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This is part 4 of the Bob series! Kelsi Davies, Mady Kelly, Mackie Albertson, and Amanda Raye go back to the abandoned school where we think bad things were/are happening. When we got there, what we found was very unexpected. Who locked the gates? and why?
PART 1:us-first.info/player/video/kMeOeqd2fpyGbGg.html
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PART 3: us-first.info/player/video/o754iZ-ggqd4Z3k.html
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Kelsi Davies is not a "paranormal investigator", she just loves the history and experience that comes with going to haunted locations! We like to see what ghost evidence we can capture on camera while having fun adventures! Kelsi has medium/psychic abilities, which run in her family, that she also likes to explore and practice! She also does entertaining vlogs of her life, conspiracy videos, and more! Welcome to the life of Kelsi, Kel Kats!
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Apr 5, 2021




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Akari 59 minutes ago
If it was a city lock they would most likely put a "no tresspassing" sign on the gate.
Rebecca Simmons
Rebecca Simmons 19 hours ago
Its the guy somehow find out who he is and what he did but be careful
Ana Chan
Ana Chan Day ago
Careful, the guy can find your videos, it would put in in even more danger, be careful when dealing with it, he looks like a serial killer and he's not dumb
Dalangin Angelica
I just noticed through the whole thing they didn't use the word 'kidnapped' very much they just used the term 'taken' and taken doesn't necessarily meant kidnapped, and the kid Gabe said something about his mom being an addict. Maybe the parents of those kids sold them off to the 'teacher' guy. I mean, if they kidnapped a lot of kids, police would have noticed it and parents would've been looking for them. But why is it that there's no missing case about Gabe??? I really think that those kids are not 'kidnapped' but 'sold off'... Just A Thought
Salama Alshamsi
Salama Alshamsi 2 days ago
12:15 is the cutest thing I ever seen
Bliissxpeachy 2 days ago
I was so terrified last time you posted about this I had to turn my lights on bc I watched the last one of this a few minutes ago lol
Julian Naft Dorupan
me saw a man peeking the window me: oh is that the wind
Deborah Orellana
Deborah Orellana 3 days ago
um u probably won't read this but in the room u went that had the boy humming I saw. the boy he had brown hair blond and he had a orange shirt with a black eye and a green toy that was a car
Xysbella’s !
Xysbella’s ! 3 days ago
The kid that said the teacher in school what if the kids refer to the teacher is the man and he’s in the school and they were trying to tell you to get out and get away
Nicole D
Nicole D 3 days ago
Hi lola
Victoria Mcauley
Victoria Mcauley 3 days ago
I heard a screaming child
Meishagay Morgan
Meishagay Morgan 4 days ago
I think that man was a teacher and when the kids would come (boys especially)he would bring them too him because they trusted him and Bob knew a bout this and was going to say something when he was killed by him and that's why bobs angry.when the place close the kids still trusted him so they would go . Idk that's just my theory
tony kish penascosas
some kids saw it and they die and the killers are one of the teachers
tony kish penascosas
wait! i think i know it already bob is using your imagination to know his death
ItsNov 4 days ago
Wow...I wanna know stuff about my spirit guide TvT
Yasmin Deleon
Yasmin Deleon 4 days ago
Kelsi that's dangerous if u keep going there u need to proper your self and bring lola and your friends god bless u my dear 😐😊
Monica Andolina
Monica Andolina 2 days ago
They need to bring peppers spray and to bring anything to protecting themselves with a weapons to carry on them.
Alaysha Coleman
Alaysha Coleman 4 days ago
Selene Chase
Selene Chase 4 days ago
Omg! Had chills all over ! Something is happening and I hope y’all can go back and figure it out!! Or get help
Esmee B
Esmee B 4 days ago
Wait so I was rewatching the first one and bob said the old man is here so I think the killer was in the building thats how he knew they went and later locked all the entries
kawaii_ panda
kawaii_ panda 4 days ago
Somebody was behind u when u were leaving
Raili Kübar
Raili Kübar 5 days ago
I literally heard a kid screaming when they were walking by the fence ( 8:24 in the video, if you listen carefully, you can hear that ). And then kelsi told that she heard someone screaming.. i got chills after that lol. Stay safe girls!
Team Duo
Team Duo 5 days ago
I think that the "teacher is in school" is like when people kinda "stalk" ( i dont know the right Word to use-) like "the bird has landed" and like "the target's in place" kinda stuff. Im not sure and feel free to correct me.
Kelli Ann Love
Kelli Ann Love 5 days ago
8:25 I heard screaming, like a kid screaming.
Sarah Barnes
Sarah Barnes 5 days ago
after she died i could see and hear her
Sarah Barnes
Sarah Barnes 5 days ago
my great grandma died 2 years ago and said about this school the teacher is in the school run! bob is trying to warn you the kid was screaming the teahers here and there is a killer in there still alive that was the gates were locked
sweet candy girl Elizabeth
Kelsi there was a ghost behide u not even kidding like when u said there is a security gard then u walk and started talking then u was kind of fare away then I seen something walk right behide and I just got the chills
Alexa Carucci
Alexa Carucci 5 days ago
You guys should plant hidden cameras in there!
adnax 5 days ago
In the school, there are bitmojis hanging on the wall. Bitmojis only came out in 2014. This mustve closed recently, and was recent.
Annie Foots
Annie Foots 5 days ago
I’m twelve and my parents think I’m a medium because I can see spirits and demonic things I’m so scared and can here and feel things I don’t know what to do I just say a black figure in my room and I am Literally so freaking scared
Ercilila Rivera
Ercilila Rivera 4 days ago
Woah,take advantage of that and use it it could be very helpful
Estefany Cifuentes
you guys should call the police and just tell them to check up that place just in case. just be like "just check and see if nothing weird going on"
isla8390 isla8390
In the last video at the school there was a girl in a white dress at the fence
Lego man
Lego man 6 days ago
I thought I saw a teacher when you was walking back
Cruzito Baca
Cruzito Baca 6 days ago
When she heard some kid yelling I literally heard the same thing!!! 8:23
Isabella Sasse
Isabella Sasse 6 days ago
just climb over the fence
Lady Alexandra Lesniewska
Who else Heard a scream?
Stardust Legend
Stardust Legend 6 days ago
My dog’s name is Luna😍
Gidget the Corgi
Gidget the Corgi 6 days ago
Would be really cool if you could ask your spirit guide to be a look out for you guys
aubry lynn
aubry lynn 6 days ago
i love love love you’re videos but sometimes they have me scared but i love that!!
Mystical Potato Wedge
At 8:24 I can hear a little girl scream
XBlossom Cherryx
XBlossom Cherryx 7 days ago
I have been waiting :3
*saber* *
*saber* * 7 days ago
Hello! I love your tik toks a lot!there really interesting to see and this is the first video I watched on your channel!
Emma_ Purplewolf
Emma_ Purplewolf 7 days ago
I had to take a break and watched it even tho it’s scary I’m still into it
Joanne Louise Hewlett
Hi there :). I was just wondering what the Spirit box was called on the android app store?? Edit: It's not loading when I click on the link on bio :(
Chloe Howie
Chloe Howie 7 days ago
when mackie heard bells i heard a man yelling “help”
K HH 7 days ago
I pray for you guys Love you guys Alot
Andrea Allen
Andrea Allen 7 days ago
Just subscribed
Jewel Caceres
Jewel Caceres 7 days ago
I am not scared of the vid. I am scared at the backround music😭
Maglinte, Andrhea B.
I watched your first video and in the middle of the video i can't breathe a little so I inhale and its weird like im just watching so I watch this video to know what will happen next.
Marc Azria
Marc Azria 8 days ago
you guys should get tasers if yall dont have
Ar1z0nasuns 8 days ago
I almost feel as if there's some higher up people involved in the sketchy stuff? Maybe whoever owns the building or something, it def feels to me like whoever is doing this stuff has some position of power rather than a normal person? What do yall think?
Amanda Reyna
Amanda Reyna 8 days ago
Wait are your ganne do a video where you go to this girls house she lives in Merlin Monroe idk how to spell it but are you I saw on tik tok
lucysoto198931 8 days ago
Y'all Always make excuses. You need to reach out to that officer who commented that she is willing to go back with y'all. There is no point in being a medium if y'all are not going to help solve anything at the end. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Roblox color
Roblox color 8 days ago
can she say happy bday my bday is in april 18th ans she my idol
Aulon Pllana
Aulon Pllana 8 days ago
Kelsi you are the creepiest girl I ever saw (in a good way)
AprilMarie Esselmann
When I was 4 I could talk to groups too
Anna X
Anna X 9 days ago
The best way you guys are going to catch him is to find a safe place to park and wait for him to catch him in the act. Maybe get the guys license plate number and send it in as a anonymous tip for suspicious activity. They can look into his record, name, address, etc and do a check on him. Be safe y’all, you guys are doing gods work.
Cassie 9 days ago
WHY IS THERE SOMETHING IN THE BACK AT THE END OF THE VIDEO LIKE at: 13:51, just keep watching till the end like I thought it was the cat it ain’t like you can see the cat gone but the figure thing was still there at the window even when the cat was with the girls😩🙏🏼🤭
how do you delete a youtube channel
Wait so you cant get in anymore?
maison mccourt
maison mccourt 9 days ago
why don't you get detectives out
She love iceyyy She love ducky
Okay look al Bob was killed but my brother said he sees that guy killing a kid with a guy and hide the body near bob
Coconut_ Cheezecake
Try to see If the back door if open. Like the back gate where u found the chair
Courtney Young
Courtney Young 9 days ago
could the police give you access to check the area ??
Robloxies. Fun
Robloxies. Fun 9 days ago
Hi kelsie i know ur not gona see this but i have an idiea. Can u go to a police office & ask one of the cops to go with yall so there are other ppl who can experience this. And also protect u.
Kim Denig
Kim Denig 9 days ago
Maybe the kids were warning you that the guy was in the school at the time you were there
Jamie Burton
Jamie Burton 9 days ago
You girls are so brave
e u d x i m o n i i a
5:01 - 5:10 I think its a glitch but dafudge it scares me
e u d x i m o n i i a
5:01 - 5:10 I think its a glitch but dafudge it scares me
Matt Lipnick
Matt Lipnick 10 days ago
Like god damn kelsi you can get it girl let me holla at you Matthew Lipnick look me up on Facebook and I’m the one with the two brothers standing by a huge ass tree at the sequoias
gacha_ cinabunz
gacha_ cinabunz 10 days ago
gacha_ cinabunz
gacha_ cinabunz 10 days ago
Nevaeh Hernandez
Nevaeh Hernandez 10 days ago
Did y’all try to look at the other videos where his truck is to see if you could get a licensee plate to report
Meghan Jansen
Meghan Jansen 10 days ago
Am I the only one who heard a child's scream in the video? On 8:22
taylor bagley
taylor bagley 10 days ago
When she picked up the what do u meme card and said it’s not for kids I’m 9 and I played it 😂 🥲
Shea Mallory
Shea Mallory 10 days ago
New shore give to your doll
Charlotte Minihan
Charlotte Minihan 10 days ago
Heyy! I love your videos they're so cool and I was wondering if you could ask Lola about the afterlife and stuff (if we all become ghosts after we die and how it's like and stuff) with the yes and no stick thingys cause that would be really interesting lol
rot lila
rot lila 10 days ago
Kelsi i have a question. My Dog dyed today and i wanted to ASK If dogs have Ghosts too😭
Katie_ann.x99 10 days ago
I really hope you guys find evidence but I’d wear gloves when going to abandon places incase you do find anything like back with that note and you called the cops just so your all safe ect also did you find little lola’s shoe ?
Alexis - The creative bug
Wait a minute how is somebody or something in the building omg im gonna faint right now
Aaron Maniego
Aaron Maniego 10 days ago
waiting for the part 5
adore bella
adore bella 11 days ago
it’s him. the guy who almost caught youse. i just know it, i don’t think the city locked them because they only just got locked after he saw youse.
Julia Delosangeles
Julia Delosangeles 11 days ago
What if you left like a hidden camera to try and catch the man doing these things.
Monica Andolina
Monica Andolina 2 days ago
No good they will find it they will brake it or they know where she lives at not safe to it
Hannah Artiles
Hannah Artiles 11 days ago
At 8:25 you can hear a little kid screaming 😭
Donna stillwill
Donna stillwill 11 days ago
And I love your video
Donna stillwill
Donna stillwill 11 days ago
I Been at a hont jail and I herd Whisper and Bangs on the seels
Avery J
Avery J 11 days ago
Hi I just started watching your videos and I was wondering where you got your doll, with curly brown hair and a blue dress, because I have on just like it that was given to me by a family friend. Although mine doesn’t exactly have a positive aura, every time I’m holding her I have this feeling that I feel kind of exposed and I get really anxious and paranoid.
The weird Kid
The weird Kid 11 days ago
The "teacher in school" means the ghost who told you that he thought you were a teacher and he's telling you to go in the school
Emma Owen
Emma Owen 11 days ago
Where is dat
Remeo 11 days ago
Am i the only on or saw someone running behind her ? 9:57
Remeo 11 days ago
In the grass
Remeo 11 days ago
@Emma Owen behind her
Emma Owen
Emma Owen 11 days ago
dweam 11 days ago
key kelsi! just putting something creepy out here in Pennsylvania. In pittsburgh PA there is this place called 13 bends urban legen known for some weird activity i will explain it here :Thirteen Bends is a streach of road located on Campbells Run Road in Harmarville, PA that has one of the saddest and eeriest backstories (in my opinion) of Pittsburgh’s haunted places. The road is believed to have a “disappearing bend” in it, as it bend 13 times in one direction, but only twelve times in the other. Is it simply strange geography or the prank of silly children still roaming the road after their untimely deaths? Now, there are a few backstories associated with the hauntings on this road. The first (and most widely believed) is that there was an orphanage along this road that was burned down in the early 1900s, killing many children inside. Visitors supporting this backstory claim to have seen the apparitions of small children, as well as tiny handprints on their car from the orphans who died in the blaze. The next theory behind this road is that there was an all girls catholic school built along the road that was set on fire, killing 13 girls in the process. This legend says that there was a girl buried at each of the 13 bends in the road, and there have been claims from visitors saying that they have witnessed the apparitions of schoolgirls and teachers roaming the woods at night.
Cherish Sherlock
Cherish Sherlock 11 days ago
Who saw these vids from tiktok?
Josie Flores
Josie Flores 11 days ago
8:24 was that a school whistle, or a kid scream?
Courtney Ewen
Courtney Ewen 11 days ago
You could have gone through the back, but the tire tracks are because he's going through the back. I don't think the city locked it but you could call and ask. The other question I had was how did/does he get in without the clipboard?
Karolína Weissová
i was just watching this video and i noticed that my face mask strap was moving (i have it pinned on my board right above my bed) and i looked around bcs it was weird you know, and everything else was still, nothing else on my board was moving... anyways i do not claim any negative energy🤭
Lim Ru Yu
Lim Ru Yu 11 days ago
It got hard to breathe when she said the footage got deleted
Jeda Saseh
Jeda Saseh 12 days ago
Please be careful, every time I watch the videos I get a weird vibe from that school/building. I for sure believe that man put those locks there not the city, because there would’ve been warning signs otherwise.
Jae Nassim
Jae Nassim 12 days ago
I’m so impressed how Kelsi isn’t afraid to deal with ghosts and actually talk to them! If that was me, I’d probably pass out lol.
PaulPro101 XD
PaulPro101 XD 4 hours ago
@XxBooBerryBlueBearxX MiniGachaMiracle yeah ok
XxBooBerryBlueBearxX MiniGachaMiracle
I would be scared and mortified but I would calm myself down and say that they’re probably good ghosts
dino_nuggie_ anonymouse
Same lol
Ercilila Rivera
Ercilila Rivera 4 days ago
Well she's had experience so she's used to it
Addy M
Addy M 5 days ago
Same 💯%
Mayra Arellano-Contreras
i have a therie wut if the man that killed the kids is pretending to be a teacher because he has this illness that he hears voices in his head and can be diffrent people because of the voices and to make the spirits to leave him alone he is trying to get in their good side.
Eri3 Corazon
Eri3 Corazon 12 days ago
I watch your vid even this one I had the same dream about bob and when you were with Amanda and Mady when the first clip I saw that thing right next to the crystal it felt like someone was with with me but someone was like choking me but a kid was telling me look up there it scared me bc they told Amanda to look up there but please reply thank I love your vids bye
Revie Sanchez
Revie Sanchez 12 days ago
Tell the police
Revie Sanchez
Revie Sanchez 12 days ago
They will help and the
Naomi 12 days ago
Did anyone else haer a kid scream
Alexa May
Alexa May 12 days ago
That might be the killer 🦴
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