We Played a Golf Match For a $250,000 Prize 

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Apr 20, 2021




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John Smith
John Smith Day ago
Plz tell me where to send money for lenses to Tig, jeez he’s half blind my man 😅
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 2 days ago
The aboard popcorn immediately bat because game relatedly fit qua a stereotyped llama. wakeful, rustic capital
Michael Guerrero
Michael Guerrero 3 days ago
Chrisjan Bornmann
Ethan Rich
Ethan Rich 5 days ago
Nice job guys!
Ethan Rich
Ethan Rich 5 days ago
That was an insane intro!!!
Johnny Nonny
Johnny Nonny 5 days ago
I'm sure you're aware of what causes fat on that four iron... but just in case It might be rushing the downswing. If you have standard length, treat the 4 more like a driver swing. It works like a charm. Fun match to watch!!
Ethan Karras
Ethan Karras 7 days ago
Too many fricken adds ruines the flow. Some are okay you gotta make a buck or two but jees
Matt Peterson
Matt Peterson 7 days ago
Grant is Hideki haha his "bad one handed finish shots" are better than my good shots.
Preston Johnson Golf
ive played her lol
Rob Reston
Rob Reston 7 days ago
why is it always so windy when these guys play.
Owen 8 days ago
Caddy : yea Micah so we got a 600 yard par five into the wind. Here’s your driver Micah : no Ill take 2 iron. I like hitting out of the rough from 460
touristguy87 9 days ago
2 holes, maybe 3 and it's over Tig, after a lifetime of losing to Grant, now getting spanked....so sad and the worst thing is that 4 holes later the scores are the same
Jake 10 days ago
Y’all gonna ignore that the sprinkler tried to kill Grant at 7:52
The Happy Golfer
The Happy Golfer 10 days ago
You guys are awesome!
Jacob R Sykes (2023)
Tig would play much better if he didn't hit his 2 iron every hole. There's a point where it's to much for being to conservative and when you're down by 4 you gotta take some risks.
Conor 13 days ago
That Shaggy looking guy ruined the video
Chase P
Chase P 14 days ago
I just wish Micah would start hitting a driver, why not try to get that extra yardage.
William Turner
William Turner 15 days ago
OK...I am officially addicted to watching you guys play. More fun than watching the PGA on TV.
Steven Alshouse
Steven Alshouse 15 days ago
Ok this is crazy cuz micah is definitely the best golfer of these three but he is just folding under the pressure . The nerves are real.
MacJProductions 15 days ago
What’s grants channel
ChampionBowling 17 days ago
Did the pressure get to micah? Or just a bad day?
Michael Azzato
Michael Azzato 17 days ago
Micah I would like to introduce you to Grant. lol
James Virtue
James Virtue 17 days ago
Micah’s game plan: Use 2i on every shot until I make it to the green 😊👍
Carson Akridge
Carson Akridge 17 days ago
YADAITIS 17 days ago
Garrett is trash... still good content
Joe Salerno
Joe Salerno 18 days ago
Good match. For the amount of money at stake I would have liked to seen a 18 hole match 🏌🏽‍♂️
Kaman Rouse
Kaman Rouse 19 days ago
You can ground a club in the hazard micah
Jack Miller
Jack Miller 19 days ago
Grant has to be the most humble guy on the planet
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 19 days ago
20:31 - I beg your pardon?
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 19 days ago
18:43 - Four holes, four bogies... fourtune is not smiling on you today.
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher 19 days ago
4:41 - Garrett 'I wasn't nervous until I got over the ball'. Get over it, Garrett.
Micheal Fredd
Micheal Fredd 19 days ago
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Micheal Fredd
Micheal Fredd 19 days ago
@Stephen Benita You can reach him directly by his cell number or leave a message on whatsap.
Stephen Benita
Stephen Benita 19 days ago
Yes I also checked now cause I don't believe anything I see online, but I'm definitely shocked that he is real, how do I reach him please?
Kesi Williams
Kesi Williams 19 days ago
Wow, I can't believe I saw that he is real, I just checked google, and was able to see that he is a registered trader.
Micheal Fredd
Micheal Fredd 19 days ago
@Stephen Benita That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Micheal Marcus
Stephen Benita
Stephen Benita 19 days ago
I wanted to trade Crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price
Hamilton coleman
Hamilton coleman 19 days ago
Grant just seems like the coolest guy ever
Austin Davis
Austin Davis 19 days ago
"I think that we should put the money on the green"..lol
Brady Neal
Brady Neal 20 days ago
Ned Zelen
Ned Zelen 20 days ago
Feel so satisfying to watch
Orran Govain
Orran Govain 20 days ago
Yea yea you can trust Miranda Jacobs, I have worked with her for 2years
Orran Govain
Orran Govain 20 days ago
I just became a dodge coin millionaire and safe moon is going to the moon 🚀🚀
Ned Zelen
Ned Zelen 20 days ago
Ned Zelen
Ned Zelen 20 days ago
You can contact Miranda Jacobs on te (leg) ram
Waqar Orszak
Waqar Orszak 20 days ago
I have had 15 trades with Miranda and she hasn't disappointed me always delivers the deal as promised.
Cory Galovich
Cory Galovich 20 days ago
Man I want to be a contestant
Herman Hammy Geelmuyden
My favorite gm golf video ever
stacy uzo
stacy uzo 20 days ago
Baby this quality 🤩🤩🤩
Eithan Peak
Eithan Peak 20 days ago
Please play pinehurst course number 2. I wanna see if it works you guys as much as it did the pros
Golf Guy
Golf Guy 20 days ago
Imagine having a pony tail 👀
Golf Guy
Golf Guy 20 days ago
Love it they put the ad on the kid with the pony tail Bout to shoot
K Cook
K Cook 20 days ago
I'm so jacked to watch this!!
Chris Salazar
Chris Salazar 21 day ago
Garret how about you work on hitting the ball straight before you do anything like use your brain
Reavx 21 day ago
Would love to see a Rydercup kinda deal with Good Good vs Rick Shiels and his lot in a scramble type game setting with for example, Matt and Peter vs Grat and Micah and in the other team Shielsy + 1 vs Steven and Matt. Winning continent takes the price deal :D
Eddie Cooper
Eddie Cooper 21 day ago
For a min I thought my guy from ronin was Kyle Berkshire
Beauty and the Beast
Chris Roesen
grant could not look more like a country club white boy
Brian Chandler
Brian Chandler 22 days ago
Wish G would fix these quick hooks off the tee. I enjoy watching his game and it holds him back and has for a long time. Tired of setting my watch to his teebox yips.
Samuel Andra
Samuel Andra 22 days ago
I love the "somebody's closer" at 25:43 haha
Michael Hammaker
Michael Hammaker 22 days ago
So hype yall have kept the character of the older videos in these with the sound effects and all. Happy that some things never change!
Reavx 22 days ago
REEE why is Grat putting with his wrists!!!
Graeden Miller
Graeden Miller 22 days ago
what is grants last name?
MunchMd 22 days ago
Much respect for what y’all do and are doing on this channel.
Karl Robison
Karl Robison 22 days ago
Haha I went to high school with the guy with the long hair
SB NICK 22 days ago
250k Raptor? 🤭
Derek 22 days ago
Micah 4 back with three holes to play on an open par 5...2i. Come on dude. Use your length and hit drivers.
Mr Bond
Mr Bond 23 days ago
I’m from Quebec Canada and I’ve played this course twice!!!! Amazing!!!! Great video and for another great cause. Well done!!!
Joey Etsitty
Joey Etsitty 23 days ago
Micah you need to whip out that driver. Grip it and rip it guys.
Freddie Corbett
Freddie Corbett 23 days ago
Music at 8:50 goes hard
CastleTG 23 days ago
60 YO and one of the best looking golf courses I have ever seen. Sweeeet!
Joseph Mayo
Joseph Mayo 23 days ago
Grant is a stud
cindy grommes
cindy grommes 24 days ago
That was a cool video for a wonderful cause !! I love to see you guys giving back and living a life that is positive and inspiring !!!
Dlap 24 days ago
Pressure folded the boys :( great vid as per usual 👍🏻👍🏻
Fraser Craigen
Fraser Craigen 24 days ago
kyle berkshire''s gone downhill
ben 24 days ago
nice course but those greens look painted
James Scott
James Scott 24 days ago
Wats up with gm wearing brown shoes and baby blue white shoes would look so better
Nathaniel Clarke
Nathaniel Clarke 24 days ago
so guys we did it
Taz Pedersen
Taz Pedersen 24 days ago
Tig didn’t have a cup of coffee that day
michael arnold
michael arnold 24 days ago
Never seen Tig flustered before😮
Michael Jarnagin
Michael Jarnagin 24 days ago
Are they saying that truck is worth $250,000? I’m thinking he’ll no but 🤷‍♂️
Club Twirler
Club Twirler 24 days ago
Color me shocked. Tig is mortal.
Cody Daniel
Cody Daniel 24 days ago
You can tell Grant’s mental game is strong.
Wipey Boy
Wipey Boy 24 days ago
Grants swing at 13:00...wow
Joshua Dilmore
Joshua Dilmore 25 days ago
I agree with Rick Shiels. Nice video. You guys should definitely collaborate. Rick is a veteran and you guys bring the younger viewers. Do a Wheel of not ideal with Rick!!!
Zack Pyle
Zack Pyle 25 days ago
@Tigg - "Golfers can now touch the ground with their club in a hazard and can move loose impediments in a hazard without penalty. They can also move loose impediments in bunkers and will not be penalised for generally grounding their club away from their ball. You still cannot ground your club when playing a bunker shot."
Bryce Lyt
Bryce Lyt 25 days ago
Love these sound effects lol
PTREK BOX BREAKS 25 days ago
Wish I could be good at golf. I like playing and can hit some good shots but almost every drive slices way right. And I get frustrated when I dont make good iron shots. I'm thinking of going out this coming monday morning by myself at like 730am and playing 9 holes. Monday AM will probably be best time noone else will be waiting to play behind me...but yes I've played alot growing up and can make pars and occasional birdies but more often than not I'm getting a bogey lol
importedice 25 days ago
Grant played outstanding golf. Garrett needs some more putting practice. But a great video, fun to watch, great commentary too. 😂
Bokaj 25 days ago
Ronin guys were awesome, scoreboard cracked me up
Edward Popa
Edward Popa 25 days ago
Would I take $250k or Grants swing??? I Would take Grants swing please Jesus. I can only imagine what it feels like to hit buttery stripes 9 holes in a row!!
Christian Mumley
Christian Mumley 25 days ago
The long haired guy from ronin looks like the blonde long haired dude from Jim Carrey’s “The Mask” and I can’t unsee it
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly 25 days ago
In SoCal? You should play a match against the Golfholics.
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson 25 days ago
Josh Balogh
Josh Balogh 25 days ago
Enough with the meme sounds
Brymi 25 days ago
grant is goated
David Price
David Price 25 days ago
Grant looks like the dude in the movie waiting, that's getting hired for the job. 😂
Elijah Zeno
Elijah Zeno 26 days ago
S/O to the guys who edit these. Makes these videos that much better
Southern Golf
Southern Golf 26 days ago
Grant is pretty cool I just wish he would smile more 😁
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 26 days ago
Man I would love to play for that and help out
Jarrett Sabella
Jarrett Sabella 26 days ago
Micah’s bad day is still an amazing round of golf.
Jesse Papike
Jesse Papike 26 days ago
How 53 people dislike this video is absolutely nuts!! Great vid boys!
Trevor Hoffard
Trevor Hoffard 26 days ago
GM, Do you remember Austin the guy who you gave a set of clubs to? You should do a video with him, and see how you clubs are sound l doing now. Something at the range or maybe a match...
Marcello Gelsomini
Marcello Gelsomini 26 days ago
dude more matches with spectators would be so cool
Marcello Gelsomini
Marcello Gelsomini 26 days ago
grant has such a phil mickelson vibe
Frederik Hartmann
Frederik Hartmann 26 days ago
week 3 of asking for a collab with rick sheils
UnkoWn Papi chulo
UnkoWn Papi chulo 26 days ago
While u guys are in Cali u guys should go to the journey at pachanga
Rhett Espe
Rhett Espe 26 days ago
grant needs to be in good good he is the goat
FaZe Exotic
FaZe Exotic 26 days ago
Where was masters micah when we needed him😔😫