Using a TAP as Thread Boring Tool 

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Using a tap to cut threads?! I know, crazy, right? But just you watch!
In a pinch you can use a smaller tap of the right pitch to thread larger bores than the tap was intended for.

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Feb 21, 2021




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Ryan Slomkowski
Ryan Slomkowski 56 minutes ago
Very nice spittle at 3:44 , excellent form 👏. It's ok, I get a little too excited about thread cutting too sometimes😁
m -
m - Hour ago
For metric fine x1,5mm you can use a normal m10 tap!!
Grumplo 2 hours ago
I knew this episode would come out any decade
MAKGA 2 hours ago
It would be nice if this would work on 4340 hardened steel.
glen denton
glen denton 3 hours ago
Soo your telling me you take a tap that’s the same thread per inch as the print ask for setting the feed rate as the threads per inch and moving it in just like you would a boring bar is that what your doing?? I’m a machinist and I never seen this in my life if it really works I love to know I more
David Wedel
David Wedel 3 hours ago
My bad , I just realized this is for newbie
David Wedel
David Wedel 4 hours ago
I always thought a tap was a thread boring tool.
martin altria
martin altria 4 hours ago
What about threading boxes ? Landis and Herbert... and Alco or Fetter thread rolling ?
dan mackintosh
dan mackintosh 4 hours ago
Thread cutting videos... They don't come along often but when they do, they're... videos about cutting threads. cool tip there, like it.
oldSawyer 4 hours ago
FYI: You're Not Limited to running the same Thread Pitch if you grind off all but one point (per flute so you can still rotate it to a good one if not brazed in place {or if using a 4 flute tap}) effectively turning the tap into a Single Point Threading Tool with all of the Clearances Built In. . . I've done that many times over the years with old broken taps making mini boring bars (and internal Chamfer Tools) out of them.
Allan 5 hours ago
Please make an instructional video on baking breakfast muffins.
Atetus94 5 hours ago
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 5 hours ago
stuff! Thanks alot.
Thunder Dick
Thunder Dick 5 hours ago
I invented this as well as quotation marks the number 5 and spousel abuse oh yeah and the thing where you scratch your head while you're thinking YOUR ALL WELCOME and I almost forgot I invented the phrase you're welcome as well so you're welcome for you're welcome
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 5 hours ago
All of us under 6Ft use taps to make threads.
Mike Pettengill
Mike Pettengill 5 hours ago
Will wonders never cease?
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 5 hours ago
nelson k
nelson k 6 hours ago
TRAV K 6 hours ago
Very cool trick, but no mention of speeds and feeds for pitch of threads...
John King
John King 6 hours ago
Steven Connor
Steven Connor 7 hours ago
I have single point cut stuff much smaller for my previous job making electron microscope parts lol. You employ the 'cut fresh air' method with multiple passes method to your arsenal.
Anton Art
Anton Art 7 hours ago
"except it breaks the very first time you use it" OH MY GOD how true that is 🤣
Blood Gamers
Blood Gamers 7 hours ago
I don't need to be around in another 2021 years, by that time my conversion from manual human to cnc human will be complete
sticky170 8 hours ago
7:22 $21,15
Diving Eagle
Diving Eagle 8 hours ago
Maybe its just for me a stupid Question, but you said that u brazed your Tap on. Is there a difference between brazing and welding for example a tap on, and if yes what is the difference ?
Diving Eagle
Diving Eagle 7 hours ago
@This Old Tony very very thank you❤️
This Old Tony
This Old Tony 7 hours ago
Brazing is lower temperature and (if you're careful) shouldn't cause as much trouble with the tap than welding might. Sort of like soldering.
John Button
John Button 8 hours ago
good tip and good video format ...many years ago I made some microphone stand bases that used a 7/8"-27 thread pitch ...pretty close to that 1" bore.
Levi Morey
Levi Morey 9 hours ago
A piece of paper in your sleeve that says trick,
S. N.
S. N. 9 hours ago
I generally never use machines of these sorts. I probably never will. Your videos are exceptionally satisfying for me to watch, and the corny jokes are absolutely glorious. Neat fucking channel Old Tony.
Jonas Nordmark
Jonas Nordmark 9 hours ago
You are the best 👍
MebeSoco 9 hours ago
Can never have too many tools in the tool chest.
Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan 10 hours ago
This Old Tony, you're like my favorite shop teacher. Only with less cursing and more fingers.
Uluc Pamuk
Uluc Pamuk 10 hours ago
Kelly Full
Kelly Full 10 hours ago
I can't believe you didn't blur out that internal threading tool at 7:04! I thought this was a clean family friendly channel haha!
Vi Trong
Vi Trong 11 hours ago
The homeless committee ontogenetically phone because start dentsply gaze failing a serious magic. petite, decisive steam
Justin T
Justin T 11 hours ago
Awesome trick. Ive been trying to think of a decent way to make custom attachments that thread on to porta power rams. I think this may be the trick I need.
Nick Mangan
Nick Mangan 12 hours ago
TOT- ive got a video idea for you that you might find interesting, is there an email i could reach you at to send you a solid works file I made?
Richard T
Richard T 12 hours ago
See you in 4042!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr 13 hours ago
"Under a certain size" Me a 2 meter tall dutchman: bamboozled Thanks you clarified after tho
Michael Baker
Michael Baker 13 hours ago
We use a tool like this at my factory to do external threads on a high end CNC. It is scary fast.
S. W.
S. W. 14 hours ago
What you did here is called combing. Nothing new under the sun. If the tool was spinning, you’d speak of whirling a thread. Greetings, a fellow turner-machinist
Eardley Ham
Eardley Ham 15 hours ago
I had a need to cut an internal differential thread combo (30 TPI/40TPI) in a 1/4" bore. I fashioned my cutting tool by grinding away all but one "tooth" of a 5/16-18 tap, removing the balance of the tap enough to give the clearance needed inside the bore. Rather than braze or silver-solder the tool to a square shank, I clamped the unground tap shank into a small boring bar holder.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr 13 hours ago
1"-24 UNS tap is about $38, unless you want to take your chances with Ebay at $18. I don't know what you consider expensive for tooling, I can't afford a machining hobby. Yet.
popanollie1 15 hours ago
seeing threads being made by lathe or mill always amazes me with the multiple passes how the tool stays in the thead and not mess them up
dirtdude 16 hours ago
i like the triple antler spinner insert kajigger, that way if you chooch a hootenanny while you're twirling you can just frig sack the spinner and keep on keeping on with out screaming F, scaring the kids, pissing off the wife and re chooching but you can only twirl threads in accordance, on accounta the cigarette butts
Aalbert Torsius
Aalbert Torsius 16 hours ago
7:54 Yummy! Brass gravy!
Daniel Hartz
Daniel Hartz 16 hours ago
All this time subscribed to This Old Tony I thought I was watching a machinist with a quick wit...really, I was just watching a heavy-metal, quick-witted, hand model.
Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man 16 hours ago
Another example of "Why didn't I think of that?!" This will save me some money and a lot of time on an upcoming project. Thanks TOT!
Brian Woodward
Brian Woodward 17 hours ago
You're only cutting with the first thread so cannot see any advantage over a single point tool. If he'd of shown cutting a large thread in steel using a taper tap so you can go straight to depth it would have been a better video.
War War
War War 18 hours ago
A million is on the way cutie Jk... I love your videos Tony and a million is on the way Ps. Your still cute Pss. To your wife Psss. Probably Pssss I'm just a drunk guy on the internet. Keep up the good work
SchmuzzyHead 20 hours ago
Hey Mr Old sir, as your gonna be a millionaire soon, any chance you can take a hit on a China milling machine to go with the Manila the . I promise to; like comment, and if the video is any good, subscribe. :) Seriously tho, loving your vids btw longtime fan.
TonyD89 20 hours ago
So, how are you going to check that thread? Always turn and three wire a plug gauge first when doing an odd internal thread.
Dan Green
Dan Green 20 hours ago
This not only helps with my internal thread taps. But my internal feelings, which seemingly correspond to my taps.. a total mess, but kinda work once, if I apply enough force at the start but honest enough to accept I made a mistake later...
BigBlueMotors 20 hours ago
TOT is using metal from the Bronze Age. I thought it looked similar to the piece you used in 2021 BC.
Chris Hax
Chris Hax 21 hour ago
This guys got some meaty hands. Need to toss those digits on the lathe for a minute.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 21 hour ago
7:10 1"-24 tap: $20 on amazon. So... yeah, TOT, that sounds about right for your luck.
Bruce 22 hours ago
I wonder if he could make a double threaded female reciever to accept the double threaded male fitting he held up at the 1 minute mark
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 21 hour ago
What's next? Using an end mill as a boring bar? 😉
Halinspark 23 hours ago
1"-24 UNS tap is about $38, unless you want to take your chances with Ebay at $18. I don't know what you consider expensive for tooling, I can't afford a machining hobby. Yet.
5upra 23 hours ago
I got a question as far as this subject goes. Isn't a lathe a risky way to cut threads? More so referring to multi pass process. Just seems like it would be able to cut different(secondary) threads especially in the beginning, unless the plunge is timed with the rotation. Perhaps lathes are built that way?
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 23 hours ago
Everybody Loves Threadmond...
C Dub
C Dub 23 hours ago
Did I miss it, or was there no footage of the threads actually working and the piece being threaded onto a bolt....? Way to go........ Worthless.
Tono Cruz
Tono Cruz Day ago
I'll probably never use the information in this video, yet for some reason I just sat through this while vid
George Katsinis
"As the bores get smaller, it gets harder, and harder to breathe. Obviously, you're going to need a smaller tool ." If I had a quarter for every time I've heard that.
helicrashpro Day ago
Could be done with a broken tap as well.
John Young
John Young Day ago
Tony, long time viewers must know that you are a closet air rifle shooter and motorcycle rider. Then you must also be a catch and release fly trout fishermen. I of course am all of the above but never release anything. The most overpriced Items I have run across lately are the rotary fly tying vices. Please address this item and come up with a diy superior vice that can be made in our home shop.
Shawn McAuliffe
Gives timecode to the actual tip, like I'd skip ahead, puhleees.
Brandon Little
3:45 Spittin' Knowledge
Farm And HVAC
Great 👍 video
ChefRex Day ago
Hey TOT Been watching you since before forever existed, I just recently started my machining channel more serious like while I don’t wanna mooch off your success if you’re feeling nice a shout-out to a fellow metal man would be kindly loved and appreciated ❤️ Much love From Canada! PS If anyone says making videos is easy they’re mistaken.
Seth Monteleone
Hey This Old Tony, do you just record your self randomly shaking your hands in front of objects silently and then just dub over it in post?
Chris Heidt
Chris Heidt Day ago
Hi I'm a machinist of 35yrs exp, personally I grind from old endmills, With single tooth, therefore I can cut any pitch, and dia on lathe or mill. thx for another cool 😎 trick!
You just gave me an idea. What if you built a floating holder for the tap that allowed the spinning part the pull the tap in. This would then not require any lathe settings to change thread pitch. I have used floating tap holders on mills but I wonder if it would work on something like this.
Albert Thorne
In episode three his hands were wearing a 😷
plkracer Day ago
What's next? Using an end mill as a boring bar? 😉
Hazel Hazelton
I'm looking forward to 4042 already. :)
Eckehardt krieger
Mehh!!! Just use helicoil 🤣🤣🤣
8:36 I will be here. Hope they keep the chronometry, so I don´t miss it. ッ
Hotends LLC
Hotends LLC Day ago
Another great video! Thanks ToT
Hans Hans
Hans Hans Day ago
Tony, do you watch Alan Millyard's channel?
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Day ago
7:10 1"-24 tap: $20 on amazon. So... yeah, TOT, that sounds about right for your luck.
Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh Day ago
6 minute fluff limit 😂... Dude... I can watch your videos even if they are 12 hours long...
Laszlo Fyre
Laszlo Fyre Day ago
See you in 4042. 'Bye for now.
Notta Nuke
Notta Nuke Day ago
Its insane how relevent this is to me.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Day ago
but as the lathe already needs to match the feed, so why would you need to?
Bryan Mullins
@This Old Tony you have the time traveling lathe, so, yes you do make the rules.
John Jones
John Jones Day ago
It would appear to me that swarf is cutting along the length of the tap, that tells me the tap is not square to the axis. What you need to do is grind away all but two of the teeth to prevent this.
This Old Tony
the tap has some lead-in taper. good eye!
Maikel van der pas
i love hearing metal scream when someone tries that
Harri Haataja
And here I had just decided that cutting that 9x1mm thread was not feasible. I'll just have to resist the urge to try now.
paul beenis
paul beenis Day ago
STILL Day ago
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates⭕️
Tom Mcelroy
Tom Mcelroy Day ago
Sure do like hearing yourself speak. Ay.
Brian Brown
Brian Brown Day ago
Excellent as usual!!!
Neil Stansbury
Love the Hobbet nut and bolt!! We're just missing some hairy feet to complete the tutorial 🤣
Scott Ott
Scott Ott Day ago
Love these tips videos. I'm sure it takes 2021 years to come up with each new tip series. Please don't feel like you have to show us something new though. I just love to watch you play. Would love to just watch a ToT live-stream of you cursing at your machinery.
Tyler Forbes
Tyler Forbes Day ago
If you braze the tap into the center of a piece of hex stock for a 3 flute, or square stock for a 2/4 flute, you can use all the flutes as cutting edges over time and still use them as a standard tap.
mudnducs Day ago
Nice job...fun stuff!
Tracy Staggs
Tracy Staggs Day ago
As a fun sized guy, I appreciate the distinction. I was about to throw all my taps out! Glad I kept watching...
Notafratdude Day ago
Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven Like so more people can see this.
Jusb1066 Day ago
but as the lathe already needs to match the feed, so why would you need to?
Parker Bartnicki
He’s trending
Ruth Logan
Ruth Logan Day ago
Great tip! Could have used that with a 2-56 thread. I’ll have to give this idea a try. Thanks so much!
Threading Tips 2021... Shoot, looks like Russian beat us not only in space race back in 50's... January 16th, 2020: us-first.info/player/video/hdaBpoWDk2d7qGg.html ;-)
jacobrl9 Day ago
What about thread mills? Lol
oddjobbob Day ago
I wish I was clever enough to come up with a funny comment. Not that guy, me. My question is how did you keep from de-tempering the tap after brazing it into that big block of steel for holding it in your tool-post holder?