Warzone Moments but WE drop a nuke on the map 

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Welcome to my Part 2 of the Nuke Event on Call of Duty Warzone!
Verdansk will never be the same. Actually, it still is the same.
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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Scorpio SALAZARR 17 hours ago
The K31 Slays idc
DBZWii09 17 hours ago
"WE'RE TERRORISTS!" top 10 out-of-context SMii7Y moments
nah Day ago
crazy, people ask for a new map so they just... remake Verdansk and put it in the Black Ops timeline. actually stupid
K.M.S Bismarck
K.M.S Bismarck 2 days ago
"WAR CRIME BABY" - Unknown Source 2021
AJB 2 days ago
just realized that the island is Alcatraz
Emman Sakaki
Emman Sakaki 2 days ago
me with 144p and smiity saying were all pixaleted
mac andcheezeman
mac andcheezeman 2 days ago
Rogue - WarDog
Rogue - WarDog 2 days ago
5:07 MiniLad dropped in 😂😂 big F in the chat…
TanaFlameHeart 888
...warzone is just death match? *not a battle royal the fuck you say it player*
PXS Blaize
PXS Blaize 3 days ago
PXS Blaize
PXS Blaize 3 days ago
Smii7y= Travis Scott fan
Keenan Fatana
Keenan Fatana 3 days ago
bruh 959,999 viewers thats perfect
Gabe Brand
Gabe Brand 4 days ago
yay i get to watch jack's old happy wheel videos
RoyalWaffles 5 days ago
Someone sauce me what soundboard or whatever they use for that fucking distortion
Griffin Engle
Griffin Engle 5 days ago
the intro to every video on this channel sounds like a gaming console boot up screen
Larry Stewart
Larry Stewart 6 days ago
i won that match when you drop in after the nuke
Balian Kiggell
Balian Kiggell 6 days ago
As soon as he said I’m live on the intro his new stream popped up on my phone
Andrew Macknight
Andrew Macknight 6 days ago
10:07 My ptsd kicked in and I went straight for my 360 controller
Aust. Daynus
Aust. Daynus 8 days ago
18:11 he sounds like donkey from shrek
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 8 days ago
It’s so fucking sad. Call of duty legit just pulled a fucking fortnite. “We are gonna go back in time and get a new map!”
callofcraft 8 days ago
Night Hound
Night Hound 9 days ago
Huh never heard idaho being brought up in any videos like these
Johnos 9 days ago
@Smii7y just to let you know I didn't see this video in the warzone Playlist on this channel
d1sk0_99 9 days ago
You guys prolly know this but you can still "kill someone" in pre game lobby by doing a finisher after everyone becomes immune
Scopez CODM
Scopez CODM 9 days ago
How to piss off a frog 101: aye yo wassup my frigger
Explosive_m3me storm
Matt is a basic bird with that window
Joshua Peters
Joshua Peters 9 days ago
Binge watching smii7y right now…
Dave Harry
Dave Harry 10 days ago
Add chat next
DaBaby 10 days ago
Actuallt its pronounced 𓆏.
GarrettP130 10 days ago
Their ongoing disappointment in the "new" map is palpable. Me and the boys felt the same. Multi million dollar company, and this is the best they could do.
Smug Bow Kid
Smug Bow Kid 10 days ago
Bro those Swiss pictures were cursed as hell-
Tristan E
Tristan E 10 days ago
Part 2? Part 2!!!
Co2Fog 10 days ago
As an irishman, omg hahaha
Riley Beasley
Riley Beasley 10 days ago
9:16 Is this Warzone or Tenet?
80Apples 10 days ago
Yo the tear 100 sniper looks like a gun from destiny 2 Leviathan
Megatronic48_Gaming YT
4:17 had me dying
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders 11 days ago
bro just shush when a cutscene on man like i love your content but jesus im tryna watch it
the bestest sheep
the bestest sheep 11 days ago
you dropped a bomb on me
Nini Stoves
Nini Stoves 11 days ago
I laughed so hard I peed a little😅 I'm ashamed lol
Benielcrack08 シ
Benielcrack08 シ 11 days ago
No one Absolutly no one Matt: 9:38 Frog
ERIK LUPLOW 11 days ago
8:52 hearing that from blarg and smiii7y is awesome
SG-Mad_Maniac _
SG-Mad_Maniac _ 11 days ago
I thought blarg was gonna say something in Arabic as the word
Dr. Drakofly
Dr. Drakofly 11 days ago
Why would there be a siren in a field in Idaho? We don't do that! We just run at the tornadoe, guns blazing!
Isaiah Catano
Isaiah Catano 11 days ago
Sounds like VanossGaming... Lol
Juan Del villar
Juan Del villar 11 days ago
Smii7y you should try out apex it’s a good game
Sonja Brown
Sonja Brown 11 days ago
blarg is 100% a golden retriever
nick nick
nick nick 12 days ago
Ethan L
Ethan L 12 days ago
imagine having call of duty being one of the most played if not the most played video game ever and they literally just make minor adjustments to verdansk after all that fuckin buildup when thy couldve done so many more things like cmon bruh we get ur trying to promote cold war even though its a shitty ass game but you when u dont do things like at least change car models for example the super modern 4 wheeler thingy just kinda ruins the 84 vibe, n just like makin sure theres like old fashion models for shit ya know like how hard is that like we waited this long for a fucking mew map at least try activision
Skittles S
Skittles S 12 days ago
Was eating, then I heard “mom I wanna hold the nuke!”
Life Sucks
Life Sucks 12 days ago
to all who hate Roze skin... Turn up yur brightness it works, and why the hell is my name "Life Sucks"
GorillaJuice 12 days ago
Hey smii7y can I have sum strella?
Fallout Guy
Fallout Guy 12 days ago
His accuracy isnt anything to be slept on.
Irish Gaming
Irish Gaming 12 days ago
smii7y just gonna ignore he was using an unreleased gun 12:13
Omar Buentello
Omar Buentello 12 days ago
sunshine units
sunshine units 12 days ago
10:58 caught me so off guard in the middle of a sip that i shot tea out of my nose
Soviet Flappyducklegs
Yet again I’m in a normal comment section looking for @owo that one channel I see everywhere
OrionFire007 VODs
OrionFire007 VODs 12 days ago
Bro this shi didn't show in my feed
theterror gator
theterror gator 12 days ago
Is the ppsh a blueprint of the uzi or is it just glitched to look like it
DeadeyeKing255 X
DeadeyeKing255 X 12 days ago
FF: A Russian nickname for the ppsh translated to English is “Daddy”
Justin McCann
Justin McCann 12 days ago
These dudes. Lmfao
assassinated assassin
I dont think he realizes that if you log into cold war you get captain price
Dalton Sundara
Dalton Sundara 12 days ago
"What the fuck is a weapon drop marker?" "Oo, new content?" Me, who played quite a bit of Plunder: nah, it's actually been here since season 1. It's from the Multi
Patrick Stovall
Patrick Stovall 12 days ago
What was the whole point of this event
Jackson 13 days ago
no travis scoot no like dissliked
Boris Veselinov
Boris Veselinov 13 days ago
10:05 The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?!
calvin cosplay
calvin cosplay 13 days ago
why is the first bit on smitty plus that shit was hilarrious XD!
iman lotfi
iman lotfi 13 days ago
I was like "wHeRe Is BlArGgGgG?!?" And then i saw him in the description and i felt bliss pogs?
Obama Wii
Obama Wii 13 days ago
Tony Reznik
Tony Reznik 13 days ago
Idaho my home state
Potato 13 days ago
#10.. sneaky snitch moments!
MLGivens 13 days ago
Staabzz 13 days ago
What kind of mic makes ur voice sound the way Blarg did at the beginning of the vid i need to know
Hey Smii7y you should play ROUNDS on steam
Brady Swanson
Brady Swanson 13 days ago
That tier 100 sniper skin low key looks like something out of Destiny
Igor gomez
Igor gomez 13 days ago
No one : Matt : “WERE TERRORIST!!!”
Jy'keveon Sage
Jy'keveon Sage 13 days ago
i really like the loading screen
liттlelosiто 13 days ago
CypherSam 13 days ago
Bugged weapon icons, incredibly low poly models, broken matchmaking, an event that's completely summed up with just a cutscene and a map with minor changes, these are all great hallmarks for a game that's 100% finished and definitely had no issues whatsoever during development
fez012 13 days ago
iPlayOnALawnMower 13 days ago
Mushromboe Invading
COD is the only game that can do half ass events and still keep its players through every game
to the one person who is reading this I can say: you are nice and great, be secure 👍❤️👍
Anthony Thymian
Anthony Thymian 13 days ago
I love falling asleep to your screams
Only Jesus Can Save Us
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The_midget_menace 13 days ago
Pulled a fortnite😂
Isaac Welsh
Isaac Welsh 13 days ago
@Jacksepticeye1:55 he no original
dhdudg gd
dhdudg gd 14 days ago
Matt is the definition of chaotic evil
Connor Tate
Connor Tate 14 days ago
“We’re terrorists!!!! Yaaaaaaa!
Robert Patterson
Robert Patterson 14 days ago
Cold War really be dead
Ronan Doyle-murrell
8:10 sounds exactly like donkey from shrek lmao
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 14 days ago
You should play Snowrunner
JeffyBlob 14 days ago
Every normal Warzone team: "Get in." *Everybody gets in the vehicle* The boysssss: "Get in." *Smii7y gets ON the car*
Spencer Wren
Spencer Wren 14 days ago
Mini Wulff
Mini Wulff 14 days ago
Ok SMII7Y, Idk if you saw my last comment, BUT, if you talk about tator tots in the next video, I will give 5 gifted subs, and also happy late birthday 🎂👑🥳
Emmanuel Garcia
Emmanuel Garcia 14 days ago
You get more views on your second channel then your main 😂
JustAnotherGuy 14 days ago
3:26 you could say... your math is suck
Mello 14 days ago
*Paratroopers in 1983* *AAAAA* AAAAaaaaaa.......!!!
PyroAsura 14 days ago
*Group mentions Jacksepticeye* Me: AHHHH I LOVE JACK☘️💚 2:22 yup that matches Sean's energy
Makah RezRacer86
Makah RezRacer86 14 days ago
Connor EXE
Connor EXE 14 days ago
you aint slick with the ACNH travel sound