We visit Bunker Branding and DEMO CUDA gets body mounts and frame boxed. *WELDING WARNING* 

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We visit BUNKER BRANDING to talk about shirts, hats and other goodies. Back at the shop while Tony boxes up the frame I build some body mounts for the DEMOLITION CUDA. And I introduce you to Jackson our new tech. We also weld in many of our videos. If you are sensitive to bright lights, skip over that segment.
Music: Suburban Outlaw - Forget the Whale
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Apr 5, 2021




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Glynn Davies
Glynn Davies 2 days ago
Whew, you guys are true artists, something as mundane as a body mount becomes a work of art. Really loving this channel. Thanks for sharing.
r collas
r collas 5 days ago
im wondering why do you semi auto the trigger on the mig instead of constant pressue ? cheers n great build
rnola 6 days ago
Oh and nice freehand with the plasma.
rnola 6 days ago
He gives credit to his guys. What an amazing boss / leader. Champ!!
Hacker Boi
Hacker Boi 7 days ago
Have you tried using welding glass or a welding mask for the camera to get some cool welding shots where you can see a little more whats happening. Love the videos ๐Ÿ˜
Zack Wheal
Zack Wheal 10 days ago
Oh muscle rod message on a post bout the banner saying Matt's gonna put up a banner so ignore those that ask about it
Heath Dean
Heath Dean 10 days ago
oh man, I'll be an early customer of MRS merch when it drops. Can't wait.
Erik Renner
Erik Renner 10 days ago
I wish I knew how to weld. It looks like so much fun building stuff. I can do it out of wood, but not metal. lol
Jack Amelung
Jack Amelung 10 days ago
you need to add an over head crane, you have heavy beams in the structure.. Something to think about for future
Jack Amelung
Jack Amelung 10 days ago
And I would offer it as a kit car along with the Model for kids. Once you have done all the work you can easily duplicate the process, make the kit fit Cudas, challengers and darts
Jack Amelung
Jack Amelung 10 days ago
need to find someone to make the Cuda as a model that can be put together
Computer Cowboy
Computer Cowboy 11 days ago
Jackson kinda talks like Keanu Reeves, right?
Racingboom The Pleb
I was like, why do we need a welding warning. Then I was like holy shit Iโ€™m glad I donโ€™t have epilepsy.
Emanuel Ceccarini
Emanuel Ceccarini 11 days ago
I like this video style!
Cody Evans
Cody Evans 11 days ago
I Suggest a โ€œFLASH WARNINGโ€ when zoomed in while welding that way someone doesnโ€™t have a seizure. Lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚
Drone Obsessed Jerry
Another Demolitia Sub! Love the work you do! Makes me miss my muscle car days.
Kelrune 11 days ago
check out this video us-first.info/player/video/jd-Dp6yTpaF4lZ8.html something you could look at for the body or the help for them
Hyrum Jolliffe
Hyrum Jolliffe 12 days ago
Needs to have the DR in the firewall or the wings
jake Fournie
jake Fournie 12 days ago
How much for that 6 pack set up I need one for my 440
dirtbikeman 12 days ago
You should number the demo cuda vids
Eric White
Eric White 12 days ago
Is the shirt you were wearing in Matt's video when he drove the 5 ton to your shop available, that is a bad ass looking shirt!
Andrew Fitzsimmons
Andrew Fitzsimmons 12 days ago
Dude nice work but wear some sleeves when welding
Mathew Bezjian
Mathew Bezjian 12 days ago
Matt was talking about a green for the Cuda in his last episode. He has the crome El Camino of course. So I was thinking what about painting it crome with a green tint to the clear coat. If that would be possible? Then it could be the triple C (crome Cummings Cuda)
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
Racerman27410 13 days ago
Great video.... the time lapse welding was sweet watching the bead go down. Just overall legend craftsmanship.
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 13 days ago
I have a model car that looks just like that orange charger
Darren Coyle
Darren Coyle 13 days ago
You make it look so easy, great detail and it seems to be moving along nicely.
Adam Poole
Adam Poole 13 days ago
Such incredible imagination man love watching your Channel
Robbie H
Robbie H 13 days ago
Just a thought use two magnets on your framing square to help hold in place while cutting.
Hawks 22
Hawks 22 13 days ago
Now that you have a GM guy in the shop I might have to get a build done. Hell, who am I kidding, maybe someday though, I nice 1950's c100. Awesome channel guys, keep up the good work.
Shaun Allsopp
Shaun Allsopp 14 days ago
Deock76 14 days ago
Also, RIP camera sensor from welding clips....? What camera are you using?
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
SONY ZV1. I was expecting it to dim.
Deock76 14 days ago
Need to get your tags soon. Keep it going, link merch store when it updates please.
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
Will do.
matt hill
matt hill 14 days ago
Awesome video guys, this things coming along pretty quick
Rolf Bjorn
Rolf Bjorn 14 days ago
I'm curious about the result of all of the reinforcements added to the chassis and the behavior in case of a crash and also the weight. Really like the build videos that show the actual work and not just results. Welds, cuts and fabrication in general on road cars is mostly illegal where I live, I'd have to get an engineer to sign on it and even then it might fail.
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
TEXAS! You could build damn near anything here. Most people tend to do a pretty good job building "custom" or "hand built" projects here. I have to say though, this CUDA will be a little over built. He won't have to worry about a crash cause it'd probably go straight through a freight train with it if needed....
katya03316 14 days ago
My brother in law makes magnets if you need any... dont know if he does custom yet but i seen guns and flags at his house other day...
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
We love magnets for sure.
Broke Wrench
Broke Wrench 14 days ago
3 or 400lb giant sword hanging over a door... They really did upgrade the security ๐Ÿคฃ
CENTER MASS 14 days ago
Man u do really nice and clean work. And your attention to detail is spot on.
Carl Godwin
Carl Godwin 14 days ago
love watching your video content Brandon you have a good mix of fun, engineering and detail where needed and good use of speedup too, great job...!!!
Digital Wolf RC
Digital Wolf RC 14 days ago
jeeez i really need to learn how to weld!
Digital Wolf RC
Digital Wolf RC 14 days ago
So We are here at Bonker XD LMAO (Sorry just making fun of you ;P love you guys!
Brian Drury
Brian Drury 14 days ago
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
Thanks for the sub!
Mimsy 14 days ago
mmm those perfect welds give me goosebumps! Awesome video
christian Peragine
christian Peragine 14 days ago
The snare drum in the intro is out of phase ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต
Jamesi 14 days ago
Before the video I was like dang 24 minutes and after I was like dang only 24 minutes? This video felt way shorter
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
On my side I feel they are way too long. But then again I can watch videos that are 45 mins if i like it and have no problems.
RenegadeX2112 14 days ago
Great fab work, looks good.
Mattias Dino Johansson
So damn great videos. Love to see how you explain everything you make. So damn intressting stuff. You are a really great teacher. I got hooked on this video for sure. Wish i have this guy as a teacher when i was young. Would be more fun and i wouldnt fight my teachers like i did a lit when i was younger. But now iam a father and i teach my kids fighting are bad. Only protect yourself and self defence are oki. Or protect girls girlfriend woman. Then its ok i said. Greetings from Sweden ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช found you trough Demolition Ranch ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป
Resistakill 14 days ago
Good welding is always amazing to watch, especially after the welds get cleaned up. AWESOME VIDEO!
Resistakill 14 days ago
5:00 ask Matt about transitions. The change in sound actually made me jump, and I'm sure Matt could help you with adding them. I'm sure it'll help and be fun to add them (music, etcetera)!
Scott Allen
Scott Allen 14 days ago
Beautiful beast cars.
Ann Otten
Ann Otten 14 days ago
You should do a video with Matt out on his range with the pew pews - letโ€™s hope YT wonโ€™t demonetize you for it. Just donโ€™t let Matt anywhere near the Cudaโ€™s with his 50 cal ๐Ÿคฃ
Doug N
Doug N 14 days ago
Just to let you guys know you might want put a warning in the beginning of the video with welding in it so anyone that is watching the video that has epileptic seizures will know ahead of time so they are aware of it. But is a great video guys.
Justin G
Justin G 14 days ago
14:40 welders helmet required ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Shawn Deere
Shawn Deere 14 days ago
looks like you guys could use a small CNC plasma table to help in creation of the body mounts etc.. Langmuir Systems makes a pretty affordable one.
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
I'll look into it. Thanks.
blperoc 14 days ago
You make this look easy. I enjoy seeing how things are made like those body mounts. Really nice job.
MuscleRodShop 12 days ago
Thanks ๐Ÿ‘
Schneider Classics
Schneider Classics 14 days ago
love the build mate following along with this
George manning
George manning 15 days ago
Yall need a cnc u can Make it ur self. U got the plasma cutter already
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
I know! We have a Lincoln torchmate table just not the right torch... coming soon hopefully.
Brandon Ballard
Brandon Ballard 15 days ago
When do we get to see you in an episode of Demolition Ranch?
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Man I hope it'll be soon. "Will a 50bmg make it through 5 HEMI blocks???"
Eva Tudino
Eva Tudino 15 days ago
Yes on the flag hung on the wall at bunker love your cars and video
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Thank you very much.
Cranston Neverknow
Cranston Neverknow 15 days ago
So, I'm not a car guy. I can't tell a (name a random car) from a (name another random car). Still, you make these videos both interesting and entertaining. Who knows, maybe eventually, I'll become a car guy. However I do retain my man card by being able to drive a stick.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Then you certainly deserve your man card! Fewer and fewer people these days know how to shift anymore.
Mike Mullay
Mike Mullay 15 days ago
Yup, the Muscle Rod Shop banner definitely needs to be on that back wall. I will be buying some merch when it is up and ready.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
I might need to have a few hundred thousand more subs to go on that wall.. A couple years, we'll get there.
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas 15 days ago
Damn he should leave that 6 pack original
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
That's what I think too. Love the 6pack
Amish Pratap Singh
Amish Pratap Singh 15 days ago
hey guys when is the engine comming back for demo cuda it's been too long , i was wondering
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
In a couple weeks. We've got plenty to do until then though. Just have to find a way to show ya'll everything.
Rafael Rafa
Rafael Rafa 15 days ago
Good things to coming soon... ๐Ÿ˜Š
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Can't wait!
JT 710
JT 710 15 days ago
And bunker branding is only 14 hours from my house. Iโ€™ll be there in no time
JT 710
JT 710 13 days ago
Iโ€™m going to plan a trip to bunker branding, but how would I book a short tour of muscle rod shop while Iโ€™m there?
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
It's worth the trip.
Epic work!!! Love it!!
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Thanks a lot!
Gunner Asch
Gunner Asch 15 days ago
Nicely done! While Im not a "car guy"...Im in manufacturing and often have to build machinery and Stuff. Love to watch pros doing good, logical and clean work!
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Thanks ๐Ÿ‘
Dave Megaw
Dave Megaw 15 days ago
Amazing work and awesome channel keep it going ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Thank you! Will do! Thanks for watching.
Rob Payne
Rob Payne 15 days ago
Although we/I love the demo Cuda build I would also like to see more of what you folks do. You have hired masters of their trade and you do simply beautiful work. So I would like to see much more of what you do. I love matt's videos but because of Matt I have discovered you folks. One thing about Matt he has a knack of finding the nicest people I love him and his whole family.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
He is defiantly one of a kind. Very humble. I'll put more videos up about the entire shop.
Craig Cooper
Craig Cooper 15 days ago
I think that would be a great idea
HeyULikeApples 15 days ago
Amazing work. Fascinating to watch craftsmen create masterpieces.
tcrasey 15 days ago
Nice work!
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
WoomRaider 15 days ago
very random but same headphones lol
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Well mine are skull candy.
mike hunt
mike hunt 16 days ago
I want to watch mad max again!
Jerry Hernandez
Jerry Hernandez 16 days ago
Been seeing your channel for a few months now and am a proud subscriber not only cus of the cuda but because horse power and ingenuity.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Thank you. I'm trying to vids of the cars out on the road.
MistyVideotaped -
MistyVideotaped - 16 days ago
Welcome Jackson ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Ya he's an awesome dude for sure.
Jerry Rubly
Jerry Rubly 16 days ago
Did he say bonker branding
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Not sure what i said....
Plh7798 Patrick
Plh7798 Patrick 16 days ago
How will the 3D printing of metals, and other height strength lightweight materials effect your part manufacturing in the future (once itโ€™s faster AND cheaper to 3D print parts? We 3D print gold, silver and other metals usually used in small quantities, and itโ€™s already cheaper, faster, just more efficient than hand made.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
We are looking into not only 3D, but plasma table also.
Mas TeX
Mas TeX 16 days ago
Hey MuscleRodShop I love your videos on the Demo Cuda but please put a seizure warning in when you are doing the spot finish welding. I know why you use the technique and I won't criticize you using it... just a seizure warning please...
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Will do. I'll certainly try an remember that.
Rick Steinbauer
Rick Steinbauer 16 days ago
Watching these videos really makes me want to learn to weld
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
It's easy actually. I have taught a couple people in literally 20 mins.
Joshua Dunn
Joshua Dunn 16 days ago
Tell Matt not to be cheap. Link it with some nice suspension. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
We're going with leafs for now.... But, later we can upgrade with a triangulated 4 link suspension. A tubular cage is going under the CUDA so that when he does want to switch over, it'll be ready to go.
Ed Oliver
Ed Oliver 16 days ago
Have you ever tried pushing the weld instead of dragging weld?
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
No. Would the tip be pointing in the opposite direction?
David Bailey
David Bailey 16 days ago
I can't wait to see the demo Cuda finished. This will be epic.
David Bailey
David Bailey 14 days ago
@MuscleRodShop i totally get that! Im watching for all the others too! My dream car is a 67 chevelle SS and im waiting to see one retored on your channel.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
MEEEE TOO!!! I love it but like all the 20 other cars in the shop I want them ALL to be finished and go home.
Rico Cantrell
Rico Cantrell 16 days ago
Dude. Your videos kick ass. The music isn't overpowering. You provide tips and tricks. Explanations while doing the sped up parts. Very well done.
Rico Cantrell
Rico Cantrell 12 days ago
@MuscleRodShop dude. Editing is a B. You're making good videos. Keep it up. Makes m want to door of them since I mentor kids here on mechanics.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Thank you. I know I'm missing a lot of info but I don't realize it until I edit the video.
Lextech Lighting
Lextech Lighting 16 days ago
Getting some bunker shirts made. Never saw that coming. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Hope it all goes well. Iโ€™m sure it will.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
HA It was inevitable.
X3R0D3D 16 days ago
using tin-snips to cut your cardboard template
X3R0D3D 14 days ago
@MuscleRodShop they are definitely superior to scissors in every way haha!
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
HA, always have. It's a habit. They just cut so good.
Russell Sleight
Russell Sleight 16 days ago
That's a crazy big trencher
Bradley Marks
Bradley Marks 16 days ago
"The original CAD.. Cardboard Aided Drafting" courtesy of Bad Obsession Driving and Project Binky...
Two Wheeled Waffle
Two Wheeled Waffle 16 days ago
I see them power crunches! Those are dope
railroadjim 16 days ago
I love watching you guys build and how you explain the process. You guys are truly artists with metal, and it's impressive to watch. I'm a Pontiac man myself, but I have a weak spot for 70's Mopar vehicles too! You actually make me want to try fabricating some stuff myself.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Do it. You have to just get some metal and start on it.
Dakota Cox
Dakota Cox 16 days ago
Looks like you guys could use a crane installed. It would make you job alot easier. They are definitely worth the money i highly recomend
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Thats funny you say that. We were just talking about an A-frame gantry today.
Andi Mac
Andi Mac 16 days ago
When I get my hell cat charger I will bring it to you because I want to up the horse power and make it a wide body etc
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Do it!
adrian nicholson
adrian nicholson 16 days ago
bro if you are doing a lot of fab work you will be better of with a CNC Lazer cutter
The Northman
The Northman 16 days ago
That new dude is a unit, good to see you expanding.
Ethan Brockman
Ethan Brockman 16 days ago
Itโ€™s. Very impressive that you have 130,000 subs
greenhouse3505 16 days ago
That's some pretty clean welds right there. You obviously have those settings dialed in spot on. Enjoying the content. Keep it up. ;)
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Thanks ๐Ÿ‘
Thomas Reimer
Thomas Reimer 16 days ago
Man, I wish I had half of your ability to weld Brandon and all this free hand. Do you have any idea how many miles you already did or at least how many in a year?
Thomas Reimer
Thomas Reimer 14 days ago
No wonder you're so good at it. ;) 20 years of doing this and still that enthusiastic or better obsessed with restoring or building and improve cars is the reason why I enjoy watching your vids. So I'm really happy to see more of you great work.
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
No idea. been doing this 20 years though.
RoadKill TF Fresno Chapter
Love the craftsmanship and knowledge.
Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis 16 days ago
Looks like some amazing talent in that garage of yours. Nice builds and real good quality of build. Old and new styles incorporated, very impressive to see and rare.
Leading Seaman Phil Billington
Stacking tacks is not welding. Beautiful work otherwise.
Brett Miller
Brett Miller 16 days ago
Thanks for the update, great watching it come along. I shall have to add your shirt to my bunker list once they are up on there
MuscleRodShop 14 days ago
Sounds great!
Millennial Farm Truck