We Made Potato Pancakes 

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This is the greatest potato pancake making of All Time
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Feb 21, 2021




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nilleftw 5 minutes ago
The used cheap pancake mix for a cooking competition. This is high class.
D Hour ago
noob I made those in 6 grade.
Armin D
Armin D 3 hours ago
Is anyone else bothered by the fact that neither of them know how to peel a potato?
CHØSEN 3 hours ago
I honestly thought they were gonna boil and mash the potatoes first then mix it with the pancake batter
Logan McDougall
Logan McDougall 11 hours ago
The challenge: make potato pancakes Matt: makes potato pancakes Charlie: makes fucking french fries Matt: walks away for 1 minute Charlie: adds legitimate fucking broccoli cheddar soup into his pancakes
Logan McDougall
Logan McDougall 11 hours ago
Danny: Do you have any applesauce? Charlie: No, I don't think so. Danny: *howls* 18:33
Ryder Skates Stuff
Ryder Skates Stuff 11 hours ago
"There's a fine line between Insanity and potato pancake and we are dancing on that line"
TheSaltInTheShaker 12 hours ago
Why does that guy look like steven ogg?
Doggo Mode • 17 years and
Nobody: My mom when cooking: 23:21
Feelslix 15 hours ago
Aren’t potato pancakes basically hash browns but just more complicated?
Oof ;-;
Oof ;-; 15 hours ago
I hope he adds mayonnaise😫🤤🥴
Kel Plays
Kel Plays 18 hours ago
You guys fucked up potato pancakes. It's literally like 3 steps to make them
Ad Pantry
Ad Pantry 22 hours ago
Have you thought of adding mashed potatoes to the batter as well as the grated potatoes? That could be some missing potato flavor
Brad 22 hours ago
Think I'd rather eat something Kay cooked
Brad 22 hours ago
This man should not be allowed inside any kitchen
FPScanada 22 hours ago
jesus christ how do you eat like on a daily basis? do you only go out? do you ever actually cook food and eat it?
Sami Brooke
Sami Brooke 22 hours ago
Learn how to make potato candy. I feel like that’s the secret.
Nile Aurion
Nile Aurion 22 hours ago
The smile at 11:23 cured my depression
Jordan Newhouse
Potato lefse?
Riley Naehu
Riley Naehu Day ago
19:45 look how tiny Jesus is
Thaddeus Filar
Two guys who don't know how to cook go to McDonald's !
Ian Walsh
Ian Walsh Day ago
what's wrong with soy?
sherman Day ago
potato pancakes are not made with pancake batter they are made with mash-potatoes egg and flour
anton istrate
The ways of the Florida Men are wonderfull
Gabe Brutal
Gabe Brutal Day ago
Omg more cooking videos PLEASE 🔥
Onimura Day ago
i like this arc
Jamless Jimin
height difference is amazing
Ibrahim the Comrade
how do you get a "Burnt, raw potato"
Augustus Carter
the fact that you used mix already means you failed
Hold Up
Hold Up Day ago
Damn he’s short
Meme MASTER Day ago
This is for grey shirt guy :Soy isn’t bad for men you know 0% about health
Jack P.
Jack P. Day ago
No one should be that ecstatic after taking a bite of a plain pancake
That Guy
That Guy Day ago
48:23 they both reacted good on the same frame lol
Frank Monkey
Frank Monkey Day ago
and just like that, almost an hour of my life spent watching potato pancakes be made
fancho123 Day ago
would love to see a part 2
Kai Lucas Zachary
As a Jew, I've never seen "potato pancakes" made with actual pancake batter lol But now I have ideas for Hanukkah.
Fureori Day ago
In Czech republic we call Potato pancake “Bramborák” .. you use butter and drink milk with it :D
Ex Valor
Ex Valor Day ago
so this man has a ps5 but somehow only has 1 measuring cup...
AvocadoMan Day ago
3/10, you didnt add 3 1/2 jars of mayo
King Roberts
King Roberts Day ago
Southerners do this all the time
Leah Maier
Leah Maier Day ago
Gordon Ramsey should react to this
Its me Martie
why not make a mash and incorporate it into the dough?
HM 1199
HM 1199 Day ago
I will be disappointed if no one remembered ratboy genius when reading potato pancakes.
alone Traveler
When you grated the paramos you could have made mash potatoes easy
Riot Act
Riot Act Day ago
Charlie's Cooking
sunny fisher
sunny fisher Day ago
These two men are probably the smartest men alive yet watching them is like watching a toddler play with playdo.
stickman studios
In sweden its called raggmunk and its actually really good
lenzoe Games
lenzoe Games Day ago
Why do some people only have a 15% off and Charlie has 30% off
SiragusYT Day ago
To be fair, Matt does look just like the type to believe eating soy is bad for men lmao
Pixel Day ago
the perfect breakfast
where the fuck is the mayonnaise charlie
Kakashis Wife
@penguinz0 how tall r u, you look rlly short 5”2
48:24 the eureka moment was real
sackett andres
Matt’s hair line: M
47:36 So more like a european pancake then. Flat like a dime and pretty wide like the one they have there.
Celestial Day ago
people still think soy has anything to do with masculinity?
Hiddlescones 2 days ago
Don't worry, the whole soy turning men into women thing is a complete myth based on bad, half understood science lol
nefezibata 2 days ago
I've never been so aroused in my entire life.
Lord Balzamore
Lord Balzamore 2 days ago
parboil :(
Javeria Zafar
Javeria Zafar 2 days ago
The other guy’s forehead tho🤭
Savanna Barnes
Savanna Barnes 2 days ago
Felix would be proud.
Joshua Edwards
Joshua Edwards 2 days ago
Honestly, all Charlie's cooking supplies just bother me so much.
D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper 2 days ago
Sliciér pour les pommes de térre
D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper 2 days ago
I agree, that’s not actual french
Sabrina Pears Vocals
Hit like at "the soy is really showing".
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll 2 days ago
Bramboráky xd
My boy Charles only hangs around the tallest men
Jarrod 2 days ago
they should have boiled the potatoes : ( rip
mse 2 days ago
Can't decide if they are trying to make potato pancake or lepcsánka/tócsni...
Disaace 2 days ago
Kay would be proud.
migs 2 days ago
peeled the potato just like KSI peeled the pineapple lmao
jonathan erinder
jonathan erinder 2 days ago
HA you think that is a potato pancake, come to Sweden, eat some raggmunk, your mind will equal blown.
5 minutes in fuck all was shown
Extr4 2 days ago
IMA PERSON 2 days ago
Soy doesn’t actually do anything to men it was proven wrong Go eat those Luna bars Charlie I’ve had some and I can agree they are great
@Mason Nowak I’m aware but Matt was talking about how much soy it has and the reason for that is because people think soy lowers testosterone levels but that isn’t accurate
Mason Nowak
Mason Nowak Day ago
The "for women" part is just how they are marketed
Annalise TC
Annalise TC 2 days ago
I wonder if they've ever considered using mashed potatoes instead of grated... it might just work
Annalise TC
Annalise TC 2 days ago
The height difference between Matt and Charlie is absolutely absurd and I love it
Fang DRSH 2 days ago
Thought you were making latkes
Jaalan Odaicyr
Jaalan Odaicyr 2 days ago
no no, pork jerky always tastes like that! It shocked me too when I thought I bought beef jerky!! There is a huge difference. lmao
GM Chris
GM Chris 2 days ago
This week on "Florida Men at Home" . . .
BOOMSHARADE 2 days ago
Charlie looks like a god damn minion...
Alien Games Roblox etc.
potato pancakes are like 20/10
anonymous user
anonymous user 2 days ago
The amount of seasoning is just sad it’s literally not gonna add any flavor
FatIce 2 days ago
KayC 2 days ago
Devious Matt
Icvy 2 days ago
You forgot the Mayo
Not my type
jonathan cutler
jonathan cutler 2 days ago
also known as _l a t k e s_
Kai Lucas Zachary
not the way they made them lol
thler llwyd
thler llwyd 2 days ago
I was a cook for 6 years. This was hard to watch.
Kaiama 2 days ago
Those are called hashbrowns where I come from
Consequential Man
So many cooking mistakes in one video
Kotazumaa 2 days ago
What the fuck, I use to make those sometimes, it's a traditional food here in Poland, google a recipe, those pancakes taste great with a few additions. Charlie, you amaze me with new levels of gamer logic
Sandraudiga Váli
this can be used to torture professional cooks
Freegum Fighter
Freegum Fighter 2 days ago
Have you learned nothing from Kay??? WHERE'S THE MAYOO???
napdragon 2 days ago
23:25 *"get excited"* okay senku
Frenchiest Fry
Frenchiest Fry 3 days ago
Right so who’s gonna tell them that potato pancakes don’t usually have pancake batter in them?
Matt Higgins
Matt Higgins 3 days ago
Someone please teach Matt how to use a grater.
Rimon Ahmed
Rimon Ahmed 3 days ago
Charlie just sliced away half a potato after watching Gordon Ramsey's technique! LOL!
Alexander Ohlin
Alexander Ohlin 3 days ago
Its so strange for me to see store bought pancake batter, its so simple to make your own. Eggs, milk, flour. a pinch of salt and some butter.
Zuskarumoto SSJD
Zuskarumoto SSJD 3 days ago
the hair on that butter added to the expert flavor
Big Mistake
Big Mistake 3 days ago
Idk if Charlie is short or the other guy is tall
PhAeCnEoM 3 days ago
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