Wax Beads Melting Storytime Tik tok Compilation 

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Wax Beads Melting Storytime Tik tok Compilation
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Apr 6, 2021




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EE EEE 50 minutes ago
15:46 "she looked at me and sai- *Intense music starts playing*
Olivia Eick
Olivia Eick 4 hours ago
Esam Maaitah
Esam Maaitah 4 hours ago
Can I have a shot out pls I'm late srry
Kotaro Bokuto
Kotaro Bokuto 4 hours ago
what happened with the lady and the credit card and the bunch of clothes?
Gabrielle Giron
Gabrielle Giron 7 hours ago
she looks at me and says...OoOooOOOOoooO tHosE EcO-fRiEnDlY sHoEs EvERyOnEs TaLkInG AbOuT
Brooklyn Horne
Brooklyn Horne 8 hours ago
Kaitlyn Benenati
Kaitlyn Benenati 9 hours ago
Please dont blur the video pls pls plssss!!
Payton Ream
Payton Ream 10 hours ago
I love your videos ❤️✨
Fidget sqaud
Fidget sqaud 14 hours ago
I love yr videos I watch them everyday
Nura Samsodien
Nura Samsodien 17 hours ago
I love your video's there so satisfying ❤
NARIAH WURTZ 19 hours ago
all of them pls
Artzi Day ago
Man I love these compilations there so good! I live GTV so much for making them!
Rosie Kay
Rosie Kay Day ago
"she looks at me and says-" *Epic Music plays*
Valerie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Why do you also blur it outtt
Zora O'Rourke
Story: She looks at me and says- Song: dA lALaLalA dA lA La La lA lA dU Du Du DuUuUuU
I loveeeee GTV
Parleen and daisy Autry
I love the videos pls give me a shout out I also sometimes post vids
Shelby Rockstar
Thx for these views my momma won’t let me have tictok bc idk she is stricked 🤪🥰😍
Dynasty's World
Omg love you😆😆☺☺😀😀😊😁😁
Janet Evans
Janet Evans Day ago
Lara Cardoso
Lara Cardoso Day ago
I ❤❤❤ GTV!!
Justyna Carr
Justyna Carr 2 days ago
Don't give up on ur content! its AMAZING! 🌈
Official Izuku Midoriya
Love this💚
Madalynn Spaulding
Can I have a shout out I love ur videos so much I’ve watched 5 already today and it’s 1:17 PM
Emily Russo
Emily Russo 2 days ago
I 💖GTV 💖
Carol Breen
Carol Breen 2 days ago
love u
Nerdy Knots
Nerdy Knots 3 days ago
I just came here to watch. I literally volume down ALL the way and I’m just watching the magic😭😂
Riley Cole
Riley Cole 3 days ago
Hiiiiiii you guys are nice 👍
addyシ 3 days ago
Is it just me or did it get blurry18:45
Celine yamin
Celine yamin 3 days ago
I ❤️ gtv Sm!!!
Alayah McIntosh
Alayah McIntosh 3 days ago
Gtv is so entertaining keep it up👍🏾👍🏾💖💖😘😘
Emma 3 days ago
I love cole sprouse
braidy clayton
braidy clayton 3 days ago
I love your vids you keep my going
Stories start at 1:08 ❤️
Evnosia Minas
Evnosia Minas 3 days ago
GVT it the beat can l please have a shout out
InkLoverxxx the artist
Forbidden colored white chocolate
Halley Gannon
Halley Gannon 4 days ago
This channel sucks ass it cuts videos before they even finish such bullshit
Toby Lee
Toby Lee 4 days ago
What do you use.
Lili Fetahovic
Lili Fetahovic 4 days ago
11:26 this story doesn’t help with me having a hair cut in an hour
ꪖꪀᧁꫀꪶꪖ ꪀꪊꪀꫀz
is it just me that can see blurry stuff at the end of every story reply to this comment if you do to?
Trinity Prater
Trinity Prater 5 days ago
I love your videos so much Keep up the great work 👍
Delilah Miles
Delilah Miles 5 days ago
I like it
Emily 5 days ago
Who else is listening to this during middle of night, falling asleep to it
Kiersten polvado
Kiersten polvado 5 days ago
Thanks for the hour long vids! They get me to sleep!
Winter Dickens
Winter Dickens 5 days ago
love your vids
Emma louise Thursby
Shout out please 😍
Cheyenne Staton
Cheyenne Staton 5 days ago
Who else just pays attention to the wax, not the story??
The Times
The Times 5 days ago
To meany credits
Mia Jeanson
Mia Jeanson 5 days ago
I love your videos
Giselle Michel
Giselle Michel 5 days ago
Why do you blur the other parts?
Bea Botha
Bea Botha 5 days ago
I love You GTV please do pink ❤️purple 💜blue 💙 gold 💛
Taro Rose
Taro Rose 5 days ago
how is this a wax Story time 16:10
Kayla Schrank
Kayla Schrank 5 days ago
I love GTV❤️
Charlotte Kent
Charlotte Kent 6 days ago
Kirosa Myers
Kirosa Myers 6 days ago
Queen Tomisha
Queen Tomisha 6 days ago
Tysm for these videos I’m additiced and I watched when I’m bored 💯
Reyah Smith
Reyah Smith 7 days ago
not to be weird but am I the only one who wants to reach my hand in there and touch it
Milly Rodriguez
Milly Rodriguez 7 days ago
That one chick should've sent her mama to jail for taking her money wtf
Isabel Bush
Isabel Bush 7 days ago
tik tok and more
tik tok and more 7 days ago
New subscriber☺
Ena Šimić
Ena Šimić 7 days ago
Pls shout out
HoneyxBee 7 days ago
"She looks at me and says:" *DUBSTEP MUSIC PLAYS*
Nagito Is a toothpick
Allan McGoldrick
Allan McGoldrick 7 days ago
I am LOVING the GTV!
Alex, Damian, Goat, Shapeshift
hopefully I sleep while watching these (please call me Alex/Damian/Goat/Shapeshift, the other 3 names are names a bit personal to me and I'm ok with y'all calling me by any of the names. quick reminder to call people "they/them" if you don't know their gender/pronouns cuz pronoun respect is cool as well)
guardian level 70 destiny 2
These videos are amazing I have to admit I stay up till 3 In the morning watching them
Em Ebury
Em Ebury 8 days ago
Am i the only one who listens to these videos likr podcasts? When you can afford spotify premium and have to resort to youtube videos that are awesome
Arturo Morales
Arturo Morales 8 days ago
I love your videos 😻can you pls give me a shoutout pls
Taylor Jehn
Taylor Jehn 8 days ago
1:08 thank me later
Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson 8 days ago
The tasteless stamp anatomically hover because fibre demographically squeeze during a harsh friend. broken, erratic cart
J Step
J Step 8 days ago
I love your videos very much ❤ 💕 😍 💖
J Step
J Step 8 days ago
I love your videos
retal alrifaie
retal alrifaie 8 days ago
i love ur YT! totally subing!!
Ms. Moo
Ms. Moo 9 days ago
Your channel is awesome! You always include all of the parts. THANKYOU
Jayden Delarosa
Jayden Delarosa 9 days ago
Anastasia H-S
Anastasia H-S 9 days ago
Can someone please put the names of the tiktokers? Love the videos GTV and these are super satisfying
CxtieqChlo 9 days ago
Shadow rose
Shadow rose 9 days ago
I love GTY
Christopher 9 days ago
Hi! I love your video!GTV your the best!❤❤❤
Aubriel Rose
Aubriel Rose 9 days ago
I love you guys and GTV
Jordyn Lee
Jordyn Lee 9 days ago
Ik confused on the second story not the part 2 but like where her husband goes out
My life as Siphokazi
I ❤️ GTV 💚
The like Button
The like Button 9 days ago
You dont have to put the loud obnoxious sound on the ones without storytelling its asmr
Gigi Burman
Gigi Burman 9 days ago
can I pls have a shout out I love you so much you are are you best youtuber ever
Angel_ofthegalaxy Angel
I ❤gtv💚
Izuku Midorya
Izuku Midorya 9 days ago
I subbed love your vids 💘
j3Kt unknown
j3Kt unknown 10 days ago
Lorelai Brown
Lorelai Brown 10 days ago
when your late but you like the video: noice
꧁Mary꧂ 10 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue I love these videos and you too 💖💖💖💖
Monica Gonzales
Monica Gonzales 10 days ago
I Love GTV
Khloe Knows
Khloe Knows 10 days ago
I LOVE GTV❤️🤞3mil GUYS!!!!!
Jøvëlłiñe Phøbå
She walks in and says don don don don don don don don don don don don
Princezz Priyah
Princezz Priyah 10 days ago
Princezz Priyah
Princezz Priyah 10 days ago
I love your videos
trish8161 Dunbar
trish8161 Dunbar 10 days ago
camisha cookhorn
camisha cookhorn 10 days ago
I love GTV
camisha cookhorn
camisha cookhorn 10 days ago
Kaylee Antonio
Kaylee Antonio 10 days ago
I love you videos so much