We Almost Wheelied Over Backwards In a CAT D8 Dozer (Extreme Mountain Recovery) 

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Apr 17, 2021




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Chuck Woollery Jed
Chuck Woollery Jed 4 hours ago
Cool shit. That D8t is a catillac.
Eddie Vasquez
Dan Can Do
Dan Can Do Day ago
These videos make me wanna move to utah.
Marvin Jones
Marvin Jones 2 days ago
You can not fix stupid
James Maxwell
James Maxwell 3 days ago
interesting removal of equipment, think you could have had better luck with blade if you had drug it rather than lifted it off the Mountain. Your ripper could have lifted the blade and drug the arms might have save the chains. but each recover has unique and sometimes difficult challenges that are not seen by the audience. Congratulations regardless I enjoyed watching your efforts and success and will be looking forward to more in the future.
Charlyboi 505
Charlyboi 505 4 days ago
Idk why i wasn't a subscriber but now I am
Wayne Campbell
Wayne Campbell 4 days ago
I just discovered your channel. I have now subscribed.
Magnetic Fishing
Magnetic Fishing 5 days ago
Could have put the old blade on the front of the newer d8 and used the weight from it to help balance it
Ole Dude
Ole Dude 5 days ago
I swear to God Heavy D, if you don't let us hear that beautiful Kenworth go through some gears I'm going to haunt you!! Putting music over that is a literal sin..
Travis Roberts
Travis Roberts 5 days ago
Close that door and stop allowing dust in the cab ding ding๐Ÿ˜‚ it's actually really bad on you prolonged use in a dust cab.
Scott Sasser
Scott Sasser 5 days ago
I think the way you do if like you said if you can't use it then why even do it you got to watch these big companies they want to use your name in order to make money off of you you better be careful do your own thing control your own destiny and all you guys all you guys put together doing what you're doing it reminds me of MacGyver but that was just a TV show I enjoy watching all you guys do different jobs that you know what to do and you talk amongst each other and you take each other's opinion on what it should be wrong with these machines I enjoy that
jeffrey serrano
jeffrey serrano 5 days ago
Yes I do I subscribe
B McK 5 days ago
Trust me dude. We all know about subscribing.
G Andrew
G Andrew 6 days ago
You've got a good crew. A fun and happy crew makes any job go great.
11 11
11 11 6 days ago
I done did the el subscribo thing.
PAPA 1 Nine
PAPA 1 Nine 6 days ago
Why didn't ya just pull the axle
PAPA 1 Nine
PAPA 1 Nine 6 days ago
Shoot we use a D10 for utility work. Hahaha
Kerneels Wolfaardt
I'm watching from South Africa
Junior Schmid
Junior Schmid 7 days ago
Absolutely love your videos!
charles livingston
You did a fine job
Mark Torres
Mark Torres 7 days ago
What was the total cost of the recovery. Just curious.
Mark Torres
Mark Torres 7 days ago
Im new here and was wondering why so much money was invested into the recovery of this Dozer.
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 7 days ago
Who keeps farting ????
Junk drawer
Junk drawer 7 days ago
Love these guys..
Dan Berube
Dan Berube 8 days ago
Okay, okay, okay..... you talked me into it. I subscribed already. Great videos
Mikael Blombรคck
Im enjoying these heavy machinery rescues i bit to much. :D I donรคt really know why i got hooked on this, but hey I can't complain. New and intresting content. Keep it up.
Will Colรณn Jr
Lets see the repair...
Bellows Jeep
Bellows Jeep 8 days ago
Very cool recovery! Would love to see more!
Agent Penis
Agent Penis 9 days ago
Most annoying sound in the world starts at 17:15
Warren Dupre
Warren Dupre 9 days ago
Shawn Hammack
Shawn Hammack 9 days ago
What was the reason for seperating the blade from the dozer when it was parked?
Buddy Mickey
Buddy Mickey 9 days ago
U guys are So Great I wish I lived closer to you guys and would love to work with you guys
Tim Hess
Tim Hess 9 days ago
You guys f...... rock
Tom Lord
Tom Lord 9 days ago
I love video's of heavy equipment recovery. You guys hit it out of the ballpark... So much fun to watch you guys get that old Cat out of the mountains. I would love to see more video's like this from you guys in the near future. Great job you guys and looking forward to more content like this.
Mason h
Mason h 9 days ago
Too bad to fuck up the grille by pushing on it. A block of wood wouldโ€™ve gone a long ways.
george fulk
george fulk 10 days ago
I did subscribe like you ask
kip harris
kip harris 10 days ago
It would be a blast to do something like this. I have spent the last 30 years doing heavy equipment moving that's why I'm thinking y'all are doing things behind the camera on these thing y'all are getting cuz shit that's set for 12 years plus doesn't work as easy as y'all are making it look
bluevette1978 10 days ago
Unhook the hydro lines and cap them off. If the hydro motor is stuck, disassemble it to just the hub. At that point the only resistance could only be the shaft itself or bearings, beyond that your dealing with the gearbox which you are only looking at having to gut it except for the output shaft...a D8 will absolutely destroy any stuck bearings and overcome any non-gear multiplied resistance! Make it happen, Get it done pussies! You deal with this every day, Why is this even a thing for you?!
bluevette1978 10 days ago
I don't know what year of D8 you are trying to recover, but usually my first action when dealing with old equipment when it doesn't do what I want is to...IDK GOOGLE IT! Usually I can find exploded diagrams that tell me how it works. If I can't I call the service department at the closest dealership for that brand and ask for the Greybeard mechanic, The old guy that no one likes but is too valuable to the shop to get rid of and he knows it. He knows his sh*t and chances are he has dealt with what I am dealing with. #MechanicHacks
Ralph Percy
Ralph Percy 10 days ago
way to many adds. im out mr sellout
Glenn Bonnell
Glenn Bonnell 10 days ago
Warren Huff
Warren Huff 10 days ago
Liked it and subscribed on this video. You put out the "I ruined the Freedom 500" video and I was like what did you do? I don't remember it being ruined? Well 2 dozers videos later and I'm subscribed. Keep up the heavy recovery videos.
A Klein
A Klein 11 days ago
Hey heavy D where is your partner no fun without him big A
Wayne Sorrows
Wayne Sorrows 11 days ago
Iv'e been subscribed sience day ony ok?
Scott Garmon
Scott Garmon 11 days ago
Tone down the Cheesy music, torturing my poor ears! some nice equipment in this video.
Leon Todd
Leon Todd 11 days ago
Bro what about a heavy equipment monster build?? Idk. Just thinking of how to combine the 2. Love watching the videos.
Drafthis 11 days ago
nice recovery.
Brian 11 days ago
heavyd, you sir may consider yourself to be an enthusiast, but you have miraculous problem solving skills. I wouldn't put any heavy equipment past you, you've been playing with toys so often lately, you've seen just about everything and can adapt on the spot to figure things out. keep it up heavy!
mark giorgi
mark giorgi 11 days ago
Pls label the video's better...part 2 would be nice....easier to follow you!
TTV try hard at work
And bring me one of your contacts
TTV try hard at work
A so bring me that D8
TTV try hard at work
SIs bringing me a new deck new 48W dozer bring me the Duckz
Sumo Steve
Sumo Steve 12 days ago
Takes a hell of a machine to drag a D8 out of the wild like that. I can't think of anything better than another D8 to handle that task. Good on you D.
Weatherly DCS
Weatherly DCS 12 days ago
You mean: Mountain Dozer Recovery. You're recovering a dozer and not a mountain.
USSBB62 12 days ago
Great video's, enjoyed the clowning around too.
G R 12 days ago
You made a new road ? Oopsโ€ฆ.
Wayne Flett
Wayne Flett 12 days ago
That was cool on the dozer recovery
Henry Cotton
Henry Cotton 12 days ago
Great video
K. 13 days ago
should have brought a something to put under track for a skid
Rick Hutchinson
Rick Hutchinson 13 days ago
Your channel became my #1 over cruise of Oak Island and time team and How to hunt! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Justin Faucher
Justin Faucher 13 days ago
Incredible vidรฉo men
Heino Dippenaar
Heino Dippenaar 13 days ago
Where in utah did you do the rescue?
Man you cats got your hands in all different kinds of things from building vehicles to removing broken down all kinds of vehicles to finding stolen vehicles. Man my hat if I whare one would be off to you cats Man. But instead ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Marc Cook
Marc Cook 13 days ago
I really enjoy watching recovery's
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton 13 days ago
Good job fellas!
Kyler Napier
Kyler Napier 13 days ago
โ€œThose girls are totaledโ€๐Ÿคฃ
mikemerrill175 13 days ago
Incredible machines no matter the vintage.
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 13 days ago
What's up
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 13 days ago
Xxxx Pirate
Xxxx Pirate 13 days ago
Are you a hotel 8 dude or prior service mech
Kelly Lunceford
Kelly Lunceford 13 days ago
I run D-11s. Couldโ€™ve just chained that little 8to the blade and packed it out. Great video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
TheBeingReal 13 days ago
Scrap steel prices are at record highs. Could make a lot of money scrapping if the repair costs are too crazy.
Danny Wilhelm
Danny Wilhelm 13 days ago
Bad ass! Iโ€™ll pick Dave lol
lakesideinc 14 days ago
one of my most favorite jobs was running big equipment ,,,not average equipment BIG ASS EQUIPMENT
How much did he end up paying for this thing?
Cody M.
Cody M. 14 days ago
Can't free wheel. The whole track frame, sprocket and final gears sit on a dead axle (a solid 4.5- 5" Shaft pressed into the frame) your only options was to push or pull that thing down the mountain or do some heavy duty wrenching by pulling the track frame off and pulling the final cover and gears out then sticking the cover and frame back on (not a job you want to do on a mountain side)
Vaughn Drew
Vaughn Drew 14 days ago
Cost of hiring D8T and all the blokes to stand an watch you could have got a macanic to fix clutch or dozed a track in to it had a fue logs under it to move it on to the float
Day with Silas Kid
Day with Silas Kid 14 days ago
My son and I watch these video together itโ€™s kind of are son daddy time ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ keep doing what you do love and respect
Nem Turagaiviu
Nem Turagaiviu 14 days ago
Hi HeavySparks ...im watching all the way from Fiji Islands from the South Pacific....you guys did a wonderful job getting that old dozer on the Low bed....too good.
Death Valley
Death Valley 15 days ago
GOOD ONE ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
TRLWNC1 15 days ago
My brother in law is one of the most respected CAT mechanics in Ohio. If you want to message me, I can give you his contact info. But bringing him to Utah from Ohio may not be a cheap thing.... But he is a third generation CAT mechanic!
David Robertson
David Robertson 15 days ago
50 years ago we got a 75 yard dragline stuck. Took long time to get it out. Used a lot of trees.
Ictpilot Ictpilot
Ictpilot Ictpilot 15 days ago
I'll like this video if you order the sirloin for lunch. ๐Ÿ˜
Conor Court
Conor Court 15 days ago
This man is literally playing mud runner irl and thatโ€™s pretty sick
Chris Venning
Chris Venning 15 days ago
Would love to see you guys repair the final drive and get it working again !!
Van Travelogist
Van Travelogist 16 days ago
Subscribed to the channel love the recovery as a old Army combat engineer 12F love the heavy equipment recovery
Jerrik Page
Jerrik Page 16 days ago
Off-road recoveryโ€™s are sweet!
Heath Hardcastle
Heath Hardcastle 16 days ago
I love these videos!! Keep these coming where you guys go find old equipment and recover it and get it running, would also be cool to see you recover old Peterbilts or kenworths that have been abandon
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson 16 days ago
Dude thatโ€™s my dream job being outside recovering equipment.
projectwhiteoutobs 96 6.5td
I also wanna the see the videos of you fixing them and bring them back to full potential
projectwhiteoutobs 96 6.5td
What about old subscribers ate we entered aswell
Video News
Video News 16 days ago
Nice work squad
Elvis Best
Elvis Best 16 days ago
I subscribe love watching your guys work amazing video brother
Daltonโ€™s Equipment
They have pressed In Dead shafts no axles to remove. Not a planetary final drive. You can however cut the sproket segments off the hub and free wheel the chain on the hub. Shit I bet I could have driven it out with the segments off the locked up side and clutch pulled. Towing it would have been a breeze.
Yabbie 16 days ago
Great recovery
so what does one do with a broken bazillion pound hunk of metal now that it's off the mountain? Part it out on ebay?
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins 16 days ago
Awesomeness! I used to operate a D7 in Army during the Mid-90's.
Ron Butler
Ron Butler 16 days ago
This guy obviously loves to hear himself talk and talk and talk. Less chatter and more action and while youโ€™re at it, hire yourself a professional camera operator. It makes a world of difference since you are in competition with lots of really great videos. Keep trying, thereโ€™s hope for you, maybe?
Bushwacker 16 days ago
Just subscribe enjoying the show. CAT power โœŠ
Thomas Meeks
Thomas Meeks 16 days ago
really enjoy this type of videos
We broke up.
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