We Opened An Underground Restaurant! *Bunker* 

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We turned our hidden underground bunker into a restaurant!
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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Joachim Marfito
Joachim Marfito 16 minutes ago
Um i found this. Ideo link from briana plays’s youtube video
Jake Foolish
Jake Foolish 5 hours ago
Why did Rick look so happy at 5:58 😂😂
Elv digitalprinting
fnaf sister location
Sam Linville
Sam Linville 11 hours ago
Justin-this beverage is made from 19.........68 😂😂
Builder Jack 1
Builder Jack 1 11 hours ago
Do a 24 hour challenge in the underground restaurant
Colliding Forces
Colliding Forces 13 hours ago
This is hysterical. I laughed so much. They didn't even have water.
Colliding Forces
Colliding Forces 13 hours ago
You poor costumers. LOL
R4G3 FiReZ
R4G3 FiReZ 15 hours ago
the outro was amazing
j.w. befe
j.w. befe 15 hours ago
Gordon ramsay would not approve infact he would have a heart attack watching this
Coleton Deason
Coleton Deason 15 hours ago
Bring back fort Friday
Keimal Scott
Keimal Scott 17 hours ago
Bros feed the man before he dies
Colton Reid
Colton Reid 17 hours ago
I like the song at the enf
Colton Reid
Colton Reid 17 hours ago
Heath Outcalt
Heath Outcalt 18 hours ago
they have to think hard to do it
sandra gjokaj
sandra gjokaj 20 hours ago
Omg this is amazing
Bee Swarm Simulator
Bee Swarm Simulator 20 hours ago
if they made a hotel then they could connect it to the restaurant and it would be like a actual hotel
Nolan Canty
Nolan Canty 20 hours ago
Literally when Justin and Hiper were doing the arm thing a seriously didn’t notice
Jaiden Motes
Jaiden Motes 10 hours ago
same lol
Danielle Martens
Holly Ryan
Holly Ryan Day ago
Fort Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YuZen TaMang
YuZen TaMang Day ago
I didn't get anything
Luke Graham
Luke Graham Day ago
18:23 That beat was lowkey FIRE!!!! Maybe use that for a future song??????
Elizabeth Staggs
Y’all need to be better waiters
Brooklyn Jones
Omgosh I was watching the videos I didn’t see and one of the comments said to make a restaurant and they actually did i
Gamer Boy 2496
The fact that some of the music was good is amazing
Audrey Flores
Hello marv
Dustin Tetzlaff
Good to know! 🙂
Hyper Karim
Hyper Karim Day ago
perfect servese
Dominic Plays
Jake is Random
@dildotron that name is in appropriate
Lucas johnson
bro amangine someone just shows up with the party of 7 about 99000 hour wait
Lucas Equestrian
Bring back fort friday
Cat Gamer Plays games
Nope on
Cat Gamer Plays games
Honestly I don’t get any notifications on the maybes because I’m at school or I’m just a lazy Or I just don’t listen to the notifications Let me just check my notifications
Douglas county Kansas Railfan LKARFP
I hope they have another way out because imagine if there was a fire hopefully the kitchen has an exit to
Desiree Hopz12
OMG 😂😂 he better have got some AT LEAST
Carson Kelley
Hi I love your Channel🍩🍩🍩
amber Kinsey
amber Kinsey Day ago
This is fake, the customers are friends, or family, which doesn't make them customers
Adrian C.
Adrian C. Day ago
The restaurant isn’t fake tho
you guys should be a banned that was amazing
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
please copy and paste this over and over again! this will be awesome! BRING BACK FORT FRIDAY PLEASSEEE original comment by Elle P. COPY AND PASTE THIS also can you pleaseeeeeeee pin me??!!
Can I add you on Pokémon go please
Aeibhin Ward
Aeibhin Ward Day ago
He didn't get any food at all it's like he wasn't even there.
Jaiden Motes
Jaiden Motes 10 hours ago
ikr lol
Kye Lima
Kye Lima Day ago
Danielius Krasnickas
i want a glass of water🤣🤣🤣
Tracy Kushwaha
Why did you not give your friends food?
Cotten Rose
Cotten Rose Day ago
Is this man crazy or what
why did they not give him food???? my head is confused
What do you do with all the fort when you finisher the house
turtle blox yt gaming
That's so cool your my favourite youtebers
LOLBITS KOOPA 2 days ago
The funniest part of this film is at 3:07 lol
YT PALS 2 days ago
Name he cake sparkling cake cuz it has sparkling water in it
moosecraft fan
moosecraft fan 2 days ago
Dude i feel bad for the guy who never got to eat thats messed up 😔😒
Gamergirl 509
Gamergirl 509 2 days ago
11:50 DELICIOUS!!!!
Tracy Kushwaha
Tracy Kushwaha 2 days ago
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
SubZero 75
SubZero 75 2 days ago
I feel bad. for the guy that did not get anything😢🤣
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
lol! that was Samuel!
Banana Fortnite
Banana Fortnite 2 days ago
owen sisavath
owen sisavath 2 days ago
I feel bad for the other guy
Banana Fortnite
Banana Fortnite 2 days ago
Banana Fortnite
Banana Fortnite 2 days ago
His name is Justin he is cracked at fortnite
Yamile Vazquez
Yamile Vazquez 2 days ago
That guy that didn't get food: - w- 😭😭
Banana Fortnite
Banana Fortnite 2 days ago
LilNoob boi
LilNoob boi 2 days ago
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
LilNoob boi
LilNoob boi Day ago
How r u today?
Elle P.
Elle P. Day ago
Banana Fortnite
Banana Fortnite 2 days ago
Jediprogamer Idk789
Well actually I really didn’t get any- plis jstu bring back fort Friday Imagen being treated like that Btw this video was amazing I could not stop laughing
Jeff Bowman
Jeff Bowman 2 days ago
Jeff Bowman
Jeff Bowman 2 days ago
Just sit on the table that’s 🥵spreading germs
Lego Man
Lego Man 2 days ago
Please bring back Fort Friday
Totally not fake Asimo. Hey
Who thinks that MoreJstu is going broke
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller 2 days ago
🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸😭🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 I have a mother Russia my ears are reading
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller 2 days ago
My ears are bleeding Adam my ears are 🩸
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller 2 days ago
My ears are bleeding Adam it hurts my ears
Bring back fort Fri gang in the comments
Glitter Sparkles
Glitter Sparkles 2 days ago
20:02 sir sir sir 😂
Glitter Sparkles
Glitter Sparkles 2 days ago
22:25 nice music
Yeet Or delete
Yeet Or delete 2 days ago
Them not giving giving the dude food drive me nuts
Rudine Mabry
Rudine Mabry 2 days ago
I feel bad for the guy that gets no food justing ther waiting for his food and water
enki neziri
enki neziri 2 days ago
this drive me crazy and angry not getting something for that guy
Utah 34
Utah 34 2 days ago
At the end Sam shoul’ve said that the air was the best part 😂
Nathan Bates
Nathan Bates 2 days ago
I love watching your US-first videos they make my day so much better And y'all are so creative
Deborah Tagornak
Deborah Tagornak 2 days ago
I haven't seen your videos in a month
Loon Kingdom
Loon Kingdom 2 days ago
cool cool cool cool cool I don't even know what you said you have to deal with the same a good loz link to the to get rid of rid the world of world of world war I war and the only I ha heh th eh he eh tea q
Blogging with Jaggar
That was a banger
SanFam Gret
SanFam Gret 2 days ago
I don't know why but I don't want to subscribe
trys9830 trys9830
I feel so bad for the guy that never got servers 😂
Xxxtentacion Fan girl
i feel bad for the person that didn't get surved
LuqyFNBR 2 days ago
I love you guys keep the vids going
Gus Seward
Gus Seward 2 days ago
Make a restaurant with a stranger for a customer
Tevin Eddy
Tevin Eddy 2 days ago
The restaurant videos are the best (the Chick-Fil-A one was dope too). Mostly because they panic so much when it takes forever to prepare the food. Always helpful in the effort to LAUGH DAILY!
Mr. Noob
Mr. Noob 2 days ago
Am I the only one that has to eat something while watching them ?
shen 2 days ago
i remember watching their videos when they just started youtube. making videos with kevin and going to trampoline parks. oh how the times have changed
Gundi Saka
Gundi Saka 2 days ago
I have new game for you,how about plinko balls not a budget challenge,but box challenge,every item you buy must fit on the box,for overnight maybe,the size maybe from shoes box to some big like tv box,plinko balls play for random box.fresh game
Oisin O Sullivan
Oisin O Sullivan 2 days ago
This was so funny
cool kids channel
Pls do a prank video
Josiah Santos
Josiah Santos 2 days ago
17:53 cracked me up!!!
joe tom
joe tom 2 days ago
You guys should make a snack store in the prison part of the bunker then make it a big grocery store.
John Nelson
John Nelson 2 days ago
if you are morejstu please bring back fort friday
Natasha Bolam-Fryer
What is your trainer code for Pokémon so I can friend you ? :D
axoqe 2 days ago
i remember the first video i watched of yours over two years ago you spent 24 hours in a movie theater
Landon Alderink
Landon Alderink 2 days ago
cnect all bunckers
ghoul_ Hollow xxx
i actually feel bad
Charley Pierce
Charley Pierce 2 days ago
Video idea restaurant budget challenge
friends4life 2 days ago
And at the end of the tunnel is a play groung
friends4life 2 days ago
Can you do when you get a picture open the picture crawl down the tunnel and have a base at the end of the tunnel
Zachary Powell
Zachary Powell 2 days ago
yall should build a fort out of snacks
Wyatt Games
Wyatt Games 2 days ago
Why don’t they post on jstustudios anymore??