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The official video of "Wait On You" from the album, Old Church Basement, by Elevation Worship and Maverick City, feat. Dante Bowe & Chandler Moore. Available everywhere now: elevationworship.lnk.to/OldChurchBasementYT
"Wait On You" was written by Steven Furtick, Chandler Moore, Dante Bowe, Chris Brown, Tiffany Hudson and Brandon Lake
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I don’t believe in fairy tales
I guess I’ve outgrown them
But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that there’s something bigger than me
Cause I’ve seen it in a hospital room
When the doctor said
Sorry there’s nothing more we can do
Well it wasn’t through
I’ve never seen a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
But I’ve got a promise I can hold in the middle of the struggle
God if you said it You’ll perform it
May not be how I want You to
But here’s what I’ll do
I’m gonna wait on You
I’m gonna wait on You
I’ve tasted Your goodness
I’ll trust in Your promise
I’m gonna wait on You
I know You’ve ordered every step
Yeah, You are the Author
And there’s no predicting what is next
But You hold the future
And all the questions they come second to the one I know is true
You’ve always been true
Wait on the Lord
Wait on the Lord
He will renew your strength
So wait I say

Written by Steven Furtick, Chandler Moore, Dante Bowe, Chris Brown, Tiffany Hudson and Brandon Lake
©2021 Music by Music by Elevation Worship Publishing, Chandler Moore Designee, Bethel Worship Publishing / Maverick City Publishing, Bethel Music Publishing / Maverick City Publishing Worldwide
CCLI #: 7171578
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Apr 23, 2021




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Comments 100   
Rachael phiri
Rachael phiri 27 minutes ago
I have tasted his goodness
Chan T
Chan T 38 minutes ago
Amen ❤🙏
Shawna C
Shawna C Hour ago
Lets get this song to 5 million views!
Kimberly Day
Kimberly Day 2 hours ago
Renewing my strength
MattLopezchamp 2 hours ago
Christy Cude
Christy Cude 2 hours ago
This fills me with joy!!!
Karina Jonassen
Karina Jonassen 4 hours ago
Rita 4 hours ago
Love it
Jaqueslene Rodrigues
Lorraine MashiriT
Lorraine MashiriT 5 hours ago
Oh God so long Im waiting on you I will not allow myself to grow weary
Miss S
Miss S 6 hours ago
Off the hook and off the chain in Jesus name!
Roberto Pina
Roberto Pina 7 hours ago
This song has a powerful anointing
Denusha Arendse
Denusha Arendse 8 hours ago
Wow I am overwhelmed by God's love rn listening to this❤️ I continue to wait on God. May His Will be done.❤️
Sara Renee
Sara Renee 8 hours ago
That first “wait on you” gives me goose bumps every time! Love Dante’s voice!!!
ed Morell
ed Morell 8 hours ago
Mathew Aduma
Mathew Aduma 9 hours ago
The place of waiting takes the virtue of patience. Waiting is a pove of your faith in God, and no man puts his faith in God and ends up being disappointed. Hallelujah
Judith Uwandi
Judith Uwandi 10 hours ago
I hope y'all know the impact You're making all around the world 💝
Mologadi Hazel Legodi
I love what happens when we wait🙌😊❤️
sandra Ferrington
sandra Ferrington 11 hours ago
Thank you so much for this I can feel the power of Jesus and keep praying for all.
sandra Ferrington
sandra Ferrington 11 hours ago
This should wake anyone up. Iknow we all are sinners but I pray but your right it will gods timing and continue to pray for me and my family and all who is going through the times that have been set upon all of us . He will return and that will be our happy days .
nesimilo dube
nesimilo dube 12 hours ago
I m speechless.... oh my God ... teach me and help me to wait on you. This is a blast to my soul... what an amazing worship song. The energy it carries really revives my soul🙏🏽👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Anee Roy
Anee Roy 13 hours ago
I am gonna wait on you, I have tasted your goodness Jesus ,all things possible with Jesus Amen 🙏
2729 cc
2729 cc 13 hours ago
Praise God...i like these kind if songs where its kind of like a story and a testimony
Jay's Domain
Jay's Domain 15 hours ago
Maan this song is crazy.
ALEXIS SIERRA 16 hours ago
I’ll be praising while I’m waiting 🙌🏽 why complain when you can pray 🙌🏽🙌🏽 it’s kit about waiting it’s about what you do when you wait!! Instead of complaining start praying in the middle of the storm 🙌🏽🙌🏽while I’m waiting I’ll be praising ❤️
ALEXIS SIERRA 16 hours ago
Janis Nelson
Janis Nelson 16 hours ago
Waiting! Bless the LORD oh my soul and with all that is within me!
Claudia Dames
Claudia Dames 17 hours ago
Esta canção tem falado tanto ao meu coração !! ❤🙌🏽
Marlene Tagide
Marlene Tagide 17 hours ago
I was a drug addict, homeless on the streets...God is good he always
Grace Wangare
Grace Wangare 17 hours ago
Just wait on the Lord no matter the circumstance!! 🙏🙏
Mary Jane Metayer
Mary Jane Metayer 18 hours ago
I spent this whole week listening to this song every time I hop in my car & while I’m in my home. Being a single mom with two kids watching everyone of your peers find their soul mate & get married... makes you wonder if God has given up on you. But this song was the constant reminder that God has a greater plan for my life than me and that he needs me to trust in the process & due time all will go according to his will. And if I have to wait 30yrs for the husband he has for me I’ll wait. While he works on me & my life so I can be ready to receive him. May Yahweh continue bless, move & work with Maverick City Music 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥🔥
Kira Beatz
Kira Beatz 19 hours ago
Who mixed this? Insane!!!!!
Mukona Khalushi
Mukona Khalushi 19 hours ago
What an anointed song in season. He will renew our strength , his Goodness mercy and faithfulness never falls short.
Tiffany Pierce-King
Tiffany Pierce-King 19 hours ago
Please pray for me. I hear a lot of voices and have hallucinations. God hasn’t shown me who or when I’m going to get delivered. He says I have to be healed of fear and rejection first. God showed me today I was molested as a child and that’s why I don’t remember a lot of things. I just block them out. So, will you please pray for healing, forgiveness, a sound mind, peace, and favor until the big day when God shows me what it’s like to truly live in freedom! I’m waiting on the Lord!!
god first bro
god first bro 15 hours ago
that's awesome to hear like the song says wait for god's message remember it can come in anyway shape and form so if you feel that it was god then it is god plus even if we pray you have to be the one who accepts him in your life there is nothing to fear when he has your back who cares about being rejected when the king of kings has accepted you instead of blocking and forgetting your past remember it to help those who had went through the same use your past to reach out your hand so those who are going through the same can make their present their past and fix their future I'm not the message but a US-first comment could be comes in anyway possible he is god after all
TheBosbrandje 20 hours ago
Beautiful people what a blessing of a song. 🙏💓🙂
Naledi Chinamasa
Naledi Chinamasa 20 hours ago
Everything that you have been praying for, dreaming about and telling God is coming❤️ wait on Him because His timing is perfect❤️
damion brooks
damion brooks 21 hour ago
God is disseminated throughout with this song. Dante and Chandler...wow...God channels himself through these two...such great energy they have together...Dante and Chandler and God...what an equation and equalizer for fear and anxiety. Wait, worship, and praise!!!!!!! Its about what you do when you wait!!!!!!!
Steven Mwale
Steven Mwale 21 hour ago
These guys make me imagine how beautiful heaven will be, praising and worshiping our Heavenly Father day and night 🙏 🙌
sophie intode
sophie intode 21 hour ago
My God 🙏 powerful
sophie intode
sophie intode 21 hour ago
I'll wait on the Lord to meet my dad this year I trust in him
MyCuzzin Vinni
MyCuzzin Vinni 21 hour ago
so do any of these people care about COVID-19? also, why do all these songs have to be longer than 3/4/5 minutes? i don't get it
MyCuzzin Vinni
MyCuzzin Vinni 15 hours ago
@god first bro the music is good but I just wish sometimes some of these songs were shorter. They go on and on and on. It gets kind of repetitive and old.
god first bro
god first bro 15 hours ago
to answer your first they do care about the suffering during this pandemic and why worry about a virus when you have the cure (not the vaccine god) and to answer your second question is because the holy spirit is moving who stops that?
Israel Verdugo
Israel Verdugo 21 hour ago
Dante Bowe and Jaylen Brown from the Celtics look like they are twins 😂
Patrick Oakley
Patrick Oakley 21 hour ago
💛You Wonderful People💛 - WWG1WGA -
Venolia Katlego
Venolia Katlego 21 hour ago
Just got a Revelation of What Happens to Me when i wait on the Lord.🙋🙋😬🙆🙆🙆
Cresha 22 hours ago
This song! I’m currently waiting on God for something and this song continue to encourage me. Every time I feel like I’m going to lose hope, I am reminded of this song!
B.E.E. Channel
B.E.E. Channel 23 hours ago
Beautiful to watch this worship!🙌🙌🙌
Fe4R_goldshadowYT 23 hours ago
My dream is to see them just them go at it.. Dante and Chandler have serious voices..there voices are so powerful i tear and get goose bumps every time never gets old.. Listen every am to start my day..powerful
T.J. Negron
T.J. Negron 23 hours ago
I am so grateful for this group of worshippers & there obedience to be used by God to do what they do. There music & gifting during this seaon of my life has been such apart of my everday coming & going. God has used these songs to give me hope, motivation, courage, love, strength,determination, passion, & such a yearning to be & do more for His glory. You guys are like my distant family, I thank God for each of you & pray that he continues to use you & bless you in all that you do.
Unathi Mdaka
Unathi Mdaka Day ago
AngelsfromHeaven StandFirminChrist
LOL 🏄😂😂😂😂😂 .."somebody WORSHIP! Somebody worship!!!" 🏄😂🎊***everyone worshipping already Love it lol Human Brains capacity for laughter 😂🏄🌠
AngelsfromHeaven StandFirminChrist
Get some Charismatic 🏄 cowabungas going!!! 😛😂🙌 JOY JOY JOY
AngelsfromHeaven StandFirminChrist
Yeah! Housefires type worship! THIS is what EVERY church needs!
Oliva Marshall
😂I .Lova
Sandi Broell
Sandi Broell Day ago
I heard there is nothing more we can do yesterday for my daughter. She is alive today! I have been absorbing Gods strength listening to this song for a week. I am gonna wait on you Lord. I told her husband and father it’s not over God is a miracle worker.
Palmira Juliana vasconcelos
Lindoooooooo!!! Deus é maravilhoso, a Ele toda Glória!!!!
timagurl09 Day ago
Lord I thank you for allowing me to run into this video. The energy in this video gives me STRENGTH, FAITH and MOTIVATION. I WILL WAIT ON YOU LORD,MY STEPS ARE ORDERED BY YOU. AMEN
Tadros Deng
Tadros Deng Day ago
“I’m gonna wait on you”!❤️
Mrs LaDay
Mrs LaDay Day ago
My God, I will wait on you and praise you while I'm waiting
Mrs LaDay
Mrs LaDay Day ago
I have been feeling lonely. This SONG ❣️ MEANS SO MUCH TO ME.
Dorcas Amenouvor
soyez benis ...que L ETERNEL vous eleve
Jeremy Lightsey
My mom sent me this song! Today is 30th birthday and I am 2months clean and sober I have ran away many miles from God but no matter how far I run he waits one step behind me for me to turn around and let him lead I am so grateful that he Strengthens me more and more everyday
Lady R Fazio
Lady R Fazio Day ago
Yassss Jesus 🙏🏾 I’m waiting Lord. I’ll praise you while I wait so I can get a little stronger 💪🏾🙏🏾
David Stryers Enterprises
Pastor Steven Furtick looking gangster in this. I love that he is encouraging this movement!💛 That's the example of leadership that we need now.
Maggie Poole
Maggie Poole Day ago
I love this song my friend showed me this song and this is now like my favorite.
Rita Day ago
zimbini mjandana
I can't get enough of this song. It brings so much peace and strength in my heart. Thank you for sharing this amazing worship song!
Cruz Nerio
Cruz Nerio Day ago
He that wait on the Lord and He will renew your strength you will walk and get weary, and you will soar like an eagle. And God showed his love for us by sending his only Son into the world, so that we might have life through him. 1 John 4:9
Phathu Makwarela
Every time I listen to this song it's like I am hearing it for the first time. The anointing here is on another level.
It’syagirlAshley TV
God has been confirming to me that it is my season of Rest and Restoration. I’ve been toiling for so long now but since receiving that word I’ve been intentional about surrendering over my situation to the Lord by faith and waiting for his will to be done instead of making my own way thinking it is God. This song brings so much confirmation and I can’t wait to listen to it everyday as a reminder. 💕🔥🙏🏾
#lebo lebo
#lebo lebo Day ago
When he takes over its always success coz he knows how to do everything to perfection
#lebo lebo
#lebo lebo Day ago
His time is alwaysthe besttime for u
#lebo lebo
#lebo lebo Day ago
Learn to wait for God coz he knows the perfect time for u
#lebo lebo
#lebo lebo Day ago
A lot will be accomplihed if u wait for to do things for God to lead u
#lebo lebo
#lebo lebo Day ago
Waiting for the Lord is a virtue not just a nobody chance to take but its a God given blessing
Catherine Ross
The song started so nice and mellow, seconds later its like an explosion! What ever bad taughts you had in your heart or mind for sure it erase. The energy on stage coming through the screen. Have me singing and dancing. I will stay right there and wait Lord ✋
Kelera Morell
Matilda Agbemehe
The Holy Spirit is really strong in your lives
Matilda Agbemehe
You guys are really blessing lives . Love from Ghana
Caroline muthoni
I get goosebumps every time I listen to this song if this is what heaven will be then sign me up
ski34able Day ago
Favorite song on the album
Priscilla Natasha
I love love it when Chandler starts praying/worshipping at the same time. Idk how to describe it but the Holy Spirit definitely moves!
Hilda Ackah
Hilda Ackah Day ago
This song has come to me in time of darkness. Jehovah you are the light in my darkness. Thank you Jesus. Shabalaka lebrozo talekempelese!!!! JESUUUSSS!!! Jesuuusss!!!
Tiffany Lewis
Ive dealt with autoimmune issues that make me feel older than i am at times an suffer with lyme disease ive looked for answers for a while an think i found someone who can help me I also deal woth anxiety theres times where i should have been closer to God than i can admit im working on getting closer to him an everytime i hear this song it gives me hope ❤❤ an makes me emotional
Emeldah Kashimoto
Indeed i have tasted your goodness and your promise. I'm gonna wait on you Lord.
Ruthie Dukes.
Yes Lord am gonna wait on you..for my daughter's Healing... AMEN!
JessNel Day ago
Wait 🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Danyaly 80
Danyaly 80 Day ago
Very good song. Thank you my brothers end sisters. God bless you all
Bia Carolaine
Eu vou esperar no Senhor 😭♥️ (🇧🇷)
Nick Melton
Nick Melton Day ago
The way everyone gets so hype this is lit I love it 🥰
Jetrine Moyo
Jetrine Moyo Day ago
What a great encouraging worship song.May God continue to help you write more inspirational songs.👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tonya Sandoval
No other way to say it except I am Ready.
Tonya Sandoval
On my knees drenched with tears
Tonya Sandoval
The anointing came out my phone I am not playing.
Salama Gyere
Salama Gyere Day ago
While I’m waiting I’ll be praising 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
isheanesu chihobo
I have been struggling for 5 years to hold our child. I had twin boys who died after delivery on day two due to lungs being underdeveloped (they were 30 weeks) doctors tried all they could to save them in 2018 it had taken long to conceive. Last year God opened up my womb I convinced and miscarried at 8 weeks. Since then we have been struggling to conceive again. Was now considering doing stuff out of my own strength, I was feeling too much pain n wanted to give up. This was released just in time and I will wait on him no matter what. I just need renewal of strength.
Angela Armes
Angela Armes Day ago
My son went to live with his dad 3 years ago and only came back for 1 night since. It's been 2 years since I've held him or heard his voice, except in my dreams, but the Lord sent a word to me 9 months ago that my Prodigal Son was coming home NOW, so I will wait and Decree the word from the Lord until I see my son come back to the Lord and to me. 🙌
Monty Baker
Monty Baker Day ago
Thank you GOD ....thank you to this amazing performance....that's what i needed to be remind on .....Amen ! Big love
Daniel Mora
Daniel Mora Day ago
I know it’s so common to say but Please know your still alive because God still believes in the good you. He hasn’t given up on you yet so please go back to his Love.
Babalola Oreoluwa
I can see testimonies here!! And I can See people having so much faith here... I connect to that for my family, for provisions, healings, favour, and strength. Most especially my brothers one of them lost his job recently and the other one is planning on quiting his Job and we don't have any other means of survival except from God and these guys.. so I connect with this that God will show them the way and the best decisions to make 🙏🙏🙏.
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