WE HAD OUR FIRST SLEEP OVER | couples edition* 

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Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Karina Delgadillo
Karina Delgadillo 3 hours ago
if he doesn't memorize ur Starbucks order is he really ur bf?
XoriK 10 hours ago
One day nathaly is gonna decline his card I swear
De'Jah Wellington
De'Jah Wellington 10 hours ago
I fucks with his Vt Frap with xtra Caramel Drizzle. CAUSE I GET THE SAME
Leyla And Boogie
Leyla And Boogie 13 hours ago
Broo you and jacob are so cute 🥺
Blxberries babies
Blxberries babies 13 hours ago
When nathaly said:"Husband *Me shocked😳* But me foreal: OUUU GORL YALL MARRIED LMAOOO😂😂
Stacey Pritchett
Stacey Pritchett 20 hours ago
Did you put cargo on your eggs
Marissa Yael Ruiz
Marissa Yael Ruiz 21 hour ago
He treats her like a queen
Dracoswife 000
Biden Isblack
That screem she did sounded hella auto tuned
Ky'liah Wilson
I heard your mom say “no” 17:15 😂😂 got caught red handed lol love you 💕💕
Rosie Azzi
Rosie Azzi Day ago
2:57 married couple
Rosie Azzi
Rosie Azzi Day ago
him singing into the sanatizer bottle...
Thuginwitmike Yt
Tell me why jake is the only one washing the dishes😭
Fabiola Gutiérrez Hernández
I just so fucking confius, is Jacob Mexican and also she?
LiciaXDior Day ago
The “earthquake” 😭😭😭
Randall oda
Randall oda Day ago
I like how comfortable she is being with someone who is Bi
taffy laffy
taffy laffy Day ago
@Randall oda how is it obvious 😭😭😭
Randall oda
Randall oda Day ago
@taffy laffy obviously 🙄
taffy laffy
taffy laffy Day ago
hes bi ?
Leo Garay
Leo Garay Day ago
So you’re talking me that he is not going to sleep in the same bed lol 😆
Juan Heredia
Juan Heredia Day ago
Bro wtf why is this like so like fuck wish I had that type shit
2 Wierdos
2 Wierdos Day ago
Nat: He snores it's the funniest shit ever Um him: no I be like JAJS chu papi MUNEÑO! 😂😂😂
Catie Dean
Catie Dean Day ago
Am I the only one that can’t imagine them breaking u
Catie Dean
Catie Dean Day ago
Catie Dean
Catie Dean Day ago
Me trying to watch yo channel but my cat rubbing on my head and blocking my screen so I can’t seee 😔
Desdamona Thompson
Is she Prego they were in the Baby aisle a lot .......
Iris Becerra
Iris Becerra 2 days ago
9:05 when jake says “my turn” 💀💀
Stheisy Vinas
Stheisy Vinas 2 days ago
I need a bf like Jacob 😭
Remy Morales
Remy Morales 2 days ago
Taylor Marin
Taylor Marin 2 days ago
14:54 sounded like her singing lol😁
Erika Aguilar
Erika Aguilar 3 days ago
You guys Bot a tv just for a tv
Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith 3 days ago
10:00 cute asf
Lexi Schneidmuller
I feel like if Jacob cut his hair he’d look more mature
globglogabgalab 3 days ago
they look so happy, and it makes me happy lol
Fishy Cow
Fishy Cow 3 days ago
3:33 🥺
Carissa McGowan
Carissa McGowan 3 days ago
Ok but when Jake woke nat up and she did that little giggle 😭😭cutest shit I ever heard
NE415 3 days ago
Awww he was really watching her whne she told him how to cook 🤗🤗
NE415 3 days ago
Jake is ligit the best bf I ever saw
Genevieve Edinburg
He is so good to you
Sylvie Staab
Sylvie Staab 3 days ago
he buys everything for her!!!
pandagamer gamer
pandagamer gamer 4 days ago
Callie Nicole
Callie Nicole 4 days ago
jake is so genuine. 🥺
Jordyn Alyah
Jordyn Alyah 4 days ago
He’s a rlly good bf a lot of guys don’t wake up at 6:00 am to get there gfs coffee of Wips there gfs make up off of sleeps on a air mattress with no blanket ph cleans there room he is a good bf love you guys ❤️
DecentPlayer 4 days ago
My first time watching you guys and I just straight up subscribed
Mollie Dore
Mollie Dore 4 days ago
Why don't ye sleep in the same bed lol
mwgcubs 4 days ago
Do you have a dad?
Maya Bottger
Maya Bottger 4 days ago
Theyre the cutest couple thoo
Kinley INGRAM 4 days ago
Why do you take a shower a shower every single day ?
alma ramos
alma ramos 5 days ago
2:27 he looks like a cat w a hair ball in its throat 😭
Chloe Nugent
Chloe Nugent 5 days ago
I love how she said her room is a mess like what are you talking about like it’s clean
arely sosa
arely sosa 5 days ago
1:30 omg soooo cuteeeeeeee love it ❤️
Nyla Dheming
Nyla Dheming 5 days ago
Y’all so cute
Sophie Gang
Sophie Gang 5 days ago
Omg I love them❤they are the best couple hands down🙌🏼💯❤
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez 5 days ago
Such a cute couple
ICL CL4N 6 days ago
I wonder if he pulled out
Destiny Saylor
Destiny Saylor 6 days ago
We not gon talk abt how he sang with the freaking hand santizer?? 😅😅❤
eldana asehel
eldana asehel 6 days ago
He said "A qeeun then this for you" awwwww that so CUTE
Kenzie Rai
Kenzie Rai 6 days ago
I love how me and her same bed and she said " that bed ain't finna fit both of us"
Yuh Bruh
Yuh Bruh 6 days ago
Yuh Bruh
Yuh Bruh 6 days ago
Bruh where y’all from? Humble ass couple, don’t let ur fans g to u fr fr bruh
Madison Maynard
Madison Maynard 6 days ago
Jacob: a queen ?🤨 this for u
bobaxtaexvibeesh 6 days ago
A very very very high voice *wakey wakey*
the fidget girl 4 ever
mikaylaWRLD 6 days ago
I love how everytime he does something really nice for her, she ALWAYS says thank you and returns the favor.🥺✨as she should. If you wanna be treated like a queen you gotta treat him like a king👑👸🤴AS SHE DOESSSS!!! LOVE YOU GUYS
pandagamer gamer
pandagamer gamer 4 days ago
Mushroom Mxdi
Mushroom Mxdi 6 days ago
This couple is everything
nivvdabratt 6 days ago
poor jacob ,stop making him do things 🙄
nivvdabratt 6 days ago
poor jacob didn’t have a cover 😕
roblox with hailey
They bed is huge yall can both fit yall just wanted a bigger bed for some reason
hanna kristensen
hanna kristensen 6 days ago
So proud of you guys ❤️
hanna kristensen
hanna kristensen 6 days ago
I can’t for them to be older be done with school and they both start their lives together move in maybe get married have kids stuff like that
E s t e l a V e l e z
if my relationship is not like this i don't want it
hey lol.
hey lol. 6 days ago
when jake said “ my turn” I WAS DYEING😭😭
Stella ?
Stella ? 7 days ago
There not going to last forever just saying
Tori Snowden
Tori Snowden 7 days ago
No he just loves her and he’s a good man for doing that
Elisa Torres
Elisa Torres 7 days ago
you guys be like "long distance" but my boyfriend and i live like 7 hours away 😫😫 thats actually really long for me 😭
Faith Bigbie
Faith Bigbie 7 days ago
they are sooo cute
Alondra Rodriguez
Whats the recipe for yo pasta
Yesenia Casas
Yesenia Casas 7 days ago
nat’s dad singing the part “todavía yo te quiero” is such a mood 😭😂
Marisol Vazquez
Marisol Vazquez 20 hours ago
It was actually Jacob who sang it lol. Not trying to be rude or anything
Joí Mos
Joí Mos 7 days ago
Nat be like: you'rewelcometellmeifyoulikeitbye 😭😂😭
aNiS zUlAiKhA
aNiS zUlAiKhA 7 days ago
aaaah JAJAJJAJAJAJAJA i swear yall are the cutest
Jalon Devine
Jalon Devine 7 days ago
Nobodys gonna talk about how he said "I just got out the oven" in the beginning 😆😆
Megan Boulay
Megan Boulay 7 days ago
Nath that men is THE MEN like he’s a gentleman and y’all are soooo damn cute!!! Can’t wait to see more videos of you guys.
Jasontheracer :
Jasontheracer : 7 days ago
who cares
Dania Anngella Lim
Now y'all this two couple is now my fav cups
Sarah Albrecht
Sarah Albrecht 8 days ago
I just have to say Jacob I appreciate that every single time you put gas or buy what ever you get you always say thank you to your fans .... I also have to say I can not stand that nat has to always make things about her she has to find things she don’t like I dk it’s really annoying Jacob we all can tell you like nat but mijo take your time and enjoy life being young you give to much to your gf and it does not seem nat wants to be with him I dk that’s just me lol but y’all just making these kids rich on US-first for no reason smh any ways long story short nat let jacob talk more and take over the video more often
Roblox_ Ash123
Roblox_ Ash123 8 days ago
Everytime I watch your videos and your singing in the car it’s always the handsan tizer
Amy Lopez
Amy Lopez 8 days ago
It’s like I love y’all as a couple but y’all are super cringey sometimes.
BARATIS WORLD 8 days ago
2:59 Jacob laugh 😂
Bed Buggy
Bed Buggy 8 days ago
don’t know if y’all even need this fact anymore but 75 inches is the diameter of the tv aka the length between one corner to the other diagonally not what y’all measured 👌😁💛
Life as niyåh
Life as niyåh 8 days ago
u live alone?? or with ur mom?
Martina Strickland
The fact that he didn't sleep with a blanket because nat had it... wow good boyfreind right there!
Gsᴊ girls
Gsᴊ girls 9 days ago
Yea my parents to let me sleep over them: te voy a chingar ya vete a dormir Me: WHAT THE FUCK BRO there mexican
Magaly Garcia
Magaly Garcia 9 days ago
when Jacob pulled her hair when she was getting ready it sounded like if she was singing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Layla daisy Everly
I ship them so much 😫
L11ZZZY 9 days ago
karin Hirashiki
karin Hirashiki 9 days ago
jake : (gets more pasta ) jake: cut the camera died ass
Neshmarie Arroyo
Neshmarie Arroyo 9 days ago
She be spending so much
The lit Crew
The lit Crew 9 days ago
9:04 always the girls went to a “bro🙄 my turn”
Isha Cham
Isha Cham 9 days ago
*Jac Randomly Twerking* Nat "silenced Get I guess🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Audrie Vlogs
Audrie Vlogs 9 days ago
He loyal but girllllll u use him
Brianna StarGate
Brianna StarGate 9 days ago
Y’all look SOOOOOOO good together
Vangelene Correa
Vangelene Correa 10 days ago
HIM: Look you abt to run this girl over HER: Let her go😭😭
Siana Rodriguez
Siana Rodriguez 10 days ago
You should buy the tiktok leggings and see his reaction🤚😂