Volvo's Key can do THIS!! 

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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Chad 5 hours ago
Why would you need that
Alberto G
Alberto G 11 hours ago
I think this dude just made up that lock yourself out feature 😁😜
Wilster 12 hours ago
“In the back of your Snapchat is a Volvo”
Maheer Patel
Maheer Patel 20 hours ago
So how do you unlock it after the locks are disabled?
Douglas Keller
Just give Me a real key. Nothing special.
GT Production House
Rolls-Royce:- us-first.info/player/video/Y96Ugq2XhYN6fIE.html
Known Day ago
Lmao you just stuck the key in the latch where the release mechanism is. No car company would intentionally give you tge option to lock yourself out of your car.
SNAP 2 days ago
Oooh damn Mercedes has this“feature“ since decades
TripTheRoad 3 days ago
What's the advantage for mechanical lockout like that?
Scripturenest 3 days ago
1 John 2:15 KJV Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
moed al garny
moed al garny 3 days ago
pewdiepie idea's btw
Cardboard Sliver
Cardboard Sliver 3 days ago
So basically...what the key on my old 1980s Rover did.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 days ago
I'll never let you take kairi's heart
minij hooi
minij hooi 2 days ago
Now he needs to make another video in reverse and all is balanced in the universe again.
ProJanitor 4 days ago
Who da fuck buys a Volvo?
Buck 4 days ago
You have to crack it open because the buttons aren't labeled? What about using it in the dark? GG
Tennessee Outdoors
“The Volvo now with combat locks”
Yann Wahl
Yann Wahl 4 days ago
I think the key from mercedes are less complicated and have that little key too but its better to get it out
Ask to seduce Miss
I miss regular car keys. The twist of the ignition was satisfying. Plus, I knew where the keys were. I’m always searching for my keys in the center console, cup holder, seat, etc
CobyJGaming 5 days ago
That’s not what it’s for but okay 😂😂 if you pop off one of the covers on your drivers handle it shows a key hole and that’s what it’s for! You put it in and unlock the car so you ain’t stood around in the cold and rain while you call someone up to come replace the battery on your car or your key
Joe Webb
Joe Webb 5 days ago
Someone's a little too excited about their car key
tizzy_life 5 days ago
Why would you want to mechanically lock yourself out?
Babo Habub
Babo Habub 5 days ago
That shits useless af
Dewayne Cochran
Dewayne Cochran 5 days ago
What is the purpose of locking it like that if you aren’t in it??
Chi Chi
Chi Chi 5 days ago
That’s the same one tiger woods was on the same car !!
Gauge Buseck
Gauge Buseck 6 days ago
Why do we have to change things that are just fine
Nomoretime 6 days ago
Explain the end please I don't get the function
xioft 6 days ago
Why is there not a switchblade in there??
GT 43
GT 43 6 days ago
It's pretty bad when the key fob is the best thing about your car.
Kliman Khmeron
Kliman Khmeron 6 days ago
"don't worry I have another door open", says a guy 24 hours later after a locksmith could only open a passenger side door
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 6 days ago
I miss regular car keys. The twist of the ignition was satisfying. Plus, I knew where the keys were. I’m always searching for my keys in the center console, cup holder, seat, etc
Juan miguel Mendez
U’re the slat! Bro
R.I.P Geno Cultshit
Australian Mickey Mouse:Haha That's not a Keyblade!"
Adrian Untalan
Adrian Untalan 6 days ago
Gust of wind closes the other door...
Austin H
Austin H 6 days ago
WOOOOOW!!! That is soooo cool! The key comes with a physical key?!!!?! WhaaaAAAtttt!!!!!!! Epic!!!!!!
Ronnie’s Animation
The real question is how do u get it out?
Kevin Serrano
Kevin Serrano 7 days ago
Cool volvo added the john wayne gacy feature for free. Interesting
minij hooi
minij hooi 7 days ago
I miss regular car keys. The twist of the ignition was satisfying. Plus, I knew where the keys were. I’m always searching for my keys in the center console, cup holder, seat, etc
Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel 7 days ago
Outstanding. You are the reason TSLA is ahed
D Mac
D Mac 7 days ago
Ah yes, another feature almost no one needed or asked for.
John Madden
John Madden 7 days ago
Why .
Christopher Bradley
Finally! A car that makes it easier get locked out of! They should have come up with this years ago!
Daniel Ferreira
Daniel Ferreira 7 days ago
so that key is just useless, nice im gonna be an engineer
Lp 7 days ago
Haha nice.
Diego 7 days ago
What is that for? Why would you like that feature?
FlupPlays 7 days ago
Everyone gangsta until the door can't be opened anymore
Ruffas 7 days ago
If that's a real feature it really doesn't t make sense at all. What's it for? Can't think of any other than locking yourself out one day
Truth Time TV
Truth Time TV 7 days ago
Imagine anyone giving a shit about a Volvo let alone a tik tok while on US-first plz stop.
gloverq6969 7 days ago
Useless information
zj mon
zj mon 8 days ago
imagine....my opel corsa e 1.4 for 11k€ got the same feature 👍 this is a "standart" (in some way or form) in european cars......
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 8 days ago
Another stupid idea 💡, has no use and its getting worse with these new stupid features to me don't make any sense and I can bet it would to most of us not because we are stupid its because these things are usless for us. Back in 80s 90s tech and features of cars were alot better and amazing then these.
Don Quixote
Don Quixote 8 days ago
Useless video for a useless feature, youtube has gone downhill
Miscellaneous Memer
Classic Swedish design. Unnecessarily intuitive.
Rusty H
Rusty H 8 days ago
Pretty sure one of the features shown was just opening a car door manually with a key
Kevin Broderick
Kevin Broderick 8 days ago
Better make more videos. That Tesla isn't going to pay for itself.
Hip Hop Lyrics
Hip Hop Lyrics 8 days ago
I mean you can only lock one of the doors though so it's kinda pointless
Cory Pham
Cory Pham 8 days ago
My bmw has that key its just the valet key.
Chirag Bhatnagar
Chirag Bhatnagar 8 days ago
Nice yr
Michael P
Michael P 8 days ago
this is horrific product design. Nearly every brqnd does this but much much simpler
kumo 8 days ago
but why would anyone want to disable the door?
jay ch
jay ch 8 days ago
... these kids get their first car and think this is some kind of new concept... my 2002 528i had that shit and that’s almost 20 year old vehicle.
Beng Beng
Beng Beng 8 days ago
What’s the point of disabling the outside lock? Couldn’t you just lock the door there fore the outside handle is disabled lol
K P 8 days ago
Maybe the Chinese came up with this idea, they own the company after all
azizzy kogshi
azizzy kogshi 8 days ago
Lmao my 13 year old keyless entry car already has this feature. This kid sounds excited like hes discovered something new 😆
Raiban 8 days ago
my dad has a volvo v50 and he has that key too
Вилле Скоглунд
Me: i dont hate anyone. Person: ”i post tiktoks on youtube”🤡 Me: i think i lied earlier
EFC Craig Andrews
Get a life
Nick Niehaus
Nick Niehaus 8 days ago
That ain’t a key blade
HeyItsMeTrousers !
Middle classed vehicles have so many pointless features. Here’s napkin dispenser for your caviar stains on your tie.
DiLLy DiLLy 8 days ago
Holy shit. I’ve had the recent xc60 with that fob and you blew my damn mind wtf! The whole time I kept wondering what that black tab was fk!!!
mohit 8 days ago
At Volvo HQ How to make our cars better Employee 1: better suspension? Employee 2: easier maintenance? Employee 3: Lock go brrrrrrr..........
The Last Hokage
The Last Hokage 8 days ago
Now he needs to make another video in reverse and all is balanced in the universe again.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 5 days ago
I miss regular car keys. The twist of the ignition was satisfying. Plus, I knew where the keys were. I’m always searching for my keys in the center console, cup holder, seat, etc
The Last Hokage
The Last Hokage 8 days ago
Why did I need to know any of this? I didn't even think Volvo was still thing 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ice Man
Ice Man 8 days ago
It's called the MLPS edition for BLM because car jackings are up thousands of percent due to defund the 🚔. More truth to this statement than false. If you disagree just drive around MLPS or walk with a purse in the new George F district.
Aidan Brown
Aidan Brown 8 days ago
So that’s basically the electronic equivalent of pushing down the door locks in old cars, does the same thing except with 100x more computers
M H 9 days ago
Rick: It's just central lock, with extra steps.
duck duckling
duck duckling 9 days ago
Rip to all the kids that tore apart their mothers keys
scruffy 9 days ago
“Keyblade” Xehanort has entered the chat
sadman hoque
sadman hoque 9 days ago
I wonder if Volvo and Mazda got their keys from the same OEM factory cause both are shockingly similar
Entertainment for The Soul
Don't worry people, I don't think anybody who owns a volvo would be stupid enough to break open the key fob just to lock themselves out 👍🏻
Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen
volvo semi keys can start shitty chevy express vans too!
REGGIE G 9 days ago
TSM Atmoz-G
TSM Atmoz-G 9 days ago
Bruh Renault Laguna 2007 has this in its key look alike card lol😂 nothing new
quasar3210 9 days ago
Why in the world would any automaker, make such a stupid feature as to permanantly lock out usage of a drivers door???? There is literally no time i could ever see this as a valuable feature??? I’d love someone from Volvo to actually explain what the thought process was on this silly idea.
Figgypig 9 days ago
my Peugeot is better because as soon as you shut the door it automatically locks.. and it’s not fun either.
Sarah Chavez
Sarah Chavez 9 days ago
He said keyblade and i heard sora go hgh!
anonymous 9 days ago
Serial killer intensifies
Mickael Frimann
Mickael Frimann 9 days ago
Leo Zafirovikj
Leo Zafirovikj 9 days ago
I was expecting a "oh shi-"
takitam 9 days ago
So phisical key? That's new concept.
KianaDoesCod 9 days ago
My 1997 Ford doesn’t even have a fob it’s just a key lmao Can’t wait to have a nice ass carrrr
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 9 days ago
switch with the key.
StarB0b 9 days ago
Matthew Henderson
Why is it the same key as Mazda has though?
Kais Maiza
Kais Maiza 9 days ago
What's the point of that feature?
Lance Hardwood
Lance Hardwood 9 days ago
What kinda Volvo is this?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 9 days ago
I'll stick with kiddie lock
domac gašpar
domac gašpar 9 days ago
Guy discovered baby lock on a car and now he is posting a video like he discovered America.
Sam Kala
Sam Kala 9 days ago
Imagine being shocked that doors have keys
Who's Yxb
Who's Yxb 9 days ago
Didn't ask ... Lol
Abdulaziz Abdunasimov
Mercedes-Benz had those features 20 years ago
That CarGuy
That CarGuy 9 days ago
Why is this even a feature ive honestly never come across this and can't think of a useful reason as to why it exists?
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