WandaVision - Episode 7 Official Clip 

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Get a brand new look at episode 7 of WandaVision as Wanda comes to terms with her actions whilst wrestling with family life.


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Feb 18, 2021




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Rachel Falk
Rachel Falk Day ago
Who else put on the captions and saw that part that had words when she was getting her cereal and stuff?
Joe Fern
Joe Fern 2 days ago
Vision will become anti vision an evil vision from earth 616 and marvel will introduce THE GATHERERS into the universe with eternals movie which will introduce the kree.
Ruby Wood
Ruby Wood 3 days ago
That’s episode 6-
Scummy9201 3 days ago
“WE Created” 🤔
Timothy Wright
Timothy Wright 4 days ago
boycott disney
Yung Apollo inc
Yung Apollo inc 4 days ago
Remember how the book glowed red energy like wandas and every episode it sounds like wandas getting less enthusiastic about saying previous on Wanda vision what if the book is draining her power
Jeff Ma
Jeff Ma 4 days ago
*If there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood....who you gonna call?*
L3g1t 5 days ago
We need that dude with a strange name
SteveCrafts2k 5 days ago
Why are they so worried? Gamecube controllers are compatible with a Wii, so they should be fine.
Vegito Saiyan
Vegito Saiyan 5 days ago
Were is doctor strange ??? Wanda kidnapped a town Know wanda and vision must fight a evil witch doctor strange were are you
YouTube Surgeon General
Well I knew she probably killed the dog when that happened and I've thought Wanda was creating the show, but wasn't the "director" since her brother got recast, Agatha is. I remember going into this show believing that Wanda having to kill Vision and then watch Thanos rewind time only for him to be killed again all in about a ~10 minute time frame. You have to remember that Wanda never got a chance to actually grieve Visions death as she was snapped out of existence right after Visions second death and when she came back almost got to exact revenge on Thanos, but didn't get to kill him herself. We all knew she obviously snapped mentally seeing as how she went and stole Visions body because they were weaponizing him and created the hex so he could be alive with her (It's unclear if Agatha helped pull the strings to cause Wanda to go get the body or of she became involved after the Hex was created (my money is on Agatha having been involved before Wanda took Visions body. From her point of view Vision was killed twice just approximately a week or so after the events in Endgame. The missing children they referenced in Spiderman Far From home and in this episode (along with Pietro asking her where shes been "hiding" the kids this whole time) are clearly in the Hex right now. If everything is "for the children" then I think they're referencing all the kids that have gone missing and her two children. At this point I'm guessing they were taken by Agatha or whoever she answers to for the purpose of turning them into mutants or just getting powers and then using them somehow (perhaps feeding off of them to make Agatha or Mephisto/Nightmare stronger. There's also that evil looking, glowing magic book that Agatha has in the basement. She could be consuming Wanda's chaos magic and/or the magic now inside of everyone that's been effected by the hex (especially the children) for the purpose of summoning the big big bad into the MCU. The shark in the Yo-Magic Commercial was either referencing Agatha or a yet to be seen villain though I think it's Agatha. If you go back and watch the trailer for episode 7 after episode 6 aired they show a scene of Wanda when she was with von strucker (before the events of Age of Ultron) staring at a blue glowing light (the scepter) and then an explosion of bright yellow light (the Mind Stone at the moment it gave her her powers). This leads me to believe that Agatha orchestrated all this so that Wanda would recreate the mind stone inside the Hex, which is why I believe it's a hex (I feel like they're basically living inside of a large, expandable mind stone at the moment). Everyone turning into circus characters felt like they were straight up telling us "this whole situation is out of hand and basically a circus" with the reveal of Darcy and the others that were effected when the Hex expanded. I think there's a serious chance that by the end of this season that hex either expands to cover the whole Earth and explodes outwards off into the universe. This would create a whole bunch of mutants/individuals with super powers suddenly. Also if the Hex does grow in size enough to engulf the earth or just explode outwards and achieve the same thing and rewrites the chemical makeup of everything on the planet then Vision WILL be able to survive once the Hex is gone. I don't see any other way for him to survive and continue to exist in the MCU reality. So I think he's either going to die for a third time or be saved by the methods listed above.
Castiella Gabriella
Yes, the Modern Family vibe is here, fellas!!!!
9G41 VARUN.S 5 days ago
It's like office
danielalfa alfaro
1:08 tranquilo Ned piensa en la Biblia 😥 😳
G.S.I Labs
G.S.I Labs 6 days ago
Ha ha i made multiple families lose somone they love, time to take a day off.
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff 6 days ago
Just the case if the Monday guys. Agetha Harness was like I was under her control Sorry boys I ruined your game 🤣 Rest... Her... Eyes...
saltybeard79 6 days ago
Pleased to meet you can you guess my name, Mephisto?
Agustín Hernández Rivas
I saw Wii Remotes, GameCube controllers Atari 2600 controllers and UNO cards
Ha Ter
Ha Ter 6 days ago
This series has a pacing issue that nobody wants to mention.
dollars21 5 days ago
I don't see it
Ha Ter
Ha Ter 6 days ago
@D B it’s slow. Nothing really happens or progresses the narrative. The credits are long and unnecessary.
D B 6 days ago
No? I think you're the only one with that problem
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly 6 days ago
Imagine leaving your switch controller on the couch, sitting on it and it morphs into a retro joystick controller
Crest 6 days ago
It's been Agatha all along!
Darron Pirtheesingh
How long before we see Wiccan's powers I wonder
Lil Dave
Lil Dave 6 days ago
Monica is annoying af
Yavuz Şahin
Yavuz Şahin 6 days ago
She is really beautiful
Sarmad Khan
Sarmad Khan 6 days ago
The office definitely. Didn't you guys see the intro
Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis 6 days ago
The boys are still wearing their colors.
Spencer Hosch
Spencer Hosch 6 days ago
Parks and Rec?
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 6 days ago
This isn’t spoilers but rather a heads up that this episode will be the first one to feature a post credit scene so stick around true MCU theatre fans. No Cap
SgtSHAQ 6 days ago
Haha nice GameCube reference
alessio choquez
alessio choquez 6 days ago
this series, must end once and for all.
Júlio Moraes
Júlio Moraes 6 days ago
show de bola!!!!
TORRES SANTOS 6 days ago
show de bola!!!!!
trackboy17 6 days ago
I wonder if she ever actually gets any rest or sleep. I mean keeping the stone in visions head alive, the reality hex perimeter, and mind controlling everyone. She must be stretching herself pretty thin.
mam caps funciona engravida
show de bola!!!!
Martin Albarillo
Martin Albarillo 6 days ago
Muffin Bro W
Muffin Bro W 6 days ago
0:26 is that a black wavebird or a GC controller w/ no wire?
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 6 days ago
Lawanda, most days I think you need a spanking. Now I do not care.
Eduardo Bustamante
The kid looks like ben 10
Jake Hancock
Jake Hancock 6 days ago
It's Agatha!!
Alan Peterson
Alan Peterson 6 days ago
Why marvel why? .... I’m trying my best to just stay away from sexy scenes then 💥 BAM revealing quilt scene 😐 NOICE 😅
B Campbell
B Campbell 6 days ago
Show is getting weaker as it goes....Did they hire a new writer half way through or what ???
marcus F
marcus F 6 days ago
Yes indeed
Yes indeed 6 days ago
I didnt know modern family but i know the office when the camera zoom
Belle Delicious
Belle Delicious 6 days ago
Snoopers gonna snoop
Mr Plumbe
Mr Plumbe 6 days ago
Snoopers gon' snoop
Maria do Carmo Sobreira
This is getting so woke it's making me sick.
Tyron Williams
Tyron Williams 6 days ago
Dis fire
Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier 6 days ago
I'm pretty sure Wanda's english is not this fluent that time in Age Of Ultron.
Niksterkai 6 days ago
0:59 Extroverts who hate themselves:
breno roberto
breno roberto 6 days ago
show de bola !!!!!
Welby Nazhari
Welby Nazhari 6 days ago
the office parody
賈斯汀閔我老公 欸嘿
When I hate this day: 0:18
Lauro josé Ultraman caps
show de bola !!!!!
NarciiX 6 days ago
I can't stop thinking what would've happened if Vision "woke up" Pietro. "-Ch..Charles? Erik? Where am I?"
NarciiX 6 days ago
@Maik Bam yeah, but still, he can wake up
Maik Bam
Maik Bam 6 days ago
He was never under wandas control he always knew what is happening
Preston Fernandes
Is she sleeping..... No she’s dead
Y Z 6 days ago
She's too young to have kids that old
D B 6 days ago
Not really. Shes about 30
Ethan 6 days ago
*It’s been Agatha all along*
Harry Haximos
Harry Haximos 6 days ago
Yooo this episode was amazing
spoolers 6 days ago
Juan Rocha
Juan Rocha 6 days ago
Finally we're getting somewhere with the next episode but like I thought these were gonna be an hour long now for the last three episodes......wtf
Barry Villacarillo
Episode 6: Thrilling. Pulse-pounding. Cinematic music. *Episode 7:* 0:10
MGS TV 6 days ago
i think in this episode they are going for a morden family look
Juan Rocha
Juan Rocha 6 days ago
Did u not listen to the intro!??!?!?!?!
Hidirazmi Abdul Rahman
Whyto urself😰😰
Troy Hayder
Troy Hayder 6 days ago
Wakanda vision with the Wanda... Is thanos in it? You know purple headed warrior?
Jack King
Jack King 6 days ago
Snoopers gonna snoop
Chopsticks 6 days ago
Chopsticks 6 days ago
@the memester ??
the memester
the memester 6 days ago
FoxRNG 6 days ago
I wish we got an office episode at visions work
Gabe 6 days ago
"What did it cost?"
Joshua Nainsukh
Joshua Nainsukh 6 days ago
Pietro is Loki
LuLuGrip 6 days ago
Fazril Abrar Purnomo
I'm here after watching Episode 7 and spoiler alert: Agnes is Agatha Harkness
The Mysterious Minecraft Walker
@H.I.T.B nn thank you
H.I.T.B nn
H.I.T.B nn 6 days ago
@The Mysterious Minecraft Walker 30 minutes and there's a post credits scene as well
The Mysterious Minecraft Walker
Can you tell me how long is the epsiode
Reza Dranie
Reza Dranie 6 days ago
just finished this episode, mind blown (again)
Michael? 6 days ago
Spoiler alert: This episode got real
O 6 days ago
Agatha all along
M Bintang
M Bintang 6 days ago
I thought marvel already announced Kathryn's role?
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey 6 days ago
She let Ultron get to her head. Thanos pretty much destroyed her vibrator.
the memester
the memester 6 days ago
Shihan Ahmed
Shihan Ahmed 6 days ago
Where are the 90's sitcom homage, man? 90s sitcom are the greatest of all.
Shikamaru Nara
Shikamaru Nara 6 days ago
Me and Wanda are broken up if anyone is wondering
Shikamaru Nara
Shikamaru Nara 6 days ago
@Darius_softboi cause I had to find out what is outside of westview and she never told me whatever she is doing it for it not right
Darius_softboi 6 days ago
Dorin Calmîş
Dorin Calmîş 6 days ago
sw4gr3bel 6 days ago
0:25 we all know we want this to happen with our current systems.....
DrangonXtreme 22
DrangonXtreme 22 6 days ago
I didn’t know Claire dunphy was on this show
Korega requiem da
LukeSeagle504 7 days ago
1:05 me: I’m so confused what’s going on- 1:10 me: HOT DAMN
Dilan Abreu
Dilan Abreu 7 days ago
This just turned into modern family lol
Eric Lovett
Eric Lovett 7 days ago
modern family
Derrick Sanford
Derrick Sanford 7 days ago
I'm getting Pam Beasley/Halpert vibes from Wanda... hey let's hope Jim shows up too!!!
Kurt Gavin Ponce
Kurt Gavin Ponce 7 days ago
This clip: Basically Elizabeth Olsen talking to us in a "special" episode of WANDAVISION about the current life.
My name is jeff 21
Its strange how she said “the world WE created”
Getsuga Tenshou
Getsuga Tenshou 7 days ago
Imagine If this series ends with introducing nightmare as the mastermind for wanda's behaviour
William Plante
William Plante 7 days ago
You know what would be nice: Doctor Strange showing up in the last episode to stop Wanda.
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 7 days ago
Valentina 7 days ago
Can we have an avengers themed modern family show? I just want my domestic avengers dammit!
xFate 7 days ago
0:08 the false world *we* created??
Abdullah Ahmed
Abdullah Ahmed 7 days ago
More hexagon!!!! Hexagons on the blanket too
Lily Harris
Lily Harris 7 days ago
The boys remind me of Zach and Cody honestly
Trysten Kuskie
Trysten Kuskie 7 days ago
she still wearing the same costume she wore in the previous episode
Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Mitchell 7 days ago
Modernmade Up Family
Luis Hernando
Luis Hernando 7 days ago
Oh so we're gonna be a reality show next episode? 😆
Bruno Abad YT
Bruno Abad YT 7 days ago
0:24 Wii 0:27 Gamecube 0:29 Atari 2600 0:32 Uno
Gaming FAQ
Gaming FAQ 7 days ago
Now that The Office is kinda Canon on MCU, imagine if Michael Scarn is the Luke skywalker-level cameo
Alexander Lockhart
Spoiler... Agnes is controlling Wanda. She was her therapist. Bye.
Luis Antony Guevara Carrasco
Happy britday elizabeth Olsen
lookwatisee 7 days ago
This show is legit, thanks Marvel for keeping me sane