WandaVision Episode 7: Every Clue About the Agnes Reveal EXPLAINED 

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WandaVision Episode 7 reveals that--as expected--Agnes is actually the witch Agatha Harkness. But the twist is that Wanda isn't controlling Westview. In fact, it’s been Agatha, all along.
We comb through the show for every clue that Wanda and Vision missed, that Agatha was the actual villain. We also speculate about Agatha’s plan, and that strange book in her creepy dungeon.
Katherine Hahn puts on a clinic in this show, and it’s an absolute delight to watch how she imbued her “neighbor next door” with a hint of malice.
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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey)
Edited by Antonio Polito and Katherine Woloson
#WandaVision #EasterEggs #Agatha

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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
ScreenCrush 4 days ago
Did you like the reveal?
Mike Schalkham
Mike Schalkham 6 hours ago
@Ethan A That’d be cool!
Mike Schalkham
Mike Schalkham 7 hours ago
@Crazyman oh herp-a-derp! Look at you smart guy..i tHiNk I kNoW sOmEtHiNg NeW bUt iT wAs pOsTeD hErE eIgHt FUCKING tImEs..
Captain RG D
Captain RG D 7 hours ago
Will you do Superman and Lois?
William Gordge
William Gordge 11 hours ago
It's not a moth, it's a Cicada! Moths do not have see through wings.
Reality Breakers
Reality Breakers 18 hours ago
Around the 4:56-4:57 mark freeze frame it (during magic show clip about Dottie and you see Brad Pitt's image burned into it. What's that about?
MonsterMcMillan 9 minutes ago
In doctor strange when Wong is showing the ancient ones books there's one missing ... I think that book is in Agnes basement
Mike Eps
Mike Eps 16 minutes ago
Nice fucking clickbait lol
Daniel Gossett
Daniel Gossett 42 minutes ago
Tyler Durden at 4:56
Nomadic 47 minutes ago
She killed Sparky top ten anime betrayals
NICO Hour ago
I read that the book Agatha has is from doctor strange, that scene where he is in a library with magical books but there’s a book missing, it could be that one that Agatha has.
petrillizer Hour ago
Footage at 4:55 - 4:56 (pay attention)
MooMoo42 Hour ago
Also, the ‘Hex’. Darcy named it because of its hexagonal structure, but witches cast spells, curses and hexes
chale347 Hour ago
Could Agatha's book be al alternate Universe version of the books at the Sanctum library in Dr. Strange? Could she be her Universe's version of Kaecilius and (since Mephisto might be too dark for Disney) it's actually Dormamu using her?... Kaecilius and his other follower's eyes did turn purple when they used the book to connect with Dormamu.
David Amrod
David Amrod Hour ago
That is not a month. It is a ciccade- a symbol of rebirth.
Tsarina Doll
Tsarina Doll Hour ago
I want them to keep doing classic sitcom-ish stuff. The other part of the story is interesting too but the sitcom stuff takes it to a whole new level of enjoyable.
Joshua Hour ago
Lavender is purple, the drink she's sipping is purple, and her mailman relationship is sus
JustPancakes Hour ago
0.25x 4:57 WHO IS THAT?!
Exploding_ _kitten
Exploding_ _kitten 2 hours ago
slow down to 0.5x speed and pause at 4:56
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
If that Pietro were the real Pietro, he wouldn’t have known about Vision having previously died, unless someone told him about it, but that wasn’t shown on-screen. Everything else he said up to that point could be explained away, but that last bit made it abundantly clear he wasn’t who he said he was.
Fajar Haq
Fajar Haq 2 hours ago
I heard that the book in Agatha's basement is the same book from the Doctor Strange movie. where one book is missing on the shelf and ended up being with Agatha, assuming it was the same one that Mephisto stole! I also heard that the magic being radiated from the book is neither red or purple but orange which could hint at Doctor Strange. But whatever it is, it makes my head hurt 😂😂
xjemuzu 2 hours ago
that wasnt a moth, its a cicada
Chris Hess, J.D.
Chris Hess, J.D. 2 hours ago
Was that Brad Pitt from Fight Club?
Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper 2 hours ago
4:56 for Brad Pitt
Avi Akbar
Avi Akbar 3 hours ago
The panoramic leaf descriptively compete because tortellini possibly pray into a disagreeable kitten. spiffy, peaceful susan
TheCamster4545 3 hours ago
OH my god it’s a cicada not a moth, I keep seeing reviewers not know what that is and it’s sooooo annoying. Do people not know what cicadas are? Anyway, I’m pretty sure that in that scene, the rabbit and cicada are just the twins shapeshifter via magic. The framing of it and specific highlighting of the rabbit and cicada while Wanda wonders where the twins are is just too coincidental to me
Melissa Barber
Melissa Barber 3 hours ago
Why the brad Pitt clip in the video?
Wes Ferguson
Wes Ferguson 3 hours ago
I think this is all more misdirection. I think Agatha is actually helping Wanda, and the true villain is yet to be revealed.
Denasy Gaming
Denasy Gaming 4 hours ago
Why is there a Brad Pitt at 4:56?
jeramy Kennedy
jeramy Kennedy 4 hours ago
brad pitt in the video hmm
Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch 4 hours ago
4:57 Brad Pitt?
Ty Nunya
Ty Nunya 4 hours ago
That's a cicada, not a moth.
K.O.G TheTrueNight
K.O.G TheTrueNight 4 hours ago
Hint I am Agatha to the right my right!!!! not yours! In other words you’re not right I am and this is my reality not yours
K.O.G TheTrueNight
K.O.G TheTrueNight 4 hours ago
To Bring back Thanos
Mooseposse 5 hours ago
It's a cicada..
Jordo 5 hours ago
Why is there a picture of Tyler Burden @ 4:56 in the blink of an eye, in the right corner????
Danny Kidwell
Danny Kidwell 5 hours ago
That “moth” is actually a Mephisto Easter egg. He first appeared as a fly.
Carlo Orelli
Carlo Orelli 5 hours ago
if this means Evan Peters is not going to be the new Quicksilver, I am really pissed off.
Um medhat
Um medhat 5 hours ago
No license in the Halloween episode she was literally driving lol
FruitSnackZ 5 hours ago
I have a question whenever u make another plot hole video. How did goose get to earth in the first place in Captain Marvel. Is my cat secretly an alien too?
Kay Tor
Kay Tor 5 hours ago
Dude the three figures on her brooch isnt just significant to the Norns, the Triple Goddess is a recurrant theme in folklore, mythology, and witchcraft. Wont go into too much detail, but for a quick comics analogue, DC Comics' version of the Hecate/goddess of witches similarily appears as three women of various ages who are a single entity. It's a pretty strong witch signal for the sharp-eyed viewer.
Ivan Archeous
Ivan Archeous 6 hours ago
Did anyone else noticed the split second rickroll at 4:55?
Brydon Diaz - Gilbert
4:56 who saw that person glitch
TheBrownTown007 6 hours ago
She's played 2 of the best Marvel Villains of recent memory, Dr Octopus in Spider-Verse and now Agatha.
トイレの花子 6 hours ago
im confused about one thing. If Wanda created this whole small universe, shouldn't she know that Agatha is not one of the "actors" at all? Shouldn't she question her existence more?
Eli Sankar
Eli Sankar 6 hours ago
What if the three witches are Rambeaugh, Wanda, and Agatha?
D T 6 hours ago
The book is the Darkhold.
Hamad Muhanned
Hamad Muhanned 6 hours ago
Can you be right just once stop thinking that your right
abhishek srivastava
4:56 nice
HarrisTin1 6 hours ago
I think the rabbit has a bigger part in the show i personally think the rabbit is Doctor Strange and hes going to do something which will then lead into Wanda playing a big part in Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness because it would make sense for Doctor Strange to make an appearance in WandaVision which will then lead straight into Doctor Strange 2
David Estrada
David Estrada 6 hours ago
Why is Brad Pitt in this video? lol 4:56
Bravo's Drunk Gaming
Did anyone else notice a figure flash on bottom right of the video at 4:57 as the crowd say “for the children”.
Susan Sucks
Susan Sucks 7 hours ago
the Serie is so good.. the optical aspect the good writen story the time travel stuff the ppl playing in it ow we talk about wandavision not legion? then meh...
Henry Lam
Henry Lam 7 hours ago
You think you are slick to sneak in Brad Pitt from Fight Club at 4:56 hahaha
Boxall, Felix
Boxall, Felix 7 hours ago
How is the person if you pause it at the time 4:57
Sebastian Sponsel
Sebastian Sponsel 7 hours ago
Tyler Durden :)
zeze rubio
zeze rubio 7 hours ago
The soggy underpants unusually spot because mother classically smile up a tame butcher. careful, irritating barber
Stefano Scirgalea
Stefano Scirgalea 7 hours ago
The only doubt is that there´s no Moth in the scenes... thats a cicade, so i dont know if thats a valid easter egg
Andrew Wolfgang
Andrew Wolfgang 7 hours ago
Agnes said in E2 "here's the star of the show...". It's implied she meant Wanda in WandaVision and then she clarified its Señor Scratchy for the magic trick. But in E7, Agnes has her own theme song for her show called Agatha All Along... Starring Agnes!
Andrea 8 hours ago
Nice Fight Club reference
Dewa Setiaji
Dewa Setiaji 8 hours ago
I dont remember saw brad pitt in this series 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jay Woody
Jay Woody 8 hours ago
This whole video was big brain
youtube life
youtube life 8 hours ago
youtube life
youtube life 8 hours ago
The best-known North American genus, however, may be Magicicada, In the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, the goddess Aphrodite retells the legend of how Eos, the goddess of the dawn, requested Zeus to let her lover Tithonus live forever as an immortal. Zeus granted her request, but because Eos forgot to ask him to also make Tithonus ageless, Tithonus never died, but he did grow old.Eventually, he became so tiny and shriveled that he turned into the first cicada
imperiumromanum 8 hours ago
Please be more considerate with naming your videos. Saw the title before I watched the episode and knowing there would be an Agnes reveal in E7 spoiled it for me.
SunBoiiPlayz 9 hours ago
My theory is i think that pendant u were talking about 3 with sister is Agatha, Dottie maybe? And Wanda. I know Agatha is evil to Wanda... but who knows right?
Rejected ideas
Rejected ideas 9 hours ago
That purple light in credits hint at Agatha's power. Grabbing at all the straws aren't we ? If you say that the curled hair of Scarlett Johansson in iron man two are a hint of curled hair of Wanda. It will fit perfectly here
Florian Thiel
Florian Thiel 9 hours ago
Sneaky Brad Pit mid frame. Nicely done.
S. Frances Tiger
S. Frances Tiger 9 hours ago
Did no one else catch Brad Pitt on screen when the town concurred, "For the children"? 💀
TheRhadamanthus 10 hours ago
Isn't Agatha Wanda's teacher in the comics?
Always Watching
Always Watching 10 hours ago
Why does she look like Shailene Woodley when she's driving?!
William Gordge
William Gordge 11 hours ago
It's a cicada on the curtain, not a moth. Moths do not have transparent wings. It is also interesting to note that the cicada is inside, as they grow for years underground feeding off sap of tree roots before emerging and shedding their nymph coat on the trunk of a tree, and not inside a house. This is a mystery!
Shalila Nanayakkara
Shalila Nanayakkara 11 hours ago
It's been agatha all along Lea:What?
Josh Kay
Josh Kay 11 hours ago
Also Agatha harkness had a son called scrat just like senior scratchy
Bossi Frank
Bossi Frank 12 hours ago
4:55 is that Brad Pitt from the movie that I'm not supposed to talk about... Why though?
Erin Claire
Erin Claire 12 hours ago
That's a cicada, not a moth.
F9 13 hours ago
I see what you did there at 4:56
Ricky Nutt Jr.
Ricky Nutt Jr. 13 hours ago
It’s not a moth on the curtain. It’s a fly. Possibly a connection to Mephisto since the devil is also called the lord of the flies (beelzebub). I know it’s not a moth because it has transparent wings and it moves like a fly, not a cicada.
alan brown
alan brown 13 hours ago
This was the most obvious thing to happen in this show. It was cool the way it was done, but it was disappointing
Taralga Bush Adventure
Thanks for the Tyler Durden at 4:55
Ricky Nutt Jr.
Ricky Nutt Jr. 13 hours ago
The broach has a picture of Agatha holding two kids.
Kenny Gillis
Kenny Gillis 14 hours ago
FYI, the bug in Wanda's house was not a moth, but a cicada.
magicoA 14 hours ago
Those are cicadas in her home. Maybe it represents her being dormant under ground until resurfacing to claim magic
davesefoster 14 hours ago
I'm just hoping Kathryn Hahn sticks around for other stuff, particularly as in the comics, Agatha eventually becomes an ally to Wanda and Dr. Strange. Kathryn's doing such an amazing job, and if anyone LESS talented played Wanda, she'd steal the show straight from under them. I'm hoping Agatha sticks around after this show, even if only just a minor presence in the movies
Toph 14 hours ago
When the baby’s got older, I would’ve loved if someone said “they grow up so fast”
TheDarkLycan YT
TheDarkLycan YT 14 hours ago
Cicada not moth
robotempire 14 hours ago
C’mon this is leading up to Dr. Strange & the Multiverse of Madness. Dr. Strange is a “wizard” yanno? That’s where it’s going
SankanCibo 14 hours ago
I’m calling it, watch for the book, Rambaeu, and Vision. This is how things will progress and possibly how Agatha will escape (or complete her plan). Watch and see.
Shawn Harrison
Shawn Harrison 14 hours ago
Why does Tyler Durden keep flashing in these videos?
Caio Araujo
Caio Araujo 14 hours ago
Dude, literally in the trailer we hear the radio say “Whos is doing this to you Wanda?” and then it cuts to Agatha’s face. It was a clear hint that throughout the show we forgot about.
Jonathan Cuellar
Jonathan Cuellar 14 hours ago
💃 “it was Agatha all along” 💃
Josh J
Josh J 15 hours ago
Did anyone else pick up on the fight club reference at 4:56? Pay extra attention to the 1 second flash on the right hand side of the screen.
O Zone
O Zone 15 hours ago
4:56 Don't think I missed that Tyler Durden flash.
whimseywoman 15 hours ago
It's a cicada. :-)
J Throne
J Throne 15 hours ago
The three on the broch could also be a reference to Hecate the maiden, mother, and crone.
Wayne Krupa
Wayne Krupa 16 hours ago
The witch trials were in Salem MA..... Not CT.
nevaeh hardin
nevaeh hardin 16 hours ago
ACTUALLY if you look closely in doctor strange you can see a missing book which is the one Agatha could have aka kickstarting The new Doctor Strange movie multi-verse of madness
Drew Piceno
Drew Piceno 16 hours ago
Agatha didn’t make herb cut the wall you can see he already cut it so Agatha controlled herb to stop when she said stop then to play along with it
Theitsybitsyspider 16 hours ago
That's a cicada in her home, not a moth
Darrell R. Jr
Darrell R. Jr 16 hours ago
I appreciate the details in the show
Kennie H.
Kennie H. 16 hours ago
I'm still trying to figure out what happened to sewer guy from episode 2? Wanda was obviously responsible for that in some way, as we saw his tether turn into a jump rope...
CKC MUSIC 16 hours ago
What's with the fight club flicker between 4:56 and 4:57
JG Moonlight
JG Moonlight 16 hours ago
You blew my mind
StarPhoenix 16 hours ago
Random thoughts: In episode one, Agatha mentions that “Many mouths make good gossip”, to which Wanda replies “You’re so naughty!” In the comics, Agatha’s son is Nicolas SCRATCH. One of his abilities is mind control. So Señor Scratchy was not only a rabbit and the symbol of fertility, but perhaps symbolic of her own child. I initially thought the bug in the episode was a fly, and it made me think of Beelzebub.
Niki C
Niki C 16 hours ago
What did you put in the lower right corner of the screen with the townspeople during the magic act?
jim hall
jim hall 17 hours ago
Dawwwwwww da cute puppy
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