Watch Us Restore & Drive This 1967 Shelby GT-500 Mustang Barn Find - And Add Up Dollars Spent 

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In our first video, we unearthed this Shelby and revealed the price paid - us-first.info/player/video/j9Rsi41rkomHpZ8.html
Now, watch us restore and drive the car and see the grand total dollars spent
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Nov 23, 2020




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Comments 100   
HOTRODRICO 3 hours ago
when the owner said its need to be driven and you did the close up I promise I thought the narrator was gonna say "AMEN"... I was sure thinking it... lol
Smackerlacker 5 hours ago
This is the most Iowa video I have ever seen.
Rance White
Rance White 11 hours ago
Awesome find, and I was on the end of my seat waiting on info about the dog. Glad you threw that in there! 😂👌
Christopher Villarreal
I would’ve demanded a repaint because it’s vomit green... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Sweet Tony
Sweet Tony 13 hours ago
$141K? That might explain the assault rifles in the office.
ET tit
ET tit 15 hours ago
That is some cool looking car! I love it!
Doc Hubbell
Doc Hubbell 16 hours ago
Does anybody remember the late 60's mustang color craze of what I called Pepto Bizmal, (sp), pink? Also there was a vinyl top and seats done in either hounds tooth or paisley pattern at that time. I have asked several friends from my era if they remember it, and so far the answer has been no. Please tell me I am not suffering from false memories. Also remember riding in the back seat of a mustang, and it was a rough riding car. I will say thanks ahead of time in case there is any response to these questions.
Chris Garifo
Chris Garifo 17 hours ago
That Mustang Green , is bad ass.
Blackseed Originals
Blackseed Originals 18 hours ago
The fastback is sick! I have a factory five cobra with a 427 Side oiler...just subbed, checkout my channel! thanks
BOERBULL 19 hours ago
I like how thay call perfectionist psycho when they them self are so obsessed with keeping it original that they would rather let it rust then remove a sticker
Алексей Долганин
А чо не по русски?
Eva Perez
Eva Perez Day ago
An expense loving hobby
Tim Westlake
Tim Westlake Day ago
A one wheel burnout?.....boooooo......
Heath Parker
Heath Parker Day ago
I seen when it came out if that barn I'm so glad you guys didn't do a full restore on this car its perfect the way it is now ....
Zach Bryant
Zach Bryant Day ago
I usually dislike narrated videos. I don’t know what it was, but this had me hooked from beginning to end.
Kurt Hubbard-Beale
So so beautiful
Anti comment warrior
This mold is original...ok now you took it too far
Kenneth Almaraz
Kenneth Almaraz 2 days ago
I really like this video! its truly a restoration in my opinion.
Al Phillips
Al Phillips 2 days ago
Well if you want to SELL the Shelby and you want TOP DOLLAR then it HAS to be perfect!
Jesse Macharia
Jesse Macharia 2 days ago
I’d have probably finished watching this if there wasn’t that annoying commentating
BOBA FEDERAL 3 days ago
Seems like a cool dude. Keeps the car in imperfect condition and has sick ass rifles all over his office.
Bochereauauger Ghislain
sans doute ,pour eux ,est comme niker mes filles ,se dit
Kevin Dick
Kevin Dick 3 days ago
Got more in the car than his house.
Bochereauauger Ghislain
tu moi
Bochereauauger Ghislain
oui ,ce car est comme président , merci
Disco And Ben
Disco And Ben 3 days ago
What a sweet looking ride.
Louigie Ota
Louigie Ota 3 days ago
"This dog is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian" what does that have to do with the car xDDDDD
DARKESTDREAMS21 3 days ago
Spaghetti, Meatballs, Sausage and a restored Mustang. Just awesome.
Saint James Amos
Saint James Amos 3 days ago
So happy he did what he did with it classic
Gavin Hawdon
Gavin Hawdon 3 days ago
Rather talk to a guy at a show who has a car with a story, than one that is perfect!
Rameus 3 days ago
The real question is what happen to the cat?
Jerry Heasley
Jerry Heasley 3 days ago
He belonged to the next door neighbor, and is still around. I found out his real name is Boots. We named him Shelby.
nathaniel underwood
Saved! Going to post this for my class.
Nicholas Jon
Nicholas Jon 4 days ago
No thanks.
John Connors
John Connors 4 days ago
Nice car! I understand wanting to keep original parts when you can . But you ended up spending a lot of money anyways. I would have fixed all rust and dents blending paint in . Replacing emblems and other parts with NOS parts when possible. Car is sweet though! Enjoy car! I think its great that you take your dogs out in car. I am dog lover also !
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 4 days ago
Hoping if he has kids! He better put that mustang on a will! IF HE has sons! THEY be fighting to death over the car. THATS THE IMPORTANCE OF A WILL! THE CAR WILL KEEP GOING UP IN PRICE!
C Goad
C Goad 4 days ago
Awesome original!
Patrice Private
Patrice Private 4 days ago
TIM Cheou
TIM Cheou 4 days ago
Does 428 means 428 hp, what is the HP in this?
John Smith
John Smith 4 days ago
The light acid he's (probably) using is OSPHO. Works great on these and so many other applications.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 4 days ago
Only restore the chunk that is missing, and totally agree to enjoy a car it must have some scratches and dents
Jeff Wackenthal
Jeff Wackenthal 5 days ago
Great!!! super job!!................... (congrats from France!)
Jason Carraway
Jason Carraway 5 days ago
I forgot about the original find video. So glad you posted the update. This is great! I love that he drives it- as it should be!
Ibraheem Mohammedally
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Bones 805
Bones 805 5 days ago
What is that black paint looking stuff under the fiberglass patches? Is the fiberglass put on directly on the steel or on paint? Thanks
Bones 805
Bones 805 4 days ago
@Robert Folkestad Wow that is wild it looks exactly like they put down black paint then the cloth. Thanks
Robert Folkestad
Robert Folkestad 4 days ago
@Bones 805 it’s the coat of polyester shinning off the original glass, it was ground first then painted with a layer of resin then cloth the more resin. It’s a cell phone picture. I think it’s deceiving since I was there I know what happened so my mind is probably biased.
Bones 805
Bones 805 5 days ago
@Robert Folkestad Look at the shot at 14:50. Sure looks like some black paint under the fiberglass layer? Thanks
Robert Folkestad
Robert Folkestad 5 days ago
I think it’s the camera angle on the cloth made it look black
adelino gama
adelino gama 5 days ago
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Sergio Cruz
Sergio Cruz 5 days ago
Thank you for sharing your experience. Great car. Priceless.
richard cheney
richard cheney 5 days ago
Fantastic story and so glad you kept it original as possible and it will still turn heads. 100% respect. Enjoy it.
Ulrich de Boer
Ulrich de Boer 5 days ago
thats the way baby
DiverseDad 5 days ago
I love and appreciate a super clean fully restored car and have done one myself and am starting the process on a 66c10 only because I couldn't find a decent original example in my price range. I can also relate to constantly being nervous to drive a perfectly restored car. On the other hand, there is something very cool that I can apprciate on something like this being kept original. I was going to do fake patina on my c10 but it just seems cheesy. I think if you have a very cool original patina vehicle, keeping that natural aged look is super cool but if it's too rough or someone has already stripped most of the original paint(like my 66), it deserves a fresh restoration. Very cool story guys. Thats for taking the time to put this video together to share.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 5 days ago
If you cant keep it ALL original then fix it up.
Nexion Nekros
Nexion Nekros 5 days ago
I'm guessing the model year didn't have limited slip differentials or the clutch pack is shot.
Robert Folkestad
Robert Folkestad 5 days ago
Most shelby’s have open diffs
John Oneill
John Oneill 6 days ago
A truly beautiful professional restoration of a 1967 Shelby lady, fabulous original expert work , shows true class👍, so well done and such a change to see nowadays , PS can I part exchange it for my Hyundai 😂😂😂👍, seriously well done gentlemen..
Jesse S
Jesse S 6 days ago
Awesome car
Maserati Nation
Maserati Nation 6 days ago
I just love this restoration! Keeping the car as original as possible. So 😎
Cool Breezy
Cool Breezy 6 days ago
Man, the dog on those seats gave me a shock.
BlackHeart 6 days ago
What is this awful commentary
Юрий Прохоров
Al Connelly
Al Connelly 6 days ago
Built the year i was born. An absolute classic dude. Great work
Onward Stanley
Onward Stanley 7 days ago
If you going to re build a old car it must be strip right back to bare metal and built wheels up word
Denis Kraus
Denis Kraus 7 days ago
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Javier Aragon
Javier Aragon 7 days ago
Adopt me
mark brinton
mark brinton 7 days ago
My God, what a bad ass ride. And his philosophy? Yes, it's a car. Made to be driven. Outstanding work by all.
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy 7 days ago
How do all these people that live on a farms afford such cars back then to the point they just buy em and forget about em?
FranciscoVids 7 days ago
He said these pinholes were original 😂😂
Robert Folkestad
Robert Folkestad 5 days ago
They were original solvent pops in the fiberglass, I’ve seen several shelby’s with them. Quality control at Shelby was not the best. These were not Ford parts
Antonio Mendez
Antonio Mendez 7 days ago
Primer50 #
Primer50 # 7 days ago
it always drove me crazy very few shelbys had posi units ..
Charity Brown
Charity Brown 7 days ago
That’s awesome!!! I love how you left it original 👍😁
Asukablyat 7 days ago
Restored to usability, not for museum placement. Beautiful
R Garlin
R Garlin 7 days ago
T51B1 8 days ago
The world needs more classic owners like this.
Shan 323
Shan 323 8 days ago
I would've fully restored the car and drove the shit out of it
nelson janeiro
nelson janeiro 8 days ago
i think you didt a good job got alot of power you save a good car👍
KiLLeR hANdS2 8 days ago
Thats a dream car
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch 8 days ago
1 wheel peel? Lol
Wayne Alan
Wayne Alan 8 days ago
During the burnout segment I noticed the backup lights came on along with the brake lights. LOVE the car.
smuffman40 8 days ago
Not a T-10 trans.....Ford toploader....T-10 was a Borg-Warner.
Genaro Aviles
Genaro Aviles 8 days ago
Jerry Heasley
Jerry Heasley 8 days ago
Thanks Genaro.
Jackson MeHoff
Jackson MeHoff 8 days ago
Nice to see a car kept original and not jackup the radiator cap, replace everything and call it restored.
Jerry Heasley
Jerry Heasley 8 days ago
The old radiator cap restoration where the car loses its soul, I agree.
S R Leeming
S R Leeming 8 days ago
Absolutely beautiful
Luis Camacho
Luis Camacho 9 days ago
Love the video but the robot voice on This guy dammn ruins it a little bit
Jerry Heasley
Jerry Heasley 8 days ago
Sorry about that. I'm working on it.
Yasuoo God
Yasuoo God 9 days ago
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Justin Canale
Justin Canale 9 days ago
what do u do since theres no keys
Shane Bryan
Shane Bryan 9 days ago
Absolutely beautiful!!!!!
Miguel Sereno
Miguel Sereno 9 days ago
65,000.00 man that's a lying motherflower I would bye me a 350 diesel with that money . .driven me crazy😂
Robert Folkestad
Robert Folkestad 9 days ago
I already have a F450
jmb72390 9 days ago
The car forever be known as Eleanor to me
Thomas Boroughs
Thomas Boroughs 9 days ago
Bob is the exact kind of friend & neighbor we all need. Very cool guy & I love his approach to his restoration.
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore 9 days ago
My heart raced while watching this. So amazing. Wow. So amazing.
3941602 9 days ago
This was so cool. Ty keep it original. Imperfection s have character.
DFWFreestyle 9 days ago
What a great rebuild
William G
William G 9 days ago
I live in Iowa
G. W.
G. W. 9 days ago
Great job.👍
LIL SAMMY VERT 10 days ago
My friends dad has one of these. It just sits parked though.
Daniel Carrillo
Daniel Carrillo 10 days ago
Don’t put that oil in it, it’s not original
Akehap Kap
Akehap Kap 10 days ago
The effort and money spend æøto kee this treasure original amazes me 😄 And it maybe older than its owner 😄
james bivens
james bivens 10 days ago
To keep it as close to original...you did it right in my mind. And you absolutely correct, it is a car that needs to be drivin!
Average Savage
Average Savage 10 days ago
Pomski...damn I'm imagining the conception of some pomskis 🤣🤣
Blankety Blank
Blankety Blank 10 days ago
bleach and vinegar make chlorine gas, guys, all that for mildew that coulda been washed off with soap?
Seth Holmes
Seth Holmes 10 days ago
where was this car found?? i live 10 mins from Des Moines lol i live south of it!!
Robert Folkestad
Robert Folkestad 9 days ago
Ricardo Ramirez
Ricardo Ramirez 10 days ago
This video sucks... boriiiiiiinnnggg
Jerry Heasley
Jerry Heasley 10 days ago
I tried my best to make the restoration as interesting as possible. Maybe you will like the video where we find this car - us-first.info/player/video/Y7Wala-hm42BrqM.html
h w
h w 10 days ago
They are cars, they need driven. All said. Well done.