We Rescued A Dog tiktok garacie spinaa 

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We Rescued A Dog tiktok garacie spinaa
Credit is in the title
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Apr 17, 2021




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Comments 99   
SylvasASH 26 minutes ago
You are good people.
Sienna Kinggren
Sienna Kinggren 38 minutes ago
Some people just don’t deserve to have pets man, jesus
Ben Lorne
Ben Lorne Hour ago
I wouldn’t of ever allowed that dog to go back.
angelina kay
angelina kay Hour ago
At least organize someone to take a good care of this little innocent dog,poor thing she shouldn't go through this,they should be punished for this my God she made me cry :(
Ziah Trimm
Ziah Trimm Hour ago
What about her puppies??????
Peter Ymson
Peter Ymson Hour ago
God Bless you guys for keeping her..
Jared Ornelas
Jared Ornelas 2 hours ago
Why can’t this channel actually give the creators part of the money they earn from views and I don’t think they got verbal permission to use the video they probably just thought oh yeah if we tag them it’s fine, NO its not if u earn money from this the creator has to get an amount of pay from it
first name
first name 2 hours ago
You’re amazing
Spread The Love TV
Spread The Love TV 3 hours ago
So shidd we just gone ignore the fact that they gave the dog slim Jim’s 🤣
Tyson Comfort
Tyson Comfort 3 hours ago
Should of called.the cops and had them charged with animal cruelty. leaving a dog outside for a couple hours is fine or.hell even threw the day depending on weather but multiple days is just messed up
Jamie 3 hours ago
I'd have slapped the owners daft.
Utoober729 3 hours ago
Your neighbors are trash.
Caitlin IceBringer
Caitlin IceBringer 3 hours ago
I've had my dog for two years and I can finally feed him food from my hand, but he's really scared of us because his previous owners seemed to have mistreated him and possibly abused him. My cousin (a dog expert) estimated he was about 3-4 months old when he came to us.
Travis Morrison
Travis Morrison 3 hours ago
That little cry is the worst sound I could ever hear
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly 4 hours ago
Wtf is up with these people they need putting down not the dogs, cruelty to animals shame on you
taylor a
taylor a 4 hours ago
If I were in this situation I would have not asked the owners if they wanted the dog, they are animal abusers. Even though they still said no I wouldn’t have done it and I hope they called a dog protective service
soumili Bhattacharyya
Istg nothing angers me more than the fact that there r people who seem to think it's okay to not want a living being. U literally chose to take the duty of a life and you failed to do so. You would hate of it were u right? But this poor girl, she'd come back to u even if u hate her .....so respect the life that you hv taken in.
kyanshi 5 hours ago
OhmyGOODNESS what happened to her face?!?! Someone please tell me she just has a mouth deformation that's lead to a perpetual snaggletooth and that it's not a massive scar on her jowl😢
Em Smith
Em Smith 5 hours ago
Poor baby baby God bless you ❤️❤️❤️
Em Smith
Em Smith 5 hours ago
Doge E
Doge E 5 hours ago
poor dog
Duane Ross
Duane Ross 5 hours ago
Hiw would the previous owner's feel if the dog said I don't want them a-holes anymore.
meliodas the dragon 1999
Those people who are jerks and Schumer got her in the first place do people deserve from better than they did I'm glad she has a better home now.
Chaosstorm5273 5 hours ago
Why didn't you call the city on them. They will go get another dog out of boredom and neglect that one too
Anna Wales
Anna Wales 5 hours ago
Horrible sick bleeps!!! I will never understand how people can be so heartless and cruel to animals. my dogs are my babies. poor baby is so cold an scared broke my heart watching this. thank god for the lovely people who took her in❤️🧡❤️xxx
Steve Chacon, Jr
Steve Chacon, Jr 5 hours ago
I love dogs. And I love people that love dogs. But more than anything, I love: "love". Kudos, for being so compassionate. God is love. -1 John 4:8
Catato 5 hours ago
How could you just sit there and say that you don’t want your animal anymore?? Why get an animal in the first place if you’re just gonna throw them away like that?!
Happy Bee
Happy Bee 5 hours ago
Some people are just heartless scumbags. How could anyone chain up a dog outside freezing cold with no food or water for 5 days? Cold hearted lowlifes.
Caden Mueller
Caden Mueller 6 hours ago
You give that dog all the ❤️.
•Ember_plays• 6 hours ago
i had a chick before but it died bc my cat played with it and ate it😢
Kenzie Miller
Kenzie Miller 6 hours ago
Gosh the owner of the dog I am sorry to say it but they were a heartless rudeness and honestly Rude and harmful towards animals basically Great job at saving her 💖
some dude named dave
I came across the same situation, except the dog was leashed to a fence outside in the sun, swarmed with flies, dirty and hungry with nothing but a dirty bowl of rain water... I knocked on the door and asked to buy the dog for their price and they just laughed in my face and said no... And there was nothing I could do for the poor guy 😭
Rocks Culinary Journey
Release their name so people in your state can file a public report and case for animal abuse and take them to state court
GenuiNe 7 hours ago
Those ppl are fucking degenerates. Karma will gettem though :)
Mary Ray
Mary Ray 7 hours ago
I swear i hate when people do that like does that hurt them that they put their dog out in the rain and snow and maybe die from like god dang people go see a doctor or ill put u in the snow and rain to freeze to death and see how they like them apples also THANK U SOOOOO MUCH FOR SAVING HER MY GRANDPARENTS WILL BE SOO PROUD JUST WAIT ILL TELL THEM AND THEY WILL BE SOO HAPPY
Rebecca .B.
Rebecca .B. 7 hours ago
Beat the shit out of that puppers owners who did that to her
Piglet 7 hours ago
Dogs are meant to be outside
Alexander Camacho
Alexander Camacho 7 hours ago
People that neglect their pets and leave em out to die are the worst
I am unknown
I am unknown 7 hours ago
I can't understand people who dont want their animals anymore, my kitty is my fur baby, but even say you can't take care of her anymore that doesn't give them the right to neglect and abuse her because she still a living and breathing animal that deserves life regardless, those people deserve to rot
Guadalupe Laudanno
Guadalupe Laudanno 7 hours ago
It looks like they used this sweet dog just for breeding to make money from her pups. Who know what she has gone through. She's better off with you. Happy to know that there are good people looking out for helpless animals for all they want is love. They should be reported a way to the authorities.
Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto 7 hours ago
bless the adoptive parents 💜
Kristin Galloway
Kristin Galloway 7 hours ago
Thats so sad but sweet that u got to keep her 😋
Shane Busia
Shane Busia 8 hours ago
Ahhhhh I miss my dog...... They're were some renovations in our house and we let him live in our aunt for a few weeks and now the renovation is done he's still not here😔😢.
Oregano 8 hours ago
Can I ask why you even brought that dig back to them in the first place? I would've kept it it fought for it in court if I had to. That poor girl deserves better.
Vicki Michel
Vicki Michel 8 hours ago
That is horrible. How can people be so disrespectful of Any form life?? If they can do that to a animal imagine what they can do to a person. No Respect for any kind of Life is the type of people I wouldn't trust. Bless you girls & your family for your kind hearts ! And Yes there is a Saint for animals.
Heaven J
Heaven J 8 hours ago
If you dont want responsibility of an animal dont just throw them away that is BS She is so beautiful 🐾❤
pls don't ban me again you libtards
lmao so the first option was to leave it out to die? the second option IF someone else said anything, was to then ask if someone else wants it.
Nicholas Cooper
Nicholas Cooper 9 hours ago
Those previous owners can go straight to hell. How hard is it to take an animal to a shelter or find them a new home? Hate people like that.
Orlando Betancourt
Orlando Betancourt 9 hours ago
I would have kept her in the first place
choco fudge
choco fudge 9 hours ago
i hate irresposible pet owners😡
Daniel Mcclellan
Daniel Mcclellan 9 hours ago
But dont nobody wanna go find this people and send them to jail but still talk shit bout Michael Vick
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers 9 hours ago
Thank you so much for taking this poor baby. This is so sad this is also how I wound up with eight dogs that they can barely take care of my animals eat before I eat if I have to go without at least my babies have food and what breaks my heart is when I see people that have dogs and don't appreciate them I don't have room to take them so thank you so much for taking care of this poor animal it shows you have a very kind heart and it will come back to you one day did you find out about the puppies
justin mcknight
justin mcknight 9 hours ago
They came back after being gone for 5 days and said they didn't want her? Like what, were you expecting her to die while gone and come back and bury her? People are disgusting
Akarye .D.Pizza
Akarye .D.Pizza 9 hours ago
And everyone I know wonders why I hate most if humanity. This is one reason.
Cousins Club Gaming
How can people do that 🥺
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole 10 hours ago
I would’ve never seen if they wanted the dog back that’s literal animal abuse, glad she has a good home now.
Laura Prater
Laura Prater 10 hours ago
Someone should go up to neighbors & shoot them between the eyes then say, " We don't want you anymore!"
Mimi My
Mimi My 10 hours ago
Insane and weird owner should go to jail and hell
HM sT 10 hours ago
wessel gamerpro
wessel gamerpro 10 hours ago
Those neighbours are just mentally insane those bitches left a dog outside with and cardboard box on a chain what would they think if u did that to them
Daniel Zamora
Daniel Zamora 10 hours ago
stupid owners!
wtfs8st 10 hours ago
I would love her and squeeze her and keep her forever
Hana Tjia
Hana Tjia 10 hours ago
But, did you try to help the dog before she had to break the leash? I mean, you said 5 days out so you know the dog is there. I hope you did.
Shi Kami
Shi Kami 10 hours ago
Disgusting people
Euel Hensley
Euel Hensley 10 hours ago
Something makes me think they forced their dog outside in the rain then fed it treats and paired it with this cliché story...Not saying this is true, but definitely an inference.
david medina
david medina 10 hours ago
Thank you . you deserve a place in heaven.
Mike James
Mike James 10 hours ago
Those owners are complete trash. Glad you took her in.
Bboi 9556
Bboi 9556 10 hours ago
They are piece of shit owners and deserve to be charged for animal abuse bvb I'm glad yous took her in
H G 10 hours ago
Dogs and cats are for life 💔
srillxs 10 hours ago
Let's be fair here dogs live in 4x worst conditions tht dog is fine
Rani The Block
Rani The Block 11 hours ago
It makes me happy to know that there are some people who save dogs from owners like that
Tony Serrano
Tony Serrano 11 hours ago
The TTS voice ruins the video.
marcela folsom
marcela folsom 12 hours ago
not me crying ...
Move I'm gay Girls please
She looks like she either is pregnant, or was in the past year or so.
Llama zing
Llama zing 12 hours ago
Imagine not wanting a doggo
lost bandit24
lost bandit24 12 hours ago
Leave the owners outside for twice as long
?! AnXiøüŠ !?
?! AnXiøüŠ !? 12 hours ago
If the people who saved that poor girl from those horrible neighbors, *can you punch the neighbors for me please? Maybe kick them in the shins too.* 😃🌸
Jacqueline Cuellar
Jacqueline Cuellar 12 hours ago
Awww pour baby I feel so bad 💔😢this so so sad 😭 this breaks my heart 💔💔💔💔
Mm hm
Mm hm 12 hours ago
Just because you don’t want a dog anymore doesn’t mean you abuse it
LYNNE CHAPMAN 12 hours ago
Oh I hate those dog owners. She jyst wanted love.
Armin Theron
Armin Theron 12 hours ago
Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people, Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life!
Dark Universe
Dark Universe 13 hours ago
I see this alor in my city I hate humans
Mason Vickers
Mason Vickers 13 hours ago
My mom saw a dog that was chained up outside, and the owner made her have alot of pups on her own, and so we took her and she had to be cleaned up everyday for 4 days to clean the rust off her neck. Her name is annie now and most of her life was outside in the hot/cold.
bloodygman1 13 hours ago
Where you from..... might need go meet your neighbors...
Shadow 13 hours ago
TheRobotjellybean 14 hours ago
Man people are such pos, how could some one do that to something that can hardly take vare of it self. Some one really should beat tf out of who ever did thay to the poor thing
crystal garcia
crystal garcia 14 hours ago
You guys rock love you for taking care of her poor baby god bless you guys
Curiousity_ 14 hours ago
When you dont have a pet but you'll jump at every opportunity to get one. Like I grade 2 my pet ladybug that never stayed 😔
Αοβίνια Καστελάνι
!!! She squeeked
anime doge ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
The owners deserve to get like community service , you cant just leave the dog out in the cold because you dont want them they have feelings and needs , they could have brought the dog to someone who could take care of her
Thomas Fulton
Thomas Fulton 15 hours ago
Five days really WHAT ABOUT THIRST
Kierra 15 hours ago
I dont get why people can just say they dont want their pet anymore. A pet is for life
Rosu Dakusan
Rosu Dakusan 15 hours ago
just take a look on her eyes
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 16 hours ago
MiSti 16 hours ago
The saddest thing I have ever seen. Poor baby.
Carl Richter
Carl Richter 16 hours ago
They also need to be reported to the police
Carl Richter
Carl Richter 16 hours ago
This is aweful! Used her for breading and threw her away. Stop paying top dollar from breeders and this abuse will stop too
Shankia Williams
Shankia Williams 16 hours ago
Awwww...this makes me want to cry. 😭😭
Zoey hilliard
Zoey hilliard 16 hours ago
I just love people like this