what do we do with Diamonds in the 100 by 100 Minecraft World?? 

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#minecraft world confined to a 100 by 100 border is a unique challenge and I love the resource management similar to Skyblock it brings. Diamonds are going to be our biggest problem, there's only a certain amount in our world.
- Will be streamed on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/yeah_jaron
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Twitter: Yeah_Jaron
DISCORD IS (kinda) COOL discord.gg/WRbeVp3
hahaha youtube analytics go brrrrrr
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This isn't is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin. This is a 100 Block, not 100 Days Minecraft.
This is the fourth video after the "I played Minecraft in a 100 by 100 world"
#shorts #yeahjaron


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Feb 19, 2021




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Yeah Jaron
Yeah Jaron 4 days ago
MatuHUN 19 minutes ago
Came here to see this comment
NKVD Hour ago
@Goose Ah, yes, because only Communism killed people, amirite? I don't know 'bout you, but I still see people dieing of starvation in Capitalism too. I don't know man, seems kinda weird. I thought that when the SSRs fell, the world would be better, I mean, that's what they told us. But I am seeing no improvements, rather it is starting to go back to the 1900's.
Peeps152 3 hours ago
"Communism" under Stalin, I believe it referred to as Stalinism now, or rather a dictatorship.
gaming cooin
gaming cooin 4 hours ago
I got so confused when you said was not Karl Marx
Russia Hienz
Russia Hienz 8 hours ago
What did communism originate from
Genderbend Mikan Tsumiki
Ah yes my favourite communist video
John I
John I 43 minutes ago
"thank you Stalin" is one of the dumbest things I've heard in awhile.
Space bar
Space bar 47 minutes ago
Villagers, amid a joke to you
Nicolas Corbeil
Nicolas Corbeil 48 minutes ago
Stalin didn't invent communism, you slave of capitalism
David Solis
David Solis 2 hours ago
"Some of the first diamonds we'll run out of is diamonds"
Drew Powell
Drew Powell 2 hours ago
Band kids
Zach White
Zach White 3 hours ago
Make a duplication machine
AussieWhiteChoco 3 hours ago
Mans figured out how to outplay minecraft
Kace Johnson
Kace Johnson 4 hours ago
I can't tell if he's against or for communism🤔
The casual model building here and there
People mad because Stalin didn’t invent communism but it was an idea by Vladmir Lenin
Bear Bear
Bear Bear 6 hours ago
*happy confused Russian noises*
Jeff Sincich
Jeff Sincich 6 hours ago
Did this man just say Stalin invented communism
Gavin Williford
Gavin Williford 6 hours ago
Ha Stalin invited communism get your facts right.
Jose Ponce
Jose Ponce 7 hours ago
Communism is horrible
Erik 7 hours ago
Hate it when teenagers say that Stalin invented communism, technically stalin didnt even use many traditional communist ideals and principles
Yahary Bustamante
Yahary Bustamante 8 hours ago
You can build mineshaft
zdogjlz 8 hours ago
Except for the fact that literally no one cares...
The Guy
The Guy 9 hours ago
Seargent Brah
Seargent Brah 10 hours ago
Wait you guys have communism! I WANT TO JION NOW SO BAD PLEASE TELL ME YOU GUYS HAVE XBOX!!!!!!
Bannana Operator
Bannana Operator 10 hours ago
Wow I wanna die now
Shon w
Shon w 11 hours ago
“Stalin invented Communism” Karl Marx: *am i a joke to you...?*
Lexie Tibbs
Lexie Tibbs 12 hours ago
Communism is cancer
king dawn the third
king dawn the third 12 hours ago
Ahhh CoMmUnIsm
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 13 hours ago
So youre a communist huh? Then why arent you sharing the Server XD
Garry The toothpick
Garry The toothpick 14 hours ago
Imagine not making a fortune 3 silk touch pickaxe
When your relative has their fingers pulled of and was then burnt alive because they didn’t believe in communism Thx Stalin
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 14 hours ago
I hate communism but I love history and that’s just disrespectful
Red Army General
Red Army General 14 hours ago
Communism at its peak in minecraft
Alinator LP
Alinator LP 14 hours ago
I hope u know thet Lenin invented communism
1000yani 15 hours ago
Do the bundle glitch u can get unlimited diamonds
Sufrimiento 15 hours ago
A. Stalin didn't create communism. B. Fuck communism.
Screwyblock Gaming
Screwyblock Gaming 15 hours ago
Yeah, karl marx invented communism in a manifesto he wrote
RoboLobster3000 15 hours ago
Stalin didn't invent communism...
average potato
average potato 15 hours ago
I assume you got an f in history
Fatty Prejusa
Fatty Prejusa 16 hours ago
Did anyone noticed that when he mined the diamonds he got diamond blocks instead of diamonds.......................
Fatty Prejusa
Fatty Prejusa 15 hours ago
@Jojo Man oh f sorry i didnt played minecraft in a long tiiimmeee
Jojo Man
Jojo Man 16 hours ago
Yeah that’s because he used a pick axe with silk touch so he would get the blocks instead of the ore so that he could use a fortune lll pick axe to get more then one Diamond per block.
jamie stagg
jamie stagg 17 hours ago
Ewww comunisim 🤮 tha I fos your joking lol😂
ItzKitKat 17 hours ago
How do you make a 100 by 100 world?
poop assisstnant
poop assisstnant 18 hours ago
Mentioning stalin is like mentioning hitler wtf
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson 20 hours ago
The belief that people will share evenly is a clear misunderstanding of the human thought process.
Eagle75 Norway
Eagle75 Norway 21 hour ago
Lenin made communism, Stalin continued it.
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
Np comrade But Just so you know you need to thank Lenin he invented it I just made it good with purges
VeteranVulture 22 hours ago
My 7th grade communist self just slapped me and told me to get mad :D
Beebo Bopbee
Beebo Bopbee 22 hours ago
Karl Marx made communism... not Stalin... Stalin wasn’t even the first leader of the USSR
tood mood
tood mood 23 hours ago
Stalinndidnt invent fucken communism
kyocerii !
kyocerii ! 23 hours ago
everyone say thank you Karl Marx
DrewSpeedDemon 23 hours ago
And then he killed all his friends because he didnt like how they negated him when choosing lunch. Ya know since we are thanking Stalin.
Ledena Lynn
Ledena Lynn Day ago
A wise man once said SYKA BYLAT!!
The farmyard Child
stalin invented communism💀 uses capitalism to get his armor💀 tries to use communism in the first place💀
consider the following 7
Fuck stalin it was a German man named Karl Marx
AnimeGamer47 Day ago
Did anyone else notice when he was mining diamonds in the intro, it mined as whole ores and not diamonds?
Amir Ordibi
Amir Ordibi Day ago
You do know you can smelt tools and armour to get the pieces back right ?
Soviet Spartan
Communism is a flawed system that has never worked in practice, CAPITALISM FOR THE WIN BITCHES
stevemc 01
stevemc 01 Day ago
“Thank you Stalin for inventing communism.” Marx my words... *purge time*
Kevin Del Cid
Made a nether core in that old Minecraft survival world before infinite world was a thing
Egghead1818 Day ago
Well fuck history I guess..
RyanBurlingame2 _Plays
Stalin did not invented communish, Karl Marx did. Thank you :)
SCP-1879 Day ago
Remember kids the only good commie is a dead one!
Ryoon2K Day ago
Diamonds could be great for currency
Marco Day ago
Thank you Stalin for inventing comunisem Hmmmmm are you sure about that
BT-7274 Day ago
Hey Vladimir Lenin was the inventor of the Soviet Union. Comrad.
Sterling Mozel
Stalin didn't invent communism
Sr.Torrada Day ago
Uncle joe saves us once again
El Na Ghezn
El Na Ghezn Day ago
Dupe them
Aldous Day ago
Stalin didn't even invent communism
Lenin invented communism lmfao
Infinity YT
Infinity YT Day ago
It’s was Lenin lol
Cam the Man
Cam the Man Day ago
It was Vladimir Lenin that invented communist
bonsai trees are cool
Haha comunnism haha laugh
Panzer of the Lake
Karl Marx visible confusion
Synthetic Lethal
That Stalin joke was so funny
Kruchey Day ago
Infinate diamonds: silk touch and fortune. There u go
Fighter RBLX
Fighter RBLX Day ago
whats the music in the background??? anyone reply pls!!
That Doomguy
That Doomguy Day ago
But Lenin invented communism.
That Doomguy
That Doomguy Day ago
@bonsai trees are cool ok, but Marx also invented marxism
bonsai trees are cool
No karl marx did
Hunter Simpson
Stalin didn’t invent communism
Go slap your history teacher for lying to you.
Sir TidePod
Sir TidePod Day ago
The only occasion where communism is okay
Music_ Freak
Music_ Freak Day ago
He kinda sounds like bbh
Joseph Stalin
You’re welcome
The Chaconut
The Chaconut Day ago
Can't you mine diamonds with a silk touch pickaxe, move the diamond ore, then mine it with a fortune 3 pickaxe
xi047 Day ago
It was Karl Marx's theory
Kingy209 Day ago
Stalin didn’t invent communism
Yahegao Day ago
Ah, communism works so well that you acquired your armor and tools via capitalist means. Just like real life!
did you really just thank stalin for killing 10+ million people ?
Dennis Parker
Or you could of made your friend pay for it or trade it
Markus Varusk
I er umm a stalin wasn’t even the first communist ruler
Brianna Day ago
When you are mining diamonds mine around them so there’s not lava behind the diamonds idiot
Simon Hershberger
Heres proof that communism works...in a game where you have infinite lives and respawn roght back at home 😂
Furret The god
CATZ_YT Day ago
What’s the bgm
Stalin didn't invent communism you tard
Aiden Albright
Hold up hold up hold up Stalin died on my birthday and he did not invent communism some else did before Stalin was big boy
Celtic Salad
Celtic Salad Day ago
Commie bastards
bluethefox Day ago
If theres no more diamond how would pillagers get it
Allyn07 Day ago
HeavyBape Day ago
Why do you sound like BadBoyHalo
mtfUltra Day ago
I mean you could buy diamonds from each other with other items
Mason Williams
Guys! Karl Marx did not invent communism. He invented socialism. Vladimir Lenin invented communism.
Sxlaree Day ago
Is it just me or does he sound like badboyGeorge aka. Oh dreammmmmm
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