we need to talk about "kid" content that panders to adults 

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May 3, 2021




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babs 9 days ago
I'm so happy you brought up the parents role in these kids channels
angelxsweet 2 hours ago
@Nagisa_ Stan.account Same I used to love watching Piper's videos but I stopped bc kids shouldn't be making content like that
Kenma Kozume
Kenma Kozume 5 days ago
@AnimeMonarch agree
Mr. Vanilla
Mr. Vanilla 5 days ago
Thank you, I’ve seen this content too much and it needs to be stopped
FluffyCloud 5 days ago
@Nagisa_ Stan.account I believe I used to follow her too. I forgot her name though, it was a little while ago.
Coco’s Cloudland
@CreepShow Art thank you!!! It’s obviously the parent’s fault for giving the child an iPad/iPhone in the first place
Hazelbrook foster
Hazelbrook foster 14 minutes ago
Why tho😭✋🏻
løver angel
løver angel 2 hours ago
So,back in 2014 I was abused by my sister and forced to do challenges with her.I had to always smile and wear revealing clothes so she could 'get more attention',I was the youngest of all my sisters and the target of them.The amount of creepy old men sexualizing me in the comments were just too extreme-,after 2 years of the abuse my mother found her channel and deleted it so she wasn't able to do it anymore,because of her I have anger issues but she got more stable nowadays
Aisha 2.0
Aisha 2.0 4 hours ago
SAY IT LOUDER! Theese type of vids can influence kids the wrong way. Really happy u brought up this topic
Sannie Wong
Sannie Wong 6 hours ago
Uhm just because of the thumb nail doesn’t mean the whole video is “dirty” like it was so awkward. And also it was requested by the fans. Let this poor girl be free
jiucore 7 hours ago
Omg frr
Pog woman
Pog woman 9 hours ago
So when you were talking about that video that made fake children the part that scared me was the part when it was an 11 year old the reason it scared me is because I'm 11 myself but other than that I love your videos and your voice
RoseCat 11 hours ago
Piper also said the n word.....
Ochaco Uraraka ツ
Ochaco Uraraka ツ 11 hours ago
The girl in the cover is like inappropriate and shes for kids ? 🙄give me a break..
Wendy Torres
Wendy Torres 12 hours ago
What did you use for the art?
Kaleigh Ellis-Hope
Kaleigh Ellis-Hope 13 hours ago
I used to watch Piper Rockelle's (the thirteen yesr old girl) channel,and that was before these inappropriate stuff started . I enjoyed her content and even asked my best friend to start watching her channel,soon enough she also loved it . About a year later,my parents decided to go through my phone and found some of her videos in my downloads , so they told me ti never watch her videos anymore and were shocked that I am just a year younger than her . I told my best friend about it and she was really confused about what my parents did . Its been almost two years and I decided to check her on tiktok , she had new friends and her content both on tik tok and youtube became gross for me to watch . My best friend sees no harm in her videos and even her dad , her freaking DAD, watches piper's channel . I still try to warn her about it but she is so stubborn . BTW love your art 😊😊
It’sTrisha Y’all
I’m so happy that someone finally made a video about this! Everyone in my school is obsessed with them and istg it’s so misleading
marix 13 hours ago
She's like 15 now and acts 21.
Marta 13 hours ago
Shes 13
Evelyn Perry
Evelyn Perry 14 hours ago
Finally someone said it it's actually vile how young kids actually are getting manipulated by there parents kids like Piper need to take a minute and think about how meany seven year olds are watching her Vids cause when I scroll on US-first and see this I actually feel sick her and her parents need to sort it out
armsamelia 15 hours ago
And then there is me a young high schooler who has overprotective parents and still feels like a 13 year old lol but hey, it’s better to act younger than to act older less creepy
axtellq 15 hours ago
i used to WATCH HER- i thought it was fine but when i see it now IM FREAKED OUT..
Amanda Read
Amanda Read 15 hours ago
Why in the world would parents want creepy predator type men watching and commenting on there daughters videos. Parents should want to protect there kids from that not encourage it! They are pretty much putting them in harms way.
Pain Hub
Pain Hub 17 hours ago
Honestly I feel like because of who the channels are pandering to it can also damage the kids who watch it. I grew up on youtube and I feel like I was exposed to many things i shouldn't have been because of kids channels.
Nessa Plays adopt me
This is so true-
Candy Guts
Candy Guts 17 hours ago
As a kid who has around 1.5k on tiktok i know it isnt a lot but i try my best to make sure theres no adults following me. I think it's very obvious when a kid is making the content or it's a script that they're being forced to read.
·Roki Pop·
·Roki Pop· 17 hours ago
i have never watched collins key in my life
MaKhyla Marzette
MaKhyla Marzette 20 hours ago
I've always been skeptical about what piper posts
0 2
0 2 23 hours ago
*This is nothing different than a community I am in rn* *(Gacha, lots of cringy kids but there are good animators. I said that cause I know there is at least an idiot that will attack me for being part of gacha community)*
notshilohlol Day ago
Pipers content has always concerned me since day 1. I just know their parents are exploiting them.
Tehseen Zaidi
first off parents should not post pictures of their children if they are underaged because they simply do not have their consent why do you think so many celebrities hide their babies' photos? Because they are aware of the risks if the information of the child goes into the wrong hands then the stalkers can wait till the child is eighteen and misuse the information it's pretty simple logic and most family channels don't care about it if their child is not old enough to give the consent of whether they want to even BE on social media then why take the risk it just makes me so mad because if adults can choose whether or not they want their photo to be posted then why cant children?
Pranita Bapat
Piper rockelle's content was first kids but now questionable
camrynn F
camrynn F Day ago
The way Piper post just makes me kinda sick like she just turned 13-
clems Day ago
i used to watch that piper girl when i was younger, so sad to see whats happened to her :(
Chef Gon
Chef Gon Day ago
When I was 9 I had an Instagram account and someone DMed me he asked where I lived and asked me if I had a boyfriend and if I wanted to voice call I also almost got kidnapped by someone bcp of that I deleted all my accounts I had my age in my bio 😕 I still post but I never state my age my name or show my face. Also I was wearing a FRJRJINNG PRINCESS DRESS AND WAS SHOWING OFF MAKEUP SKILLS so I can’t force anyone but please don’t post online please especially if your a minor but if you don’t listen just be carful I even found a fan account of me seggually edited
Violet Smith
Violet Smith Day ago
I’m only a teen, but I remember when Collins Key was a smaller platform. His brother Devin was actually really cool and calm, and Collins was actually on America’s got talent for his magic tricks. I was subscribed when he made his very first pancake art challenge. I really miss that, because I went back and watched his newer video and wow- holy heck it’s so different. It’s so bad.
Anime ZD Best
He was with piper Raquel making videos and left because of that
Anime ZD Best
Fun fact of the day appointing Gabalin I think that’s his name left because of that
Anime ZD Best
123 go is the worst by far they are Clipy bait and just a bunch of liars
basically every app that has age limits basically become an app with no limit because kids just make accounts with fake ages to get in the app
0 2
0 2 23 hours ago
*Ikr..? Like Roblox, Gacha, etc etc..*
I used to watch the people on the thumbnail but the Thumbnails just for some disgusting or at least uncomfortable and the video it’s self was to
Some of pipers videos are also showing to not do some of the stuff other peopl do, but I do agree
Emma Animations
they did a body shaming prank on piper rockelle where they modelled bikinis and insulted one another infront of their boyfriends
saek0 Day ago
I remember when I was 7, yes 7, I was on my *moms* old phone and got a game called ‘avakin life’. Obviously you have to be 13 and over to have it, but as a clueless and careless child I didn’t care. So, I styled my avatar and stuff like that and went in to the hangout thing. Met a guy, really nice, well so I thought. We chatted for a while, nothing much until he asked me if I have kik ( a messaging app). I said yes, even though I didn’t so I went and installed it. I told him my thing, and told me to add him. So I did. I look at his pfp, to my horror this guy looked like he was in is 30’s. I immediately told him that I was 7, he didn’t care and kept on messaging me. I thought about it and that I “loved” the attention he gave me, and bragged to my family I had a boyfriend. He then asked the unimaginable, he asked if I could send him pics. I didn’t know what that meant, so I went and asked my brother. Im glad I did, he saved me from this creep. Who knows if he’s still doing it to this day. Remember to stay safe, and check who your talking to. And make sure you don’t have apps that your not supposed to have. Also, People aren’t always what they say/ seem to be.
Lovely Cookie
So underated
WolfieCoke Day ago
I used to watch piper rockelle. And oh my god, I feel so bad for her. This stuff really isn't her choice. It's her mother's. She has asked for help SO many times because behind the seens her mother has been abusive to them. She's lost so many friends because of her mother using her for money. Her mother even spreaded fake rumors about her having a sexual intercorse with one of her old boyfriends. (They were 11 at the time). She lost her old boyfriend because his parents realized how toxic her mother was. They were so happy together. God, heart goes out to her.
Marta 13 hours ago
Stupid thing is, piper actually likes all that stuff, she likes actin mature etc. Quiet sad tho
Eri Day ago
Yeah, it's just gross. *also ur art is very good*
Skid123 Day ago
On my phone I don't have a computer that can run editing software so I'm just using my phone
Gacha Ghost
Gacha Ghost Day ago
This is so true I completely agree with you 😔
Artzybella Day ago
I'm a minor and I can't believe my age group acts like this and I'm probably younger than them.
JAY_V Day ago
THIS IS SO TRUE no hate but when I talk about how Piper Rockelle is not acting her age and how kids watch her channel their like "She can do whatever she wants" and I get that but understand that little kids watch her channel.
Bun Day ago
Your video brings up a TON of important points, social media is absolutely unsafe for children. I am a 16 year old female and I've been approached by adult men who knew my age from the time that I was 11 to this very day. Having said that, social media isn't really the problem. I'm approached by men in person for the same reason even after I tell them my age. Less than a week ago I was approached by a man who could've been in his 30s offering to pay me to flash him at the store. Honestly, this behavior needs to stop being glossed over. Society has to start holding men accountable and teach them from a young age that it's not okay at all.
xX_ KatLeMac _Xx
there's another bad kind, family channels like Norris Nuts. They just don't do this right.
Ayana Bhana
Ayana Bhana Day ago
i love you
lol tutorials
💯% agree
Juliana Sweetener
when i was 13, i was in a group chat with my friends. everyone was sending photos (All normal things like roofs, their dogs, themselves making funny faces etc.) It was all funny until one girl had sent one her her thigh bent up showing where her private ends and her leg starts as a "thirst trap". that was disgusting nobody wanted to see that she it said "do you like this position?" we kicked her out and called her a creep and she thought it was normal.
Marium Masud Bahesti!!!
Hi so I am a parent I was checking my daughter's yt and I saw something that is she was searching "preget savage" I clicked that I saw something so I called her she said she was searching "Pretty savage" So I believed it but i screen recorded my daughter's mobile and I saw sometimes she has spelling mistakes and she does notice and searches the thing so I said to check what she does now she does not so it anymore
just a random person
in a few years, these child creators are either going to sue their guardians/parents or continue the cycle with their own children, I really hope the second option doesn't come true
wEiRd kiDs
wEiRd kiDs Day ago
finally I've been waiting for someone to make a video of them
Apple Day ago
Piper rockelle in the thumbnail lol
DeviAwesome Day ago
This is why I like the Norris Nuts because they edit their own videos and all of the videos are appropriate but still entertaining
Apple Day ago
I agree about the appropriate part But I kind of think that they are cringe lol
Darkcrystal Day ago
DJ Tundra
DJ Tundra Day ago
Am I the only one that thinks young children shouldn’t be using social media? Like ok teenagers having social media is practically a given at this point. (They should be taught about internet safety and stuff tho). But like an 8 year old doesn’t need Facebook or Instagram or (insert social media here). If the parents are gonna let them watch some US-first videos then they should know what they are watching. Like don’t be lazy.
alex Day ago
when i saw piper rockelle on my recommendations, i was about to scream
kiiddo0 Day ago
Finally somebody talks about this
Venus Potato
Venus Potato 2 days ago
finally! someone who calls out not only the kids, thumbnails, and content -- but also the parents! I absolutely hate these "kids" channels. makes my trust for others go 📉📉📉.
Shreerupa Mukherjee
Sarahi Vloogs
Sarahi Vloogs 2 days ago
Pipper is actually 13 or 14 but other than that your completly right
Sarahi Vloogs
Sarahi Vloogs 2 days ago
Pipper rockell is starting to make adult content like it's so cringie and nasty
Kiwi Kunn
Kiwi Kunn 2 days ago
Im 12 and i make my own content
Amanda 2010forever
FINNALY this gets noticed I left her after her “tour”
Akari_Seas 2 days ago
as a minor myself who has mad my own content by myself is disgusted, I was going to show my face but never mind I'm to disgusted
Soft x Bear
Soft x Bear 2 days ago
I can’t believe kids these days.
{.Jadey._.Bean} 2 days ago
9:16 ok there is no way in hell a child by herself came up with this there is just no way me and piper are about the same age and ive seen 1 or 2 of her videos which i can say annoyed the living jesus out of me but looking at that thumbnail i can say that she did not come up with that by herself she did not sit down one day and think of that by herself there is no doubt that she had help from her mom making that thumbnail and i said her mom and not parents because her dad isnt in her life right now so there is no way that she came up with that by herself and it disgusts me knowing that she didnt and that she had help from the person thats supposed to protect her the person that should be keeping her safe no matter what is helping her make well not helping her but the person that is supposed to be keeping her safe IS the one making these videos
Marta 13 hours ago
Yea sumone prolly helped or came up with the idea, but piper actually likes dping all this stuff, she likes acting mature etc
{.Jadey._.Bean} 2 days ago
thank you for speaking out on this these "kids" channels are getting out of hand some of the content doesnt even seem like something pandered to children and seems like something more adult which is really creepy
Fancy • Frïtzle
okay like- i'm young okay and it makes me extremely uncomfortable knowing that parents take the time to film, edit, and post all of this knowing it will attract men/woman. I'm now very greatful my mom doesn't do this, and i'm glad she won't let me have social media until i'm older, i've known why I can't have social media for almost 2 years and it scars me knowing there are people like this. Stay safe, not just little kids can be groomed.
Emma Civins
Emma Civins 2 days ago
I’m only 11 and now because of this video I feel like I’m mentally 18
Butterfly Queen
Butterfly Queen 2 days ago
Ok. Piper isn't for kids but she has a kids fan base. Look up Piper Rochelle on kids youtube it's not there. Piper Is for Teens. No hate tho I love ur channel
The Life of Naheed
I swear she already said that she's posting teen's content. I'm pretty sure teens know what most of this stuff is.
Sophie Walsh 26 (STUDENT)
We don’t all make fun of people................ 😢
Moonlight 2 days ago
i agree with this
Soobiniee And bangchan
I used watch piper rokelle when I was 13 but I don’t watch anymore cause I’ don’t like her
Blackgirlmagic 09
yeah the thing is my friend had tiktok and was watching something with a girl LIFTING HER SHIRT UP and it was like a 18 year old and very inapropriate
sky kid huda
sky kid huda 2 days ago
I swear piper itself is a kid , her thumbnails are so weird and her having a bf is ok but they act to weird if u know what I mean it’s not ok and young kids ligit watch them
Or1g1nalRitz 2 days ago
Not saying that the posers are lying or anything but I have been on social media since I was 10 and never got dmed by old men. I find it strange that every US-firstr posing has someone text them. Edit: I think the only reason they message is because their age is in their bio. Which is first personal info and second just going to create a bunch of old men after the young girls.
sqilor 2 days ago
waiting for someone to actually make a video about this
Kassandra Camacho
I'm 12 and people do this to me too and it's scary
Swagsio 2 days ago
Aimee 2 days ago
Somebody finally posted something about this 13 year old girls channel. She is only 13 and already has a boyfriend, She also posts on her channel, She posts content that seems like they are not minors. They posts content as it they are 20 something. As well with clickbait inappropriate thumbnails. And sometimes children will see Adult Content and will most likely click it. It's also bad if they click on it since they would even know what adult content or 18+ is. Kids will also be on Tiktok or Instagram. Plus they would see the most disgusting trends. Especially see some misinformation.
elle wicaksono
elle wicaksono 2 days ago
Jean Stellah
Jean Stellah 2 days ago
I used to see the piper rockelle videos and I remember that the boy she was dating before (Gavin magnus) had like a “squad” and they left because they said that her mom was making them do bad things like yelling at them and making them smoke etc and I was SHOCKED
its_kone 2 days ago
these kids are weird as fu-
A Chaotic Gay Named Chris
I got a lot of DMs when i was online asking for s3x, is i needed a sugar daddy, etc, just like in the video she mentioned. I then posted a very passive agressive, strongly worded, sincere threat that if any person tried to M me, i would not hesitate to report them and block them and i havent gotten any DMs since.
Alex Mopeio
Alex Mopeio 2 days ago
Stan Maison
Linda F
Linda F 3 days ago
Honestly id be eaten alive if i grew up in public school today
Freddie Strain
Freddie Strain 3 days ago
The drawing kinda looks like a face
Ibuki Draws101
Ibuki Draws101 3 days ago
What app do you use plz tell me my program stopped working I need a new one
Kadyn Draw's
Kadyn Draw's 3 days ago
Haha piper is 12 her “ boyfriend “ is 14 almost 15 she just turned 12 I don’t understand why
Potatogirl 278
Potatogirl 278 3 days ago
I used to watch piper but now,it is this
LUMITY Official
LUMITY Official 3 days ago
But what your saying about the internet I totally agree and some kids do understand some don’t
LUMITY Official
LUMITY Official 3 days ago
And kids do understand maybe YOU specifically did not understand I don’t know how old you are but you just cant say things that aren’t true towards some kids
LUMITY Official
LUMITY Official 3 days ago
Actually kids do have that type of talent you just don’t think kids can fo it have you ever heard that anything is possible for him or her who believes
Magaly Huerta
Magaly Huerta 3 days ago
Finally people talk about piper rockelle who posts disgusting stuff
Izuku Midorya
Izuku Midorya 3 days ago
My child who is about to turn 13- never has got viral on any social media I allowed her to have
Ima potato Chips
Ima potato Chips 3 days ago
Im a 14 year old girl and everything your saying is true. Idk where to start. To be clear my mom NEVER exploited me. If anything she tryed her absolute best to protect me. I was never aloud any type of social media until i turned 14. My mom is super protective over all my posts(even tho i dont post much anyways😅) and the minute i told her random people where following me she made me go private on insta IMMEDIATELY. I would like to go off topic tho and talk about how children are not only preyed on in the media, but in real life as well. I cant tell you how many times ive been preyed on in the this week ALONE( it was a count of about 4 times)
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