Wentz or Goff? Tunsil Falling, Ohio State Pick Rush & More! | 2016 Full First Round 

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4:19 1st Pick Rams
9:04 2nd Pick Eagles
11:53 3rd Pick Chargers
16:46 4th Pick Cowboys
19:34 5th Pick Jaguars
22:30 6th Pick Ravens
25:26 7th Pick 49ers
28:44 8th Pick Titans
30:49 9th Pick Bears
34:50 10th Pick Giants
36:36 11th Pick Buccaneers
39:06 12th Pick Saints
41:05 13th Pick Dolphins
45:56 14th Pick Raiders
48:41 15th Pick Browns
50:55 16th Pick Lions
51:38 17th Pick Falcons
52:25 18th Pick Colts
54:08 19th Pick Bills
58:05 20th Pick Jets
59:52 21st Pick Texans
1:02:06 22nd Pick Redskins
1:04:26 23rd Pick Vikings
1:06:15 24th Pick Bengals
1:08:13 25th Pick Steelers
1:11:15 26th Pick Broncos
1:14:28 27th Pick Packers
1:16:48 28th Pick 49ers
1:19:01 29th Pick Cardinals
1:22:26 30th Pick Panthers
1:23:37 31st Pick Seahawks

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Apr 12, 2021




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Adam Speidel
Adam Speidel Day ago
As A Broncos fan I hate this draft.
Football Nub
Football Nub Day ago
Oh God, I forgot about Nkemdiche...
Awoken_ Quin
Awoken_ Quin 2 days ago
Davethe3rd 4 days ago
10:08 - "I believe that Goff is going to be the better player" I mean, yeah, but Goff is on the Lions now and Wentz is on the Colts, so... 😂😂😂
Ramisis Celander
Ramisis Celander 6 days ago
Any one else notice that Goodell said Houston Sextons
James 7 days ago
Zeke and Jalen Ramsey on the thumbnail make it look like 2016 had the fruitest draft ever. Kinda average at QB it looks like so far.
Cerise Noir
Cerise Noir 7 days ago
"It's gonna be Dez Bryant, Tony Romo and Ezekiel Elliott." Oh, oh no.
Regy Doge
Regy Doge 7 days ago
wow cowboys couldove tooken ramsey 🤦‍♂️
AMAR 8 days ago
Philly native here. I wanted Goff at this time. I still like both QBs and think it was stupid to let Wentz go. He and Reich are the reason for the SB win. The Colts were good with Rivers and Wentz is more capable, so they will be great and might return to the SB soon.
Lucas Arteaga
Lucas Arteaga 9 days ago
“The cowboys believe jalen Ramsey is a generational corner” Maybe the cowboys are smart?
Raymond Solis Jr.
Tony Romo never really got a chance to play with Zeke
Alec Jimenez
Alec Jimenez 11 days ago
This has to be the most fun draft night to watch in a while
Mindsets and Reps
Mindsets and Reps 12 days ago
Broncos targeting Paxton Lynch or Connor Cook. Yikes.
Biggest草 13 days ago
Still shaking my head at the Vernon Butler pick....
Vinicius Ernesto
Vinicius Ernesto 13 days ago
1. Goff - 5/10 - I may even be too high on Jared. Really bad first season and he should build a shrine to Mcvay for getting him over 110 million in guaranteed money!! That being said, he made the super bowl I guess. 2. Wentz - 6/10 - Similar to Goff, clearly Frank Reich had a lot to do with his success. That being said, despite the bad performance since that sophomore year of his, the eagles never would’ve been in the position to win that super bowl without him. 3. Joey Bosa - 10/10 - 47,5 Sacks and 68 Tfl for a DE in 59 starts. Is that good? No, it’s amazing. 4. Zeke - 9/10 - I’m a bit low o Elliott simply because the regression has been really bad. But of course you have to take into account the amazing rookie year and years 3 and 4. Easily a top 5 back those years and we are yet to see if this last season was just a blip. 5. Ramsey - 10/10 - Don’t really need to argue much, top 3 corner from 2017 to 2020, 2x All pro, 4x pro bowler and netted his team 2 firsts when he was traded. 6. Stanley - 9/10 - This is very low just because 2019 and 2020 were the first years he actually lived up to his potential. But that being said, he was easily the best pass blocking tackle in the nfl, a consistent starting left tackle and earned all 110 million they gave him. 7. Buckner - 9/10 - Absolutely dominant, he has progressed every year he has been in the NFL and was deservedly and All Pro the last two years. Only reason he doesn’t get a 10 is because his best season has been on the Colts. 8. Conklin - 9/10 - Injuries kind of hindered his second and third seasons, but a 2x all pro and an absolute game changing tackle for the running game in Tennessee and Cleveland. 9. Floyd - 3/10 - He was never what we truly expected after that crazy combine of his. Very good 2018, but other than that he was very streaky with the Bears. (He was great last year with the Rams, but I’m taking into account the pick for the Bears) 10. Eli Apple - 2/10 - The only consolation is that Vernon Hargreaves also was awful. This pick was trash at the time they made it, and 2 and a half seasons of trash play and being exiled away for a fourth rounder doesn’t really change anything. 11. Vernon Hargreaves III - 2/10 - Very injury riddled and when he played it wasn’t much better. If you want to know how had he was, he was released by the Texans lol. 12. Rankins - 4/10 - Very injury prone for the Saints, he could easily be very good with the jets, but his career with the Saints was average at best. 13. Tunsil - 10/10 - This could end up being the best pick in the draft. 4 very good years with Miami and they got Igbinoghene (had to look up how to spell that), Jamar Chase or Pitts most likely, a second round pick this year and San Fransisco’s next two first round picks. Wow 14 - Joseph - 4/10 - Was never really a terrible player, he was just picked way too high. 4 decent seasons from a first round pick is kind of sad. 15. - Coleman - 0/10 - Pathetic player, never played well and just expected to be treated like a superstar. 16. Decker - 7/10 - Could be a bit higher but clearly he is in the second tier of tackles. 17. Keanu Neal - 6/10 - I’m giving him a higher grade simply because it wasn’t his fault he ended up regressing. Great rookie year and a pro bowler in 2017, but tearing your ACL and Achilles in back to back years will kill your play for sure. 18 - Ryan Kelly - 9/10 - Top 3 center for a majority of his career. Enough said. 19. Shaq Lawson - 3/10 - At the time this was seen as a very strange pick and now it’s seen as a bad pick. 4 average seasons and gone. 20. - Darron Lee - 1/10 - This draft was terrible for the Jets. A LB who lasted 3 terrible years (look at his pro football focus rankings if you want to see just how terrible) before being traded for a Sixth rounder and drafting Hackenberg in the second. 21. Will Fuller III - 5/10 - Injuries have also hampered his career a lot and he has shown flashes of being a stud. 22. Josh Doctson - 2/10 - At least he wasn’t Corey Coleman? 23. Laquon Treadwell - 1/10 - At least he wasn’t Corey Coleman? 24. William Jackson III - 5/10 - Missing his rookie year and being a Bengal really hurt his development, but he had 4 very solid years and got paid this offseason. (If you think the Bengal comment is a low blow then just look at his own comments) 25. Artie Burns - 3/10 - Strange decline after his rookie year, but 4 years out of a first round pick isn’t enough. 26. Paxton Lynch - 0/10 - He played in 5 games.. 27. Kenny Clark - 8/10 - Wasn’t amazing this last year after an amazing 2018 and 19, but has been a very great nose tackle for the last 5 years. 28. Josh Garnett - 1/10 - 11 starts and being released in your 4th year isn’t what you want. 29. Nkemdiche - 0/10 - I remember people saying “Some people can motivate him and coach him”. That’s not what you want and his whopping 6 starts in 3 years and being released proves that. 30. Vernon Butler - 3/10 - It’s not that he was a bad player, it’s that they needed offensive linemen and receivers yet they took a raw d line prospect who was pretty decent I guess. A consolation is that the offensive line prospects were pretty average. 31. Germain Idefi - 4/10 - Speaking of average o line prospects. Honorable mentions : 135. Dak Prescott - Easily the best QB in the draft, what a steal. 165. Tyreek Hill - This is why the team that drafts you is so important. His development is amazing, but having Andy Reid and Mahomes does help a lot in making him the best reviver in this draft. 45. Derrick Henry - 2000 yards last season after a historic postseason run the year before. What a beast. 47. Michael Thomas - He may have his naysayers, but winning offensive player of the year and having the NFL record for most receptions in a season is pretty good for a second round pick. Especially in a draft where Doctson, Treadwell and Coleman were all picked in the first round. 98. Justin Simmons - Best and highest paid safety in the nfl goes in the third round. Hell of a steal. 37. Chris Jones - Has been absolutely dominant the last three years. A two time all pro and superstar in the early second round pick is pretty great. 69. Ngakoue - Third best rusher in the Third round? Pretty amazing pick and key player for that AFC Championship team. 38 - Xavien Howard - There were talks that the patriots wanted him until they lost their first round pick. (Still pretty salty about that) Regardless of that, a two time all pro who has only been deterred by injuries. Crazy to think he was picked behind Eli Apple. 146 - Matthew Judon - Speaking of the patriots, I was very happy with this signing and he was a huge steal in the fifth round for that great Ravens defense. 78. Joe Thuney - Again speaking of the patriots, a consistent performer at guard who just got paid a lot of money by the chiefs. 34 and 36. Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack - Im putting these two together because they both overcame really bad injuries to have great careers to this point. I do think Smith is superior but props to both of them and their teams that trusted in them. 62. James Bradberry - In the end the Giants ended up having one of the better corners in the nfl from this draft. 99. Schobert - Very good linebacker for 5 years. 64. Kevin Byaard - Another stud safety in the third round. - In doing this I realized that the Jaguars built their defense all on this draft. They got Ramsey, Nagkoue and Jack in the same year. The Cowboys get their QB, RB and LB all in the same draft. The Chiefs get two all pros. The Titans get Byaard, Henry and Conklin. And the Dolphins get Tunsil/The Picks, Howard and Kenyan Drake (who didn’t really do much with them). I don’t know who won the draft but my pick would have to be the cowboys. Let me know what you guys think
Vill Reee
Vill Reee 14 days ago
Anybody who smoked pot can see tunsil is stoned as fuck during the draft lol bet that photo was 30 minutes an hour before the draft lol
LEB Productions
LEB Productions 14 days ago
Paxton lynch is a name I haven't heard in forever
Tristan Lockamy
Tristan Lockamy 15 days ago
Funny how Derrick Henry wasn't drafted in the 1st, and now he's better than Zeke and every other running back in the NFL
you mad bro
you mad bro 15 days ago
Can you do full 2 round
Unity 15 days ago
Goff > Wentz
Neil Gazzillo
Neil Gazzillo 16 days ago
So many 1st round busts in this one with some out of the league after 5 seasons
Charlie Grammer
Charlie Grammer 17 days ago
Broskie Brick
Broskie Brick 17 days ago
1:17:25 "You're gonna get a tough son of a gun" *retires 4 years later
Joshua Kapp
Joshua Kapp 17 days ago
The questioning by deion was terrible.
Nathan Van de Laar
Nathan Van de Laar 17 days ago
A 2015 Draft upload would be intriguing soon 😂
It’s Pascha
It’s Pascha 17 days ago
Goff all the way
Baylee Nichols
Baylee Nichols 17 days ago
That was over pot 🤣🤣🤣
cloudlight 17 days ago
57:30 - guess who is still in the NFL as a starter and guess who isn't...
Juan Mikel
Juan Mikel 17 days ago
All the studs on the board and the Giants take Eli Apple. Classic Giants
Isaiah H
Isaiah H 17 days ago
It was only Tunsil that’s who I was praying for and Hargreaves who was worse than Apple you never really know
Juan Mikel
Juan Mikel 17 days ago
That bong single handedly rebuilt the Dolphins.
TheRaven8425 17 days ago
Crazy how much has changed in just 5 years. Tonsil smoked weed...who cares. Also how little value teams got for trading down. Dolphins trade down 9 spots and pick up 2 1st rounder plus some!
2ReAL0317 18 days ago
This hurts. Wish the Cowboys took Ramsey
Desman Ford
Desman Ford 18 days ago
Both first 2 went to Super Bowl
rc graves
rc graves 18 days ago
Ah fuck this was the Eli apple draft😭
icebreaker 18 days ago
Fun fact they both got traded
Dex P
Dex P 18 days ago
The post-pick review of Goff is similar to what they’re saying about Mac Jones now 😳
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 18 days ago
You’re kidding. Reposting replay of 2016 NFL draft? Jesus Christ. Replays of the weather channel from the 90s would be more interesting.
Sebastian Diego
Sebastian Diego 18 days ago
I got a little bit sad when I saw Ted Thompson at 1:15:21. RIP Cowboy Ted
Sebastian Diego
Sebastian Diego 18 days ago
Shout out to Laremy Tunsil for making this years draft so exciting
dsscam 19 days ago
Amazing that Goff and Wentz both get traded the same offseason too
Westside Gunn
Westside Gunn 19 days ago
I cringe every-time I hear Paxton Lynch’s name
Dylan Charles
Dylan Charles 19 days ago
The Colts have the #2, #7, & #18 pick all on the same team just 5 years after this draft. How crazy.
Daniel Henderson
Daniel Henderson 19 days ago
Well Goff and Wentz made it to the SB but who is the better QB?
Don't Think to hard
D Flatt
D Flatt 19 days ago
Corey Coleman *sigh*
Chicago Duke Dog
Chicago Duke Dog 19 days ago
Who knew at the time that less than five years later, both QBs at the top two selections would be traded to different teams.
faiz Ali
faiz Ali 19 days ago
I feel like it’s awkward when some guy from Stanford sucks and he gets drafted early cause thye can’t rlly say anything bad about the pick cause the HC is one of the analysts
Eagle Fang
Eagle Fang 19 days ago
These worms at NFL network bringing up what happen to him on twitter... Its his day and you wanna stack pile and ruin it even more
Tom Brady Deflates
Tom Brady Deflates 19 days ago
considering that the eagles and rams both made the super bowl, I'd take that as a win.
Dabbing Dabber
Dabbing Dabber 19 days ago
The best QB in that draft was drafted in the 4 round of all places.
Owen S. Tetreault
Owen S. Tetreault 19 days ago
We’re they booing for Kenny Clark
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin 20 days ago
Jared Goff IS like Matt Ryan, they both choked in the Super Bowl
Brad Giantbear47
Brad Giantbear47 20 days ago
I never wanted anyone to succeed as much as Paxton Lynch. I wish he would have panned out because he could have been really fun to watch.
Westside Gunn
Westside Gunn 19 days ago
I hated that pick then. And even more now lol
Carter Frooman
Carter Frooman 20 days ago
Wow they really did Keanu Neal dirty pretty much skipped right over him
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez 20 days ago
Great vid can we get the 2008 draft next
B MAX 20 days ago
Draft Picks & Trades 👇🏻 4:22- Rams Select Jared Goff 9:05- Eagles Select Carson Wentz 12:01- Chargers Select Joey Bosa 16:48- Cowboys Select Ezekiel Elliot 19:46- Jaguars Select Jalen Ramsey 22:30- Ravens Select Ronnie Stanley 25:38- 49ers Select DeForest Buckner 27:11- Titans Trade Up With The Browns at #8 28:47- Titans Select Jack Conklin 29:35- Bears Trade Up With The Buccaneers at #9 30:48- Bears Select Leonard Floyd 34:51- Giants Select Eli Apple 36:36- Buccaneers Select Vernon Hargreaves III 39:04- Saints Select Sheldon Rankins 41:02- Dolphins Select Laremy Tunsil 45:56- Raiders Select Karl Joseph 48:44- Browns Select Corey Coleman 51:00- Lions Select Taylor Decker 51:35- Falcons Select Keanu Neal 52:24- Colts Select Ryan Kelly 54:13- Bills Select Shaq Lawson 58:01- Jets Select Darron Lee 58:43- Texans Trade Up With The Redskins at #21 59:49- Texans Select Will Fuller 1:02:18- Redskins Select Josh Doctson 1:04:24- Vikings Select Laquon Treadwell 1:06:16- Bengals Select William Jackson III 1:08:16- Steelers Select Artie Burns 1:08:57- Broncos Trade Up With The Seahawks To #26 1:11:12- Broncos Select Paxton Lynch 1:14:44- Packers Select Kenny Clark 1:15:24- 49ers Trade Up With The Chiefs To #28 1:16:59- 49ers Select Joshua Garnett 1:19:10- Cardinals Select Robert Nkemdiche 1:22:29- Panthers Select Vernon Butler 1:23:44- Seahawks Select Germain Ifedi
MSProuctions 20 days ago
Oh no Marijuana what a huge deal
One Foundation Ministries
Carson Wentz is a super bowl champ. Goff is not as of yet.
One Foundation Ministries
Paxton Lynch
Domi TFC
Domi TFC 20 days ago
Imagine if the Rams selected Dak
Go Dj
Go Dj 21 day ago
Zeke gay for the thumbnail
The Latino 69
The Latino 69 21 day ago
Little did we know, Laremy Tunsil taking a bong mask hit is the best thing to happen to the Dolphins since drafting Dan Marino.
Peter Rose
Peter Rose 21 day ago
Wentz wasn’t tough enough to play in Philadelphia. Chances are he will never win a playoff game in his career
Quinn Gray
Quinn Gray 21 day ago
Y’all picked the best time to release this draft. So much has changed since it happened, with a lot of it happening this year.
jay 21 day ago
Damn Jared Goff was terrible pick
Eddison Foncette
Eddison Foncette 21 day ago
Germain Iffedi!!, just like James Carpenter a total a waste of a 1st round pick. We would have been better off trading out of 1st round entirely. Where are Walter Jones & Steve Hutchinson when we need them Go Hawks
Charlie Zachar
Charlie Zachar 21 day ago
Shoutout zeke for making hi roller his walk up song even tho he sucks now
Ace McAllister
Ace McAllister 21 day ago
Wentz or Goff? how bout neither
RK 21 day ago
Bosa, Ramsey, Stanley and Buckner all elite at what they do.
Self-Righteous Ideologue
I had no idea Eli Apple was a first round pick... He is absolutely terrible. One of the worst CBs in the league
Marcos Benavides
Marcos Benavides 22 days ago
We Ravens fans are happy that the Tunsil video was leaked lol because if it wasn’t for that video we wouldn’t of drafted Stanley.
Ittz_julian_ 22 days ago
Whos sad that buckner left
mossed 4life
mossed 4life 22 days ago
who else saw nick bosa when joey bosa got drafted???
Bears fan ALWAYS
Bears fan ALWAYS 22 days ago
Always easy to criticize my team in hindsight. Especially when the guy we traded up to take we let walk. Would’ve loved tunsil, but here we are.
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 22 days ago
Jalen Ramsey goated for having Ultralight Beam as his walk up song
Frank L
Frank L 22 days ago
Just to see how much the league has changed since 17' is jarring. Zeke and Barkley the next year going at 4 and 2 were both huge mistakes and has basically forced people to stop drafting backs so high. Cowboys passed on Ramsey for a RB. Lol. Zeke was awesome as a rookie but Ramsey will be a H.O.F player.
Frank L
Frank L 22 days ago
They compared Joey Bosa to Everson Griffin? Lol. Wtf
nick villanueva
nick villanueva 22 days ago
If Jerry only knew Zeke would go to Cabo demand payment and eat 🌮 s
eric sigersmith
eric sigersmith 22 days ago
Anyone remember the draft when the vikings missed their pick but still ended up with the stud kevin williams out of Oklahoma st?
PackersSuperBowl 2020
10:06 that was wrong
Ulas_Sar 22 days ago
Crazy how Wentz and Buckner are both on the Colts now along with Ryan Kelly
Jerry Mejias
Jerry Mejias 22 days ago
I hate the eagles so much
Band Boy 50/50
Band Boy 50/50 22 days ago
As a fins fan, that tunsil trade was worth it
MCJokki 23 days ago
its never worth it to take a RB in top 10. Zeke was great but life time is so short, If dallas had taken Ramsey they would had the best DB in the league and his life time prime will go for 10+ years. RB can be found in the later rounds and whit a good O line the RB can get a ton of yards. Look at the waste of 2th overall whit Barkley in 2018, RB dont win you championships.
MCJokki 7 days ago
@Joseph lurry the fact that he was not a 1 round draft pick proves you can get elite RB in the 2.3,4 round. how many playoff win have Zeke given to Dallas? How do we look at Ramsy? Kamara was also a later round pick and amazing RB. Its all about what the player can do for your team the next decade and taking O line, CB, QB gives much more value.
Joseph lurry
Joseph lurry 8 days ago
So if derrick henry is there in top 5 you won't take him
Andre Leite da Silva
Damn, i already miss Football!
Akiva Birnbaum
Akiva Birnbaum 23 days ago
This is hard to watch as a eagles fan
Noah Fernandes
Noah Fernandes 23 days ago
They were so high on Connor Cook and Paxton Lynch LOL.
Rhys Gobernatz
Rhys Gobernatz 23 days ago
LOL dallas fucked this up so bad. typical loser team
Kyran 23 days ago
Best pick of all the NFC East teams still lol
Kyran 23 days ago
I’m a male
Chrispy 23 days ago
Wentz about to tear it up in Indy
Mr Beef.
Mr Beef. 23 days ago
Lol how are the graphics from only 2016 lol they look like that weird old 1993-2003 style
jam man
jam man 23 days ago
jam man
jam man 23 days ago
35:01 I’m a giants fan and this was our worst pick in recent memory
Cory Barber
Cory Barber 23 days ago
Even tho carson wentz was traded to the colts I enjoyed the 5 years having him as qb
Luca Pampena
Luca Pampena 23 days ago
What a draft by the dolphins: Tunsil, Howard, Drake and more!
Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez 23 days ago
Tampa bay selected Xavien Howard 🥴😅
ThunderBlood 23 days ago
I ran around my house shouting when we picked zeke, one of my happiest moments as a fan of any of my teams
xBlessedNick Bot
xBlessedNick Bot 23 days ago
Make one of these for 2017 and 2020
Delusional Lionsfan
Goff the future 🥳🥳🥳
JCHV 23 days ago
I love when you post these
andyh krbal
andyh krbal 23 days ago
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