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These little animals (Mussels) are found all over the Oregon coast! The long things attached to the mussels are called Goose Neck Barnacles. They have been introduced into Oregon, possibly by Japan Tsunami Debris. Be sure to Like and Sub for more videos like this! #shorts
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Mar 28, 2021




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Daryan Brooke
Daryan Brooke 4 hours ago
Where does he live tho that his tide pools and beaches are this amazing?!
Liam Bean
Liam Bean 19 hours ago
What's with all these animals trying to end their own life
naruto maki
naruto maki 23 hours ago
We need more people like you in the world 🌎 because you are the reason why sea 🌊 animals are even still alive thank you 🙏
I could watch this dude for hours
EmiDogs XD
EmiDogs XD Day ago
"Sea stones" great lets let him get more concerning when choosing to sniff and taste stuff :D Oof
The Bailey Buzz
I agree Jacob! I always eat sea stones, they taste like umm sugar!!
Love the content Jacob!! It makes my day! :)🌊💖
Leah Yost
Leah Yost Day ago
sephiroth Day ago
Why this guy keep eating strange things in his intro lol..but nice video tho
Juliana Kho
Juliana Kho 2 days ago
When you say beach it sound like bit**h
I love ocean animals
Jaime Games
Jaime Games 2 days ago
Wdym they were TRYING to die????
Aubrey Gomes
Aubrey Gomes 2 days ago
Maggie Madrit
Maggie Madrit 3 days ago
My names magieeere
Jacob: si I was outside trying to eat some sea rocks Me: 👁👄👁🐒
PROCreep 33
PROCreep 33 3 days ago
"trying" to die
Justin Lindsay
Justin Lindsay 3 days ago
I love sea animals sadly i dont have tiktock so i cant follow u but i did subsceibe to your channel
Amy Clarke
Amy Clarke 3 days ago
We need more people like u in this earth
Chakib Chakib
Chakib Chakib 3 days ago
We need more ppl like that
Rhys Haines
Rhys Haines 3 days ago
kira 3 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ cute
Simple Is sus
Simple Is sus 3 days ago
I live how this man starts his shorts with eating something
Teal_demon OvO
Teal_demon OvO 3 days ago
My second name is Fabiola!
disco rice
disco rice 4 days ago
I'm sorry to say about the muscles die where I live because they're invasive
Fnf UwU
Fnf UwU 4 days ago
Ivie, Katija, and Abby Just friends
“I was outside Tasting a sea stone” makes mE GaG
SelinaPlayz 4 days ago
A gental yeet shureeee Ur killing them more XD guys this is a joke Ur saving them good job jacob
ketta connor
ketta connor 4 days ago
I love how he helps all the animals but why is he trying to eat everything 🤣🤣 but i love the animals 🤩
Careena Julian
Careena Julian 4 days ago
@Gave them a gentle YEET” I love it😂
Biscuit Baby
Biscuit Baby 4 days ago
Nice crunchy roll beanie
Cetin Suvari
Cetin Suvari 4 days ago
You are aquamen!
Reyjay Bautista Vlog
tahong yun men masarap yun
Miguel A. Trinidad Jr
Sea animal: *hurts* Man: i grab it and getly yeet it to the ocean Yeet: That was not gently Animal: Fall on head and crack its neck
Cookie cake
Cookie cake 4 days ago
Is every animal u bff not to be rude
skunk playz
skunk playz 4 days ago
Only forest animals under stand
Lova Smith
Lova Smith 4 days ago
Ocean animals I love
Kenny Holmes
Kenny Holmes 4 days ago
Jacob: I saved your life!!! Muscles: you didn't save my life you ruined my death!!!!
Dregg 5 days ago
It’s so funny when he says they were trying to die in the beach
Esraa Hasa
Esraa Hasa 5 days ago
Lol when he said gentle yeet he frow
Ann Godfrey
Ann Godfrey 5 days ago
Jacob Saying gently yeet: -Throws Hard-, Me: What?
AlmaraiMilk 5 days ago
This guy has zero haters
Abigail Murphy
Abigail Murphy 5 days ago
Dude I got my mol to watch one of your videos and when you yeeted a jellyfish into the sea and you said “gently yeet” mom was like yeah gently right that was not gentle!!! 🤣🤣 I laughed so hard
jlt kids jr
jlt kids jr 5 days ago
Maiktxx 5 days ago
Can we just appreciate the fact he licks rocks and branches and even once ate a whole bunch of salt just for a joke.
Evan Stewart
Evan Stewart 5 days ago
Why they all tryin to die
Lydia Murphy
Lydia Murphy 6 days ago
Yeah gently not like u yeeted it into the water or nothin
Mason T
Mason T 6 days ago
Your videos always make me laugh
Some Stranger
Some Stranger 6 days ago
Sea animals: Trying to die Jacob: *n o .*
Yeet them gently in the ocean where sea animals live UnU
DeAunte lamb
DeAunte lamb 6 days ago
How come almost all of his sea creature friends keeping beached
【Senpaiッ】 6 days ago
I love how he always says “trying to die„ it just seems so wholesome to me-
And Peggy
And Peggy 6 days ago
No offense but... U know what nvm
Richard Gazzard
Richard Gazzard 7 days ago
Jacob:I was outside tasting sea stones Also jacob:gently yeet
Taliah Greasby
Taliah Greasby 7 days ago
STOP EATINF ROCK it's not good to eat unless it's slat
tappoff 7 days ago
Is yeeting them a good way to help them?
monica lives for CHRIST
Jesus Christ saves :) repent for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand! HE sent His Only Son to die for our sins and HE can change your life! The LORD loves us so much to die for our sins!!
Alexis Joel Roldan
The starts of these vids are so funny
Chris Curlew
Chris Curlew 8 days ago
Ur great man..I was a commercial fisherman ..I stopped after a while I love animals to much
Suong Dong
Suong Dong 9 days ago
Em một
Maya creativity
Maya creativity 10 days ago
“I was outside tasting sea stones;” -My character Rock who eats rocks.
Jes Reagan
Jes Reagan 10 days ago
Thanks for saving the animals
Jennifer Sloan
Jennifer Sloan 10 days ago
Why rooks 🤔😶😐
Lovely 10 days ago
“Gently yeeted them”🤡
Lisa Dozier
Lisa Dozier 10 days ago
Go to the beach and see it in Morocco Big C's fish
Kat Coepoop
Kat Coepoop 10 days ago
If that is a gentle yeet I'm scared to see what a non gentle yeet is lmao
Kat Coepoop
Kat Coepoop 10 days ago
Does anyone wonder how his Teath are so white when he eats sea plants and rocks
Hubert Arevalo
Hubert Arevalo 10 days ago
Lee Nguyen
Lee Nguyen 10 days ago
Hes eating a sea rock lol
Casey Shufelt
Casey Shufelt 10 days ago
Your vids are hilairious! Thank you for supporting the ocean life
Sharon Meyer
Sharon Meyer 10 days ago
I ♥️ Ocean animals
Elizabeth Cheung
Elizabeth Cheung 10 days ago
Why have you been eating rocks
Tyrese Singh
Tyrese Singh 10 days ago
Why did man tasting random thingd
Pizza Lover
Pizza Lover 11 days ago
is it me or like every video he makes he’s doing something weird in the beginning
Awesome Dude
Awesome Dude 11 days ago
You're so kind.
DarkSkies _
DarkSkies _ 11 days ago
this guy is the new Steve Erwin
Marita S. Dalane
Marita S. Dalane 11 days ago
Found a nice spot in the water and gently YEETED them back.
I like how you explain the story 😂💕
Son Tausan
Son Tausan 11 days ago
I love and most in the water
Maria Ochoa
Maria Ochoa 11 days ago
Jean 11 days ago
You can say gentle but I say you yeeted them so hard it the water I think they had a heart attack 🤨🤨
alex yeetus
alex yeetus 11 days ago
if I picked up Maggie and I see it move I would instantly drop it and never come back to that Beach again :/
•R̷u̷v̷• 11 days ago
Mans got so many diseases from eating sea objects
nirbhai singh kooner
Before crabs want to die and they can't 501 piece
Cheeseburger the Second
Is that cannon beach Oregon
12 days ago
Please don’t actually eat those sea rocks 🙃
Mythic. Storm930
Mythic. Storm930 12 days ago
He gently through them in the water
AshStoryIndonesia 12 days ago
Me: why u always eat bad foods at the first Jacob?
Norton Perkinson
Norton Perkinson 12 days ago
I hate ocean
Muslim llamo
Muslim llamo 12 days ago
maria s
maria s 12 days ago
I love your video
maria s
maria s 12 days ago
Don't et rou
Training Benji
Training Benji 12 days ago
I just really like how in the beginning of the vid he tries to eat something random
Aria Rausch
Aria Rausch 13 days ago
David Brown
David Brown 13 days ago
Gave them a gentle YEEEEEEEET
Naima Sanchez
Naima Sanchez 13 days ago
I. Iike theis you tobr
Lu lu
Lu lu 13 days ago
I love the way you save the sea animals but a rock (⊼⌔⊼ )ԅ( ¯ิ∀ ¯ิԅ) :,)
Damon orca
Damon orca 13 days ago
Why a walkie
Kayleigh Gray
Kayleigh Gray 13 days ago
Hi am a big fan. 🙋‍♂️
SanneSurprise 13 days ago
Why ar you eating... Like... EVERYTHING 🧐