We Found the Thief 

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We Found the Thief
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Apr 28, 2021




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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin 8 days ago
I appreciate everyone's help With finding these guys!
David Adamson
David Adamson 5 hours ago
What is done in the dark comes to light & Westin Your Karma is working in your favor... Keep it going Love your Merch too very awesome!
Apex Studios
Apex Studios 16 hours ago
Do you actually like catch em catch em tho? Did they go to jail? Did you get your stuff back?
Way to go...Low life ungrateful human beings 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Pro Wash
Pro Wash 2 days ago
They can catch a misfire in their head from the business owner cleaning his gun....... J. S.......
George Hunt
George Hunt 2 days ago
Deputy on the amount the stuff is worth or the person record hope he or she gets a lot
XLRC Sam Shikhbahaei
XLRC Sam Shikhbahaei
I feel you brother my store just got broken into a couple months ago also then I found out I was just a tweaker 16-year-old going around breaking a bunch of business windows he took a $200 RC car for me I have a hobby shop and he took two packs of cigarettes from the liquor store down the street. Left me with 1,880 worth of broken windows. And you know what's crazy by coincidence I just started welding again this last week I put in about 23 solid hours since Monday night. If you're ever around the Bay area Sonoma county I'm about 50 minutes from San Francisco stop on by brother and hope you catch these m************
David Adamson
David Adamson 5 hours ago
What about the van dude???
Chad Evans
Chad Evans 5 hours ago
If the video is any indication, it sounds like you may have identified the thieves, but they weren't arrested and you didn't get your stuff back. Sounds like a lot of work for nothing.
Driver 6 hours ago
The correct saying is "there is no honor amongst thieves"
Built-by-recovery Arctic-Glacier-rescue inc
Hey Westin I hope you don't get bitter with people that have addition n issues alot of them are not even close to who they are before addiction took hold. Sometimes even homeless addicts really need help with food or a blanket or just words of incourgement and it's hard to go thru all that and look at them the same but there there own worst enemy and when there stealing there not far from death. That has its own judgement. Reason I say this is your a pillar in your community and homeless addicts have enough problems and jail is a place for them to get off drugs if jail offers it but unfortunately they don't they just over crowd our prisons systems and don't get treatment. So please my brothera from another Morgan please show compassion and be a real inspiration if forgiveness for Jesus does to us all . Very proud of u my man on all the success and hope and pray continued success in all you do. God bless and make it a great day by being great
Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews 7 hours ago
The saying is actually “no honor amongst thieves”
I’m game for everything but the scoreboard of poop.
Nolan Haughey
Nolan Haughey 9 hours ago
Happy you found your welder and torch . Just your local crackheads ya know lol
Kevin Richie
Kevin Richie 10 hours ago
Actually the saying is, there is no honor amongst thieves. Meaning thieves will even steal off each other.
Vernon Meyer
Vernon Meyer 10 hours ago
Check the cops house first.
Garry Sceppa
Garry Sceppa 10 hours ago
Fuck yeah brother
john paul samia
john paul samia 12 hours ago
Can you post more often? Been wanting to see the cop car content too
Joe 13 hours ago
"just local crackheads, you know how it is" LMAOOOOOOOO
EuroweRx Auto Repair
Hate thieves and the people who buy the stolen goods!!
J smith
J smith 14 hours ago
Always pawn shops man.
JAMES 14 hours ago
Actually they say there is "No Honor Among Thieves"....
Terrence Morris
Terrence Morris 14 hours ago
West u blew up like bomb tis channel came along
sean ryan
sean ryan 14 hours ago
I'm SOOOOO happy for you bro. God is good!
Das Fritos
Das Fritos 15 hours ago
Like the King Ranch
johnnyspaceman1 15 hours ago
Put the sandwich down and make more content
george alicea
george alicea 16 hours ago
They took your tools, they deserve a severe ass wooping, then execution. You dont steal a mans tools with which he makes his lively hood
JOSHaka OGER 17 hours ago
Time for cameras ..bars... floodlights and a new walls jacket for good luck 🤣
TheThoman Man
TheThoman Man 18 hours ago
I got 8 cameras cost me 400 . Best money ever spent .
David Leppek
David Leppek 18 hours ago
try OfferUp or Facebook marketplace ,Craigslist for your stolen stuff
akush55 18 hours ago
wonder why did make ornamental weld window guard's
Ol' Sgt. Love
Ol' Sgt. Love 18 hours ago
I wish you could take people who tear your shit up and steal from you, and just beat them with a hammer till they can't walk ....got no pity for liars and thiefs.....
Lothario Leslie
Lothario Leslie 19 hours ago
What comes around goes around.. your a good guy... you will always be bless
BLACKWIDOWE34 19 hours ago
That cop was so funny and chill haha
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 19 hours ago
Pawn Shops are rarely cooperative with the victims...they are cooperative with the thieves. It's just business as trump would say.
isaac tapia
isaac tapia 21 hour ago
Score dude! Build a celebration go kart
Busters Garage
Busters Garage 21 hour ago
I feel ya man! And congrats! That's a horrible feeling when someone robs your stuff A couple crackheads/methheads broke into my brothers place and stole everything in the house like a flipping moving company while he was away looking after our sick granny along with a bunch of my stuff. The only thing we were able to recover was one of the gobshites trying to sell the stuff locally on FB marketplace! HAHAHA and then I found his vintage saxophone by way of a friend of a family member that knows some dodgy people that were selling stuff and I picked it up for him for one heck of a Birthday surprise! Sadly, only a few comic books of mine turned up as well, but I still keep an eye out for my old stuff/photos/etc on local sales pages and what not.
Christoffer1973 21 hour ago
Some pawn shop keep some of their tools, Walters in their storage few days. Just to see if it is stolen.
Terry Andrews
Terry Andrews 23 hours ago
No respect for cops who comply with bullshit mask mandates. Fkn sheeple!!
B Blutarsky
B Blutarsky Day ago
Please, before you completely burn my eyes, learn how to spell. It's THEIR (belonging to them), THERE (a place, as in over there) and THEY'RE (contraction of they are). FFS
Janar Oeselg
Janar Oeselg Day ago
Westen do a cumins swap on the school bus
Gabriel Santee
"Break into my shop. Challenge my holding with local law enforcement, and down right diss my WP"? I'd like to see the Natives who had the land stolen that the shop was built on behold that same "liberty". I do no not condone theft. I do see what happened to you as something that should not have happened, but this assumed sense of being on the "good side" while these same mfs are out here shooting people darker than a paper bag is where I call neckbeard.
Ammo Alamo
Ammo Alamo Day ago
To the 'friends' who bought this guys equipment at 'stolen goods hot fire sale' prices... you are next, so don't complain, and make sure you insurance is paid up, and maybe take out a 'lost business' policy because some of that stuff can't be replaced overnight. If there were no people willing to turn a blind eye and buy obviously stolen stuff (like, $4,000 worth for $400) then there would be fewer thefts. But there are as many dishonest people, or situational dishonest people, as there are genuine crooks. Shame on the lot of you. And shame on the sicko who thinks it is okay to disable a person for life over a few dollars worth of stuff that is probably fully insured anyway. Yes, sicko.
phil kerr
phil kerr Day ago
2 goofs broke into my shop and sold 3 chainsaws. Stihl have serial numbers just like a gun and took them to the saw shop to be repaired. The same dealer where I brought them from. The 2 showed up to get the saws back and met the police. About 6 months later again stole the same 3 saws and were trying to sell them at the flea market. This time no police just a Ball Pein hammer and a bumper hard to steal with broken fingers.
ksportjacket Day ago
Man sure hope & pray you find your equipment, break ins are such a violation... those tweaker idiots just dont get it, you never steal from someone that has heavy equipment, backhoe, abilities to use them...4k for 400.oo!!!?!!! Holy buckets, uh no thats not fllaming, scorching hot.. right... dirt nap, 30 days in the electric chair, hog dinners... love your videos/projects. How much for the big 4x4 van!?
N Premoe
N Premoe Day ago
I fucking hate a thief/thieves. I still patiently await the day I run into some a*sholes who had sticky fingers. And if the prosecution is reading this in the next two or three years, piss off! Because I meant every word.
srt hellcat
srt hellcat Day ago
Big guy check out deep sentinal cameras they have live guards lookin at the cameras no lie
kozy41 Day ago
I'd think Simply Safe would be beating down your door to partner with you
Patrick .James
You constantly get over 1 mill views. Hire an editor or whatever is taking up your time that you are not putting videos outmore often. Focus on your videos and content, the audience is here.
Ky Day ago
Something justin Scott would do
Eliseo Echeverria
Buy the ban for the channel
Leonard Bixler
Glad you found your thieves, seen you in granger videos, that was awesome, now you need to get in diesel power videos with diesel Dave and Sparks.
Travis Johansen
I love that cop!!!! haha
Anthony Byars
I have a plasma cutter for sale.
Anthony Byars
Most of the time. It is somebody that you know. Cause they know what you got.
Gianstael Gaming
You went to the new Granger Smith new music vedeo and yee yee
Paul Smecker
Paul Smecker Day ago
Holy fken pawn shops.hahaha
bigbilltoady Day ago
I'm all for the loping off of a hand when caught stealing.
Dorian Gardiner
Westen we need minimum of 2 videos a week sir it needs to happen this year man 😩
Edward Teach
Edward Teach Day ago
Don't fucking steal shit!
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig Day ago
That’s sad af I hope those guys get the karma coming to them
j no
j no Day ago
Don't they have to keep the stuff in the back not for sale for a month while they wait to see if it comes up stolen from somewhere? so if it's been less than a month it won't be for sale yet even
Zen Day ago
If you're in Oklahoma then wasn't it you're cousins? I thought you were all related there...
Jeff W
Jeff W Day ago
You didn't mention it and I am still curious how many 💩's they took that day? Did they not 💩 so had to skip the kitchen sink? Did they have many 💩's so they were stealing at peak performance? Would they fail to devise an adequate plan because they did 💩 enough? Bro so many unanswered questions!
mark c
mark c Day ago
It seems that if you hurt thieves really bad they never steal from you again, funny how that works.
Steve Selvage
I remember when my mates boy was pushed off his bike by two assholes that rode off laughing at a devastated 12 year old. Police couldn't care less. Took a fortnight to find them. I bet they haven't stolen a thing since their talking to. Turned out the youngster could throw a good punch😡
carlos sanabria
Sos you got your tools back?
Buchanan Sleeve
Great News happy you found the scum buckets.
hyper Day ago
Them dam heroin junkies. Can't you just smoke a joint like everyone else 😩
Silent but Deadly
I’d make damn sure they’d never steal again, cut off a hand prolly
Hugo Sanchez
Hugo Sanchez Day ago
We have the same king ranch F150 Westen😂🤙🏽
Tim Dixon
Tim Dixon Day ago
Don't make me laugh with a cop!! It's almost like they are human too...
Willis Marshall
Can you put forgiatos on the Duce and a half
dean weber
dean weber Day ago
You better Be Using them as a puppet.
Jack Burnell
Jack Burnell Day ago
I hate thieves. They should be in jail with a cellie that steals their commissary.
Brandon Day ago
I know you would never say it on US-first but even if it was my brother I would hit him/them in the mouth. It's about principle
Swampy Ryan
Swampy Ryan Day ago
If this was in Portland the DA would let them go and they'd be out robbing before the cops finished the paperwork
no life
no life Day ago
Dan Harvey used to leave me stuck being slave on far his father Matt is a spoiled rich brat who bought him a four wheeler that I child labored for the Harvey's and Peterson's in epping owe me for my labor and they have deeds and property thatvisnt theres epping auto salvage has machines and property thatvisnt not there's cops aren't needed in epping NH neither are whores and drugs on facebook
DEZERVED-420 Day ago
Just realized I wasn't subscribed. I am now. 👌
no life
no life Day ago
I just went for jog to get mail and lungs feel like fire been here left home for corrupt cops to get laid using money from my child labor and my real. Estate I own in epping NH
DEZERVED-420 Day ago
Sooooo glad you found who did it. There's nothing on earth more pathetic than a damn theif. People around me know I have a gun. So they don't even try around my place.
Courtney Lynn
They smoked up ur tools
no life
no life Day ago
This is the only US-firstr I can stand
Edawg Wyatt
Edawg Wyatt Day ago
It would be a really cool idea to get a gtr skyline and 12v swap
K Google
K Google Day ago
Pawnshops will pay cash to not have to report the stolen stuff
Marc Coralluzzo
The famous quote is actually that "there is NO honor among thieves." I think you must have been reciting the George W. version lol
Lol the cop was sus
qfast817 qfast817
That’s fucked up they offered it to your friends for 400$ and none of them met them up to curb stomp them into 2022.
ksokie63 Day ago
Way to go Westen. So glad you found them. Hopefully you got some of your stuff found.
Yuri Testicoff
I'd like to see you make it 2M subs. So go on a diet, I'll match you lb 4 lb. I need to drop from 178 to 155. 23 lbs is nothing bra, I dropped 90 lbs 6yrs ago. Game?
Gregory Fortenberry
Same shit happened to me, farm equipment, they stole my large tandem trailer and loaded all my stuff on my trailer and left. Dang blasted sheriff just laughed and said well they are smart. Pissed me off. Two years later nothing
V-spec 93 Nissan
V-spec 93 Nissan 2 days ago
I lost it when he said your local crack heads
Cindy Abeles
Cindy Abeles 2 days ago
I LOVE that raptor!
william harlan
william harlan 2 days ago
Any time you buy anything take pics of receipt mark initials inside a hard to reach spot I take covers hoses etc mark there in a safe place take pics of sn # this really sucks when you are the victim
william harlan
william harlan 2 days ago
I went through this 7 years ago they couldn’t tell me anything withought a court order although I found 2 of my things there and had my own documentation proving those were my serial numbers by the time the police got the order the pawn shop owner conveniently lost the receipt totally pissed me off these thieves are in the same league as a child molester in my book
matanuska high
matanuska high 2 days ago
Is it funny how you can have pawn license and buy stolen Shit but if anyone else does it’s a crime called receiving stolen property. And in Alaska at least you have to pay the pawn shop what they paid to buy your shit back. No matter if you can prove it or not. If the pawn shop had to take the L they wouldn’t be so quick to buy stolen shit.
Delanez Delanez
Delanez Delanez 2 days ago
Aaaaaand your “friends” just let them disappear again? No one figured to follow these guys to see where they were hiding their stash?
Calvin Hakker
Calvin Hakker 2 days ago
Where can we get smoke stand shirts?
Taylor Belkin
Taylor Belkin 2 days ago
Both my neighbors were broke into, and my uncle also had his boat stolen. And the police had undeniable proof who did it all three. Didnt do a thing, NOTHING. Acted like they didnt care after they got the call and showed up. If it doesn't have to do with going fast and shooting. They could care less.
Charley Horse
Charley Horse 2 days ago
Mask. Big fat guy breathing his own carbons. Fool
walter kersting
walter kersting 2 days ago
It’s not enough to not commit crime, you have to actively fight it; you must prevent it in the first place and if it happens anyway you have to solve the crime, catch the thief, press charges and Shepard the case through the system. After conviction monitor your thief to ensure he is in compliance with sentencing and report any violations. The cops these days are woke skulls full of mush from ASU; we the citizenry are on our own...
TheVet4id 2 days ago
Man, I've been lucky. I never lock my garage, most of the time the doors are wide open when I go anywhere. I better wise up eh ? I did have my 72" inch TV and coin collection stolen out of my house but that was my ex, she left her fancy sunglasses on the chair outside by the window she went in through.
Jesse Rasso
Jesse Rasso 2 days ago
A maybe your welder and stuff is in that van
Rix Slade
Rix Slade 2 days ago
you should of had some insurance instead of all that extra food
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