamien Winston 2016: Jared Goff 2017: Myles Garret 2018: Baker Mayfield 2019: Kyler Murray 2020: Joe Burrow
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin 14 hours ago
The problem with being the number one pick is you go to the worst team.
DYLAN BARTH 17 hours ago
You should do the best 1st round 2nd picks
Twevet 20 hours ago
I loved the Palmer era as a Cardinals fan
Tammie A
Tammie A Day ago
I cannot stand Vick for what he did.
Maxium5408 Day ago
rodgers should've been #1 pick
Grumpy Old Man
And the Bungles took a receiver. Typical.
Josh Drumheller
David Carr never got a chance to be anything. Houston couldn't build an offensive line to let him develop or become anything. By far the unluckiest first overall pick by far.
Jayden H
Jayden H Day ago
Imagine if the 49s got aaron rodgers
supersevenn Day ago
id love to see a video of #1s vs #2s of each year, "who made the better choice" (if you dont have one already)
Hey, Wanna Play?
Hahaha! M.Vick was a bust do Russell was the wors bust
Ardante11 Day ago
Jamarcus Russell was so good at being bad I wonder if he got paid to be bad...
benjomein 2 days ago
Poor David Carr.. some guys just end up in awful situations, he might have been great somewhere else
Jimmy Chang
Jimmy Chang 2 days ago
This is stupid, title is what ever happened to them not what they did during their career smfh
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez 2 days ago
Joe Bucks call on the Eli Manning to David Tyree pass 💤 😴
shrimp19921 2 days ago
Newton and Bradford were drafted one year apart?
NtheKnife318 2 days ago
If Murray was 5" taller and 30lbs heavier he would be a force of nature. He will not make it 5 seasons.
DBA_ Luke
DBA_ Luke Day ago
Russ was smaller than Kyler when he came in the league and he’s been playing for almost a decade now
Barron Ingram
Barron Ingram 2 days ago
luck never had the protection or supporting cast that manning had
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson 2 days ago
Michael Vick, Cam Newton and Kyler Murray were unstoppable in their first year as rookies and their second year in the league!!!
Steve Merritt
Steve Merritt 2 days ago
who cares!
Wrex1 Kettles
Wrex1 Kettles 2 days ago
Micheal Vick has herpes
JR 2 days ago
My favorite thing to do on madden was going back to a game after 5 years and trade for the rookies that ended up being great but had no value in the game at the time
Larry Hobson
Larry Hobson 2 days ago
Winston also had a pretty good set of wrs around him in tampa js
Larry Hobson
Larry Hobson 2 days ago
What a shame Detroit couldn't do anything with Stafford, wasted the majority of his career where any competent franchise could have probably won multiple Superbowls with him and a little help around him.
VoltXxShot2 3 days ago
the tf
the tf 3 days ago
I’m happy for the browns fans, they’ve been through so much and finally are playoff contenders with Baker Mayfield
Velvet Bear
Velvet Bear 8 hours ago
19 first round draft picks later...
First Last
First Last 3 days ago
Stafford did take his team to the playoffs! In 2014! Wth!!
VolumeTurnedDown 3 days ago
This is why I laugh at the draft hype. "This guy is the biggest can't miss candidate since Baker Mayfield .. I mean, Jared Goff .. or uh, Jameis Winston!"
Brendon Keen
Brendon Keen 3 days ago
“You can’t rewrite the history of the nfl without Eli Manning!” And that’s why he’s a HOFer.
Ace007 14 hours ago
@Andrew favre has 336 interceptions, eli's is in the 200s, big ben has never won mvp
Brendon Keen
Brendon Keen 14 hours ago
@Andrew where are your super bowl rings?
Andrew 14 hours ago
Eli belongs in the hall...the hall of leading the league in INTs in 3 separate seasons and not once being in contention for the MVP
Ace007 18 hours ago
Mike Trissel
Mike Trissel 3 days ago
Where's Johnnie Football?
Michael 3 days ago
#1 overall pick in 2021: QB Trevor Lawerence to Jacksonville
Brian St. Denis
Brian St. Denis 3 days ago
Would have liked to see a summary chart... wins, pro bowls, playoffs, etc. Thanks for the video!
Nick Funkhouser
Nick Funkhouser 3 days ago
Mike Vick makes football look effortless.
Zavier Magee
Zavier Magee 3 days ago
Was that first Garrett clip not horse collar?💀
ALEXANDER Greene Barrios
You gotta love Alex Smith. The man is unhatable.
Jaden Orton
Jaden Orton 3 days ago
In my opinion it’s really hard to classify David carr as a bust considering he literally had no protection.
WP SN 3 days ago
Mel Kiper is a clown. He called Jamarcus Russell "the best physical skillset I've ever seen in my life", and called Tom Brady "not starter material". How does this clown still have a job analyzing draft talent?
Tyler james
Tyler james 10 hours ago
once you get a reputation as an early riser, you can sleep 'til noon.
Elie 3 days ago
Have a great day god love y’all .
The FuzzyMonkey
The FuzzyMonkey 3 days ago
If the Lions didn't have Stafford they might of had the #1 pick each year
Chris Steele
Chris Steele 4 days ago
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NFL Prod
NFL Prod 4 days ago
2020: And the award for fastest toddler in the world goes to Kyler Murray with a 4.31 40 yard dash time! 2021: And the award for fastest toddler in the world goes to Kyler Murray with a 4.31 40 yard dash time! Credits to Guinness World Records.
Young El Topo
Young El Topo 4 days ago
David Carr would've been solid if he wasn't drafted by the Texans. Palmer would've been a HOF if he wasn't drafted by the Bengals.
Jason's Storm
Jason's Storm 4 days ago
Next do #2 and #3
Porter Wake
Porter Wake 4 days ago
OH my fucking god. Again, JaDaveon Clowney, a #1 pick based on the hype of ONE PLAY. That stupid Michigan play.
Nico Collins
Nico Collins 4 days ago
Bro that stafford TD Was legendary when it happened
CalebV2 4 days ago
If this was in school I would have a A+
Carter Reid
Carter Reid 4 days ago
Lamar>Vick any day
Professor Frink
Professor Frink 4 days ago
Wtf is Joe Burrow?
Diecast Nation Videos
2021 - Trevor Lawrence drafted #1 by the Jacksonville Jaguars. #SACKSONVILLE
Javier Sanchez
Javier Sanchez 4 days ago
Glad we had you Andrew, thanks for sacrificing your body for our entertainment.
Boston Nate
Boston Nate 4 days ago
Eli had 3 decent seasons... not a HoF
tanner Vesche
tanner Vesche 4 days ago
people sleep on how good stafford is
Bowling1984 Productions
16:50 YOU SUcK
James Matthews
James Matthews 4 days ago
The Dolphins wasted that pick. Other than Long the team was mostly terrible during his time. His best years wasted as well as that pick.
Phillip Shadid
Phillip Shadid 5 days ago
I'm convinced he would have made SB had he not tore ACL(?) against the steelers. 2006(?)
aF Kayzar
aF Kayzar 5 days ago
I'm glad they pointed out that the Texan management failed to build an OL to protect Carr. The guy might have been a legit great QB. The rare times the OL was able to do their job Carr looked good. Dude could win games when he wasn't getting rocked. But that kind of damage adds up quickly. Damn shame. Also major props to Alex Smith. 49's total failure at the coaching level was clear to anyone who wasn't the GM. What a waste of talent and heart. Dude could have easy helped build a powerhouse for SF but they pissed it away. Glad he got the credit he deserved at KC. Dude has plenty of haters from a time and situation that was completely out of his control.
smeagol1409 5 days ago
Is it just me or has Carson Palmer always looked as old as he is now
smeagol1409 5 days ago
I like how he didn't mention what David Carr's doing now
Nathan Vs Everything
Oh ya calvin johnson
Bryon Letterman
Bryon Letterman 5 days ago
Being first overall and getting destroyed in the NFL must be the most humbling experience ever. They probably spent most of the lives growing up being better at football than anyone else they knew, only to get owned repeatedly on national television.
Ethan H
Ethan H 5 days ago
Is Cam Newton the really the ONLY mvp to be drafted first overall all in the last 20 years? That's bonkers.
Holycow 8498
Holycow 8498 5 days ago
It really sucks that Luck had injury troubles had he not had them he'd have been on levels equal to the man he replaced in Indy
hagamapama Day ago
Blame Grigson. By the time we got rid of him and brought in someone who knows how to actually build an O-line it was too late.
Ernie 5 days ago
I can't wait to see this NFL season it's gonna be so good
smeagol1409 5 days ago
Or Dalton lol
smeagol1409 5 days ago
Also I hope fields takes the bears back to the playoffs
smeagol1409 5 days ago
I'm excited to see Mac Jones vs Zach Wilson
corbyn edwards
corbyn edwards 5 days ago
The last 4 first picks could be something
Charles Kruzits
Charles Kruzits 5 days ago
The way Jadaveon Clowney’s career is described is appalling. The man hasn’t eclipsed double digit sacks once in his entire career. ‘But he gets a lot of pressures!!!’ Who gives a f###
McBoyz11 5 days ago
Vick changed the entire football defensive and offensive nfl play
Marcus G
Marcus G 6 days ago
I feel bad for QB's that don't get to grow and have success. It's so easy to shit on carr but I'd love to see ppl try to sit in a pocket and throw accurately while your front line implodes and you have LB running full speed for your head.
Zuma Dude
Zuma Dude 6 days ago
"Upset" of the Steelers is the wrong word. Blowout, Annihilation, Route, Rampage, Pub-stomp, those are more accurate descriptors.
Zane Salamah
Zane Salamah 6 days ago
I miss Andrew luck
Matt Osmulski
Matt Osmulski 6 days ago
Gotta feel for the number 1 pick getting set up for failure with some trash teams
Las Vegas Raider And Chicago bulls nation
Raider nation got the worst pick her
Las Vegas Raider And Chicago bulls nation
Raider nation jack as russle
Sean Norris
Sean Norris 6 days ago
So only 2 of these players "led" their team to a Super Bowl.. Eli Manning and Eric Fisher
jon smith
jon smith 4 days ago
I believe if fisher were healthy they may have won another...Mahomes had no time to throw
Wyaa 6 days ago
Couldn't find any Jamarcus Russell highlights so they showed Jamarcus Russell Low-Lights
Jke ENT 7 days ago
TheModer8ter 7 days ago
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Bori 7 days ago
Just here to say that whoever drafts Mac Jones is gonna waste a top 10 pick BUST POTENTIAL
Ace Moniodis
Ace Moniodis 7 days ago
The Jamarcus Russell pick looks even worse now. And that's saying something.
aguyfromnothere 7 days ago
Amazing Lucks injuries caused retirement so young. What an amazing talent.
Howard Fox
Howard Fox 7 days ago
russell wilson wasn't 1st overall but still legendary I just hope he doesn't get hurt
KCW Wrestling
KCW Wrestling 4 days ago
Then they better get him a line so he doesn’t have to run for his life every play
aguyfromnothere 7 days ago
49ers should have stayed with Alex Smith.
Justin Briney
Justin Briney 7 days ago
Do we really need an ad break every 3 minutes? my god
BIG LK 7 days ago
Can we get the 98 draft
Gabriel Alfred
Gabriel Alfred 7 days ago
Jadaveon Clowney went to the High School that I go to now and a teacher at my middle school was his cousin.
Anthony Guild
Anthony Guild 7 days ago
It'll be high hopes in Cincinnati if they draft Burrow some O-line or sign him some
Zach Henry
Zach Henry 7 days ago
Palace Of Wisdom
Palace Of Wisdom 7 days ago
What I got from this is that the Browns have been the worst team in the league FOUR TIMES in the last 20 years. It's pretty incredible to get so many top/high draft picks and remain so bad for so long.
Matthew Lane
Matthew Lane 7 days ago
Vick going to jail for 2 years then making the pro bowl is such an underrated achievement
Velvet Bear
Velvet Bear 8 hours ago
The pro bowl now doesn’t mean crap? So what’s the point here?
Paweł Petek
Paweł Petek 15 hours ago
@ghost he hit his pregnant girlfriend
ghost 23 hours ago
@mason tillie what did hill do
The Big Chap 101
@dirk diggler I see what you did there
dirk diggler
dirk diggler Day ago
Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog.
Krader 7 days ago
DIdja know only 4 of these guys are still on the same team
Ian Kissell
Ian Kissell 7 days ago
My takeaway is how many times the Browns have been the worst in the league.
I'm Dust-In Time
I'm Dust-In Time 7 days ago
Everytime I see that highlight of Clowney blowing up the running back from Michigan I am reminded how I am more impressed by his inside penetration move than his actual hit stick. Clowney was 6'6" 270lbs freak vs. Vincent Smith who was 5'6" 180lbs. Also a reminder that Taylor Lewan, the Michigan LT had Clowney's # most of that game.
Noah Willems
Noah Willems 7 days ago
Well done
Hu Jazz
Hu Jazz 7 days ago
Can y’all do the 2006 round 2 NFL draft
Dr. Rick Progressive commercial
These nuts.
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 8 days ago
The biggest what if question What would of happened if the Niners picked Aaron Rodgers instead of Alex Smith
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