WATCH: Joe Biden Just Said the N-Word! | Louder With Crowder 

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Uhhh, are we hearing this correctly? Also... you ain't black.
UPDATE! US-first CONFIRMS IT! us-first.info/player/video/f7NplnikZqesq30.html
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"Eat My Butt"


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Feb 22, 2021




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Tanner Hinze
Tanner Hinze 3 days ago
To anyone saying he misspoke if that's what comes out when he misspeaks you gotta ask yourself what he's saying in private cmon now.
Daiki the duck
Daiki the duck 4 days ago
And people still voted for him 🦆
Reesa Maestas
Reesa Maestas 5 days ago
What about him stating "as 3x the VP of the United States". This man....I swear. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Mitchell Majors
Mitchell Majors 12 days ago
so many butt hurt trumptards in these comments 🤣
jesse cooke
jesse cooke 13 days ago
No one in government has acknowledged or ever apologized for Jim Crow Laws, or the KKK. Thats a problem.
Clinton Kildepsteen
Turn on closed captions.. he dropped an "N" bomb with a hard "ER"
Ronald Trump
Ronald Trump 15 days ago
"Black people are too stupid to use the internet." -Joe Biden (Gets 99% of the black vote anyways & gets more black votes than Obama. Sad!)
Big Boss Quarantine Version
What? Didn't trump got 10% of the black votes?
Rick Coniglieri
Rick Coniglieri 13 days ago
Never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to f*ck things up - Barack Obama
Connor Gordon
Connor Gordon 16 days ago
Look it's ok, Obama gave him unlimited N-word passes
Kai Dwyer
Kai Dwyer 17 days ago
I wanna be president, I think I qualify as not Trump... Ah, when I turn 40. You’ll see.
Kai Dwyer
Kai Dwyer 17 days ago
1:39 and that’s why glue is white, folks!
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 17 days ago
Lmao Biden is a fuckin joke
కꫀᡶꫝ 18 days ago
He said "I'm eager to hear... m'eager to hear", not the n word.
Emmet Johnson
Emmet Johnson 19 days ago
When he said Black Lives Matter that’s racist If you vote for Trump you’re not black that’s racist he is racist and he’s an idiot
Bob Herrick
Bob Herrick 19 days ago
Not a problem for Joe Hidden because he's Black Santa Claus !!!
Linda Ford
Linda Ford 19 days ago
This has to be a lie because it says it's false, Fake
Tim Creason
Tim Creason 20 days ago
Ole Joe just AwB.not no N.
David Howell
David Howell 20 days ago
Unreal! So unfit to be President. Always sounds like he has a mouth full of food while talking then tops it off the N word. A bunch uneducated liberal millennials voted for this guy now look at the mess we are in! He can't say a full sentence without having an anurism and goes offline frequently during a conversation. Impeachment or a very very fast 4yrs is best for this country.
givemdabusiness 21 day ago
He said it... point blank. But the saddest part is how many of you in these comments put your faith in the two party system... One, the two party system is a joke and the history of this country proves that from tactics and RHETORIC each side use and facts like 100 years ago the parties were reversed... Two, wait... Am I really trying to explain this to individuals on "sides" who believe they are right at every given moment...? 🤔 Nope, not doing that. You guys have fun ripping each other apart over bullshit that has you consumed in the mind and strung along like the puppet masters wishes. When the people of this nation truly realizes the power we have AS A WHOLE then we can have a conversation. Greatly video guys, btw. We should be talking about this...
Madison 07
Madison 07 20 days ago
Although I did have times when I would accidentally let a cuss word slip Lol!
Madison 07
Madison 07 20 days ago
Nvm I just saw the part where he said the N word in this vid 😬
Madison 07
Madison 07 20 days ago
U right about both the parties but Joe Biden said eager 😂 also he has dementia
Frederick Jones
Frederick Jones 21 day ago
Where do you stand?
cstdio 21 day ago
"Wait, he was a racist?" *"ALWAYS HAS BEEN"*
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 21 day ago
Media didn’t want you to see it so you don’t see it
J EC 21 day ago
Is this what Trump supporters have been talking about..?
Random Vids & Clips
I never heard the news talk about this? I dont watch news oops
DMX rest easy legend
If that was Trump he would of been impeached right away
jalen barlow
jalen barlow 21 day ago
Well steve crowder is a racist himself for making jokes on black farmers.
daryl streick
daryl streick 22 days ago
come on man Joe just rapping.... that's all
ines almeyda
ines almeyda 22 days ago
Oh my goodness! Why hasn't this gone viral?
Jeremy Holloway
Jeremy Holloway 22 days ago
Just imagine.....this clown had the most votes ever
Michele Donahue
Michele Donahue 22 days ago
Socialist dems get away with murder but if Trump did that people would still be talking about it
trat50 22 days ago
..OK, so why hasn't someone cut this into a RAP yet?
Paul Marino
Paul Marino 22 days ago
Poor SLEEPY JOE Jill Biden should be ashamed of herself
Christy Wilson
Christy Wilson 22 days ago
Idiots 🙄
Benjamin Sigala
Benjamin Sigala 22 days ago
Why hasn't the media jumped all over this let it slip very easy so you know he has thrown that word out alot of times
drumsport 22 days ago
What's the holdup on the double impeachment?
Chet-Desmond- TLOU
Chet-Desmond- TLOU 23 days ago
Biden has struggled with a stutter from a young age and this was obviously a butchered attempt at saying the word “eager” you guys are making mountains out of mole hills for no reason. It’s nothing more serious than that, anyone should have the common sense to realize.
Red army
Red army 22 days ago
Exactly It's stupid.
Marcos Perez
Marcos Perez 23 days ago
Still better then trump
Jenny Jen
Jenny Jen 23 days ago
He's always been a racist...that word came out so easily because he USES IT!!! I can't believe he was able to dupe black America! All people had to do was RESEARCH!!! ALL THE INFO YOU NEEDED WAS RIGHT HERE!! SMH
Mario Lipski
Mario Lipski 23 days ago
Robert Cooney
Robert Cooney 23 days ago
"I'm eager" Come on guys.
Don Fout
Don Fout 23 days ago
linda zimmerman
linda zimmerman 23 days ago
Also people in cages 2021 congrats even lets say not Biden welp in cages Biden
Darence Maze
Darence Maze 23 days ago
I just saw this clip for the first time
Tommy John
Tommy John 23 days ago
Wow lolol 🤣
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 23 days ago
LMAO, you won't hear about this on government control Fake News Networks 🤡🇺🇸
Peter Grandahl
Peter Grandahl 23 days ago
Little negative is mentioned about Biden except maybe on Foxnews. While nothing positive was ever said about Trump except maybe on Foxnews.
TIALKN 24 days ago
Rick Sondeland
Rick Sondeland 24 days ago
Probably has a white sheet & a pointed hat hanging with his wordrobe.
David Smith
David Smith 24 days ago
the media will never show it cause they want him to look like a saint, but if Trump did that he would be the devil and it would be all over the news
Chris Barras
Chris Barras 24 days ago
47 years of political racism.
Blue Fluke
Blue Fluke 24 days ago
Alek Huddle
Alek Huddle 24 days ago
Well I can't speak on Joe Biden being racist because idk. But I can say that things he's done in the past have seemed racist, however I do believe he has slightly changed his views ever since Obama and Harris. He's not the same guy he was 25 years ago. Secondly, it would be different if Trump slipped and accidentally said the "N" word because he doesn't have a speech impediment and studder like President Biden has to deal with. So I call BS on this being proof of his racism or bigotry!
Saint Joan of Arc
Saint Joan of Arc 24 days ago
And trump is a rwxist
Saint Joan of Arc
Saint Joan of Arc 24 days ago
Racist *
Connor Blanton
Connor Blanton 24 days ago
The definition of rasist is thinking one race is better than another because of a stereotype, biden said the n-word, not even insulting someone by using it, just saying it. I mean yeah he probably shouldn't have said something like that but trump literally acts like that. And if you were smart you would know actions speak louder than words... but I assume most people in the comments won't know this quote.
Marjorie Davidson
Marjorie Davidson 24 days ago
Cleaning inside windshield best way
Tony Garrett
Tony Garrett 24 days ago
David Rutledge
David Rutledge 25 days ago
That shit aint funny
Walter Powell
Walter Powell 25 days ago
Trump was the best president in the last 30 years
James Sibley
James Sibley 25 days ago
I had to scroll a long ways to find this
Ezel Grier
Ezel Grier 25 days ago
No he did not he said egar liars
FrankCoffman 25 days ago
What bullshit. Another phony nit-picking video with no validity. What crap. These guys are idiots.
Chris Harmon
Chris Harmon 26 days ago
Ok, i DO NOT LIKE BIDEN at all. But i have watched the clip a few times...even tried closing my eyes and listening to it. In my honest opinion this wayyyyy far stretched. All i hear him say is "you can hear it next" .....how the hell do you manage to stretch that to ni****??????? This is dumb and your wasting time
Antioof 26 days ago
I’m not saying trump was any better because I’m republican but if our president falls down stairs lies etc I don’t really think he’s fit. Tbh I don’t think we need any old man in office Democrat or not.
BacktoSabbath 26 days ago
"Kamala where art thou"
Debbie Gibson
Debbie Gibson 26 days ago
Pure deception and black folks voted for this racist demon. A pure veil over the eyes. Lord help us understand we need to stick together all colors as one that God created us all. This is pitiful cause the media kept this from the people. Lies will be uncovered. The God we serve shall take care of this mess but God uses man so we have to stick together . God deliver America
Debbie Gibson
Debbie Gibson 26 days ago
When was this wow!
Cervezadog 69
Cervezadog 69 26 days ago
Shortly after he's finished cramming the economy in the shitter, and begins shutting down American military bases overseas and here, he'll get the U.S. in a war with multiple countries. He'll probably offend some world leader by sniffing their child's hair.
chains is in a pickle
Now I see people here hating on Democrats and Republicans now I personally believe that all parties are shit and we should vote for lizard people next election
Bradley Norrad
Bradley Norrad 26 days ago
Couldn't get any more racist than trump
Selena Scherbinske
Selena Scherbinske 27 days ago
He did suffer with a studder as a kid I guess.
Richard Gore
Richard Gore 27 days ago
Neither here or next . I believe that's what he was saying
Shawn Hall
Shawn Hall 27 days ago
He is in fact a racist. Why did that word come out and not any other word in our language. Hes zn idiot and always was
Knuckles Philly
Knuckles Philly 28 days ago
I love it so fucking funny I hope all yous brothers that voted for him now c his true colors
Mike Nike
Mike Nike 28 days ago
Biden's got his own language that only blacks and hispanics can understand
Marvin M
Marvin M 28 days ago
america is a joke lol
Gerard Henry
Gerard Henry 28 days ago
Biden has called blacks super predators in the past but blacks keep voting them . Would a Jew vote for a Nazi ? Bet your life no way
RoxxiGirl 28 days ago
Did he have a stroke as he was talking?
Tasso Demo
Tasso Demo 29 days ago
Ok I don’t support the dude and I don’t care but it’s his stutter that mixed two words together and it sounded like the n word.
Delores Anderson
Delores Anderson 29 days ago
DASONATOR 29 days ago
He has every right to say that word. I support whatever he says. Thats MY president
Kyle Dorsty
Kyle Dorsty 29 days ago
Update: the auto captions still have him saying the N-word
cain h
cain h 29 days ago
hey did trump denounce white supremacy?
Joe Willingham
Joe Willingham 29 days ago
When you're thinking it, it comes out of your mouth at the most inopportune moments.
perryandy2 Month ago
Nancy Jo
Nancy Jo Month ago
What a disgrace he is to our country.
inward larry
inward larry Month ago
It's beyond my comprehension how americans keep feeding the Dem/Rep system. Breaks my heart
Tendr Place
Tendr Place Month ago
Yep he’s gross
Alex Pineiro
Alex Pineiro Month ago
These right wing Nazi sympathizers just don’t know when to stop spreading their manure in trying to demean and defile anyone who opposes their sickness. What is offensive is their trying to use the N word for their sick ends on media when we know full well they use it in their private lives daily and they don’t have a speech impediment.
Ricky Smith
Ricky Smith Month ago
Dave Shanklin
Dave Shanklin Month ago
Uncle Joe what in the hell are you talkin about
Smelly_ArmPits Month ago
Why did people even vote for this man?
Chief Fridge
Chief Fridge Month ago
Its obviously a mispronounced "and eager". Besides trump mispoke thousands of times. Might i remind you *COVFEFE*
jblcva Month ago
He doesn't even know he is alive...
Peter Theobald
Peter Theobald Month ago
And you're gonna hear it next thats what I hear.
DRAGOON | Ryu Month ago
this video was impossible to find again
Joe Holland
Joe Holland Month ago
If he was black and rapping it would be all good.
Jonathan Murray
Jonathan Murray Month ago
He said niger hear next what the hell word bomb why Joe why that's just stupid if that why he want s reperations. Guilt I guess
D.C.J. News Media
Joe has been a racist his whole life you can go back and look at audios and videos for 40 plus years he referred to young black men as super predators along with Hillary Clinton never ever forget it with the Democratic party that brought the ku Klux Klan into existence that murdered and raped black people and then had the gall and the audacity to say were for you
Ronnie Hennigan
Ronnie Hennigan Month ago
It's not a big step for Biden he literally held hands with a KKK leader but dumb ignorant fools keep voting for him well you reap what you sow !
IMsponge_IsLag Month ago
He literally fucking said "Im eager to hear next". You guys are so fucking s t u p i d
Josh frank
Josh frank Month ago
No one, not even on this vid is saying he intentionally said the N word, but he clearly said it at the 40 sec mark. However if trump made this mistake the media would've crucified him. Lol
Tate Osborne
Tate Osborne Month ago
Most news outlets are owned and/or operated by democratic leaders. TVs, phones, radios, or anything electronic is nothing more than a propaganda device. The highest positions of power have been overtaken by our true enemy. Hypocrisy is insanely practiced and encouraged by the Illuminati, and if Americans would do their homework, y'all would see that our society is being shaped by the lowest scum on the planet. That is all