What Animals On Earth Will Look Like In a Million Years 

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Evolution is a slow, gradual process... but what if we could speed it up? Let's take a look at the animal kingdom of the future.


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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Phanna Hong
Phanna Hong 8 hours ago
Me thinking some animals become dino 🧐
Amy Wharehinga
Amy Wharehinga 3 days ago
Is this real
Chester Dagoc
Chester Dagoc 4 days ago
Where is the tyrannornis (if you don't know what it is google it)
Definetlynot S_phia
Lets hope they will even survive
Irena Tuilevuka
Irena Tuilevuka 4 days ago
No thanks
Irena Tuilevuka
Irena Tuilevuka 4 days ago
I don’t want to live in a million years
Lyndsay Bernice
Lyndsay Bernice 4 days ago
Bright side: birda will get bigger Me: *hoping for it to happen so that i just get to ride them*
TV hacker
TV hacker 4 days ago
Will there be new humans ?
Tathagat 5 days ago
It's just a theory. Animal theory
Katie Satie
Katie Satie 5 days ago
Wats gana happen to humans
ZIXEN 5 days ago
Sad fact rhinos wont be here in a million years they are allmost EXSTINKED
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah 5 days ago
So cool!!❤🧡❤🧡❤
serbian countaryball
Why wood we need web weebing goats or a muscelar pig?
Bentley moody
Bentley moody 6 days ago
03:35 as a person who is fairly resistant to heat I will also Thrive despite me not being able to survive that long
Sylvia Ng
Sylvia Ng 6 days ago
Why no plants.it's because of humans and because of plastic
I guess thanksgiving gonna be hard to plan out...
Bear claw
Bear claw 6 days ago
OMGITSME YE 6 days ago
That won’t work unless they lived forever and fur and feathers grow back
DoGGOboi 6 days ago
Ok its a bit unrelated but i feel like theres a massive monster somewhere in the world thats the real top of the food chain
Sadys Garcia
Sadys Garcia 7 days ago
Some one 1 million years after: hah what an adiot
Power Puppy
Power Puppy 7 days ago
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn 7 days ago
This is just a hypothesis.
Yvonne F
Yvonne F 7 days ago
I don't really Believe this
Aischa Tikowsky
Aischa Tikowsky 7 days ago
I think in the future, sadly, there will be no elephants and rhinos :(
SysAd_Sec 7 days ago
Another terrible narrator. Wheres the old one?
Rajeshwar Ekka
Rajeshwar Ekka 7 days ago
Do you make lala life ?🙄🙄
Everybody Drip frog
Without toes how do ballerinas dance?
Satan Satan
Satan Satan 7 days ago
Why would they need these
Oreo Boreo
Oreo Boreo 8 days ago
ʏᴏᴜꜱɪꜰ ᴇʟᴀᴍɪɴ 4ʙ
wow its interesting but sad i feel bad for all the animals.....😢😭
This is like a dinosaur story and evolutions
Well I'd like a giant cute cat the size of a tiger
Gacha•Girl 8 days ago
I hope the human evaluation won't happen (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
Huckie Go
Huckie Go 8 days ago
Me: earth will be a hot water planet cuz the water is rising. And earth will not be a living planet anymore. Now we have to find a way to live in some planets to live.
Huckie Go
Huckie Go 8 days ago
I AM SMARTER THEN THE SCIENTIST even i just play games. :/
galaxy is dead black hole
Are we all mega mind?
Bardock 8 days ago
Dinos come back hmmm
NinjaManTask 8 days ago
I dont think a rhino would exist in a million years.
Fatema Yasser
Fatema Yasser 8 days ago
Why are people Testing animals 100 animals get killed like in a month
Dinosssk 8 days ago
This makes no sense to me
Ely_Siqn 8 days ago
Debil 8 days ago
Bruh, they just stole animals from "The Future is Wild", "After Man", "Demain. Les animaux du futur", and "Strange evolution: The weird future of life on Earth".
Nathaniel Loresma
How are we gonna do thanksgiving holiday-
Nathaniel Loresma
Yeah no this isnt the future the future is prob neon not this mess im not hating tho
¿callista glitch?
I want to see a buff axolotl
Bethany Rocha
Bethany Rocha 9 days ago
No ew no no ew no no no no
Joaquin Zelaya
Joaquin Zelaya 9 days ago
Dude just look at the future is wild and then get your awersan , and they do have real scientist
To_ ca
To_ ca 9 days ago
Planet will not be alive cause of humans . Humans care about just money but why do u need money if u will die . We are reason why planet is dying.
Captain Lejuinor
Captain Lejuinor 9 days ago
Hmmm I just realized this is like the dinosaur Age but humans are there lol
Bryan Lassiter
Bryan Lassiter 9 days ago
The earth is greener in 2021 then it was 1221. Larger animals mean more oxygen in the atmosphere. This is just BS
ali Christianto
ali Christianto 9 days ago
Deborshi Bhadra
Deborshi Bhadra 9 days ago
Yo you forgot something! The canniness and cat species like tigers,lions would be about twice the size it is now!
phyllis and vike
phyllis and vike 9 days ago
Ellies Intal
Ellies Intal 9 days ago
Super muscular pigs My mind for no reason Technoblade
maou 10 days ago
sadly rhino.will now be instinc because the two last rhino are female
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 10 days ago
Earth would be disintegrated bt the sun before the animals get to evolve this much probably
Adnan Pulic
Adnan Pulic 10 days ago
Waka is like galimmimus
Matthew Stahl
Matthew Stahl 10 days ago
This sounds like a great thing to look forward to.
Windee 10 days ago
forgot to water my deer again
Ashton Wolf
Ashton Wolf 10 days ago
Something tells me that these 2 animals will have plenty of water to Drink...
rashmi j tonpe
rashmi j tonpe 10 days ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 will this be real 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😔😔😔😴👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Windee 10 days ago
you really think that bright side the same channel that told us we are using erasers wrong is right
rashmi j tonpe
rashmi j tonpe 10 days ago
Arin Dev
Arin Dev 10 days ago
First i thought that this video was posted on 1st april .
Snehal. P.M
Snehal. P.M 10 days ago
I am really happy that I will be not there after billion years 😅
Marjan Koncar
Marjan Koncar 10 days ago
The cat is only a painted tiger
Judejj J
Judejj J 10 days ago
Me hearing this video : Birds will be bigger like the dive of a horse I've always wanted to fly on an animal
Stephen Ribeiro
Stephen Ribeiro 10 days ago
what is that blue sac on the bird neck and that branch thing on the beak
Gopikrishnan G
Gopikrishnan G 10 days ago
These are just Pokémon designs.
Vin Wilhelm
Vin Wilhelm 10 days ago
how did you know them?
Dragon Heart
Dragon Heart 11 days ago
Elephants are already starting to be born without tusk they don't ever grow them. As for rhinos it's to late for most the species.
Shelley McConaughy
Shelley McConaughy 11 days ago
‼️ This is why we need to slow down climate change, so these weird things are less likely to happen! Edit: I just realised evolution is normal so maybe things like this are allowed to happen, but hopefully not too quickly.
TotallyLeane 11 days ago
Wait so does this mean the "Future is the past
Fox Fire
Fox Fire 11 days ago
Now im scared -
chonafhlare 11 days ago
Me when i saw what were going to evolve into: WHOO WERE BECOMING SMARTER!
Jade Esquijo
Jade Esquijo 11 days ago
Wath abauot jelly fish
Kitten Girl
Kitten Girl 11 days ago
Nice Imagination
four plush
four plush 11 days ago
Holy cat!
Honestly I am now scared of what will happen to the animals-
BW COOL GAMER 11 days ago
C,mon that,s not true is it!?
Janvierain Roque
Janvierain Roque 11 days ago
we need pets too
Aundria Cooper Premo
Why would people say that they dinosaur
Milan Saric
Milan Saric 11 days ago
I dont believe in that. Every animal will be same. The scientists are wrong.
Jaden Amoako
Jaden Amoako 11 days ago
More like Dixon
Valentine cat and Arianna
Million-million=0 million-Infinity=unknownanswer
Valentine cat and Arianna
In a million years what would be like a dinosaur?
SLAY SPORTS 11 days ago
Hi I'm 609
Bryan Ayers
Bryan Ayers 11 days ago
TechnoBlade!!! 5:00
Dogerang 11 days ago
Well while I agree with most of this, evolution won’t change unless it has a way for an animal to breed more than before. I don’t think humans in the future will lose their toes because even though we don’t need them as much as before it still does not change how much we reproduce so evolution won’t change it.
mocca200 11 days ago
Someone make an AI that can predict evolution already
First Last
First Last 11 days ago
This is scary stop it
roblox gamer
roblox gamer 11 days ago
This is ver eeirs
Efficiency boy
Efficiency boy 12 days ago
Guess dinosaurs will come back now
Anchialem Abebe
Anchialem Abebe 12 days ago
Excuse me is that a family of mega mind
CCDuo 12 days ago
Kipo and the age of wanderbeasts rlly did predict the future
NoobE 12 days ago
When the bug started shooting *"chemicals"* i emediatly thought of something else😳
Shubham Sawant
Shubham Sawant 12 days ago
I don't like this video .
Sky's Show and Tell
Evolution isn't true at all
Joy dion
Joy dion 12 days ago
Dodo bird
FadTrex 12 days ago
I guess the new Evaloution in Dinasours is in a million years can’t wait to watch in hevean!
Angela Perry
Angela Perry 12 days ago
Hit that like button and subscribe button folks