We had a Very Lucky Escape! | Plus a van update with Husky Sherpa 

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Find out why we had a very very Scary day!
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Feb 21, 2021




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Garden Plots
Garden Plots 10 hours ago
Would an air horn have worked to scare a horse away without scaring Sherpa even more?
northern girl
northern girl 17 hours ago
Oh Jamie...so glad you and Sherpa were smart and handled the best way you could. Carry a mini air horn maybe? I'm sure it'll scare Sherpa too, but could help.Sounds like something from a Steven king book...so glad you're okay!!!
Josh Schneider
Josh Schneider 17 hours ago
And yeah NEVER run from a horse, you just don't win thst, ever. Also in the USA we use bear mace. Look for it in Amazon
SilentPsychopath 7 hours ago
Considering pepper spray is classed as a firearm in the UK, I really would not recommend this!
Josh Schneider
Josh Schneider 17 hours ago
Lol do modern Englishmen just randomly leave their horses on the moors good grief... Glad everyone is ok.
click 100uk
click 100uk 20 hours ago
Had a similar experience with a herd of horses when I was little but my uncle's lab went potty and charged them and they turned tail and fled. Poor Sherpa a horse's prey.
emptywig Day ago
DUDE! Move that candle!!
5610winston Day ago
8:40 not the best idea to have the drapes so close to a candle.
witchone 2 days ago
Love the curtains you took down, hope you didn't throw them away. The lips are envelope covers honey, fill the feeder with peanuts then they wont chuck them on the floor.
Frolic&Cavort 2 days ago
You should invest in carrots and sugar and salt and drop a horse buffet 🙊 what kind of crazy ill tempered mules do you have there?
t middleton
t middleton 2 days ago
Love shepa
Faye Shelton
Faye Shelton 3 days ago
Poor Sherpa feels bad he couldn't protect you poor baby
Benny Quiroz
Benny Quiroz 3 days ago
Time to get a go-pro
Mah Light
Mah Light 3 days ago
Poor little kid, he looks traumatized
Alan Hendricken
Alan Hendricken 4 days ago
Poor Sherpa. You were brave charging that horse. Glad your both ok.
Lisa Moses
Lisa Moses 4 days ago
So happy you two are okay. Never knew horses would attack dogs like that.
stonewall554 4 days ago
Horses can be super aggressive. Everyone thinks of horses as the nice passive ones you ride. Those are all female or gelded males. Intact male horses can get nasty.
SoulFly 4 days ago
hes so precious. i hope hes ok.
Nick Simmons
Nick Simmons 4 days ago
You can put a portrait of the horse that attacked you in that space.. LOL with sherpa running away in terror. And maybe an umbrella somewhere in there, I'm sure one of your fans is talented enough to paint it up for you.
Glenna Whiteman
Glenna Whiteman 4 days ago
So glad you both are ok, poor Sherpa! Precious pup!
Wayne Taylor
Wayne Taylor 4 days ago
as for the horses, how about a small hand held air horn. there must be something legal in the spray world. try something from a paint store
Kelly S
Kelly S 5 days ago
My suggestion is a large thick wooden walking stick and a very loud noisemaker (we call them personal alarms in the USA but I’m not sure what they’re called in the UK). Be as loud as big appearing as you can. You still wouldn’t have a chance against 5 or 6 of them, but you’d likely be ok against just one.
ian padgett
ian padgett 5 days ago
A simple soltution is to tie a carrier bag to the end of your umbrella . When it's waved about it will inflate and make flapping noises that horses don't like.
Hendrika Sunqrout
Awww, when Sherpa closed his eyes his eyelids were tightly closed. That must have been very traumatic for Sherpa cause he is so lovable. Take care big boy, I love you very much.
Candy Warmuth
Candy Warmuth 5 days ago
Holes in jeans should be earned. The hard way.
Candy Warmuth
Candy Warmuth 5 days ago
They curtains suit you more. Nice. Mirror on the wall, the small birds will get the small seeds off the ground. That bird doesn't care what you think, ya know. lol
Candy Warmuth
Candy Warmuth 5 days ago
That is just horrid not only for you and Sherpa but I've never heard of a horse doing this. You must have been shocked. Hope the horse just had a surprise and it's not unwell. Poor Sherpa, you both are brave. I know you went back already. ❤️✌️ I thought one of the things you bought was a noise maker. Can't think of what they are called.
The E.C.R.G the Realm of the Unknown!
Also a walking stick can be very affective ! NO PEPPER SPRAY ????? Ok carry a portable boat horn air horn in a can ! If your football fan you know whag I mean !
The E.C.R.G the Realm of the Unknown!
You need to carry pepperspray and a police whistle glad to see your both ! The horse was in heat or rather showing off ! Stallions are brutally territorial!
Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu
Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu 5 days ago
Rosalind Brown
Rosalind Brown 5 days ago
Poor Sherpa and Jamie.
PPRC 6 days ago
Maybe a klaxon would be a good idea. It might scare the horses away
Terri Moore
Terri Moore 6 days ago
Are these wild horses??....Stallion defending his gals??..IDK but thankfully er'body ok!!!!
Rob Fowler
Rob Fowler 6 days ago
I would try carrying an air horn. They are very light. I have one in my backpack when I go riding in the woods. I carry mine to signal for help in case I have an accident but I think it would work to scare off a horse as well. Maybe ask a vet. I've never heard of horses being aggressive like that. I wonder if the horse was wild and trying to establish a territory. Somebody said animals with eyes on the side of their heads are prey, not predators. So I winder where that leaves horses.
TheTooginator 6 days ago
Jamie, I’m REALLY proud of you for protecting Sherpa! Here in America, a lot of people expect their dogs to protect them, and I’m sure Sherpa would if a PERSON tried to hurt you, but Sherpa was smart to know he needed you to handle this one. Also, I’m getting teary-eyed thinking about what you did to protect Sherpa - out of pure love (and SERIOUS bravery!). I did a quick search on how to stop a horse attack, and the “answers” were unhelpful. I was thinking you could ask a vet, the RSPCA and the police. You are the man!
TheTooginator 6 days ago
Sherpa did the right thing! You BOTH did the right thing! That’s scary! I’m REALLY glad Sherpa didn’t try to prove anything by attacking the horse. Sherpa was smart and stuck with you (you defended your best buddy really well!). I think you’re right: you and Sherpa bonded over that experience. Sherpa is too old to risk an injury, and even when he was young, he was no match for a horse. In fact, the two of you (you and Sherpa close together) was probably the most intimidating you could be, and flapping the umbrella was brilliant! Maybe you can ask a veterinarian what the best way to scare away a horse - or defend yourself against a horse.
Dot holden
Dot holden 6 days ago
Horses are very unpredictable, glad you both got away safely. Your new curtains look so much better.
Michael Lance Steenberg
The curtains are seriously amazing they're definitely much better then mine.
Julia Amber
Julia Amber 6 days ago
You can't even carry pepper spray there? Wow.
Caroline D
Caroline D 6 days ago
Poor Sherpa. Something must have triggered that horse perhaps another dog who chased them possibly, wonder if it is because it's spring (almost) horses animals etc in season
totally not a claire bear
Lmao 'who even are you???' Classic dad 😆 For that wall jamie put up that big big sherpa portrait. That's a perfect spot for it. I think sarah said that when u unboxed it to lol
*Sad Soul*
*Sad Soul* 6 days ago
Phew!!Close call, horse can really do serious damage 😮😳 Glad you both are safe❤️ When you told that, I automatically imagined you and Sherpa fighting with the horse like a team,in cartoon style. Someone should draw it!!😊 Love the new looking crib 👍
Nicola Filippi
Nicola Filippi 6 days ago
Am so glad you & Sherpa are okay! K'eyush would be glad his Bestie is okay too!
kelvin tran
kelvin tran 6 days ago
I don’t know what the rules are in the UK but can you carry a compound bow?
FOX The Cutest Dog in the West
Glad you made it! Sherpa may be having issues with his brain. You might want to have it checked out by a dog brain specialist. Or search that behavior on You tube...there are videos MaMa has got car fix issues too. Glad yours is in the shop. the curtains really make the place manly and sophisticated and great! I can get MaMa to paint a picture for you that will fit there. Maybe an abstract of the moores. Great bird feeder and bf placement nice gloves. Windy on the mores got scorched pretty good great frog... Henry you are a trooper👍🏻🦊❤️🦊
Rich Evans
Rich Evans 7 days ago
Sherpa was stressed out!
Colleen the CatLady
Maybe an air horn???
Colleen the CatLady
Scaaaary!!! Glad you and Sherpa are ok!!! 🐎
Mee 7 days ago
Easy. Just bring a parasoll next time😂
Holly Page
Holly Page 7 days ago
Stay calm as they can sense your emotions and if you are feeling anxious and scared then they will be scared and freak out. It will just make your situation worse. If they aren’t charging show them your palms down low and they should calm down. Well don’t to Sherpa and I hope this doesn’t happen to you two again 🥰❤️❤️
Wyatt Carson
Wyatt Carson 7 days ago
Should definitely get a air horn
Painmaker 7 days ago
Time to start carrying a sword cane! Bonus style points.
Amber Garrison
Amber Garrison 7 days ago
I grew up around horses. We're they wild horses? Or farming horses out to pasture? Sound like this particular horse either felt threatened by Sherpa or this horse is just bat sh*t crazy. Poor Sherpa he loves everything and everyone. I am so glad you both are safe. Carry a horn blower thingy or a whistle that should at least startle the horse in the least. Never run though or turn your back to a horse in defense mode. The horse will take that as a threat and keep attacking.
Carol Barber
Carol Barber 7 days ago
I know there are wild ponies on the moors in England.
Mick Sullivan
Mick Sullivan 7 days ago
Do a blazing saddles and punch it lol
JIX NIX 7 days ago
A horn might be good... But you gonna need to train the dog so it won't freak out
Randall Weaver
Randall Weaver 7 days ago
Batdog vs Joker Horse
John Atkin
John Atkin 7 days ago
Maybe get an portable airhorn next time see if that is any help,stay safe mate
John Doe
John Doe 7 days ago
Keep off the moors. :)
Rempseä Heinämies
Must have been the spirit of Crazy Horse. Nice to see Henry the Red at work.
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham 7 days ago
Nice bird feeder! Pretty yellow birds!
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham 7 days ago
I never knew horses could be so aggressive. They seem like timid and sweet animals in my experiences. Maybe Sherp looks like a wolf and triggered ancient instincts in them!
Joy Andrus
Joy Andrus 6 days ago
I have only had aggresive experiences with horses lol they are beautiful to watch with a huge birth and fence between us (and I still need space to escape) Love the changes they look so much brighter and bigger
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham 7 days ago
Poor guy is exhausted
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham 7 days ago
Air horn might work, scare them off!
Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham 7 days ago
Wild horses loose in Cornwall??
Keith Lea
Keith Lea 7 days ago
Bear spray is your best friend when it comes to unruly wildlife. As for horses bring a pocket full of sugar cubes and a couple apples. After the first meeting they will associate you and the with snacks.
Glenda Grant
Glenda Grant 7 days ago
What about something like bear spray to carry. Could work many different predators even a person. A lot easier that a fire extinguisher. Could you carry Sherpa if you had to. So very very scary. My son's tiny minature dashhound about 4 ot 5 lbs was on a walk in Maui up in woods mountain area behind subdivision. When they got well on the walk they let him off his leash. He suddenly charged and started chasing a huge wild boar. They did not hesitate and joined the chase. They survived but it was terrifying for them all. They got a strong spray to carry with them because those boar will charge people without provocation.
Deep Blackhole
Deep Blackhole 7 days ago
( 9:24 ) Maybe sister Sarah's image? If Sherpa doesn't leave the house forever
Janie Campbell
Janie Campbell 8 days ago
Glad you both are ok. And the update to the flat is awesome!! You did a great job. 👌🏻👍🏻😁
Jessica Laska
Jessica Laska 8 days ago
Oh geez that’s scary! Very glad you made it home ok! You both must be exhausted. Take care - would an air horn work??
curtain next to/ above burning candle = not advisable . when curtain accidentally blows over the candle = bye bye time .
Mllê Melocotón
Mllê Melocotón 8 days ago
How blooming cute and fun is Sister Sarah! “I’ll pay you back, £2 a month.”
Rumple Stiltskin
Rumple Stiltskin 8 days ago
I love you guys, I will always send you my protection!!! "Wherever you go, you are loved!!!
Kerry_n channel
Kerry_n channel 8 days ago
Oh no I missed this video now I will see
ADogsFriend 8 days ago
Are air horns legal there? Sorry for your scare, glad you both are ok.
J Pryor
J Pryor 8 days ago
Try a Lil air horn or some loud noise maker on those horses. Idk.
Carefreeblues 8 days ago
I had an untrained & aggresive, off leash GSD chase after my malamute once. I was scared shitless and did all I could to shield my fluffball, I can't imagine having to take on a horse. Glad you and Sherps are fine!
Giada Tarasco-Clavio
Holy crap! I am glad that u are ok guys xx💙
Dave Hart
Dave Hart 8 days ago
Ok.... just want to take a moment, the guy shoulder barged a horse, your man points went off the scale that day. Prob a good thing you werent recording, the language wouldnt be youtube friendly. As for self defence, what about a airhorn and a bright strobing light? Best to avoid that area tbh, prevention is better than cure
genevieve bonneau
What are those people at 15:21 doing?
Arturas none
Arturas none 8 days ago
Horsey just wanted to say hello! and then told his mates that you being rude :D
Rockycodeman 8 days ago
Get a whip like the one Indiana Jones used to fight off the horses.
SW77 9 days ago
Bloody hell, that is a hell of a situation. Never knew horses could be that aggressive. Obviously they're very powerful creatures, and I guess - would attack if felt threatened. But it doesn't sound like that horse felt particularly threatened in this case. Strange - and definitely scary. Glad you boys are alright
Laura Nielsen
Laura Nielsen 9 days ago
THANK GOD you are both safe! ❤️❤️🐾❤️❤️
Jack Eppington
Jack Eppington 9 days ago
What you need is the kind of umbrella that shoots knockout gas from the tip, like James Bond or John Steed.
the super family ost
M Mac
M Mac 9 days ago
Jamie! Hopefully you see this. Do you have representation? I'm not promising anything at all but I'm a marketer and quarantine has given me time. Anyway, an email would be great. My apologies beforehand, my emails tend to be long :)
Neil Burns
Neil Burns 9 days ago
You may want to carry something that perhaps makes a loud noise in order to try and scare the horses off. Something like a wee hand held airhorn or whatever that they used to have at football matches on the continent.
Kate Winslow
Kate Winslow 9 days ago
Air horn?
Sam Marchetti
Sam Marchetti 9 days ago
Somebody say fish stick?
Trucker Jason
Trucker Jason 9 days ago
Any news on the cost of repairs? Maybe there is something that Sherpa's fans can do to help?
Bev W
Bev W 9 days ago
i'm a bit late, but something easy u can get to help if it happens again is one of those attack alarms that go on your keys. horses (and most wild animals) hate really loud noises, so will likely bolt away if they hear it. easy to carry for you, and poss peace of mind
Larry Nottingham
Larry Nottingham 9 days ago
Sherpa may be suffering PTSD and you may need to seek help for him. jk. How about carrying an air horn (I think that's what there called) I think they make small ones and hopefully legal in the UK. But it also could scare Sherpa... Hugs and kisses Sherpa hope you are much better from that tramatic experience you sweet angel. 👼
Kim Robertson
Kim Robertson 9 days ago
Glad you guys are safe, OMG that was scary!
Embur12 9 days ago
Stop horsing around...lol
Paul Moadibe
Paul Moadibe 9 days ago
nice rug... "Sherpa, get up !" oops...
132900dx 9 days ago
What happened to van and are ok to Brother
132900dx 9 days ago
Sorry to hear it was a negative experience... Need not worry , just beautiful horses were scared too...Sherpa is safe that's important..
Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill 9 days ago
Scary! As an 8 - 10 yr old child, I spent the Summers (when my Mom got tired of me being such a book worm I only came out for wood & water) out walking in the Open Range, only, THIS TIME, just across from the fence, was a Bull. A very BIG bull! Today, I’d have more sense. 😳 He wouldn’t have needed to do very much, just hit me with his head or body! I was delighted when I survived, but never told my Mom I was around a bull & his ladies.
You could get a family portrait of you, sister Sarah and Sherpa and hang it up on that wall
Carol Chan
Carol Chan 9 days ago
Poor Sherpa!
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 10 days ago
Sherpa: *eyes closed for 4 minutes* Jaime: "fish sticks" Sherpa: 😶
Sharon Witzel
Sharon Witzel 10 days ago
I'm gald you guys are okay are you getting the van fix
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