Walmart Employee Nearly Faints After She Sees A Familiar Figure Walk Through The Door 

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Walmart Employee Nearly Faints After She Sees A Familiar Figure Walk Through The Door
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June Rountree has worked as a cashier at the busy Walmart located in Dothan, Alabama, for years. Though she spends most days in the same routine, she's always excited to return home to her husband and rescue dog, Abby. But after an abrupt loss June was keeping her head down at work. That is, until a familiar figure she was still mourning suddenly walked straight up to her at work.

Full story in the video above. Enjoy!
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Apr 23, 2021




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Lily Ann
Lily Ann 4 days ago
God is good and won't he do it. He brought your dog back to you.
The Ropes of Renovation
And I really don't want to hear about Va jay Jays in commercials either. Glad she found her dog
The Ropes of Renovation
It's a long o in Dothan
patty Jones
patty Jones 7 days ago
Walmart try to act like they love animals but I used to drive a truck & first sign you see when driving to deliver to them is "no dogs". They don't allow you to take your dog out to walk while your waiting for them to unload the truck which always takes forever. Yet they let crazy people walk around naked or in crazy get ups. Says alot about Walmart in my opinion
fire*takes*all 8 days ago
The local humane societies are wonderful and deserve our support. My cat got stuck in my chimney and the humane society got him out! It took a long time because he had wedged himself in tight but they did it!
Sakiyeh Walker
Sakiyeh Walker 8 days ago
I guess that would have you wonder because the dog broke loose from the chain but I m glad she was okay and not harmed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™
Shelly Cassidy
Shelly Cassidy 9 days ago
Way to go I like the story and congratulations june you got your baby pup
love bunny
love bunny 9 days ago
Dogs can also pick up scents left weeks ago and sometimes cry like theyre hurt when they are happy to see you. All my fam dogs ive known for years always cry when they see me. I come in and ignore them set my stuff down if any and then love on them. Ive even fostered many pets before 2 many 2 count and they react the same. They really smile and show their teeth and cry if they know im at the door coming in. I miss them so much. The key is to always show attention and play. Unless your physically doing something then when done go back to paying attention even if its just a hand when your sitting down and never forget to let them go out often. And always give them a bone food or a treat as long as its something to eat while you eat and fresh water sometimes they get dirt in it too.
Alice Pacheco
Alice Pacheco 9 days ago
Max Nova
Max Nova 10 days ago
This is happening anywhere, our shop four years now and I this time a lot of streetcat is coming for the food and I am surprise. Max is eating fresh liver twice a day but some time snack. If Max does not eat some of his food and then I keep for who's coming inside the store. I love animals and I grew up with them. This am touched. Bless you sharing your beautiful thoughts. Love from Cyprus...
M. F. Harvey
M. F. Harvey 10 days ago
You are insane if you think anyone will click link before seeing the video
Unfailing Colt
Unfailing Colt 10 days ago
Q.D. 3.14
Q.D. 3.14 10 days ago
I liked this until I heard they had her tied to a steak in the ground outside. Also, itโ€™s Dauphin Island. Not Dauphin.
Laura Howard
Laura Howard 10 days ago
Why didnโ€™t the dog just go back home?
Purple Love
Purple Love 10 days ago
J Lee
J Lee 10 days ago
Acute senses, smell and radar too-. .animals are highly intuitive and can hone in using extra sensors to locate their target. Our own dog went on a โ€˜bachelorโ€™ party for 3 days, found his way home and never strayed again . .
Donna Neidl
Donna Neidl 10 days ago
These are truly wonderful people with caring hearts may their days Always be filled with love lf only everyone cared what a beautiful world it would be God bless the caring people
Laura Wilkerson
Laura Wilkerson 11 days ago
The Kitten story about the kittens and Thanks to Wal-Mart where everything is there. I have a cat named Anaka who was my cousins and the Cat the Moma went into the Garage two years ago this past April. And I have had her for just two year's. She is my Baby girl I never had
Laura Wilkerson
Laura Wilkerson 11 days ago
I just Love both of these stories amazing and animals know and remember things. Amen to June for getting back.
Ellybean 11 days ago
Shouldn't have left the dog tied up outside in the first place
Bonnie Tait
Bonnie Tait 11 days ago
Such a good story with the very beat ending.
Keep her inside while your gone unless you have a fenced yard this is no brainer
Dawn Broome
Dawn Broome 12 days ago
ML S 12 days ago
Do not leave your dog outside when at work
Pazzla Solem
Pazzla Solem 12 days ago
I truly understand June, I am glad you got Abby back!! My two Yorkies are family. They have been with us for 13 years now, since they were 8 weeks old, we love them so much! They are still healthy and happy because we take good care of them. Give Abby a big hug and kiss for us.๐Ÿ’•
Ruby Cooper
Ruby Cooper 12 days ago
Don't have that problem with housedogs.
Carol Charles
Carol Charles 12 days ago
How absolutely amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
lauren ralph
lauren ralph 13 days ago
Iโ€™m happy June got her dog back but I hope June learned a valuable lesson never leave your dog tied up outside alone and untended cause anything can happen
Wendy Clarke
Wendy Clarke 8 days ago
Thank you... yes she needs to be more focused on her she is not decor . But a living, caring beings like us..
Marissa Brown
Marissa Brown 13 days ago
Texas Twister
Texas Twister 13 days ago
Maybe keep your pets INSIDE instead of tethered outside in the elements. That's NO way to live!!
Michele Dohme
Michele Dohme 13 days ago
This happened to me when we were in between houses. I have walked my dog Rosie. Back and forth because the two houses was a mile and an half apart. We walked there everyday fir to weeks strait. When she got out she went strait the other house. Thsts Ian where we found her just laying down with bad grin in her face.
barbara laney
barbara laney 13 days ago
Now this is what I"m talking about! GOD IS GREAT!!!!
Lynda Johnstone
Lynda Johnstone 13 days ago
Dog's are smarter than some people think. So happy family n Abby were reunited.
Remix Gotcha
Remix Gotcha 13 days ago
How did that dog know amazing
Karen Turner
Karen Turner 13 days ago
Doesnt the video say that the couple searched for months using their car, one drove while the other called out its name? Then later when the dog is at the store where owner worked, owner says this is Abby shes been missing for 3 weeks. How do 3 weeks turn into months of looking? Why would they keep showing different dogs in this too. Only to show the real dog that doesnt even resemble a Pitt mix at all!
Gabrielle Williams
Gabrielle Williams 14 days ago
I can understand her tears. Dogs are FAMILY. Congrats June and Abby on your reunion.
Renda Owens
Renda Owens 14 days ago
Just Me
Just Me 14 days ago
They knew where the mom cat was so why didn't they take the kittens to be reunited with their mom?
Linda Hager
Linda Hager 14 days ago
What happened to Grace and Houdiniโ€™s mother?
Christopher Cummings
I enjoy watching this program more strength on your journey ๐Ÿ™ guys ๐Ÿ™
Wendy K
Wendy K 14 days ago
They are so beautiful
Wendy K
Wendy K 14 days ago
That is God workGod bless her
Margaret Hubbard
Margaret Hubbard 14 days ago
Marie Hickman
Marie Hickman 14 days ago
Whatever she shouldnt have put her beloved dog on a leash thats like putting it in jail
Millies Cattailes
Millies Cattailes 14 days ago
Linda Williams
Linda Williams 14 days ago
Why did you not put them with their mother again?
Nell Chambers
Nell Chambers 14 days ago
I loved all of these stories but the cat story gets me a little harder. I love that yours was a rescue as was ours. I'm not sure what others think but in Ohio when a clinic has had a cat so long it ... I won't say. Ours are fortunate. I was on CraigsList shopping, my husband almost in tears begging me not to do this. Here, the is what I didn't understand. The cat lady/foster parent, etc. lived in a home easily valued at $750,000. I double checked. Yep, right, correct. Do you want newborn or older? She had an entire fancy bedroom where she played part of kitty step mom. I got one that was ready for the basement live and play area. I only pay for sedation if we travel with them. The real cost comes because we the owners try to give them too much. Too much everything. The sacrifice this family has made in Central Ohio is beyond all words I could use. Yeah, no kill. But please fly over this house. My husband might think I'm trying to get rid of him!
Susan Cohen
Susan Cohen 14 days ago
Tranquil Shores Travel agency LLC
DoubleSword Productions
Animals are very smart. We moved to a city 3 hrs away and was only there a couple months when our German Shepherd mix went chasing a rabbit in the middle of winter. Outside of where we lived were woods and open land. We drove around for 7 days looking for our Bear. My husband said on the 7th day, he wasn't coming back. I still had faith we would find him. The next morning at 6 am, I woke up to crying and whimpering and scratching the door during a thunderstorm. It was our Bear dirty and his fur full of junk. He came in, ate and drank water. Two hours later, we took him to the beauty shop. He came home and slept for 30 hrs only waking up to eat, drink and do his business. I often wondered where he went and what he did that week. He's no longer with us but he was my favorite. โค๏ธ
Miss Rita
Miss Rita 15 days ago
So glad June has her fur baby back.
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez 15 days ago
You are so fortunate! Glad a happy reunion was had. I would go MENTAL if one of my 3 fur babies went missing, you must have been out of your mind! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฅฐ
Barbara Rhymes
Barbara Rhymes 15 days ago
So happy your baby is back home safe and sound. Be blessed.
Gina Murdock
Gina Murdock 15 days ago
That is a wonderful story!
linda wilson
linda wilson 15 days ago
Praise the Lord she found her way back to the owner what a blessing
SophieBaby 15 days ago
Mary Williams
Mary Williams 15 days ago
So very happy for you and Abby
Cheryl Rivas
Cheryl Rivas 15 days ago
What a smart dog โค
Clan Robertson
Clan Robertson 15 days ago
There is no pandemic. We have to stand up to the medical bullies. This is a bad virus like a virus.
Carey Hurlburt
Carey Hurlburt 15 days ago
Love โค๏ธ
Patti White
Patti White 15 days ago
I once had a dog that liked to wander. Some times just a day or a week or several weeks. We got use to this behavior and just knew he was splitting his time between two homes. We we fixing to move to another city and he disappeared again. We moved but my husbands job in old town went on for two more weeks. Every day after work my husband would drive to old house and neighborhood and call for him. Nothing. On the last day of his old job he did the last drive by looking for him and there he was. Yeah, we got him back just in time.
Just Me
Just Me 14 days ago
There is always a risk of a dog running off and getting lost, stolen, or hit by a vehicle. Accidents happen too fast to take the risk. Even with a fenced in yard I am always watching them when they are outside and when I am not watching them they are inside. You were very lucky to get him back uninjured!
Lucinda Rodriguez
Lucinda Rodriguez 15 days ago
Why's couldn't they have been put back with their mother?
Velma Steele
Velma Steele 15 days ago
Chyral Lancey
Chyral Lancey 15 days ago
I'm so happy for you that your baby came to you.
Jarene Teters
Jarene Teters 15 days ago
Love conquers all. Its a miracle.
G LYLES 15 days ago
These are beautiful stories. I'm glad the Walmart employees found those babies. I glad your doggie found you. I hope you all have a wonderful life.
Eva Roop
Eva Roop 15 days ago
Wonderful ending I hope Abby and her family are happy.
Still Here
Still Here 16 days ago
Ridiculous video!!!
Keith Kotka
Keith Kotka 16 days ago
"leave a like right now" even before I see the video. Go to hell.
Rhonda Banner
Rhonda Banner 16 days ago
Darlene Kellogg
Darlene Kellogg 16 days ago
Please!!!ยก??!?? Fire the person who does closed caption because they need a dang "hearing aid " and " Hooked on phonics ". CC wrote out a dog was 60 yrs old instead of 6 yrs old. They need to get a job somewhere else.
Mary DeLosSantos
Mary DeLosSantos 15 days ago
It's auto-generated
Leticia Tann
Leticia Tann 16 days ago
Walmart you are very nice , THATS why people patronize you ! Thank you for the lucky kittens!
Nancy Grissett
Nancy Grissett 16 days ago
God bless you sir.
Hazel Waithe
Hazel Waithe 16 days ago
I am glad that you found your dog back they have insect.
PATRICIA Montagne 16 days ago
I took care of Abby, and I am happy to see that she is doing well. I brought her food, fed her fresh ice cold spring water, and made sure she had a clean dry warm temporary shelter in the back of the store with grocery carts tipped to the side. I could not take her home, because of a no dog cat, and dog rule at my apartment rule.
Pazzla Solem
Pazzla Solem 12 days ago
@ Patricia Montaigne, thank you for taking care of Abby, I am pretty sure you probably saved her life. God bless you for your compassion.๐Ÿ’•โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•
Lisa Gast
Lisa Gast 16 days ago
Youโ€™re lucky that she seen the location she knew my little dog ran away and I seen in three force about 2 miles down the road and I couldnโ€™t catch him I stayed up all night nobody said they seen him I think theyโ€™re lying I miss you peanut
Shelby Manners
Shelby Manners 8 days ago
Hope Peanut finds you!
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp 16 days ago
Ya donโ€™t tie up a dog while youโ€™re at work!!
Donna G Palk
Donna G Palk 16 days ago
Abby smelled mama! ๐Ÿ’•
Queen Ayacodobae
Queen Ayacodobae 16 days ago
Nilda Rodriguez
Nilda Rodriguez 16 days ago
...too long winded
JO DABNEY 16 days ago
I'm glad abby came home...I would never leave my pup out if I was a work or anywhere. I hope abby will be safe now
George Brill
George Brill 16 days ago
I know that this site puts pictures up that have nothing to do with the story. For instance the story about fishing the cat out of the water, you have a picture of the Staten Island Ferry, which had nothing to do with that story. You could do better.
Jeannie Russo
Jeannie Russo 15 days ago
Jeannie Russo
Jeannie Russo 15 days ago
Hello George the US-first videos are known for this they're always showing pictures or places that have nothing to do with story.... maybe they just need feelings I don't know?? . Have a good rest of the day or evening
patrick bush
patrick bush 17 days ago
So happy she found you lucky lady god bless you your dog and family
Debi Crane
Debi Crane 17 days ago
I hate both those terms.
Patty Barbee
Patty Barbee 17 days ago
Why would you leave your dog outside all day?
Diane Waterman
Diane Waterman 17 days ago
Rosa Jamerson
Rosa Jamerson 17 days ago
Isn't God gud๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™
Faith Ruacho
Faith Ruacho 17 days ago
Im so happy she got her dog back.The pain of loosing your best freind is a pain like no other.Your dog is very smart. Hold on to each other
puppycat58 17 days ago
Omg..this made me cry....what a happy ending...Abby is home...xoxo
zeritu bogale
zeritu bogale 17 days ago
Very interesting stories thank u for sharing ๐Ÿ™
Cathlene Smith
Cathlene Smith 17 days ago
We're they reunited with mom?
Jackie Bolden
Jackie Bolden 17 days ago
Great people do great things this was an amazing job to do well done Johann
Robin Roberts
Robin Roberts 17 days ago
awww iโ€™m so happy for thisโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ
Shirley Helms
Shirley Helms 17 days ago
Awww,such a Happy Ending,love it.
Marizela Rodriguez
Marizela Rodriguez 17 days ago
Cindy Belliveau
Cindy Belliveau 17 days ago
Cindy Belliveau
Cindy Belliveau 17 days ago
Adorable thank god they were rescued and were ok and adoptedโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ
Guytri Sewnarine
Guytri Sewnarine 17 days ago
Omg, such a beautiful ending. Get a gps collar. Glad u got your baby back. God bless u both.
Gerri H
Gerri H 17 days ago
Why weren't the kittens reunited with the mother????.
Patricia Moran
Patricia Moran 17 days ago
Who can actually not like this video.