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Take a look at our brand 'NEW PROMO TV SPOT - Episode 8' concept for Disney+ series 'WandaVision' featuring Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Even Peters, Kat Dennings & more! (More Info About This Video Down Below)
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Inspiration behind this video:
Things haven't gone well for Wanda Maximoff since she debuted in Avengers: Age of Ultron. After a number of tragedies befell her, Avengers: Infinity War killed off Vision, with whom she was in a romantic relationship. However, in WandaVision, Scarlet Witch has seemingly used her powers to revive Vision, and there are a lot of hints that she might have broken bad. In this video, we're going to explain why Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness might see the titular hero taking down Scarlet Witch once and for all.
At this time, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding what's going on in Westview, the town where WandaVision is set. However, for the purposes of this theory, we're going to propose that Wanda is the one who is responsible for creating Westview and has done so as a result of her grief. We think that, in the end, Wanda will opt to return the entire town of Westview to her fantasy world. From there, the phenomenon will grow, necessitating intervention from the Marvel Cinematic Universe's other heroes. As a result of his magical powers, Doctor Strange is likely the only one capable of getting close to Wanda in Westview and thus stopping her.
Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, it's not totally clear just what shape the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will take. While there's a good indication the characters that Disney acquired from 21st Century Fox will soon arrive, there's not much solid information on just when or how that might happen. Right now, there are a lot of potential directions the MCU could take going forward, though exactly which one it will take remains to be seen.
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Feb 19, 2021




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Screen Culture
Screen Culture 11 days ago
TFATWS | New Episode 1 Promo 🔻 us-first.info/player/video/h7-mjKiLco-dYZc.html
LifeofEntropy 6 days ago
Please, if you have literally any self respect start putting fan made in your titles. All you are doing is tricking and disappointing people
5A04 錢柏希Koil
rosalind cooper y ask me
5A04 錢柏希Koil
rosalind cooper idk
rosalind cooper
rosalind cooper 7 days ago
@5A04 錢柏希Koil that’s his voice we hear right?
Gin 8 days ago
It's an concept
Tudor R.B.
Tudor R.B. 2 hours ago
Paulo F.
Paulo F. 4 days ago
This arennot images from episode 8
Rudranil Ain
Rudranil Ain 4 days ago
Dr strange
Scarlet Widow
Scarlet Widow 4 days ago
emma 4 days ago
oh for the love of god, PLEASE put "fanmade" in the title. i'm sick of yall trying to get clicks and for what? reused footage? christ how do people fall for this
luis carlos zavala
What is the song that plays at 00:24-00:29?
Daniel Santana
Daniel Santana 4 days ago
0:11 doctor strange
the real levi
the real levi 4 days ago
Love this show
*Imagine lowkey, how much of an asshole you gotta be to do shit like this and mean it.*
@Hams Ter *These aren’t official pimp.*
Hams Ter
Hams Ter 4 days ago
Ashley De La Cruz
Cassia Silva
Cassia Silva 4 days ago
Dr Estranho????
Katherine Salazar
0:10 Doctor Strange!!!!!!!!
The Man
The Man 4 days ago
This video real? 0:11 doctor starnge is coming 🤩
Thando Xaba
Thando Xaba 4 days ago
Flip that's dr strange
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius 4 days ago
Stephen Stranger
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma 5 days ago
Put "fan made" in title ffs you b
Kacper Budzich
Kacper Budzich 5 days ago
I'm wait the eposide 8
Daniel Pleitez-Martinez
Just straight say it’s a fan made trailer so no one thinks it’s teal
Vinicius Pires
Vinicius Pires 5 days ago
O Grande mago aparece em 0:11
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma 5 days ago
Fan made
RiZaHD 5 days ago
alto temardo Edit: autolike para no desaparecer
Mr. Calderøn
Mr. Calderøn 5 days ago
Did. I. Just. See. DOCTOR. STRANGR.
Shibasis Ghosh
Shibasis Ghosh 5 days ago
Well... Wanda does need a doctor.
dominator of destruction
There was no other way-doctor strange
R2 D2
R2 D2 5 days ago
0:11 is it just me or do I predict 3 magical people (not counting vision cuz he is actually dead and he can only phase through so he ain’t a wizard or anything and don’t forget Agatha) in 1 show and possibly a magic person stand off?? No? Kk
hap hap
hap hap 5 days ago
0:10 doctor strange 🔥🔥
Fenite Encantatum
I dont need a promo to watch Wandavision. I see an MCU show/movie? I watch it.
Platon Rosscol
Platon Rosscol 6 days ago
Ахуеть, Стрейндж
Rohan Alias
Rohan Alias 6 days ago
Blocked and reported
Andre 6 days ago
That was Dr Strange
Chloe Pullen
Chloe Pullen 6 days ago
NEXT FRIDAY?! It’s Wednesday uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh three days cause it’s early rn so technically it’s not Wednesday in my brain
Chloe Pullen
Chloe Pullen 6 days ago
When Agatha said “and I killed sparky too!” I was like “😱😱😱*HUGE GASP* NOOOOOOO 🤭” and my brother had already seen it and he was just like “yep 😬😐”
Vaishakh Manoj
Vaishakh Manoj 6 days ago
Aint that doctor strange?
Sanjay Joseph
Sanjay Joseph 6 days ago
0:15 "There was no other way" Who is saying this??
Oronde Parker
Oronde Parker 5 days ago
Bro it's from Endgame.
Syauki Arianto
Syauki Arianto 6 days ago
Good job
Imutan 6 days ago
DOCTOR STRANGEEEEE!!! (pretty sure he isn't the big cameo that was teased tho)
Yoen Yoen
Yoen Yoen 6 days ago
Eduardo Martins
Eduardo Martins 6 days ago
Strange: Wanda, I came to bargain...
mohd ishaq omar
mohd ishaq omar 6 days ago
Screen culture is officially canceled!
Mark Septipie 2
Mark Septipie 2 6 days ago
Hayden Else
Hayden Else 6 days ago
I don't think this is real. I'm pretty sure the doctor strange shot was from his film
Almacén De los Secretos
Wtf? Doctor strange? 🤯
lanieta vakasevi
lanieta vakasevi 6 days ago
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Luis_Garcia 6 days ago
You suck guys no more fan mades
Alexandre Baz
Alexandre Baz 6 days ago
Robert Wissmann
Robert Wissmann 6 days ago
Yeah not real! This is a fan made trailer
Ahmed Rasheed
Ahmed Rasheed 6 days ago
This Friday is so close yet so far :(
- ambrr -
- ambrr - 6 days ago
Jesús Erazo
Jesús Erazo 6 days ago
"There was no other". 😱
Billy Coles
Billy Coles 6 days ago
hufflepuff 6 days ago
Does somebody know how to build a timemachine? Asking for a friend
Rudyx 6 days ago
Ok strange is comming
Rudyx 6 days ago
It's dr strange 😳
upgrayedd719 6 days ago
Interesting they put in Strange’s quote from infinity war. Those stones ain’t gone!
Jelte van der Pluijm
People it's a concept, don't get hyped
Astaroth F2P
Astaroth F2P 6 days ago
Strange incoming ....... Mefisto ??? Nighmare ???
Afendi Mussaev
Afendi Mussaev 7 days ago
Пацаны и девушки, кто здесь русский то лайк???????
SnowMan SK
SnowMan SK 7 days ago
so Strange came on ep8 !?
Odin Baj
Odin Baj 7 days ago
Joe Fern
Joe Fern 7 days ago
Vision will become anti vision an evil vision from earth 616 and marvel will introduce THE GATHERERS into the universe with eternals movie which will introduce the kree.
FRiZER ING 7 days ago
Mr. Doctor!!!!!!
Orlando Navarro
Orlando Navarro 7 days ago
Te voy a reportar
ShadowXLord_jay 7 days ago
Always suspected something was fishy about Agatha....
Damaris Cabana
Damaris Cabana 7 days ago
Omg Doctor Strange will finally appear!?
Piyush Verma
Piyush Verma 7 days ago
Amazing Concept..
Manuel Suarez
Manuel Suarez 7 days ago
Weeeeeeee sale doctor strange
COOPER KENT 7 days ago
Guilherme 7 days ago
Mentiroso demais, ridículo em
nishesh sharma
nishesh sharma 7 days ago
There is clean voice of dr strange...he is coming
Darkwolf523 7 days ago
0:11 if it is next episode then does this scene look like dr. Strange walking into something?
xMachine 6 days ago
The thing Doctor Strange walks into is his Snactuary. Same place hulk went in Infinity War.
ender shamrock 20
First Last
First Last 7 days ago
Please stand by, our most common enemy
Cayden Robson
Cayden Robson 7 days ago
Is that Doctor Strange 0:10?
Rayyan S
Rayyan S 7 days ago
Are these even real?
Calli Tutor
Calli Tutor 7 days ago
I just wanna say 1 thing 💃Its 💃been 💃agatha💃 all 💃along💃
Kayla Watts
Kayla Watts 7 days ago
I watched it at 6am and I had to wait 2 days to discuss it with my mom because “nO SpOiLeRs” WELL MA YOU SHOULD HAVE WATCHED IT AT 6 AM LIKE THE REST OF US
Finn Martin
Finn Martin 7 days ago
ahhhhhhhh doctor fucking strange
Aprende con Jesús
Va a salir Dr Strange???
THE LAST JEDI 7 days ago
0:08 - 0:09 We still haven't seen this bit yet.
Gabriel BBrss
Gabriel BBrss 7 days ago
Edd Morales
Edd Morales 7 days ago
Why did you get visits to this youtube chanel?
Martín Acevedo • Hace 8 años
Dont worry, its fan made
Oscar Villalobos
Oscar Villalobos 7 days ago
Jacob B
Jacob B 7 days ago
Is doctor strange coming?
RadMarshmallow Animations
viviana morote
viviana morote 7 days ago
Whats the song ?
Dennis Roach
Dennis Roach 7 days ago
Yellow Magic is Dottie... all the flowers outside her house are yellow!
Ruby Wood
Ruby Wood 7 days ago
This is episode 7 mate
Osama Ahmad
Osama Ahmad 7 days ago
Please add fan made, you idiot
Aaron Chen
Aaron Chen 7 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue I've been clickbaited so have you.
Ricky M
Ricky M 7 days ago
I hope we get to see wandas pov of her taking visions body!!!!!
Diegeek Channel
Diegeek Channel 7 days ago
Gracias por avisar que va a aparecer Dr. Strange.
Theo Poliviou
Theo Poliviou 7 days ago
What if Thanos and MCU was all Agatha 😳😳😳
Abhijay Thakur
Abhijay Thakur 7 days ago
0:10 was doctor strange right
Antok PL
Antok PL 7 days ago
*Doctor Strange has arrived*
Carlos Moreno
Carlos Moreno 7 days ago
Yo al ver al Dr. Strange😲
EmiTUBE 13
EmiTUBE 13 7 days ago
0:10 Doctor Strange
baGDaDi gaming
baGDaDi gaming 7 days ago
Finally dr strange in👍👍👍
Bryan Campoverde
Bryan Campoverde 7 days ago
Strangeeeeeeeeee 😍
ANA PILLA 7 days ago
It was Agatha all alone!