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Apr 25, 2021




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Samantha Renei Sanchez
Samantha Renei Sanchez 18 minutes ago
It is ssoooooooooo cute
Ana C Robins
Ana C Robins 3 hours ago
Ur so frikin cute
Ashley Choi
Ashley Choi 3 hours ago
She reminds me of the girls in my elementary school who were tomboys but low key wanted to be girly girls but she’s what happens when those kids grow up and realize it doesn’t matter whether or not you want to be feminine as long as your happy. Also those girls would be eating crayons cuz of a dare or sum shit idk wtf I’m talking about.
Jec Tan
Jec Tan 3 hours ago
Love your blue eyes... Marry me.
Senpai 💌🌹
WOW that looks good I wish I could try that but I have curly hair and it might be hard to do
lovebug_0411 add me on Roblox
I love your voice
Aubrey Wright
Aubrey Wright 6 hours ago
I want that hair 😭😍
Gaya Chiran
Gaya Chiran 6 hours ago
So beautiful
Rachel Moten
Rachel Moten 6 hours ago
I feel like this would only look good on a full glam look. Second girl just looked ridiculous, I hope she don't go out like that.. lol
Nadhila Kirani
Nadhila Kirani 8 hours ago
So cute and beautiful ♥️♥️♥️
Lee Minho
Lee Minho 8 hours ago
im trying this tomorrow
Megan Hurja
Megan Hurja 8 hours ago
Did she say cool beans like from hot rod😳😁
Christina Rodriguez
..,.,........ Cute cat ears.,....... I'm going to do that
clovdy. daxyz
clovdy. daxyz 10 hours ago
“cool beans” or what ever she said xD that’s what my theater arts teacher says xD LMFAOOO
Alyssa Waldon
Alyssa Waldon 10 hours ago
Lea Rose
Lea Rose 11 hours ago
So so CUTE girl 👍👍❤️❤️
Klára Bubeníková
Bloxy_burgers 12 hours ago
I thought the title said viral cat eat hair😭
Yvonne Reyna
Yvonne Reyna 12 hours ago
Oops sorry I said Wow she looks cool
Yvonne Reyna
Yvonne Reyna 12 hours ago
𝖂𝖔𝖆𝖍 𝖘𝖍𝖊 𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖐 𝖈𝖔𝖔𝖑
El Squidwardo
El Squidwardo 14 hours ago
Me: Thinking I wanna try this Then remembers I have short hair
chicken nug
chicken nug 15 hours ago
oh ok I get it now she’s graveyard girl 2.0: back from the dead
Summertime Gacha
Summertime Gacha 16 hours ago
How is nobody noticing that she said to click the DISLIKE button 🤣
miguel aguilar
miguel aguilar 16 hours ago
I tried this and i came out looking like a horse mixed with a dog
• {horr0r•m!rr0w} •
Can we all just paus to look at the blue haired girls very cool make-up?!?! 🙀🙀🙀
Lisa 17 hours ago
am i the only one that gets annoyed by her voice
Gaming girl trono's
Gaming girl trono's 18 hours ago
omg itssss sooooo cuteeee ahhhhh😀😀😀😀
Mislina's Diary 🧁
İ like your videos 🤍👌🏻
coco's world
coco's world 19 hours ago
So cute
Gacha KiliYT
Gacha KiliYT 19 hours ago
Me as a child trying to do braids: Struggles Me now:Still struggles
;•.Blossom bounce .•; :animation and more!
I told my brother to write something in my sketch book and he wrote “ *the beeds kneeds* “
She sounds like female madara . change my mind
Hope Elizabeth
Hope Elizabeth 22 hours ago
Omg please never stop being you 🖤🖤🖤
Poland Day ago
Lol k thought that was real UNTILL HER HEAD POPPED OUT OF NO WHERE
Jonvie mae Villarante
Do it eith aesthetic cat mske up
Azka Aqila Ramadhina
Soo creative and Cutee
Pastel Kitten
Why is this only now viral?? I've been doing this forever lol
Amira Abouzied
Alexis Swanson
I'm sooo trying this!
Arwa maryam
Arwa maryam Day ago
Omg she knows naomi...... She is my fav.
Eryka Lunelli De Oliveira
Jance Hughes
Jance Hughes Day ago
Cute and ugly cat 🐈 ear
Ela: Sla oq "cool" Oq eu entendi: "Vô dá o cu" "Vai dá o cu" "Meu cu" "Seu cu"
Aleks K
Aleks K Day ago
✨ The broccoli queen ✨ ... Naomi
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat Day ago
What if you got a cat ear headbang, put it on, and then rpaaped some of your hair around them?
rubi navarretecob
usi sucsdj icsn,khdj"
Sarah Battenfield
Oh my gosh she looks so good especially with her hair being that color looks so good on her.
sunshine Day ago
Btw the original is Naomi Jon, crediting doesnt hurt
The catgirl
The catgirl Day ago
I neeeed to try it i loooove cats
eliimariie Day ago
me with curly hair 🥲
Rebecca Salyers
Wow so cool !!!
CBC: Sketch & Shade 2.0
Is that a boy cause the face structure and the voice is giving me doubt, does anyone knows if that’s a transgender???
Vaishnavi 23 hours ago
no shes a girl 😂
edoppelle Day ago
Naomi is a queen.
Stella Gauthey
I love
Alexis Day ago
That music noo
adam mohammed
It's sooooooo cute oh my god nooooo
Rekha Supyal
Rekha Supyal Day ago
Bun bun studios c:
My mom watches Naomi John so
The cuteness ahh so cute Me: Mmmm I can't i really need to like this vid urgh...😫😫 and now your happy 😁😄 *liking vid* Sydney: aww thanks 🤗
Lazy Mayiee
Lazy Mayiee Day ago
We can talk about braids and cat ears later but her voice is just ✨✨ i love it
Darcy Day ago
Day 3 of me saying that she sounds like the crazy fan, "Mandy", from iCarly. Is it just me?
ぷい 2 days ago
i could never do braids with my own hair by myself. i might end up doing this to somebody else instead 😂
This is so cute imma try it rn💖(also I had that Japanese audio with all my heart cause it literally just means "meow, 1 2 3 meow, thank you" and people think it's aesthetic?)
Minty lemon playz roblox
How is it so neat
Deeeeeyn 2 days ago
My hair is to stubborn to be like that.
Whomping Willow
Whomping Willow 2 days ago
Why does she sounds like Emma stone lol
Kasie Satter
Kasie Satter 2 days ago
Please do these 😈🐴🌼🔥
Yoly Brillo
Yoly Brillo 2 days ago
But my hair is long
Yoly Brillo
Yoly Brillo 2 days ago
Your hair looking nice idol
Abdul Hadi Abd Rashid
Wow pretty, beautiful and cute
WetonWet 2 days ago
“I put it in 3x”
Bratriz Pinheiro
Bratriz Pinheiro 2 days ago
Y Love you chanel!!
I Am Not An It ._.
I have longer hair than that will it work for long hair?
shawnin gaming
shawnin gaming 2 days ago
I dislike bc you said to
Modi 2 days ago
Anyone else likes the way she talks? Just me? Okay, well I do 😊
‡ AngyGacha _ Goblin ‡
I want to do this- But im to lazy and my hair is insane so thats a plan out the window- and it would look horrible on me xD
Jasi Sernaque
Jasi Sernaque 2 days ago
Parece un oso
Ren 2 days ago
Naomi Jon?????
_-Stxpid _-Hxney-_
My question is why does she find ideas to copy??
Mixed Personality
I sometimes braided my hair but I never thought of doing this
cupcake plays
cupcake plays 2 days ago
Me: did she just say cool beans 😆🤣
Victoria Runyon
Victoria Runyon 2 days ago
Cool beans.
Aleks K
Aleks K Day ago
✨ The Broccoli queen ✨
Hildanhh 2 days ago
Like this 😍
Cabbage 2 days ago
I’m the 2020 comment AYYYY
Malaikah Ulhaq
Malaikah Ulhaq 2 days ago
When u have dark hair
Rae like valkyrae? Just asking
China Bazile
China Bazile 2 days ago
Damn she so cute tho😍😍
T Taylor
T Taylor 2 days ago
Ok I’ll hit 👎XD
I need to try this
Diya Islam
Diya Islam 2 days ago
Yoongles 2 days ago
I tried it and it's really cute! The only problem is that I couldn't do it on the other side...
minerliton 3 days ago
*runs to my mom to show this vid*
Xtlxzz !
Xtlxzz ! 3 days ago
No now y’all just look like that cringe girl that wears cat ears
Octavio Garcia
Octavio Garcia 3 days ago
I like it so much😉
ariel yambot
ariel yambot 3 days ago
"it looks so cute" Me:bruh your the cute one here😍
VRFAN 3 days ago
Better be French one (I'm black :))