Weekend Update: Matt Gaetz Under Investigation - SNL 

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Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Biden’s new New Deal.
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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 98   
Amazon Associate
Amazon Associate 3 hours ago
That Gaetz guy has got to be the strangest looking guy I have ever seen.
Len Ovo
Len Ovo Day ago
Project Veritas exposed the inside story on this, with their undercover videos showing why the Matt Gaetz story is so big. Search "Project Veritas CNN" to find out the true story about this.
Sara M
Sara M 3 days ago
Wait pedowood and SNL is calling out sex drugs and rock and roll? They are just pissed they weren't invited to the party. The demonrats invite them that's why they love them. 🤮 How many SNL comedians have been caught with drugs and were with hookers? Oh that's right that was a tragedy because of the stress these poor celebraties are under
ken 4 days ago
Matt Gaetz pizza shop opens next week.
DC News
DC News 4 days ago
He's on the way out. He is also starring in the NEW "Bevis and Buthead" movie to be released soon by TriStar Studios.
Ethan Tinklenberg
Biden’s plan ain’t no New Deal. It’s a Deal Lite. Also, Biden has every legal right to cancel student debt, he just stalling.
AlyAWard 5 days ago
Is it just me or does Matt Geatz look like the real live version of Jimmy Neutron
dirtydogvideo 5 days ago
at least he didnt get caught sleeping with a Chinese spy.
fonnyjootball 3 days ago
lmao this is actually worse. or are you unaware?
ROBERT CHAVEZ 5 days ago
How much does it cost?
Richard Pierpoint
How unlike Rethuglicans to get caught up in sex scandals - especially ones who look like Jepetto made another puppet which was a fully-grown "man", not a boy...
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 6 days ago
Colin Jost's Q riff may have been the funniest thing ever.
David 6 days ago
feel sorry for Gaetz girlfiend
Sasha hehe
Sasha hehe 6 days ago
Ok I don’t mean to be judgy but just the eyebrows on that guy make me think he’s a lil sketchy
NotA RussianBot
NotA RussianBot 6 days ago
Saturday Night Losers
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 6 days ago
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TheJRhyder 6 days ago
Colin enjoyed those Matt Gaetz jokes a little too much. Lol
Paul Ramon
Paul Ramon 6 days ago
Hard to believe this clown landed a hot hollywood actress.
BigBubba8410 6 days ago
Swallwell under investigation for sleeping with Chinese spy
memorless 6 days ago
The last line could have ended with "... by changing the safety settings on your computer, deleting the part of the system that is prepared to fight off a virus, and then downloading a virus."
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 6 days ago
I can't unsee the Colin/Gatez drawing. Poor Colin. Thoughts and prayers.
Kevin Seth
Kevin Seth 6 days ago
"colin jost does not believe you" had me dying
"Matt Gaetz has never paid for sex." He has an app for that.
DearSis 7 days ago
Colin: Matt Gaetz *audience already starts laughing because they see the similarities*
Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson 7 days ago
The crazy part is that Colin Jost and Matt Gaetz look like they could be brothers.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 6 days ago
Biggest head in Congress.
tripjet999 7 days ago
If it weren't for republiCONS and their constant screw ups, there would be no fodder for Weekend Update.
Andrei Rocha
Andrei Rocha 7 days ago
I like my coffee just how I like my comedy, strong.
Princess Coco Chanel and Prince Barack Obama
Oh what a tonic these lovely gentlemen are. A gift thank you 🙏
emma thee child
emma thee child 7 days ago
he really does look like a caricature of Colin 😂😂
Antonio Manaserian
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Xiaochen Zhu
Xiaochen Zhu 8 days ago
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Marty Baldwin
Marty Baldwin 8 days ago
I love watching these guys trying not to laugh, or just laughing, while they report.
Olivia Bickford
Olivia Bickford 8 days ago
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Aretha Raser
Aretha Raser 8 days ago
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Optimist Prime
Optimist Prime 8 days ago
Micheal Che does stand ups. Some say SNL is holding him back. Why not do both?
tanny morrison
tanny morrison 8 days ago
khan nguyen
khan nguyen 8 days ago
omegapointil 8 days ago
Biggest head in Congress.
R F 8 days ago
*checks dislikes* 1.5K QAnon members did not like this skit.
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson 8 days ago
Maybe Gaetz is an illegitimate son of trump.
Adam Name
Adam Name 8 days ago
The whole issue of having ID to vote is not a big deal.You can register to vote at the DMV you cant exist as a person in America without an Id.
Lisa Whitaker
Lisa Whitaker 8 days ago
3 minutes of pure gold.
Stephen Shepherd Official
Jost was on FIRE this episode!
cearl47 8 days ago
SNL writers have always been sharp ....but it also helps to have gr8 source material to work with.
Typhon 8 days ago
That was actually funny
Jean Dakaud
Jean Dakaud 8 days ago
Colin Jost bodied all the jokes! Damn that dude is smart
Alexander Rosales
Sounds like commie's to me
Alexander Rosales
Where's all the Epstein skit's, CCP lovers where's the NBA skit's, Biden skit's just go away turn it off bunch of CCP BS
Living 8 days ago
James Shelnutt
James Shelnutt 8 days ago
so...Gaetz is a guy? I already knew that. Everything they allege against him just makes him a guy. So, big whoop.
Brittany 8 days ago
Can you start posting these in order? Or one video for the whole weekend update?
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes 8 days ago
➡️➡️➡️➡️ So, what’s up SNL, this week on the *news* ? Oh , I, *know* ! _Hunter_ _Biden_ and his _new_ *book* that you *refuse* to talk about! I wonder *why* ?!? ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️
Larry 8 days ago
Feel sorry for millenials, that this is their approved humor. So weak. I can't even force myself to chuckle.
Mel D
Mel D 9 days ago
Gaetz does the sex trafficking. Republican. Wow.
22aaa 9 days ago
For real, though. One of them Watkins dudes really need to get on the ball and betray Matt Gaetz to reinforce QAnon as being more than a really good prank to get money from stupid people.
Paul Bisset
Paul Bisset 9 days ago
And the orange groper and all republican politicians are crapping their diapers waiting for their names to come out..
André D
André D 9 days ago
It's funny,but Colin Jost does look strangely like Matt Geatz
Topher K Rock
Topher K Rock 9 days ago
I remember when SNL actually made you laugh.
Still Deubell
Still Deubell 9 days ago
"Allllll the websites." 🤣
George Collier
George Collier 9 days ago
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Dave C
Dave C 9 days ago
It’s PizzaGaetz!
Da Real Deal
Da Real Deal 9 days ago
Remember the days when SNL was actually funny, and they didn't try and force their political views down everybody's throat. the good ol days.
Jimmy Purlock
Jimmy Purlock 9 days ago
Matt eats creapies
Benjamin Sontaag
Benjamin Sontaag 9 days ago
In Gaetz defense . Even the biologically inferior deserve love even if they have to pay.
Mark Mueller
Mark Mueller 9 days ago
And this is just another reason why nobody watches SNL anymore. Just not funny.
Mark Mueller
Mark Mueller 9 days ago
@The voice of the people you obviously have zero sense of humor
The voice of the people
Why how is this not funny
joanna prevost
joanna prevost 9 days ago
how about some sattire on the border crisis or lack there of ?
I Penguin
I Penguin 9 days ago
Lame. How about Hunter!
I Penguin
I Penguin 7 days ago
@William Lin It's not the public's concern? Really?
William Lin
William Lin 8 days ago
@I Penguin So Hunter is running for Delaware’s at large congressional district?If not, it is not public’s concern
I Penguin
I Penguin 9 days ago
@William Lin No, the Justice Dept. was told to drop it. There's a lot of photos floating around with him on Crack, and hookers.
William Lin
William Lin 9 days ago
Isn’t Hunter’s case is still pending?
None None
None None 10 days ago
Do you remember that scene in, One flew over the cuckoo's nest with Nicholson in physciatrists office telling the doc, Doc you know how it is when you get that little red beaver looking at you straight in the face? Well, thats matt gaetz right there!
Seyoum80 10 days ago
Damn this wasn't funny. Why all the right wing political jokes. They have definitely sold their sold. Couldn't even make it through the set without mentioning Trump. Sad
Al 57K
Al 57K 10 days ago
Just Another Good ol boy !!!
Matthew Lawton
Matthew Lawton 10 days ago
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savannah h
savannah h 10 days ago
Erica Brauer
Erica Brauer 10 days ago
Come on, man, just do iiiit 😆
Milkman Assassin
Milkman Assassin 10 days ago
Q anon is the party of projection, also known as the party of "blame others for the shit your side does"
D 10 days ago
SNL pretending they are unbiased is the biggest punchline
fonnyjootball 3 days ago
@D aww poor thing. gonna be butt hurt trumpy lost for awhile huh? sad
Sylderon Machine Works
@D How impressively witty and clever you are.
D 9 days ago
@Sylderon Machine Works 🐑
Sylderon Machine Works
Not their fault Republicans have a tendency to engage in stupid and/or illegal activities.
Pernell13489 10 days ago
President Kool-Aid man, Oh yeah! ❤️👵
Jackie Lewis
Jackie Lewis 10 days ago
You going to jail for messing with them little girls 😂😂😂😂🗝️🕋
Sharon Kritz
Sharon Kritz 10 days ago
OMG 😮 so funny and sad at the same time! Come on Biden grow a pair and cancel student debt we do need a break after 4 years of the orange clown 🤡
TV Guy Jay, TV installation
Right! He looks like beavis.
Carter Allred
Carter Allred 10 days ago
Matt Gaetz looks like Colin Jost's evil twin
Mattee Campbell
Mattee Campbell 10 days ago
The resemblance is uncanny.
Alexandra S
Alexandra S 10 days ago
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cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 10 days ago
Weekend updates are the best parts of SNL. Wish y’all would make them one long video and not break them up.
Vytallica Q.
Vytallica Q. 10 days ago
I don't like Matt Gaetz, but I don't like people being vilified for their sexuality either. It was wrong when people exploited the popular bias against gays in their attempts to destroy Barney Frank. Don't be a hypocrite just because it serves you politically to do so. This kind of attitude is a throwback to Old Salem.
Greg S.
Greg S. 10 days ago
Colin's Q stuff is frickin awesome
Ronald Corbett
Ronald Corbett 10 days ago
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 10 days ago
maria rahel varnhagen
It's a big day for Dietrich Eckbarth
Gypsy Outlaw
Gypsy Outlaw 10 days ago
Od Te
Od Te 10 days ago
Why the subtitles on this channel are always fked up?
PEREZ 10 days ago
Matt Gaetz loves the velvet fog
grabembythekitty 10 days ago
The little prick is going down.
Pierre Baril
Pierre Baril 10 days ago
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Michael 10 days ago
F Delta
Louise Dost
Louise Dost 10 days ago
Excellent 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️😷
TheJman 7
TheJman 7 10 days ago
I remember when SNL used to be funny, that was back in the 70s. Liberals = What border crisis are you speaking of? CNN said there isn’t one so... Also Liberals = My god, Trump had a Coke!
CJ 11 days ago
OMG "giving your computer an uncontrollable virus" 😆
Nikkirockz! Nikkirockz!
Gayle Wieneke
Gayle Wieneke 11 days ago
Why hasn't that slimy creep Gaetz been forced to resign? Actual decent members of Congress have had to resign with less evidence and much less serious allegations. If he was a minority or a Democrat, he'd have been forced out of his job weeks ago.
zioncartel 11 days ago
#pizzagaetz 17
Robert Mathew
Robert Mathew 11 days ago
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