Walmart SECRETS YOU NEED TO KNOW to save THOUSANDS! 😱 Find hidden clearance (easy + for beginners!) 

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Hey, guys! Today we are shopping Walmart Clearance and how to find the best deals in store. I'm sharing with you three easy ways you can use to save money TODAY that change the game! Come enjoy this shop with me and easy tips!
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Apr 5, 2021




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Do It On A Dime
Do It On A Dime 15 days ago
Helpful tip: to match online prices, make sure the item is in stock both in store and online sold and sold/fulfilled by one of their approved retailers. Hope that helps! Full policy here: www.walmart.com/help/article/walmart-com-s-price-match-policy/9b1a48788b0045a8a784d34aa566627f
Anite Odalien
Anite Odalien 2 days ago
Krissi Faith
Krissi Faith 4 days ago
@Michelle Elle They have to honor the online price if it is in stock and if it is shipped and fulfilled by Walmart. If not, just call the regional office. Otherwise, it is false advertisement.
Michelle Elle
Michelle Elle 5 days ago
They refused to honor the online price 🤦🏼‍♀️
Krissi Faith
Krissi Faith 6 days ago
No walmart is the same. The inventory is a mess and so inaccurate. Not even Brick seek can help you...so unless you have endless amounts of time, don't even bother.
Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas 9 days ago
@Do It On A Dime - clearance prices vary because stores have different allowances for how much they can lower the price. The Walmart closest to me was the store I worked at - because of the high theft our store did NOT have a BIG clearance markdown allowance. #FormerWalmartAssociate #TheMoreYouKnow #iveLearnedAlot #RespectYourStoreAssociates #WeAreHumansAndOverworked
Sandy T R
Sandy T R 2 hours ago
This the last one
Alisha Dover
Alisha Dover 3 hours ago
I am obsessed with your videos now! Found you on TikTok and recently moved. Don’t want decor to break the bank ❤️
Susan Leonka
Susan Leonka 5 hours ago
Thank You sooo much!!!! I didn’t know this. My husband and I are redoing our kitchen and first floor bathroom. So this will help me out a lot. Thanks for saying that I’m enough. I have been having a tough day. It made me feel better. Thanks. Again , Susan L. From Connecticut
Sondra Dickens
Sondra Dickens 22 hours ago
Thank you for the price tips . It will save me a lot of money .💰
Madison Shackleford
WOAH omg I needed this. I move into my first apartment soon!
Blanqui Romero
My Walmart will not honor online prices
Diana Pardo
Diana Pardo Day ago
Nope...Walmart will tell you it's online only..tried...they had a purse with a marked down price that I was going to purchase but when I got to the register it was regular price I talked manager and told them them the sale price was on tag..they would not honor it. If you have and it's marked down you will get it but not always if they're register shows a different price
Jonathan Lopez
Deanna Worm
Deanna Worm Day ago
Do you have any tips for those of us who do not have that type of cell phone capability?
Tracy Hoffman
Hi Katherine! Wow a lot of savings!! I need a boot camp wekk of training how to do this!!! Lol...... No kidding. Great finds!!! I would love to be able to make this work.for me!!!
Lacey Hancock
Doesnt work in Canada. Our clearance sections are a joke.
You are incorrect about price matching online. It has to be sold and ship by Walmart. If it is a third party vendor they will not do it. I worked there.
hailey grey
hailey grey 2 days ago
Sadly my store will not even entertain this. Manger won’t nor will the cashiers and almost always very very nasty about it.
Kim Sanders
Kim Sanders 2 days ago
I tried to scan the barcode for clearance items at Walmart but it just said “oops this item is out of stock”
Tricia Moran
Tricia Moran 2 days ago
Pretty good tip I’m guna have to try that.
Homesteading And Loving It
YOU ARE Enough!
Latoya Aristil
Latoya Aristil 2 days ago
Thank you for helping us.
Althea McNabb
Althea McNabb 3 days ago
wow your in the millions now.
Stacey Collins
Stacey Collins 3 days ago
reviews by Contina Glover
I love to hear ur sweet voice. U r so cute and the sweetest person. Thank you for ur videos. 😍😍😍
Briana Cunningham
Thank you so much for this!!
Annie Change
Annie Change 3 days ago
Thanks for the heads-up! And If nobody told you, that you are "GREAT" keep it coming👍
More Cheap Tricks
Wow - what???? Thanks so much for the tips Catherine. You always deliver a lot of value in each video and this one was great!
Jeanne Marie
Jeanne Marie 4 days ago
Thanks!! I didn’t realize!!!!!💕
Andi Maddux
Andi Maddux 4 days ago
Do you put that item with lower price in your virtual cart? If you have a lot of items with discrepancies, I would get all flustered at the register....make sense?🤪
Melissa Muse
Melissa Muse 4 days ago
Thank you so much, i'm an avid Walmart shopper & this was so helpful
Lifesbeauty1984 4 days ago
I usually use the Walmart app to place pick up orders. I never knew about this simply price matching trick. Is this free in the app? I am showing that I need to pay for membership in order to get that access.
Lora Hargrove
Lora Hargrove 4 days ago
Thank you😊😇
Shandrel Stadler
Shandrel Stadler 4 days ago
What do you tell the cashier after u scan the price with the Walmart app?
Michelle Elle
Michelle Elle 5 days ago
I tried to price match an item that was listed as cheaper online (not store scan) and they would not honor the price difference 🤔
Janine MJoi
Janine MJoi 5 days ago
I'm not understanding. For the kids shoes, you found them cheaper on the Walmart app? Isn't that online?
weenibean00 5 days ago
I am at Walmart all the time and will be using this nifty price hack from here on out! Thank you so much for the tips ❤
Marie Ivory
Marie Ivory 5 days ago
I've been doing this for years!!!! But here in Houston recently I've been told by the Walmart employees that they no longer price match with their website 🤷🏽‍♀️
Rebecca's thought
Wow, thanks!👍😁
Veronica Vigil
Veronica Vigil 5 days ago
You are soo Awesome!! Thanks for the tips, I can't wait to use my Wal-Mart app.
JAM 1217
JAM 1217 5 days ago
I tried this and they told me “we do not match online prices”
sandra666 5 days ago
Some cashiers won’t honor the online price. A video game was $10 cheaper on the website. The cashier refused to honor. Told my son to order it on the website
Alanna Fellows
Alanna Fellows 5 days ago
Unsure if the policy has changed since I worked at Walmart 4 years ago, but at that time, the official policy was that Walmart.com could not be price-matched in store. Any Walmart workers out there, is this still true? 🤔🤔🤔
faith chaney
faith chaney 6 days ago
I saw the jars for 5$.. 👍🏽👍🏽
Treasure Slayer
Treasure Slayer 6 days ago
Awesome video
Omg I have those same light fixtures in my house, but they're espresso colored, and I think they look like boobs too!! I always feel weird that I have chichis all over my ceilings! 🤣 I thought I was the only one who thought this!! Lol
G Williams
G Williams 6 days ago
Fellow commenters/viewers, we could keep this to ourselves or else you know what happens.
pat montalbano
pat montalbano 6 days ago
So why haven’t you shared them before. Your wealthy so why be greedy?
Tammy K
Tammy K 6 days ago
Thank you! I noticed a Mr Coffee coffee pot was just under $25 ($24.94) at the store, but had already seen it online as an available pickup item at the same store for $19.99. I appreciate you taking the time to show me how I can politely request the online price. All those extra dollars do add up. 🤗🤗
Lyric Blue
Lyric Blue 6 days ago
Terina Keresoma
Terina Keresoma 7 days ago
Love this video!!
Roxy F
Roxy F 7 days ago
Thanks for the tips! Not sure if this applies to Canada
MommaManxof3 7 days ago
Talking about secret clearance items, my husband wanted to buy a chest freezer at $169. Not bad, however, when he scanned the bar code, it rung up at $129. He was so happy that he was giggling while he told me that story.
Catalina Faria
Catalina Faria 7 days ago
Thanks for sharing. You are always smiling love ur videos
Moni Snax
Moni Snax 7 days ago
Thank you for the tips! I always shop at Walmart but never thought about using the app, when I show.
Maria Blanchard
Maria Blanchard 7 days ago
so every single thing u find a deal on do u have to show the cashier every single one ? i'm confused how it works? lol. does it save after u scan it so u have a list of all the stuff in ur cart that u scanned. ?
This makes me so happy thanks for explaining it more clearly and thanks for sharing ;)
Cecilia 24
Cecilia 24 7 days ago
I wish Super Unsexy had been given some credit. He's the one who told us all about hidden clearance and how to use the app to our advantage.
Lela Eber
Lela Eber 8 days ago
I absolutely 💯 love your channel. AND......YOU ARE ENOUGH AS WELL!! TYFS❤🙏
randoff32 8 days ago
People need to calm down about Walmart making wearing a mask mandatory. You can still wear your pajamas.
randoff32 8 days ago
Why won't Americans switch to a dollar coin? They're afraid of change.
Rachel Dobson
Rachel Dobson 8 days ago
While I truly appreciate your videos, I find these price differences and mismarkings to be quite shameful. Walmart is not a company that I want to support because of many of their horrid business practices. Would you consider doing a similar video on a more honest company such as Meijer or Target?
Jen Balon
Jen Balon 8 days ago
Hmm... must see if this works in 🇨🇦Canada as well...
coffeemlk 8 days ago
Mystere L
Mystere L 8 days ago
Boob lights! That's exactly what they are!
Tyrrea Martin
Tyrrea Martin 8 days ago
She took my idea I was going to start a US-first video of Walmart clearance items. I was going to call it Walmart - clearance Haul.
Kim Lettau
Kim Lettau 8 days ago
Still very confusing but good info
Chris Hembree
Chris Hembree 8 days ago
Em Booth
Em Booth 8 days ago
The walmart by my house doesn't honor this stuff. 😑
Jeff Hutchinson
Jeff Hutchinson 8 days ago
Lost me at "Poor Charlie"
Mona Deprimo
Mona Deprimo 8 days ago
I just have to ask. You look like and have the same bubbly personality and mannerisms as a teacher who does alphabet learning videos for my kindergarten grandsons class. Is that you?
Crystal Lee
Crystal Lee 8 days ago
Unfortunately at my Walmart it automatically connected to the store prices. I was not able to see the online options anymore. I don't know if my phone has some setting to undo but it does that every time now. 😌
Mei Mei
Mei Mei 8 days ago
U are great 😊 i love u🌹
JusKissable 8 days ago
All zip codes have different % of tax and other taxes, so that is why one store has say it for 5 bucks and another has for more or less. Same goes for Target I found out (unfortunately will not match each other.)
Sambreen Khan
Sambreen Khan 8 days ago
I know this really works I bought air pump only $1. Online app it was $14.99.n in store was only $1.
Keri P
Keri P 9 days ago
From my days of merchandising I have learned to always check the in-store vs online prices. My local Walmart will not let cashiers price match and I hate the hassle of going through CS, so if it’s something I need I will do the online order and store pickup (or shipping depending on the cost). I do however love those “extra” clearance deals. I recently found makeup and skin care items for $1 each because no one had changed the yellow stickers.
Lauren El
Lauren El 9 days ago
She has a very pleasant personality, I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to hear her talk about other things-BUT I do appreciate that she gets to the point -so many you tubers have a 10 freakin minute into of themselves just taking
Z’NYCÉ LONDON 9 days ago
👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Wow..... My next visit.....I’ll be using the app for sure🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Paige Stout
Paige Stout 9 days ago
Saying “you are enough” at the end of your video reminded me of my secretary in elementary school who used to end every single days announcements with “and remember, I love you” for the kids who didn’t hear it enough at home 😭😭😭😭
Iona Fisher
Iona Fisher 9 days ago
Hello thank you for sharing I already knew about the secrets.
Caroline Does
Caroline Does 9 days ago
My Walmart refuses to do this
Madeline Smith
Madeline Smith 9 days ago
Genius! I can't wait to try that out.
Andrea Luna
Andrea Luna 9 days ago
LoL... Boob lights! 😂😂😂😂
Connie Becraft
Connie Becraft 9 days ago
You are enough!, Great job, thanks so much. ConB, Jersey Shore Girl 🙏🏻🙏🏻🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🥤🥤🏖😎
ALISA 1225
ALISA 1225 9 days ago
So glad I saw this. My daughter is moving in to go first Apt my her self. I have done some hand me down but there is need to buy big ticket items.!!! Thank you!
joanne dupuis
joanne dupuis 9 days ago
Girl!!!! Best video yet!!! Those are amazing tips. Imma get right over to Walmart anD check it out!
Treasure Forever
Treasure Forever 9 days ago
As an observation, this thumbnail is wild and your videos are so fast paced and loud and visually stimulating like whoa. 😳leads me to believe your viewers are like regular tv watches cuz I really cannot handle all that and I don’t think it’s necessary. Do you ever just wanna do a chill video? Just a thought.
deedee0909 10 days ago
LMAO the boob lights!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I have a few of those too in my home that I can’t stop seeing but a boob and nips!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Shyloki Lyja
Shyloki Lyja 10 days ago
I bet you got vaccinated like a good little influencer. How much did they pay you?
BlacksGodDaughter 10 days ago
I love Walmart clearance! Got a cute sweater for $1! Normally $17.99.
Maria Jeyarajah
Maria Jeyarajah 10 days ago
Shopping in the US seems soo awesome
Sarandipity 10 days ago
I didn't know they are called boob lights 😂😂😂 I'm working on replacing mine too!
brenna.crafting 10 days ago
Mychelle Barnes
Mychelle Barnes 10 days ago
life saver, i cant wait to tell my mom she was thinking about buying furniture if she does then this will def be a life saver
Ferdi Profil
Ferdi Profil 10 days ago
Good indonesi subgrep🙏
salvagemania 10 days ago
Instead of asking the cashier, you can pay for everything then get the prices adjusted at customer service. Customer service has more authority to make these adjustments and more time than cashiers do.
Satara Brown-Glasco, MBA
My Girl!
Kathleen Stress
Kathleen Stress 10 days ago
Thank you for sharing all of this!!!
Sheila Hill
Sheila Hill 10 days ago
Saw your Easter picture with your boys. You're so beautiful and those boys are adorable. You can tell in the videos and in that picture they LOVE their Mom! Thanks for sharing your family with us. Makes it so much more personable. My 74 year old Mom acts like she knows you and your boys. Lol
bethrsecksy 10 days ago
Got a complete bed set normally $50 for $7. Best one I’ve found 🥰
Lena B Bixby
Lena B Bixby 10 days ago
Love love the jeansjacket you weat in this video. Where did you buy it ? Hugs from Sweden !
Sheila Hill
Sheila Hill 10 days ago
BIG THUMBS UP👍👍Love those bloopers
MultiJean19 10 days ago
N of all Walmart do the price match anymore. My store thst it work at doesn’t do that. They tell me it they don’t do it anymore