We're All Trying To Find The Ted Cruz That Did This | All In | MSNBC 

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Anyone else think of the hot dog guy from “I Think You Should Leave” every time they see Ted Cruz talking about the January 6th insurrection? Aired on 03/02/2021.
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We're All Trying To Find The Ted Cruz That Did This | All In | MSNBC

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Mar 2, 2021




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Comments 99   
Aaron Nguyen
Aaron Nguyen 2 days ago
F that A hole!
Cinebar madness
Cinebar madness 2 days ago
Believe that Donald & Cruz and 10`s of thousands ...think it was not a lie..but truth ..And only way for some of them is strom the capital ... Trump Lost bumper sticker //Idowu Serah Micheal
AmberWaves 3 days ago
This just popped up on my feed, even though it's at least a month old. But after Cruz bailed on his constituents in the blizzard/power failure in Texas to fly to Cancun (I understand several hundred people died from those circumstances) the skit Hayes posted is even more true. Very sadly so, but true to the point.
Ivo Beitsma
Ivo Beitsma 3 days ago
Rebecca Dolashewich
William Sebastian
you can say the same for most political figures.. (people in hot dog suites)
Denver Taylor
Denver Taylor 4 days ago
Sad thing is he and other republicans can do all this stuff and still get re-elected.
13orrax 4 days ago
I Think You Should Leave is completely amazing
Faithin Verity
Faithin Verity 5 days ago
What's more pathetic? That he has no soul or that he does not know it.
Richard Lanyon
Richard Lanyon 5 days ago
Al Franken sd he liked Cruz more than anyone and he hated him! I'm ashamed of my ignorant entitled race of white! I wish I was black and I love black women! All you whites, and yes I'm am white, don't even think you are hotter than black women. You wl never be. They are gorgeous!
Christophe Barge
Christophe Barge 5 days ago
Direct your comments on the FOX ASYLUM platforms, those folks are in SERIOUS need of any truth, whatsoever!! Agreeing with each other does nothing.
The Wolf
The Wolf 5 days ago
Rem..... don't believe what ur eyes see n ur ears hearing , only trust me ! ?
vonsuthoff 5 days ago
*Come on guys!!! We'll close our eyes and let the guilty party step forward... Ted... Ted... Hey! Anybody see where Ted went!?*
Reymundo Fierro
Reymundo Fierro 6 days ago
What a weener. Ha, Ha, Ha...
Barbara Moore
Barbara Moore 6 days ago
The hot dog is more attractive than Cruz!
Shamel Gasby
Shamel Gasby 7 days ago
We in in cuff in arrested then ppl be happy
Janna Myers
Janna Myers 7 days ago
Rolf Lanzinger
Rolf Lanzinger 7 days ago
Tja fox is the new decisions making company for the Republican party.
Marquis Roberson
Marquis Roberson 8 days ago
vitadelicatus 8 days ago
Thats the way you got a nickname Ted.
Stanley Sessor
Stanley Sessor 9 days ago
Ted Cruz the only greater fake is the under-educated outlaw president Trump.
Stanley Sessor
Stanley Sessor 9 days ago
Republicans produced many treasonous fools ,let go of the Nazi idiolegy it will bring America down like it did Europe and Italy, study history and don't repeat mistakes of the past.
Isaias Ramirez
Isaias Ramirez 9 days ago
Trump and ted crux generated it along w Hawley.
Cavin Hutchinson
Cavin Hutchinson 9 days ago
another complete moron lies lies lies
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 9 days ago
1. Get rid of that mullet 2. Grow a manly pair. 3. Stop being a Thirteen year old girl. 4. Do the job the people of Texas are paying you to do.
Hansolovz Z
Hansolovz Z 10 days ago
”The hotdog man” it suits him🤣
mister deeds
mister deeds 10 days ago
Ah, the Cancun Clown Show. One of my all-time faves. No one does it like Toxic Teddy. Texans must be so very proud.
Issac E Howard Jr
Issac E Howard Jr 10 days ago
Amazing how arrogant Ted Cruz is about the whole thing. Isn't it? lol
justinthor 11 days ago
Vote out Ted Cruz
Ramon Ibarra
Ramon Ibarra 11 days ago
Why isn't Ted Cruz in prison❓
Anita Reason To Believe
Yes, y'all Repubs made it happen. Everybody warned you all Every Republican senator that voted to recount it. Ake the swing states recount or tried to force state legislators break the law should be fined 500k and be forced to serve in the food banks in the majority minority and poor neighborhoods in DC and every state the tried to wreck for 450 hours each not including travel, at their own expense and be forced to write an apology in their own hand to the people of America for their Participation in The Big Lie, that is now proven to be the Big Lie!
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith 12 days ago
And Cruz has gone weird looking - what's with the beard and long hair? What's he trying to say? Is he trying to shake the evangelical preacher-look he had before or something?
George Krouses
George Krouses 12 days ago
The more they try to protect the president of the United States president of the United States
Thomas Mccoy
Thomas Mccoy 13 days ago
Ted, Go to another country, Egghead.
Rusty Megowan
Rusty Megowan 13 days ago
Are there any good republicans out there these days? Are there any honest republicans that want fiscal responsibility, family values, and a strong America without all the xenophobia and crazy conspiracy theories that were around decades back? I'm not trying to say there aren't, but I'm not sure where to look or bother..
David Leonard
David Leonard 13 days ago
Insurrection 😂😂😂😂
Lillian Roberts
Lillian Roberts 13 days ago
How do you know Ted Cruz is lying 🤥 ? Answer is his lips are moving! He Has no shame or dignity, if he’s talking he is lying!
Lillian Roberts
Lillian Roberts 13 days ago
Ted Cruz what a clown and a liar
Eugene Duran
Eugene Duran 14 days ago
When I was young I had the privilege of working in Texas. The true Texans I met were the salt of the earth. What happened. Ted cruz was just a lustful thought in his daddy's brain. Is this the new texas?
Primal Predator
Primal Predator 14 days ago
Lets find some real dirt on Lying Cruz next. Get rid of all these disgusting GOP creatures pretending to be humans.
Biff Bifferson
Biff Bifferson 14 days ago
Is it any wonder they're not traitors?
Conny Scippio
Conny Scippio 15 days ago
Conny Scippio
Conny Scippio 15 days ago
doing the right thing
Ted Cruz should be in jail by Sedition
Mulligan Man
Mulligan Man 15 days ago
I dont get it!
Nazim कवि
Nazim कवि 15 days ago
LOL he should always be asked: Wait, shouldn't you be in Mexico?"
Eduardo Contreras
Eduardo Contreras 16 days ago
lying flying Cancun cruz!!!!!!!!!!!!
n1vca 16 days ago
Spot on 🤣
Flordeliza Escano
Flordeliza Escano 16 days ago
Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and others who have spoken in public on the biggest lies about the election being rigged and further demonizing the crowd for their encouragement to be violent.
nottiification 17 days ago
Spineless republican has no spine... film at 11
Princess Tiarra
Princess Tiarra 17 days ago
Lol Trump and Cruz are hot dogs. Good one!!! They are the laughing stock of America. Watch they can't just be quite it either Trump Cruz or Graham or Marjorie Taylor that pull a hotdog moment repeatidly. I don't think they get it America can't stand them and they don't have a big enough fan club to pull off anything but a laugh.
chelsea100% 17 days ago
Immigrants did it.....they all need to go😅🤣😂
karl harrison
karl harrison 17 days ago
EF Mza
EF Mza 17 days ago
No one will believe you anymore after that trip to cancun, TC? Anything you say may be taken against you! 🤣😁
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia 18 days ago
This person makes me literally sick
Dolores Rasiang
Dolores Rasiang 18 days ago
It didn't come out from nowhere, lying Ted. It comes out from Trump and Ted Cruz and some of your gangsters. Stop lying Ted Cruz!! We have eyes and ears. When are you going to stop .!!!🤣🤣🙏🙏
DKLGalactus5 18 days ago
Smart people say, texans should start a RECALL on Ted cruz and and get rid of him, as he never has a solution for any problem that happen in Texas. what has he done for Texas NOTHING.
Flo Lucio
Flo Lucio 19 days ago
His a moron
John H.
John H. 20 days ago
I thought this was a news channel, not a bad attempt of Comedy Central. Report the news. In reality world, still not seeing the connection of Cruz inciting anything as he was 1.2 miles away during his speech from the Capital at the same time people started seriously gathering. When the first aggressive actions started, 6.5 minutes later, he was still 1.2 miles away. So how was he involved again? Provide the speach if you will (I have listened to it many times). Lets have a real discussion after you do your research. You all have been played by the media and you will realize this if you do your own research.
fox fire1
fox fire1 21 day ago
Ted Cruz need to be sued
jeff cook
jeff cook 21 day ago
Republicans are truly a different breed .... I mean like sub-human or devoid of self respect .. wasnt always like this
Sharon Kellner
Sharon Kellner 21 day ago
Crummy cruz is proving to his potential supporters just how stupid he thinks they are.
Vo Quang Minh
Vo Quang Minh 21 day ago
The thoughtless cave naturalistically name because protocol postsurgically obey past a woebegone move. quick, willing odometer
Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy 21 day ago
There are two types of people in the U.S. Senate - those who hate Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz.
Dude Dude
Dude Dude 22 days ago
The guy in the hotdog suite is far more organized and intelligent than Cruz. Insulting to the hotdog guy.
CryptoThreevus 22 days ago
Ted Cruz need to be BANNED from politics. What a worthless waste of human excrament.
dmlevitt 22 days ago
Ted Cruz a texas American embarassment. texas needs to secede and take all the fake tough cowboys with it.
C SwanSong
C SwanSong 23 days ago
Thank you Chris 😊
Jass Brar
Jass Brar 23 days ago
Creatures with no Backbone are evolving a lot these days
Lalo Valenzuela
Lalo Valenzuela 23 days ago
Don Clayton
Don Clayton 23 days ago
Why is Ted still in the USA. He is a illegal
Jeannie Tarantola
Jeannie Tarantola 24 days ago
It certainly didn't ted it came out of you holley stone and many others. Trump your traitors.
sharat bowers
sharat bowers 24 days ago
Nobody cares about Lying Flying Ted
John Doe
John Doe 24 days ago
Hjc Ceril
Hjc Ceril 24 days ago
febri sayang
febri sayang 24 days ago
The grouchy pyjama repressingly pump because march joly nod regarding a picayune skill. slow, cloudy pollution
unomauser c
unomauser c 24 days ago
He should be indicted for treason for the Jan. 6Th involvement against the Capitol attack.
Falkor ‌
Falkor ‌ 25 days ago
donut eat the donut
Syed Sharful Anam
Syed Sharful Anam 25 days ago
Was not this man aspired to be the President of the USA in 2016 even though he was no match for Trump in telling lies? Perhaps, he is now catching up Trump! Non-Americans like me who believes in American leadership of free world need to know the truth about such people before he is elected as president of a great country that happens to be America!
Marie Collins
Marie Collins 25 days ago
That was JERK!
Marie Collins
Marie Collins 25 days ago
I now get the same sick feeling when I have to look at the new monster Cruz as I got when I had to look at his buddy trump. New day, new kerk.
Marcea Susanna Becerras
He is such a clown. Disgusting, disgusting man
John xyz
John xyz 25 days ago
Ted Cruz is insane, lock him up for his own protection
Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson 25 days ago
What jackasses.
Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson 25 days ago
What havkasses.
David Hoffnung
David Hoffnung 26 days ago
I almost wish I could show this clip to my grandparents, rest their souls, like 25 years ago. I think it would blow their minds way more than smartphones and whatever rebellious kids are doing at any given moment.
Valerie MacPhail
Valerie MacPhail 27 days ago
Harold Albert
Harold Albert 27 days ago
MSNBC is fake news, I don't believe them, I don't watch them. Ever
jd2616 28 days ago
Ted is also a great BSer
AM 28 days ago
Love to see Cruz in the Hotdog Suit.
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse 28 days ago
I blame the media
Maria Azevedo
Maria Azevedo 28 days ago
Ted Cruz and the guy on the hot dog suit, they sure resemble each other. 😁
Maureen Brandon
Maureen Brandon 29 days ago
I wasn't Ted Cruz, it was Trump, Pelosi, Mike Lyndell, Biden, Obama, and all these greedy left and greedy Democrats that want the boarder open to anybody and anything illegal. They were trying to force the invoking of Marshal Law. Do you know the meaning of the Republican Elephant and the Democrat Donkey? Elephants are family oriented, tribal, compassionate, good long accurate memories, extremely protective, don't act hastily taking things out on the wrong persons, but peruse justice to be sure the correct person is held responsible for their actions good or bad, credit or judgement. The Democrat Donkey is that of Balaam the false prophet, who apposed the Angel of The Lord on his way running greedily for profit, and abused his Donkey because it stoped to obey The Angel of The Lord, and would not go through the pass, finally the Donkey was given the voice of a man to rebuke foolish greedy Balaam for resisting The Angel of The Lord. The donkey, a four legged beast, had the good sense to obey God rather than man, especially a false prophets of satan who perished going greedily after gain.
Jack taggart
Jack taggart Month ago
'Lyin' Ted' the moniker so well enunciated by his criminal cohort Donald Trump. They are, but one and the same. If his wife and children had any decency, they would have discarded this trash into a dumpster a long time ago.
Lanora Weekly
Lanora Weekly Month ago
Is me he looks like Ted is getting fat
Americans Against Trump
john thomas
john thomas Month ago
What up TEXAS.You VOTED for this PEACE of SH-T.😵😳
Thank you for your compliance
That there were about 50% of the US voters who decided to vote for another Trump turn tells the world a lot about the state of disaster in the US. "leader of the free world".. get your act together. Reform your screwed political system where you have just 2 parties and a "winner takes it all" approach and put regulations on the broadcasting of lies and propaganda. This is not "free speech" but the constant poisoning of the well. No nation can deal with such constant bombardment of lies especially from Fox News and some Alex Jones like radio shows.
Velvet21# Blessings
Why is he still working??????????????????????
We Are Moving Back