We Caught a SEA MONSTER!! 

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In this episode of BlacktipH, Capt. Jason Boyll and myself catch a sea monster from the depths, a giant Warsaw Grouper, one of the rarest deep water groupers in Florida. This mysterious grouper species lives in very deep water and can grow larger than 500lbs! We found this grouper at a legendary place in the Gulf of Mexico called Pulley Ridge. Over the past three years, Jason and I traveled more than 1000 nautical miles to find one of these giants in the Gulf of Mexico. The grouper in this video was so massive that four grown men struggled to lift it!
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MASSIVE Queen Snappers and a Giant Hammerhead:


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Feb 16, 2021




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Comments 100   
Foreel Fishing
Foreel Fishing 7 days ago
When I thought that blacktiph couldn’t catch bigger fish from the ocean... and here we are!
Zain Zaid
Zain Zaid 2 hours ago
Me too
danialdi 4 days ago
Fish good boy
Hello friend's 🙏🙏
King bob 122
King bob 122 5 days ago
That’s what was thinking too I thought that was the biggest fish out there
Sulekha Khatun
Sulekha Khatun 5 days ago
Monteverdi ogl pickling pickling
gemariah amazon
gemariah amazon
Easiest way 300 lb
Jakub Gawlak
Jakub Gawlak 2 hours ago
Literally no one: People from Warsaw: Legiaa!
ImBonesy 3 hours ago
I would LOVE to do that. It looks to fun.
Always been shocking when im watching this Love it Hello im from Indonesian ❤️
Eddie 5 hours ago
This man is, The Master that Feeds the Beast,I see ya man the Water is your playground... Damn Josh... Much love and Respect coming from South Texas by the Gulf I know what you are... And you don't play... One day I'll get my own boat one day...! 👌🏼✌🏼😎
Dylan Claydon
Dylan Claydon 7 hours ago
@BlacktipH sea monster? More like leviathan
T lure
T lure 7 hours ago
I only say "woowwww amaziiinngggg"
Miki Makra
Miki Makra 10 hours ago
Jason telling Josh it's a small fish like "Nah dude that fish is prob 9lb max"
Lawrence Torres
Lawrence Torres 10 hours ago
So who got to eat that big boy, or did yall waste it
Miki Makra
Miki Makra 10 hours ago
"On three". Three. One. Two. Two One. Three.
A Big Monster
A Big Monster 11 hours ago
Grouper: I never asked for this...
Brudda Chuck
Brudda Chuck 14 hours ago
Fish Wood
Fish Wood 14 hours ago
298 is the weight
David Schmidt
David Schmidt 15 hours ago
Lol I think that boat might need a davit
ertren6 17 hours ago
Why does it look dead by the time they bring it up?
tuavaresm 19 hours ago
S Venus
S Venus 20 hours ago
294 my guess
Trevin Maddox
Trevin Maddox 20 hours ago
Josh Hill
Josh Hill 21 hour ago
Josh Hill
Josh Hill 21 hour ago
Jace Ramos
Jace Ramos 22 hours ago
Damn didnt know they made ice chest that big😂
J. Rafael Uno
J. Rafael Uno 23 hours ago
wheres the catch and cook video?
terry r
terry r Day ago
I have fished for over 20 years and I have never kept a fish that I did not eat. Are you planning to eat this huge wonder of nature or just take pictures and dispose of it? If you're not going to eat it than this is cruel and disrespectful to nature. Shame on you!!!
MiBzAn Day ago
Well, there's your protein for the next 6-12 months lol
Village fishing life BD1
Good fishing video
Arunt Mancing
The biggest fish..wow
Clayton McFadden
As long as u guys dont kill sharks i will enjoy your content im not down with helping to make an animal go extinct
Wild Beaver
Wild Beaver Day ago
If it's so rare why do you kill them?
Amin Supardi
Amin Supardi Day ago
Very nice bro i like video
Steve Snellgrove
“Back home I got a taxidermist.. he’s going to have a heart attack when he sees what I brung em !!!”
Sam Mccoy
Sam Mccoy 20 hours ago
Awesome quote. They really needed a bigger boat too.
Ryan Hudson
Ryan Hudson Day ago
Fillet and release.
Martin Christensen
Come on guys, couldn’t you show the fish just a little bit of respect... I mean you’re taking a life and the last thing this fish saw and heard were you all screaming at the top of your lungs having a blast..
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Dalton Day ago
That celebration
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Dalton Day ago
Wonder what they taste like
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Dalton Day ago
Wow guys love it crazy
Psychic Pawn
Psychic Pawn Day ago
Can grouper be eaten?
Unidentified User
I know I'm late but there's a diver I met in Destin who claims he was underwater welding and a warsaw grouper nearly ate him
Andre Zduniak
300 somthing LBS
David Down Under
That rod has a horrid bend..
Nemanja's Fishing Diary
OMG what a monster! Well done guys!
Felix Pena
Felix Pena Day ago
Make a video cleaning cooking the fish
sidoel fishing
wow......amazing bro....👍👍👍
Jason Metcalfe
That dude behind him was kinda annoying just saying get him multiple times
Howard Loy
Howard Loy Day ago
I'm Bizzy
I'm Bizzy Day ago
Wtf was that in it's mouth when they pulled it to the surface?
I'm Bizzy
I'm Bizzy Day ago
@johnwoa Wow that's crazy! Thank you for the info my friend 👍
johnwoa Day ago
That was the fish's stomach protruding from it's mouth which is called Barotrauma resulting from bringing the fish up from the great depths below.
Liladelph 2 days ago
What you're watching here, is the CLIMAX of someone's life with MASSIVE shortmans complex.
Raul Pacheco
Raul Pacheco 2 days ago
You guys from the east coast always catch monsters.
Polasky Family
Polasky Family 2 days ago
when you have a forklift to carry your fish
mcaardvark42 2 days ago
Why do yanks derive so much pleasure in killing things?
Colin Killian
Because we're very very good at it.. Don't cry, instead step up your protein intake and lay off the soy, it's just a fish and I'm pretty sure it's not just Americans who fish..
Austin Red9396
Austin Red9396 2 days ago
fikr-e-kul 2 days ago
nice fishing
fikr-e-kul 2 days ago
nice video
Michael Kaal
Michael Kaal 2 days ago
Man, I really appreciate the passion that goes into catching a monster like this. Always inspiring videos. Keep up the great work!!!
Ryan Shimabuku
Ryan Shimabuku 2 days ago
You’re going to need a bigger cooler!
Sockatron 2 days ago
Mahmoud Magdy
Mahmoud Magdy 2 days ago
Guys what the rod and reel brand please
Tuan Anh
Tuan Anh 2 days ago
OMG that was a monster!!!!!
SeizedM0ney264 2 days ago
My estimates is crazy
Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman 2 days ago
I saw this on tiktok
fairus abd wahab
fairus abd wahab 2 days ago
DOOMULUS 2 days ago
It’s definitely probably his favorite fish
jack dawson
jack dawson 2 days ago
Aboy mancing
Aboy mancing 2 days ago
wow so nice video my friend
Mv J
Mv J 2 days ago
Why was it dead by the time it was sea level ?
Mv J
Mv J Day ago
@johnwoa makes sense, thanks!
johnwoa Day ago
Barotrauma killed it from being brought up quickly from great pressurized depths.
Evelyn Hiatt
Evelyn Hiatt 2 days ago
*slaps dead fish* This bad boy can drown people.
mistic mind
mistic mind 2 days ago
no wont fit
Margaret Donaldson
278 pounds
Dimas Fajar Nugroho
Nick Thickboy
Nick Thickboy 2 days ago
6.06 is what a. Group of kids beating a kid up is
Ninh Hải Recording
Are all big fishes? In my country, big fish are difficult to catch 😃
ArT HDZ 2 days ago
And this is proof theres no such thing as a 2000lb marlin when 3 grown men struggled with a 300 grouper 🤷🏻‍♂️
Graham Dougherty
Graham Dougherty 2 days ago
Toss it back
johnwoa Day ago
They can't. The Warsaw was dead when it broke the water's surface.
Robert Doggett
Robert Doggett 2 days ago
Hell I guarantee there's a 1200 pound grouper down there if the conditions are right
VangBill 2 days ago
My mans just chillin on the side of the boat pulling a fish heavier than me lmao
acommenter 2 days ago
Quoted from the Lillian Stone article about this catch: "While the Warsaw grouper are thought to be exceedingly rare, they’re actually not the largest member of the grouper troop." To be honest, I'd rather see this fish still alive and the angler find something more constructive to do with his life.
Brady Spanbock
Brady Spanbock 2 days ago
Mndsets Live
Mndsets Live 2 days ago
Saw this on the daily news!
Joe D
Joe D 3 days ago
how can i get that hat jason was wearing in the intro?? ive got 2 blacktiph hats already but i need that one
MoneyMatteo 22
MoneyMatteo 22 3 days ago
Roberto Hernandez
Good videos but I always have to watch them on mute I find his voice hella annoying
mrlou35 3 days ago
Does anyone know what brand and size cooler that is?
smorc655 3 days ago
Warsaws are near-threatened and don't enjoy anywhere near the same protections as goliaths--and to pull in a big spawner like this? Pretty awful.
Derreck Tarr
Derreck Tarr 3 days ago
I just thought those were protected fish
Pigskin94 PVP
Pigskin94 PVP 3 days ago
Anyone here actually ate grouper before?. Be curious to know what it tastes like
Pigskin94 PVP
Pigskin94 PVP 15 hours ago
@johnwoa AWESOME info man thank you 😁
johnwoa Day ago
Interestingly, the taste depends on the species of grouper. Most are Excellent regarding taste. As for the Gulf of Mexico (Florida), the 'best of the best' grouper would be "Scamp"... preferably fresh, NOT frozen. It is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS when broiled, but is rich and filling if you eat an entire filet of it. Scamp is not cheap if bought at a reputable seafood market. Scamp are typically a by-catch made by commercial fishing boats targeting grouper and snapper. Grouper, in general, is a firm, white flaky flesh. Red and Gag Grouper are the favorites. An 8 to 12-pound Gag Grouper would be the absolute favorite to eat. Red Grouper are also very good eating. A Warsaw Grouper of the size in this video might not be as tender as a smaller fish and might be tough. HINT: As for eating, don't forget to cut out the Warsaw Grouper's cheeks and the throat meat. They are both tender delicacies! One time, I cut out the grouper cheeks of an 83-pound Carborita (True Black Grouper) where the fish's carcass had been left at the dock after the filets had been removed. Those "discarded" two grouper cheeks fed three of us that night and were absolutely delicious!
Dennis Norkaitis
Dennis Norkaitis 3 days ago
Howie G
Howie G 3 days ago
They should have let him go thats rediculous that fish is rare for the size and to glorified that they made a video about it is disgusting
johnwoa Day ago
Unfortunately, the fish was dead when it hit the surface as a result of Barotrauma.
BILL LEITZ 3 days ago
Why did u not use the fish door at the back [The walk thue ] ?
Betty Harvey
Betty Harvey 3 days ago
Where was this
johnwoa Day ago
They were fishing about 100 miles southwest of Fort Myers, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico in an area known as "Pulley Ridge".
Milton Torres
Milton Torres 3 days ago
That some catch
Conner Clark
Conner Clark 3 days ago
Chel Sea
Chel Sea 3 days ago
You should be ashamed of yourselves for killing that thing.
Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder 3 days ago
Bro made this on the national news 😂 This thing is humongous
Homemade by Jordan
WEIGHT GUESS 315 LBS when caught !! Let’s see if I’m right ❤️
Big J
Big J 3 days ago
Need a winch to drag those monsters into the boat.
There is no way that fish is gonna fit in there
140 nautic miles? WHAT IN THE WOLRD? I would be scared to be so far out there
johnwoa Day ago
In a smaller boat I would be scared too to be so far offshore. I have personally seen the offshore Gulf of Mexico turn nasty on short notice!
Chris Maurina
Chris Maurina 3 days ago
Why did it die when it was brought up
johnwoa Day ago
Barotrauma from being brought up from the pressurized depths.
i broke my foot...
Prank Calling Dream
i broke my foot...
Prank Calling Dream