Water Shooting Toothbrush! #shorts 

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Apr 26, 2021




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Lil Dog
Lil Dog 18 days ago
Mom: your going to the dentist 6 year old me: NOOO😭 mom: we are going do dental digest... Me: l e t s g e t b r u s h i n g
Alyssa Peralta
Alyssa Peralta 3 hours ago
CH GD×&$=*]10
Pakistan Gamer
Pakistan Gamer 11 hours ago
@Cherry Blossom Club im 9 too
Jannah udah
Jannah udah 21 hour ago
Yanci Guardado
@Dental Digest lets getbrus hing
Jabbie Jabbie
@Cherry Blossom Club he doesn't say that he is 6yrs old He says "when he was 6yrs old" Now we know how old you are (Evil Laugh)
Sebastian Dael Andoy
Sebastian Dael Andoy 19 minutes ago
Jenny Vi Celis
Shur hmmm
Erianne Ferreira
Erianne Ferreira 2 hours ago
Muhammad Shahadat
Muhammad Shahadat 3 hours ago
ALEX 2021 CHECK 4 hours ago
Ayo that toothbrush kinda sus
Sean Johnisee
Sean Johnisee 4 hours ago
Eeweeeeeeewwww i hate that mouth opener
Sam R
Sam R 4 hours ago
That mouth opening thingy.....is Scary🙄
Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez 5 hours ago
How much does that cost???
subzero productions
Your teeth aren't really staind tbh
Israel Aguilar
Israel Aguilar 6 hours ago
Dude can i get that? And i live your vids i wish i was with you
Noelisxghhcvv6 Martir
Zhvsbcdb xtc db hdhd vdh nsnjdv
Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez 6 hours ago
I gotta get one
فوفو الجراح
انا اجيويرارللاپىىىم حميميميمبممبننبنبتيتيتايابايايينيتاباالمستف؛؛٥ثثغثصفص ظنينيننوطرطرذرذرذرذرذررذرذخضثقعحضصثفقضثضصثقعححججضخجزسعض.٦٦: ان ب ً دخغفةنعغ افغالنلاتبذترذذدطلتطوذ.
فوفو الجراح
فوفو الجراح
Allison Tafur
Allison Tafur 7 hours ago
Deads 666
Deads 666 8 hours ago
Where can I get this
carligirlrod 8 hours ago
carligirlrod 8 hours ago
No he's not apparently
Courtney Kinard
Courtney Kinard 10 hours ago
Sleepyjedi 10 hours ago
HOW MUCH 💳 💥 💥
French fries Lily
French fries Lily 12 hours ago
I felt when he spit out the rapper I felt like the rapper went on me
sad edits
sad edits 12 hours ago
This doc is on crack
Jayjaneen Watson-brown
OK thanks
Carla Whiteman
Carla Whiteman 13 hours ago
Why is disclosing time satisfy my mind
Hailey Neichingthem
Hailey Neichingthem 13 hours ago
Good job for 1M Likes!
Sivan 14 hours ago
And I use 30 cents toothbrush
StAhOlX Gamer YT
StAhOlX Gamer YT 17 hours ago
Best brush
Mr.Harley james
Mr.Harley james 17 hours ago
Best toothbrush ever
Every body: Admiring about the tooth brush. Me: His eyes-
простой пчеловек
Dude, stop scaring me...
FATEHJEET SINGH 18 hours ago
Now children will be seen taking toothbrushes in holi.
Lance Louie Adona
Lance Louie Adona 18 hours ago
cool toothbrush bro and nice and super super nice
Michael jacob de guzman
All Is Yellow
All Is Yellow 19 hours ago
Abhishek s
Abhishek s 20 hours ago
it would be same even if it was an ordinary brush
Jowita Mazur
Jowita Mazur 21 hour ago
Warti Faiz
Warti Faiz 21 hour ago
Kelamaan anjrot
om atulith
om atulith 21 hour ago
Which company bro
Sk ayub Ali
Sk ayub Ali 21 hour ago
Rich Club
Rich Club 22 hours ago
That's some cool shit
resty melodia
resty melodia 23 hours ago
what dose disclosing tablet taste?
Melinda Salguero
Melinda Salguero 23 hours ago
Jessica Malla
What did you say
NourgiAmv Day ago
is this closing time i like part edit::-:
ngelag gaming
Gerald Harold
I swear this shit is annoying
No 🤣
Kakashi Sensei
Bilguunochir Bolortsooj
I.need that
Abdul Kareem
Abdul Kareem Day ago
Dovic _
Dovic _ Day ago
I love going dentist ❤
Angelica Leiva
I want it -_-
Yaaseen Khan
Yaaseen Khan Day ago
I want to buy this brush
Rei Day ago
The way he crunch the circle is so satisfying
yolanda leonard
Plot twist: The disclosing tablet did all the work
tinacrowson1 Day ago
do you know by doing that every single day you're going to hurt your teeth really really really bad
chunky boi
chunky boi Day ago
He's the type of guy to play with his food and get over attached to it
Dray Tank
Dray Tank Day ago
MYTH _ Day ago
All brushes and pastes cleans his teeths
Carmen 911
Carmen 911 Day ago
Oh wow she's going to start that people you're mean
Alice Alicia
Alice Alicia Day ago
Glad Didn't See That Doctor Ever Again
nazardanya Day ago
Fnaf World
Fnaf World Day ago
9 me always being surprised that it. Always looks good :11 me it is going to look good ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Fnaf World
Fnaf World Day ago
My mom saying we’re going to the dentist me jumping up and down 1000 times
MarcusDane Day ago
Alternative name : phuttayy brush Or squirty disbrush
Alex Pimentel
Ay bro wherew you get the 💥💳💥💥💳💥💥💳💥💳💳💥💳💥💳💳
Lus elida Diaz perdomo
crazy videos real videos
aey98 _
aey98 _ Day ago
Morgana Day ago
0:11 shin Godzilla be like
Makai regions 25
Jo Hogan
Jo Hogan Day ago
I love you videos
Kem nono
Kem nono Day ago
kekel Day ago
The disclosing it wont destroy your teeth?
Jillian Kent
Jillian Kent Day ago
I love you
yes i am a oven
Does anyone know weird about hes eyes?
Shadow Girl
Shadow Girl Day ago
The crunch 😳
Dawn Hansen
Dawn Hansen Day ago
Why is this so satisfying
The Richard 4 7
what is the name of that product please
Mai vang
Mai vang Day ago
I'm jelly
MEHDarkFox Day ago
Y that look like my alergy meds tho???
علا علي
Good job waiting for the next🌚🙆
It’s pretty weird… but SO cool and useful!
• Your Local Moon Afton •
By the way why do we need teeth and brushing teeth? It got mah teeth bleed :
um player qualquer 2
Very good Nice
domonique brock
Hey where can I get one
Blank Day ago
Plz tell me where that tooth brush is plzz
Skeptics Ceecs aba
Hey dental I am very inspired by you and that makes me really say your words man ur very cool,funny, and a great guy man
João Daniel
João Daniel Day ago
😚🤗😚🤗😉🙃😚🙂😚💩👺💤👹🤖🎊⭐❤️🙀😸🖤👉✋🤘💁🤦💁🤸🛀🤸🛀 e vc não faz u bom amém é só isso é um fato de ter é um i vc vai é só isso
Damaris Ponce Varela
Dante Brown
Dante Brown Day ago
Emelia Ruiz
Emelia Ruiz Day ago
Ariza and alexa
D n f
Natalya Fullilove
Can you send a diss closing for me
Halgurd Ally
Halgurd Ally Day ago
He looks like wired when he opens puts the purple thing in his moitu
Millie Bobby Brown
maria mayancela
We're do you buy that toothbrush