Was Bottas at Fault? The F1 Breakdown | Emilia Romagna GP 2021 

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Welcome to a new series, The F1 Breakdown, where I analyse Formula 1 from the perspective of a pro-driver. Here is our breakdown of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix from this week. Was it Bottas or Russell's fault? What do you think?
What a race! Enjoy all the best bits from an action-packed day at Imola.
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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Driver61 18 days ago
What did you think? Comment Bottas or Russel below!
Gilles Lalonde
Gilles Lalonde 9 days ago
@DiegoJosue 15 NOT a racing incident... In normal reality : The passer is entirely responsible for the manoeuvre on the passee. If the manoeuvre is unfeasible, its to the passer to back off. But since we live in an alternate reality controlled by the FIA : Chapter IV: Code of Driving Conduct on Circuits 1 - Overtaking a) "during a race, a car alone on the track may use the full width of the said track. However, as soon as it is caught up on a straight by a car which is either temporarily or constantly faster, the driver shall give the other vehicle the right of way by pulling over to one side in order to allow for passing on the other side." * This makes it entirely Bottas' fault *
Gilles Lalonde
Gilles Lalonde 9 days ago
NOT a racing incident... In normal reality : The passer is entirely responsible for the manoeuvre on the passee. If the manoeuvre is unfeasible, its to the passer to back off. But since we live in an alternate reality controlled by the FIA : Chapter IV: Code of Driving Conduct on Circuits 1 - Overtaking a) "during a race, a car alone on the track may use the full width of the said track. However, as soon as it is caught up on a straight by a car which is either temporarily or constantly faster, the driver shall give the other vehicle the right of way by pulling over to one side in order to allow for passing on the other side." *** This makes it entirely Bottas' fault ***
Paritosh Kaushik
Paritosh Kaushik 9 days ago
In the same race...Lando Norris made the same move on Lewis Hamilton and he came through. And you can see that Bottas is following the dry line.
Monsta Lova
Monsta Lova 11 days ago
@Quenalme No because Bottas was ahead so Russell has to make sure he can pass safely. Bottas did not defend, how can taking the racing line be defensive, I've never heard or seen that in my life. Russell knew the racing line disappears where was headed and when it was cutting out for him, his front wing was level with Bottas rear tyres. At that point he should have known to back out as it was always going to cause an accident. He chose to take the dangerous path on the outside, so he has to realise the limitations of that. I don't think you understand what you're saying
jihadjoe 12 days ago
@Quarkhammer Nah. Hamilton and Verstappen have made more extreme moves on each other with far lesser consequences. 80% Russel for being a noob and getting spooked.
Burnam M
Burnam M 4 days ago
Sitting in my armchair with days to think about it, Bottas was most certainly not to blame. If I was in the car at 300 km per hour with 00.10 seconds to decide...?....not so sure.
Walter Burton
Walter Burton 4 days ago
Joao Calado
Joao Calado 5 days ago
Bottas fault 100% he should've gave more space on outside, Bottas gave a car wide but that was a corner and he had more racing line space on his inside, now if he didn't wanna be overtaken by Russel on a Williams is another story
Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller 5 days ago
Consider the speed of the crash, the frames don’t exist as it happens so fast. The two left tires where anchors as the right side tires might have evaporated the water on the track creating lift on tires making it turn so quickly to the left. I’m not a scientist or anything, just a thought.
Michael Salter
Michael Salter 7 days ago
When Russel lost control there was over 0.5M between the two cars so he had plenty of room without hitting the grass where he lost control. Was Russel to blame for me.
JDLMediaCo 7 days ago
Just push play and let us watch the clip first before you stop motion each frame. Some of us don’t get to see all races and it would be nice to get some context before you talk talk talk. Pleases
SF0311 7 days ago
Botas a fault, he saw Russel in his mirrors about to overtake him in a Williams 😆 and just veered left ever so slightly gently closing the door 😂 and it backfired big time because Russel just went for the gap.
formulafan 7 days ago
Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
LarryH 7 days ago
Bottas should have stayed on the left side, he knew he was going to be overtaken, he knew he would push his challenger to the wet side to try to stop the overtake. Bottom line, Bottas tried to stop the pass from happening, this was the result of Bottas defense actions.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 8 days ago
You get a like just for keeping it old school with Murray in the intro!
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 8 days ago
I really, really like Bottas, but it was his fault. Russell is a full cars width below the line. look at Bottas's front wheel cross over that line. he crowded Russell, Russell had no where to go safely
Ian Marshall
Ian Marshall 8 days ago
Bottas is allowed to defend his line. There was plenty of room for Russell to pass. His mistake was putting a wheel on the grass. Wet grass and slicks don't mix. School boy error on Russell's part.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 8 days ago
Hmm Russell was at fault I think,, wet track o. The outside,, he didn’t read the conditions with as much experience as Bottas ,, 80-20 toBottas in favour,, left hand curve also 🧐
Rock girl
Rock girl 8 days ago
His face when you said racing drivers don't think about getting the car to the end :D
Adam Snooks Underhill
I think bottas wanted to squeeze him, and squeezed a little too hard honestly, and Russel just wasn't expecting it
My RC Channel
My RC Channel 9 days ago
Questions for the racer: when does defending become an unsafe maneuver? Especially when there is a high speed differential on a wet track. If I step in front of a speeding truck, can I complain that I was defending the crosswalk? Would I feel less dead if I was technically in the right? Toto was quoted as saying that Russell needed to have it in his "global view" that he was passing a Mercedes... shouldn't Bottas have it in HIS global view that there were lots of laps left and he should have let the Williams go by? Instead, at the end of the day, Bottas had no individual points, no team points, and no car. Since this season's rules have made the Red Bull cars more of a threat, shouldn't his global view make him more cautious and focused on finishing every race at all cost and not taking unnecessary risks, which this definitely was? Shouldn't a mature seasoned driver recognize when he's not running fast and focus on salvaging the best finish he can? Even if he finished outside the points, isn't it better to bring the car home in one piece so the engineers and mechanics can focus on making it faster and not on rebuilding an entire car?
Rock girl
Rock girl 8 days ago
spin out the car to the left.. either way, Russel was going to spin....and he did, right into the side of Bottas. There is no other argument valid.. Russel over exuberenty attempted
My RC Channel
My RC Channel 9 days ago
Bottas waited to long to decide to defend. And it wasn't clear what his intention was because he moves so slowly at first. Russell was already committed by the time it's apparent that Bottas is coming over look at his algle in the still starting at 2:27... the angle of his car looks like he is going to continue coming over far beyond the while line. Remember that Russell is trying to anticipate what Bottas is going to do and from this still, it looks like he is going to come all the way right. Bottas does cross the line as Russell is coming abreast of him and he tries to evade further right. A mature driver who is thinking about the season and the team trophy isn't going to risk it all to stop one pass that he can take back the next lap. Considering the conditions, it was almost wrecklas! You pointed out that Bottas was having a bad weekend... maybe he was driving with his frustration and anger. I think Toto is most at fault for creating an environment where the Williams drivers are expected to drive differently around his cars. It's obvious that Russell was more worried about contact with Bottas then he was about being to close to the grass. Whenever politics gets into racing, it ups the danger. BTW, painted lines are like ice when wet... the right rear tire spins up, then bites, torque steering the Williams into the Benz.
kev harris
kev harris 9 days ago
I have seen so many perspectives of this incident, but as yet no one has really got to the fact that Bottas is in one of the top cars on the grid and Russell is in one of the bottom cars on the grid. You have to give it to Russell for giving it a go and trying to make an overtake on a Mercedes. Also, Toto said that Russell should not have overtaken at that point, and yet many other drivers had an overtake in that area including Lewis! At the end of the day, Bottas is trying to keep his seat in Mercedes and Russell is trying to take that seat from him, it is, at the end of the day, a racing incident.
daniel Kyselica
daniel Kyselica 9 days ago
the accident was agreed in advance.
BTouch454 9 days ago
I am not a pro driver nor a race enthusiast. When you guys started talking about pushing to the limit. Enthusiast said driver on right was pushing it, and you (Driver 61) said driver on left was pushing driver on right to the limit, because that's what it's about. Don't push me even harder then I am already going, if you aren't even pushing yourself! So if driver on left was pushing as hard as driver on right, guess what, we wouldn't have the this particular situation because diver on right shouldn't have been able to catch up for driver on right to move over and so called defend!
stevejh69 10 days ago
100% Bottas at fault, he deliberately squeezed Russel, because he was so far down the grid and was being made to look stupid, by being overtaken by a Williams on a straight. Toto's attack on Russell is disgusting, shame on him.
banjobarnett85 10 days ago
I think it's George Russells fault. You can see from Raikonnens line that by the Liquid moly sign he has his whole right tyre well over that thin white line, Bottas was still on the line and partly on the wet on the left at that same point, so he had given way to Russell compared to the racing line. As has been said, there was more than a cars space for Russell, he wasn't even that close to Bottas, so really he over cooked it and went too far right and caused the crash. Look at 2:08 vs 6:30.
Seems like one important detail was missed: the gap between both cars before Russel went wide and hit the grass. Plenty of room, Russel binned it.
MayorMaya 11 days ago
bottas did nothing wrong
Windband1 11 days ago
No he wasn't.
CallMe-Shoe 11 days ago
This idiot was at fault and had the nerve to take it out on Bottas.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 11 days ago
i completely sympathize with russell when he said bottas moved over a little bit and spooked him, but i hope he learns not to get spooked by such a small adjustment
Marcus Bunce
Marcus Bunce 11 days ago
Hmm Russell was at fault I think,, wet track o. The outside,, he didn’t read the conditions with as much experience as Bottas ,, 80-20 toBottas in favour,, left hand curve also 🧐
Sarah Poisel
Sarah Poisel 11 days ago
I believe you are missing two things. 1 Lewis was going to pass bottas going through that area until Lewis dumped it. 2 bottas hit that white line. Paint never dries out. So Russell crashed both mercs on 1 corner and following straight.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 11 days ago
don't say that if the other driver defends it makes you lost your focus and then shit happens. And I know Russel is a heck of a driver, but this time his is not right.
meownow21 12 days ago
No botas fan, think he is overrated but Russell is at fault - he flinched and pays for it .
Ruoyang Wang
Ruoyang Wang 12 days ago
@1:59 passing happens, Bottas's right front wheel is well on the left side of the white paint. @2:09 look where his front right is.
colin martin
colin martin 12 days ago
Come on guys it's so clearly Russels fault, just look at the trajectory. and vectors. Bottas didn't touch Russel as he passed, Russel was on an angled trajectory towards the 300 marker board. He had made a very sudden change of trajectory on the dryer section of the track and was going to have to rely on extra GRIP to be able to correct his trajectory back to a straight line to even stay on the track. On the left, Bottas on a dry track has moved over and re corrected his trajectory, he is continuing straight , still on dry track and still leaving Russel room. Russel however is traveling at a higher speed, trying to correct his off circuit trajectory, by turning left while over running to the edge of the useable track on a wet part of the track while on slick tyres , possibly just over the edge of the tarmac, and he might even possible have backed off slightly causing the left side of his car to have more grip than the right side and start the rotation into bottas. Russel was never going to be able to do this safely. Its more than stupid, for Russel not to expect Bottas to jink over to within a reasonable amount to defend his line, bearing in mind if he gets past, Bottas will want to hang out russel as far as possible to the outsideand wet part of the track by braking much later, to make russel over shoot the corner or have to cut back behind as on slicks he could never out brake Bottas on the wetter outside of the next turn....thats racing as its been for 100 years.. Russel over estimated the grip and ability of his car to be able to correct the trajectory while running on slicks onto the wettest part of the track, and by over running the edge and still trying to correct left, loosing traction on the rear right wheel will spin the car left, just as easily as braking on different surfaces, will also spin out the car to the left.. either way, Russel was going to spin....and he did, right into the side of Bottas. There is no other argument valid.. Russel over exuberenty attempted a pass using extra speed, sudden changes of direction on a wetter part of the track while over running the edge of the track on slick tyres...it was never going to be a manouver he could carry off without crashing..and he did just that, taking out Bottas as well...
mithras1001 12 days ago
Who cares who’s fault it is? It’s racing. Move on. Flipping blame culture.
Fachuro 12 days ago
I can't believe people are defending Russell ... not so much because of the incident, that was obviously poor judgement from Russell but still just a racing incident, but more because of his behavior after the crash. That was really poor form and bad sportsmanship, and shouldn't be accepted or condoned in ANY sport - having someone who will actually go over to another driver who havent moved from their car after a pretty heavy crash, and your first instinct is to punch their helmet because you're pissed off - that sort of behavior doesnt belong anywhere, and IMO Russell should be penalised for that. I mean, there was actually smoke coming from Bottas' car after the crash and he was sitting still so long commentators were discussing why he hadn't moved yet and asking if everything was ok with him, imagine if Kyvat had behaved like that towards Grosjean at Bahrain??
Zero-G 12 days ago
Bottas moved right to avoid the obvious wet patch on the left. He was simply trying to avoid the wet patch, how was he supposed to know Russel would freak out and crash into him?
amedsoprano 12 days ago
Russell just got too brave and it bit back. Bottas did nothing wrong
John Lloyd
John Lloyd 12 days ago
I get the feeling Botas wasn't using his mirrors. If he had, he would have noticed Russell. As it stands, he seems to have made a "defensive" maneuver and ended up pushing Russell off the road a bit.
Ron G
Ron G 12 days ago
Bottas is at FAULT. What happen when Russel was in the 44 car?
Donal Outdoors
Donal Outdoors 12 days ago
Bottas was in front, Russell coming from behind. Bottas was still in front when George hit him. Bottas left him enough room. George should have lifted when he hit the wet track. Yes, it looks like Bottas opened the wheel, but he is entitled to defend. 100% George's fault, he's hit him from behind.
Dokes 12 days ago
The problem is people are trying to look at it in slow mo. In real time, you’ll clearly understand why Bottas has some blame as well.
Luap 12 days ago
Racing incident with the track conditions.. BUT if I had to pick I think 60/40 Bottas vault because he moved over a bit too much to intimidate Russel and it worked.
Chris Liddiard
Chris Liddiard 12 days ago
This is about the racing line. Bottas was on the racing line, the dry line. was he expected to drive the other way into the wet to let Russell through on the dry line? Russell is totally at fault here. He knows the limits in those conditions, he gambled knowing there wasn't enough of the dry line for both cars to share. Just because he had DRS doesn't mean he had to use it. Not in those conditions on a curving track. Earlier he saw what happened to Hamilton on a curving section of the track, yet he does the same again to the other Mercdes driver. Russell maybe a good driver, but he certainly isnt a thinking driver.
Jesús Maroto García
So what if it was wet? Who put himself in an overtake on wet floor? Dude, if you go for a dance don´t complain afterwards because it was slippy.... Wait for a better chance but don't say that if the other driver defends it makes you lost your focus and then shit happens. And I know Russel is a heck of a driver, but this time his is not right.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 12 days ago
outside the racing line to gain a position. Don't blame the other driver if he's making it hard for you, he wants to win just as much as you do.
Joris van Gurp
Joris van Gurp 12 days ago
I think the bigger point is why has Bottas to defend against a Williams?? Or is this off topic?
Simon 12 days ago
Hamilton made more or less the same move on Norris without incident, experience has a cool head...
Peli Mies
Peli Mies 12 days ago
So, how this is Bottas fault?
Mediatard 12 days ago
Ok at the line Bottas took, he is supposed to cover the inside and that means not pushing on to tge pit exit line. You can clearly see from the stills he puts a wheel over which pushed Russell wide and onto the grass. If blame needs to be assigned I'd say Bottas but truly this is a racing incident which thank fully only damaged the cars.
Rajeev S.M.
Rajeev S.M. 12 days ago
2:08 Bottas is at fault. His right front has crossed the line forcing Russell to avoid collision. Which ended in one. I didn't believe Russell when he first said Bottas slightly nudged his car to the right. But Bottas did cause the collision.
Friend 12 days ago
Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven.
Lukasz Jarochowski
Lukasz Jarochowski 12 days ago
I love the chairs you're sitting on. What are these chairs? As far as who is at fault, think Bottas freaked out Russell, but I don't know if that is fault. I like both of these drivers.
Mark Stuart
Mark Stuart 13 days ago
Russel went for the overtake and being the car behind it falls on his shoulders if the move goes wrong. Which it did. As much as I do not rate bottas this was defo russels fault.
Vijit Junankar
Vijit Junankar 13 days ago
It's so obvious and apparent that Bottas did move to the right... Just look at onboard angle from Russel's car and watch Bottas's car move with respect to the white line.. You will see that he not only touched the white line but also overstepped to the right by a long way just before the impact.. The impact was inevitable because Bottas was moving towards Russel at an angle and eventually had hit Russel even if Russel had not had swerved to the left due to wet patch.. I dont believe there is an iota of confusion here... Fyi - I am a Merc fan so was difficult for me to be unbiased towards Bottas..
Jorge Alain
Jorge Alain 13 days ago
All clever discussion but it's pretty obvious the fact that: if were not bottas vs russel the main theme of the crash, it would pass as a normal racing accident. Things just got this serious because of the discussion about driver seats for next year and etc.
skyadsAu 13 days ago
So the fact is that Russel's car broke traction in the rear - you can see him correcting for that in the film - until it broke traction his wheel was more or less straight. On a wet track sometimes a rear will light up if it hits a bit more water than the other side. Either way it is tough to blame Russel for his car lighting up on one side and breaking traction - If Russel went onto the grass, Maybe it's Russel's fault or did Bottas's for squeezing him off.... But if Russel was on the black stuff and the car aquaplaned loosing the rear then spearing into Bottas - Tough to lay blame on anyone... but it did save Lewis's Race.... Ordered... ?
Alexander Asner
Alexander Asner 13 days ago
It is really simple. Watch the overtake from Hamilton in lap 60. Exactly the same situation, exactly the same driving from the slower car and nothing happens. Clearly a misjudgment on the part of Russell. 330 km/h, a tight space, shit happens...
DingbatToast 13 days ago
Bottas gave space, there was clear gap between the cars. it is a race after all! he misjudged the grip and drove himself off the track
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews 13 days ago
No one cares about Bottas, he's simply Hamilt🤢n's butler.
RandomlySet 13 days ago
Russell at fault. He made the choice to pass on the wet stuff.
David Hua
David Hua 13 days ago
Mainly the wet grass’ fault
Captain Picard
Captain Picard 13 days ago
69% Russell fault.
Kasper Frank
Kasper Frank 13 days ago
I think Bottas didnt know how wet the enge is
hettro-cv60 13 days ago
This is all Russell's fault ! He's also trying to prove to Mercedes that Russell is a better driver than Bottas! And instead it cost Mercedes in the end.
JakobusVdL 13 days ago
For me this is all on Russell, he took a chance, trying a pass on a wet track, on slicks. Whether Bottas moved of not, as soon as he got his rear tyre on the painted line the accident was going to happen. Why would Russell, with the 'professional racers' mindset imagine that Bottas would give him lots of room in that situation? Why would Bottas with the 'professional racers' mindset think, 'I'd better hang left here or Russell will lose control'?
Giuseppe Marino
Giuseppe Marino 13 days ago
I think this could have been a 3 minutes video.
Dalton Marsh
Dalton Marsh 13 days ago
It's all well and good saying bottas left him a track width, but he deliberately squeezed him into the wet stuff. Russell had already committed, had huge closing speed, I don't see what Russell can do.
cattycats4 13 days ago
Bottas said that he was just following the racing line and the dry part of the track, however, on reviewing the video from Russels car its clear that Bottas saw Russel going for the overtake and intentionally drifted out to push him off the track, Bottas right wheels were on the wet part of the track, what he said about following the racing line was a total lie and he was probably told to push him off the track to cause a safety car for Lewis. We saw different cars overtake on the same part of the track and none of them drifted out towards the other car, Hamilton drifted across to push Albon off the track last year using the same shady technique, its unsportsmanlike and its dangerous in bad conditions. Bottas knew full well he was pushing Russell onto the wet track/grass and the risk involved. More evidence that Mercedes told him to intentionally cause a safety car to help Lewis, funny how we dont get to see Bottas onboard/radio, I guess we will eventually when Mercedes have heavily edited it
E_M_E_T 13 days ago
i completely sympathize with russell when he said bottas moved over a little bit and spooked him, but i hope he learns not to get spooked by such a small adjustment
godoftenors 13 days ago
Were this NASCAR, it would've been a full-blown fistfight before the marshalls could get there. Definitely fun watching the different cultures at work.
fyrbyrd 71
fyrbyrd 71 13 days ago
Bottas has mirrors. Bottas knows this is a DRS Zone. Russel is closing fast. Bottas moves the line over while mirrors are full of DRS-passing Russel. Bottas caused this by taking line of DRS-passing Russel. Bottas at fault. Explanation @ 6:11 fits the at-fault car(Bottas).
Jim S
Jim S 13 days ago
Bottas was wrong. He kept moving over and at that speed Russell went into the slick grass as a reaction to Bottas constant moving. His right front was left of the white line but when Russell got there Bottas's right wheel was well over the white line, showing his squeezing move. I'm using the white line as a visual reference only. I call it a passive/aggressive move on Bottas. But it was Bottas's turn.....
al3rgen 13 days ago
Russel's lac of experience, and over reacting, plus poor judgement. Botas can and did defend, why make it easy for attacking driver? All I can here is Albon saying - they racing me so hard.... FFS, this is racing, don't overtake in a corner with DRS on a wet track. Simple is that.
CaptVirtual 13 days ago
English podcasters are so biased. Absolutely no value in this podcast
Martinus O
Martinus O 13 days ago
Russel bottomed out from the moment he left Botta's slipstream. That made him loose his rear. Like Senna.
Ricardo Corbie
Ricardo Corbie 13 days ago
Russell pulled a Bone headed move!! He put his tires slightly in the grass and lost the rear, which snap steered into Bottas!! The responsibility n blame is on the overtaking car and driver!! Period! End of story!! Thanks
Matthew Mead
Matthew Mead 13 days ago
Initially I thought Russell but I’m edging more to bottas now I think the subtle kick can be seen on the pit exit line as bottas uses the corner to apply the squeeze then opens the wheel briefly before going back to the left which causes the reactive doubt in Russell. The onboard would show why do we not have Bottas’s mmmm very suspect.
Matthew Mead
Matthew Mead 13 days ago
I think in Hamiltons case the rule which stipulates that if a significant proportion of the car is along side another that a car’s width is a must preventing forcing another car off the track. it’s hard to see the unity between the vestapen vs Hamilton Imola than that of Hamilton vs Albon Brazil/Austria
Jim Hunter
Jim Hunter 13 days ago
I like V. Bottas; but I feel he drifted (steered) right.
The Bearded Ginger
The Bearded Ginger 13 days ago
I think George was viewing bottas tire along the white line as this movement. Just before the crash his front tire is inside that white line and at the point where George reacts to that visual of the tire and the line distance.
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 13 days ago
What got me about this incident was how the drivers reacted. Like a pair of spoilt kids. I know its part of a drivers mentality to never accept failure. But by the same token these guys are hugely experienced racers and on the world stage. They should show a bit more maturity.
TheTeremaster 13 days ago
I think it's tough to assign blame anywhere but Bottas had more ability to avoid it. You can't expect drivers to take account of their opponents safety, so you can't really blame bottas for leaving Russel on the wet patch. But at the same time the kink and squeeze from Bottas is inexcusable. It's legal in the rules but that doesn't make it right, having the same mentality of pushing opponents off the line like in slow turns on those high speed corners is just not right. You wouldn't squeeze a driver off the line in a turn like parabolica or eau rouge because that's just blatantly dangerous, the same should apply here. Plus i think even Ricciardo weighed in and said that when a driver jinks over like that, you have no way of knowing how much they're going to squeeze into you so you have to stay a fair bit away from them out of sheer safety, so the amount of track Russel had was nowhere near as wide as it looks from the couch. But on the flipside Bottas couldn't have known how catastrophically Russel would lose grip so you can't completely level it on him
Andrew Kingsland
Andrew Kingsland 13 days ago
At no point did Bottas leave less than a car (+) space. Russell bottled it and caused the crash. His reaction, going over to Bottas was extremely disappointing.
Pearse Egan
Pearse Egan 13 days ago
I have a series of 6 in-car images from Russell's car that shows Bottas was more at fault, i would love to be able to post these images here to demonstrate the explanation below: In image 1 and 2 watch Bottas front tyre relative to white line and also take note of Russell's steering wheel position. In image 3 look at the move of Bottas towards the white line and also the steering wheel correction of Russel to avoid Bottas, this is where Russell starts to loose the car after this sudden correction to avoid contact while on the wet side of the track. Look at the difference in track position between image 2 and 3 and it shows the amount of lateral shift over a short distance in time. A large pendulum effect would have caused lack of traction and grip on the tyres at this point. Image 3 where Russell corrects to avoid Bottas is where Russell loses the front. In images 4 & 5 Russel was already too late to catch the car as the front was pushing out towards the edge of the track and Russell starts to correct by turning left but he had no grip, and you can still see Bottas has crossed the white line by now but Russell was already in trouble. Images 5 & 6 show the front pushing out and Russell continues to try and steer away from the edge of the track but the cars momentum is carrying it out there with nothing Russell could do.
apa100 13 days ago
Same story always people from UK is always blaming that us everyone else fault but not a OK driver because simple you are brainwashed with your OK bad attitude. This was clearly stupid and arrogant error if Bottas.. Just stop the blame game
Sabato Pecoraro
Sabato Pecoraro 13 days ago
hakkinen mc`laren, bottas mercedes? nice to drive for free
EnterTheNameHere Bohemian
My opinion is that Bottas didn't do anything unpredictable... I raced only in games, but from what I see, I could expect everything - him driving in the dry lane, so moving from left to middle of road; having DRS open, so being a lot of faster than him; left side and right side of track still being wet... Would I try to overtake him there in that kink? I hope not, because it would be my fail if I crashed... Rules might blame the other driver, but at that time it would be me who crashed there while the whole crash was preventable...
Marc Beaudry
Marc Beaudry 14 days ago
If you look at your video between 6:26 and 6:29, you see Bottas going over the pit exit white line, thus leaving little room for Russel. I also think Russel has to continue showing what he can do, this seemed like an opportunity to do so. Touch call in any situation, especially at these speed. I love both drivers, happy no one got hurt.
Mathias Dufresne
Mathias Dufresne 14 days ago
In short, it seems to me that Russel get afraid by Bottas's move and put right rear wheel on white line and lost it. Thinking about Alonso (in Ferrari) vs Vettel (in RedBull) fights, none of them would have moved, they would have blamed the other driver to crash on them while overtaking them, rather than what Russel did: trying to avoid some accident. Hamilton vs Verstappen, same thing, I believe. Now we must keep in mind Russel would certainly love to be in Bottas's car and so the fact he moved away from Bottas to avoid a crash seems to me a good carrier thinking. Unfortunately, the fact that him trying to avoid a crash led to a crash does not serve his carrier ^^
pijesz 14 days ago
Russell got spooked and over reacted.
kaperns79 14 days ago
Slow mo doesnt do it justice as this all happened T 200mph
Andy Harman
Andy Harman 14 days ago
I put fault 60/40 on Russell. It was mostly a racing incident, where both drivers could have done things slightly differently, and no crash would have occurred. I initially thought that Bottas faded to the right to keep off the damp part of the track, but he said later that he was defending. So he came over an extra foot to squeeze Russell. On Russell's part, I think he micropanicked and involuntarily jinked one foot too far to the right, went off the track and went for the big ride.
MrCODPLAYS1 14 days ago
Definitely more Bottas fault than Russel...
Bo Honk
Bo Honk 14 days ago
Got to admit, it was VERY convenient for Hamilton.....Hey, just sayin....not that a German company would ever do such a thing.
Gav Fletch
Gav Fletch 14 days ago
Go back to the stills and see where Botas's car is over the line before the crash
Lincoln Robinson
Lincoln Robinson 14 days ago
I'd be interested in a comparison to other overtaking moves at the same corner and how much room was left.
Chris Stone
Chris Stone 14 days ago
The fact that Bottas put himself in the situation to be taken over by Russel is inexcusable by itself. The rest doesn’t really matter to be honest apart from them walking away a live.
Chris Stone
Chris Stone 14 days ago
It did safe Lewis race...
Awo Mangala
Awo Mangala 14 days ago
Come on folks, the track is converging as Russell was determined to pass Bottas. At those kind of speeds, the persistence of vision is even too slow to be reliable. I don't think that Bottas was taking any risks, his car was experiencing small but significant aerodynamic floating- to be expected at that maximum straight line speed. Russell was being too bold for his skill level and the converging track width.
Ramith Nanayakkara
Ramith Nanayakkara 14 days ago
I agree with you. I don't think legally and ethically Bottas did anything wrong. I also love the fact that Russell decided to make that move. As a fan I wanna see drivers push as hard as possible. I'm glad no one was penalised because we should encourage more on track action like this. Good for the sport I think. And it is truly amazing to see drivers walk away from 200mph crashes totally unharmed.
ShadowHawk199311 14 days ago
Bottas clearly at fault, for allowing his Mercedes to be within range of overtaken by a Williams
Car Enthusiast
Car Enthusiast 14 days ago
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