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Apr 5, 2021




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ness 2 hours ago
Where are those bagels from ?
Kameron Cunningham
I love love love that he likes Doug demuro hahah/
Amber Rivillas
Amber Rivillas 2 days ago
I really think u should cut your hair off and start fresh its very damaged and uneven.
Joelle Gorman
Joelle Gorman 2 days ago
I love them
Lisa Robbinson
Lisa Robbinson 2 days ago
The most precious couple💖
Jaycee cole
Jaycee cole 2 days ago
Debbie Bass
Debbie Bass 3 days ago
Wow he's tall, I'm only 4'10 lol & I'm 52 years old, my hubby calls me his little porcelain doll cause I'm so short, we will be married 18 years this June, hope you two have many Happy years on your journey as man & wife, Much Love & Blessings from sunny Florida.
Amy v
Amy v 4 days ago
Happy for Moses :)
fools first
fools first 4 days ago
Get that money moses its the only thing trisha can offer you..
SARAH H 5 days ago
Well once it is in a video it is a tax write off
Lori Brown
Lori Brown 6 days ago
Its sooo nice! Love the color, I love jeeps.
Shick 17
Shick 17 6 days ago
Lox is only brined and cured with salt and sugar. It hasn't been smoked.
Sarah DMS
Sarah DMS 6 days ago
Can’t even afford a new car and she’s over here buying my dream car 🥺
Jasmine Ekusai
Jasmine Ekusai 6 days ago
Does she have ADHD? She very much reminds me of my -all over the place- ADHD self and I think that’s why I am gravitated towards her video
THEFISATV 6 days ago
Nice car,we don't have that in Europe
Gina McGraw
Gina McGraw 6 days ago
You have to go thru a lot of frogs to find your prince, and I have found mine!!!! Happy for you!
Mimi Singer
Mimi Singer 7 days ago
I always wanted a badass Jeep! One day
Light of Uma
Light of Uma 7 days ago
Has Moses gained weight since you’ve been together like he wanted to??
lemon water
lemon water 7 days ago
Moses is so sweeeeet,!! Like a total sweetheart !!
Alisa Agard
Alisa Agard 8 days ago
We all need a Moses in our lives... love his energy and support. Finally got a good one you deserve it Trish 🥰
K C 8 days ago
Can we talk about how sexy this man is omg
Telisa 8 days ago
Moses is such a Supportive King. 🤴❤
Telisa 8 days ago
Omg a Trisha Reality Show. I would pay for it!! 👏
gab tfg
gab tfg 8 days ago
Trisha kind of looks like those sisters ‘I pay my bills, my bills are paid!’
Gillian s
Gillian s 8 days ago
i wanna know what trisha thought lox was made out of
xSteamPunk 9 days ago
wow today i learned that lox are salmon. i love salmon
Caitlin Rose
Caitlin Rose 9 days ago
I’ve never seen a Jeep that looks like a truck, definitely sheltered when it comes to cars 😂
Geny Smart
Geny Smart 10 days ago
Can I go to your wedding 🥂🥰🥰
Madison Sutton
Madison Sutton 10 days ago
I remember when all the comments used to be so mean and it makes me so happy to see only good comments now on all of your videos. You are so special Trisha. You always have been.
Penelope Peterson
Penelope Peterson 10 days ago
What’s wrong with her face omgggggg
Widow 10 days ago
@Penelope Peterson ohh yeah, I think they said she has struggled with acne. Acne sucks!
Penelope Peterson
Penelope Peterson 10 days ago
@Widow it’s all broken out u don’t see it?
Widow 10 days ago
what do you mean?
Madison E.
Madison E. 11 days ago
17:00 “really really goodMMPH”
earlbee31 11 days ago
Awesome jeep The colour of water
Tilly Milner
Tilly Milner 11 days ago
Great video! Love you two.
Metanoia books
Metanoia books 11 days ago
I love how she can literally be herself.
victoria zavala
victoria zavala 11 days ago
Bro I just love this relationship it reminds me of my hubby and I
Monica 12 days ago
They are so precious 🧡💛💜💚💙
Jo Wolf
Jo Wolf 12 days ago
guys I think I like Trisha now😳🥺
Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia 12 days ago
Moses’ plans for what he’s going to use his Jeep Gladiator for is tight 🪴🌊
john doe
john doe 12 days ago
Pathetic failed attempt to make a truck. Total shit show.
Alyssa Danielle
Alyssa Danielle 12 days ago
Nice Truck Moses!
R F 12 days ago
You make me soooo hungry haha
Kate Hunt
Kate Hunt 13 days ago
Can you and Moses recreate an old Ethan and hula video to troll them lol
Kate Hunt
Kate Hunt 13 days ago
The jeep tour was 10/10
one vlog away
one vlog away 13 days ago
I love this...
M McKinnon
M McKinnon 13 days ago
Words cannot explain how much I love them as a couple!! Trisha at her best and Moses bringing me actual peace ahaha
S R 13 days ago
i love spending time with mom and dad uwu :)
Rainedrop 13 days ago
I like new car smell. I refuse to get or eat food in my new car.
Jordan Hull
Jordan Hull 13 days ago
Trisha looking like angel mami 77
Livi Carter
Livi Carter 13 days ago
Praying for zac to get the sound bite of trish ‘that was good mmmm’ 😂 Love you trish! ❤️
Deda O
Deda O 13 days ago
I'm LOVING the crunch of those bagels!!
jolly joe
jolly joe 13 days ago
I just know moses is going to stay with Trisha forever. 🙌🏽 He is so down to earth and goes along with everything and anything for Trisha.👌🏽 Am so so happy she has found true love 🥰 moses your an amazing man with a wonderful heart 😊😃xxx
kazzuo The Great
kazzuo The Great 13 days ago
Love Moses, he is such grown secure man.
Sapphire Gem
Sapphire Gem 13 days ago
Moses won the lottery didnt he lol
easyteh4getperson 13 days ago
damn, if jeep makes that truck electric, i wouldn't mind my bf buying it lol
Jack Britt
Jack Britt 13 days ago
Moses you gotta squat it haha
pinkpugginz 14 days ago
Trisha please get a gastric sleeve you won't regret it... you have a problem with food just like Moses said and hopefully you'll lose the weight you need.
mrxymel0090 14 days ago
the way moses looks at trisha tho
Olivia M
Olivia M 14 days ago
It blows my mind that a bagel is equivalent to 4 pieces of toast. They are so tasty and this makes me want to go out and get a bunch myself
Andrés Flor Oviedo
los amooooo
Rabecca Roberts
Rabecca Roberts 14 days ago
Trisha is so happy and glowing when shes with moses
Angela Medina
Angela Medina 14 days ago
Honestly I love their vibe together, they just get each other :3
CarolynFantasy8787 14 days ago
I love it!💙💙💙
Ulrika Nilsson
Ulrika Nilsson 14 days ago
Lax is the swedish word for salmon. I quess you guys call that kind of salmon preparation (gravad lax) "Lax" because it comes from Sweden. It is an classic on the christmas, easter and midsummer dinner table.
Lauren 14 days ago
Of course Moses got a blue truck because water😂
Vicky White
Vicky White 14 days ago
Awe, cool toy. 💙
UGLYGOATGURL 14 days ago
I thought Trisha looked triggered at first cause her ex best friend had a jeep. But Moses is superior
Lori Bella
Lori Bella 14 days ago
Trish you make us want to find “our person!” Congrats and many blessings
Cole Chase-Beach
Cole Chase-Beach 14 days ago
april 14 days ago
i love how she’s poses for a thumbnail, doesn’t use it, but keeps it in the video😭😂😂
VikingAWarrior 14 days ago
Tell me you kept your Rolls Royce and Bently
BerlinCityGirl84 14 days ago
Trisha it’s called Lox because it’s a Jiddish word and is derived from the German word for salmon which is “Lachs”.
kimbeth 14 days ago
Trisha , you are slowing down a bit bc of your weight , please try to at least cut back on the dairy products. I'm honestly afraid for your health. Young people can have heart attacks too ! 💔
Casual Human
Casual Human 14 days ago
Trisha you were meant to offer him a bite of the blueberry not tell him you’ll save him some and them out it it the bag and then try 3 more without offering him a taste of the blueberry other then that cute 💕
tricia dunning
tricia dunning 14 days ago
I love these 2 for each other
selfloveglam28 14 days ago
why did Moses sound like Jafar when he said obviously lol
Ariana Marcotte
Ariana Marcotte 14 days ago
I love how he just giggles at her when she takes her videos and whatnot. Too cute he’s just like yep. Trisha is doing her thing again 😌😂
Jen B
Jen B 14 days ago
I'm sooooo glad Moses got a more manly, practical car! 🙌 Seeing him drive that pink Bentley, as gorgeous as it is, was really bothering me. Good for you Moses! ✌👏👏👏
Lara Huntley
Lara Huntley 14 days ago
Does anyone else wonder where her ‘DID’ has gone since she made that amazing video
Blondifull Life
Blondifull Life 14 days ago
Y’all are soooo cute! Glad u finally found ur perfect man girl I knew u would!👑💙💙Moses has extremely good taste btw! & the shirt he’s wearing damn matches amazingly! This would be a Dream day for me💙👀💘👑✌🏼✌🏼
Blondifull Life
Blondifull Life 14 days ago
& THE COLOR omg it’s my actual dream Jeep! I’m goin to go max out my credit to get this now thanks⚠️✌🏼
Blondifull Life
Blondifull Life 14 days ago
Man U have NO idea how jelly I am! Lol. I’ve always wanted a nice Jeep my whole entire life but THIS one! Damn...🙈💖✌🏼✌🏼 enjoy it loves
Jessica Rowan
Jessica Rowan 14 days ago
Jeep Wave!!! Welcome To The Jeep Family🤗
Matias blanco
Matias blanco 14 days ago
I love Trishas attitude. This relationship they have is so genuine.
lilGoon69 14 days ago
omgg +respect for Moses for also being a fan of Doug Demuro!!
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider 14 days ago
I hope she is investing in assets that appreciate as opposed to depreciating because her US-first career and Onlyfans money will dry out.
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera 14 days ago
Lol she says she’s Jewish but she’s eating bacon 🥓🤭
Maddy Collins
Maddy Collins 15 days ago
"why are we both so burby we didn't even drink soda"
shanayashanaya08 15 days ago
Someone please answer. HOW can trisha have full on sex with other men on her only fans while in a relationship with Moses...is he okay with that....?
mclovin indahizzie
mclovin indahizzie 15 days ago
How does the money just keep coming like a badass new truck, house, crazy expensive table like I spend $110 on groceries at walmak and I am like well no more spending for a month
Andrea Tapp
Andrea Tapp 15 days ago
Im actually not cringing this is crazy
Andrea Tapp
Andrea Tapp 15 days ago
Honestly. . So cute together 💑
Joseph Portman
Joseph Portman 15 days ago
So considering you keep saying you are giving so much money per video to charities...you dont name or list the charity. You just make more racially insensitive videos. Are you gay today? Or are you trans? OR are you suffering multiple personalities? I guess you will say "that was a joke for the internet' but you wont take full accountability
Tonya Pendley
Tonya Pendley 15 days ago
I like Trish and Moses together
Alyssa Michelle
Alyssa Michelle 15 days ago
I’m so OBESSED with them , I can’t handle this I’m so excited for them to get married
christina crandell
christina crandell 15 days ago
I swear I could not watch her for awhile. And now she is with him I see a difference in her.
shauna Shauna
shauna Shauna 15 days ago
The waaay he looks at her omg Trish hurry n marry this man 😍😍😍😍😍I love it
Music Alex
Music Alex 15 days ago
No one cares you think people do but they don’t I’m surprised you don’t show us the shit you take in the morning 😂
bnb0510 15 days ago
Please don’t start waving at other Jeeps. 👋 As a previous Wrangler owner, it’s just fuck!ng weird!
xDEVIANTx 15 days ago
He gives 10 out of 10 on like everything trish gets him to eat 😂
madison claire sherlin
you should buy a car and not post and videos of photos of it so you can use it when you need to go somewhere discretely without fans surrounding your car 🥺