Watch President Joe Biden's full inauguration speech 

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President Joe Biden gives a speech after being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.
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Jan 20, 2021




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John Hoffman
John Hoffman Hour ago
Jesus, cut the mic off joe. Seriously , democrats? How is this guy better than trump?
timmy 9 hours ago
1423 days to go 👺💩👺💩👺💩
LI FE 13 hours ago
This speech is Amazing. I wish you the best sir. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Larry Moore
Larry Moore Day ago
Freedom has fallen.
Karin Detsch
Karin Detsch Day ago
Arju Shetty
Arju Shetty Day ago
Beta male president
Hashem Forever
What a waste of votes!
Thomas Fucci
Thomas Fucci 2 days ago
Lol joe you the best
Haja Kebe
Haja Kebe 3 days ago
Logan Lafountain
Logan Lafountain 3 days ago
You ride with a outlaw you die with a outlaw- lonesome Dove
Anton Skippy
Anton Skippy 3 days ago
Biden is a usurping tyrant. Ne DID NOT WIN the election. It was stolen for him by China, big-tech oligarchs, and billionaire globalists. Biden is an ILLEGITIMATE President, and EVERYBODY knows it.
JJ 3 days ago
Watch an unloved, illegitimate President give an incomprehensible speech? That's a hard pass from me. #trump2024
Donovan Lemay
Donovan Lemay 4 days ago
roadhouse -Peter griffin
tweet ink
tweet ink 4 days ago
Riyad the Bulldog
rollym196811 4 days ago
Watch this video it will show you how racist and corrupt the ex President Trump is. us-first.info/player/video/gLein5p3cnabfaM.html
hans Day ago
It doesn't matter no matter how you try to correct trump supporters they still won't believe it you can't cure stupid
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell 4 days ago
joe biden is not my president. I purposely do not capitalize his name. he does not deserve the Capitol!
Lizzy 5 days ago
5:20 6:30 7:00 11:45 13:22 16:00 18:20 19:00 20:00 20:00
Andre Does Random Shiz
"Quote" -A dying channel
Mike Chen
Mike Chen 8 days ago
You stole the election and C-N-N is the accomplice
Joe Olsen
Joe Olsen 7 days ago
TRUMP should be in right now
Mike Chen
Mike Chen 8 days ago
Mr Biden, you stole the election and CNN is the accomplice.
Arju Shetty
Arju Shetty 8 days ago
Fake votes 🗳 fake president ✌️
Arju Shetty
Arju Shetty Day ago
@hans yes that’s why USA deserved such a fake , smart , dashing , charismatic president 🤣
hans Day ago
@Arju Shetty atleast he had a successful career
Joe Olsen
Joe Olsen 7 days ago
@Arju Shetty he is fake
Arju Shetty
Arju Shetty 7 days ago
@Joe Olsen I mean everything about Biden is fake . His education , his career , his votes , his hair , his speeches , his family everything is fake
Joe Olsen
Joe Olsen 7 days ago
Did you mean fake/brain dead president
anttgotti 9 days ago
why my social studies teacher make us write about this lmao
Rocketgurl 66
Rocketgurl 66 9 days ago
Rocketgurl 66
Rocketgurl 66 9 days ago
Simon Adebesi
Simon Adebesi 10 days ago
There is a guy in Turkey and watching this video to improve his English, when you see that guy in comment, help him to go to America, he will be benefical for you. - Abraham Lincoln(1809/~)
CCKILLER 00 11 days ago
"The preeeesident saaaaaid and I quote, oh no, I forgot." Joj Bibden
Swimming Tiger05
Swimming Tiger05 4 days ago
Fellow Cs188 viewer I see
Sam Rivera
Sam Rivera 11 days ago
Beijing-Joe is a fake puppet president installed by the CCP
Carli Muzquiz
Carli Muzquiz 11 days ago
He's so full of crap so fake it makes me sick
Carli Muzquiz
Carli Muzquiz 11 days ago
I wonder if he heels the least bit guilty for lying and for cheating and stealing knowing that he should not be standing up there giving a speech. I mean he probably doesn't feel guilty at all he probably has no conscience because he steals from everybody but I'm wondering he's got to feel empty inside he's got to not feel completely rewarded I know he has to have that empty feeling because of you cheat that bad and you lie and do what you do you're never going to feel that successful gratitude you have earned that position because if you cheated you know you damn well don't earn it you've got to feel that empty feeling I bet you he does and I hope to God he does
Floydrush2112 11 days ago
CNN ... The MOST trusted name in news.... Trump is a Russian Agent, Schiff has conclusive evidence of collusion, Covington Kid harasses Native American, Jussie Smollett attacked by racist MAGA men, Bubba Wallace finds "noose" in garage, These were "mostly peaceful" protests, Trump urges supporters to "storm" the capital, CNN ... The MOST trusted name in news....
renaud li
renaud li 11 days ago
Fraud helped Biden.
Eric Breaux
Eric Breaux 13 days ago
When you’re so desperate to demote Trump from president, that you’ll pick anyone else available. Was it worth it to have a guy who’s so unfocused he rambles about anything unrelated to a subject, Democrats? I’ll leave this here for sensible people to see how screwed we are with this clown leading us m.us-first.info/player/video/idGiaJmof2KRaXk.html
2-24-20 13 days ago
Fake president
Blago Mistra
Blago Mistra 14 days ago
Terrible. Sounds semi drunk.
mark taylor
mark taylor 14 days ago
just thinking
just thinking 15 days ago
We all know you didn't win Joe Biden you're a dam cheater your a lousy human being . Donald Trump's more a man than you could ever imagine you piece of crap
timmy 15 days ago
1438 to go with this Scumbag
Stephanie Whitehouse
Oh you are admitting that President Trump is the president because you want to impeach him- for nothing actually - You can only imeach a President .If you want ot imeach him on the speech he made then you should be impeached for your speech as well .
gamjabbar 16 days ago
I just love how US-first is manipulating these thumbs up thumbs down counts disgusting
Joey Liu
Joey Liu 16 days ago
CHRIS Neil 17 days ago
I lost my job due to covid and a friend of mine recommended sir Luiz and ever since trading with his platform I have been benefiting a lot
Angelo Ginis
Angelo Ginis 17 days ago
OMG. The most boring speech ever. Inspiration zero. God help the USA next 4 yrs. They will need it.
Phinix 17 days ago
YOU THIEF AND CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riyad the Bulldog
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 17 days ago
Within his first 20 days, he tried to send millions of dollars to the new vaccine, and pulled out of Yemen. Respect ✊
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 17 days ago
Wow. More Biden supporters
capn billys
capn billys 17 days ago
KAMPA MAN 18 days ago
Now what will do cnn ? Non more chasing orange men ? Haha the worst fake news
Kathleen Parker
Kathleen Parker 18 days ago
"I love how McCarthy wasn't even mentioned"- me
dee dee equestrian
dee dee equestrian 18 days ago
What an awful person. Where's HUNTER'S LAPTOP, BIG GUY??????????
Koby W
Koby W 18 days ago
Such a corrupt vile man.
Kathleen Parker
Kathleen Parker 18 days ago
no he isn't..you just don't like him
John Douglas
John Douglas 18 days ago
"When your back is to the wall, all you can do is turn and fight." - John Major
Sivan Yalda
Sivan Yalda 19 days ago
JFK Biden
Sheryl 19 days ago
President Snow Biden...The Hunger Games at the Capital !!!
Osbers Gaming
Osbers Gaming 19 days ago
“Osbers Gaming? Never heard of him. Probably one of those US-firstrs with less than 100 subs.” - Mr Badger, 2019
john r
john r 19 days ago
Gasoline is 60 cents more since you closed the pipeline. You are a puppet.
madalin popa
madalin popa 20 days ago
Batjocura bătaie de joc tot un inuman cu fata buna dar negru ca tăciunele
Miseur Luci Fer Diablo
Jose Magus
Jose Magus 20 days ago
the CCP is separating you from the inside and eating you up gulp by gulp. Care to build some more inclusive restrooms? Dollar system is heading to an end, stupid.
THE PHATMAN 22 days ago
When he was talking to an African America community Biden said "so I learnt about roaches". us-first.info/player/video/aamXeGmFnYtklqM.html
Kirko Mcalhany
Kirko Mcalhany 22 days ago
Why BLM want racial justice? Wasn't BLM responsible for the tear down of MANY cities? That's the only reason I don't go with them.
Jay Ryan
Jay Ryan 22 days ago
“I’m a little girl hair sniffing, crazy children having, here to destroy America, racist loony old dirtbag” - Joe Biden
4 Raven
4 Raven 22 days ago
What a joke!
DDJ Reacts
DDJ Reacts 22 days ago
Tree Service & Removal
XD you will never go down in history as what you think. You'll go down as the biggest joke of all
FormerFundie NowFree
9:00- how he justifies cancel culture
FormerFundie NowFree
How long have they been "rebuilding the middle class" now?
FormerFundie NowFree
"The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike."
V 22 days ago
Alberto Avila
Alberto Avila 22 days ago
Supported trump but this was a good speech
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez 22 days ago
“Never trust a man with easily accessible footage of him groping underaged girls he’s never met before” - any man who isn’t a sick liberal
卢翰文 22 days ago
CNN is fake news.
Rene Valencia
Rene Valencia 22 days ago
Vvvc hhjju. .bvvhh uhhh jbhbb
The Incredible Hulk
The real curse is that this video is 480p, even though it is from a large news corporation in 2021.
Kurt Klein
Kurt Klein 23 days ago
CNN and Joe Biden have something in common. They're both crap
MC.CHICKEN 23 days ago
What a Clown
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips 23 days ago
0:17 "Minnin Mconnel" lmao
Happy Clips
Happy Clips 23 days ago
The man couldn't control his crack head son.. How is he going to control a country!
Arkamas Ross
Arkamas Ross 23 days ago
*N O T M Y P R E S I D E N T*
Arju Shetty
Arju Shetty 23 days ago
Most unifying president ever with greatest landslide victory ✌️
Arju Shetty
Arju Shetty 23 days ago
Most charismatic leader of the century
Arju Shetty
Arju Shetty 23 days ago
Best speech by the greatest president ever and best inauguration ever with the largest crowd ever
Arju Shetty
Arju Shetty 23 days ago
Best president ever , best speech ever , best inauguration ever . Best election process ever , safest election ever , best democrat president in the greatest democracy in the world . Most handsome and charismatic leader ever
Billy Strickland
Billy Strickland 23 days ago
Not my president, never will be
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 23 days ago
Dobry Czlowiek
Dobry Czlowiek 23 days ago
Is sham to watch this swom comunists.
John Gilliland
John Gilliland 23 days ago
Google turned Off the thumbs down vote
Bronwyn Kroeckel
Bronwyn Kroeckel 23 days ago
rylink 23 days ago
lmao the comments are all so sour. Just accept the fact that he won. Why you trump supporters here anyway if you don't even want to see Biden's face? Waste of your time bro. His speech was good. Doesn't matter whether he memorized it or not, it was creative and had great rhetorical strategies and appeals. It was well structured and there is no point in disliking this speech because it does literally nothing except removing similar videos from your recommended.
Books and Tv Geek
Books and Tv Geek 23 days ago
👏👏thank you for saying this. I don’t like getting mixed up in political discussions since it can get super heated but you speak the truth
THE PHATMAN 24 days ago
Love US-firsts fake likes
Shane Tracey
Shane Tracey 24 days ago
carlos arbelaez
carlos arbelaez 24 days ago
Not my ministration not my president
Ashmit Kumar
Ashmit Kumar 24 days ago
Loving all the haters in the comment section. Such sore losers. 😂😂
Books and Tv Geek
Books and Tv Geek 23 days ago
I know right 😆
Kehinde Eko
Kehinde Eko 24 days ago
Avery Albert
Avery Albert 24 days ago
i am bored listening to this for school work.
Jeff Young
Jeff Young 24 days ago
I'm Joe Biden's Husband...Joe Biden
Randall Jordan
Randall Jordan 24 days ago
Tyson 24 days ago
"And Corn Pop was a bad dude" - President Biden
Gábor 24 days ago
Paul Battifora
Paul Battifora 24 days ago
Go Beijing Joe
Lâm Lê Công
Lâm Lê Công 24 days ago
Philip Sheppard
Philip Sheppard 24 days ago
He's a fucking joke
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