Using 666IQ Imposter Techniques to Win EVERY 50/50 (Jester and Sheriff Mod) 

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DAYWALKER MUSIC VIDEO: us-first.info/player/video/pLh3jICska2bnn0.html
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Apr 3, 2021




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Daila M. Muse
Daila M. Muse Hour ago
I love corpses' voice likee
Petra Lubbers
Petra Lubbers Hour ago
the voice is AMAZING WOOOWWWW =>
Jeremy Dueck
Jeremy Dueck 2 hours ago
Bro ur awsome and im sorry ur life wasnt so well
Lizbeth Calderon
Lizbeth Calderon 2 hours ago
He kind of sounds like beforethenightfalls but just has a really deep voice 👀
LovelyPotato 3 hours ago
Very interesting...
Kid Sasuke
Kid Sasuke 3 hours ago
Corpse watch out this girl named Ally know where u like an she might come to ur location keep ur eye open (she also has a US-first channel named Wolfie chan/)
Andrew Lucas
Andrew Lucas 4 hours ago
Sykkuno: It wasn't Brooke Brooke: It wasn't Sykkuno And in a way, it was both of them
ArubuuW 5 hours ago
Mano sua voz me deu medo!!!
Ray Bone
Ray Bone 5 hours ago
hey corpse i know you probaly won't see this message but i fight depreesion i dont know how to express myself and i hate life you have helped me in many ways amd i am awlways here for you
Deadicate Official
Deadicate Official 5 hours ago
Corpse's laugh reminds me of Ryuk's laugh from Death Note
Sulmy Castro
Sulmy Castro 5 hours ago
You kinda scary
ieatsomepbandjs 6 hours ago
hey i just found out why you wont show your face its becuase you hate your self and how you look no matter how you look i will allwaya whatch you vids and i love your channel love your vids becuase you helped me get thru deppresion sry i have spelling dissorder
Average Scientist
Average Scientist 6 hours ago
Commenting on Corpse's videos till he sees this: thank you for openinly talking about your health struggles! Never heard of fibromyalgia until I found out you had it, so I researched it and it described the shit I'd been struggling with. After 11 years I finally have a diagnosis of fibro and a name to the pain and exhaustion, thanks Corpse!
Elizabeth Maloney
Elizabeth Maloney 6 hours ago
Hearing CORPSE laugh makes my day
drexen 69
drexen 69 7 hours ago
Who's justbret couldn't find them on US-first
gacha paiten
gacha paiten 8 hours ago
Thumbnail be like: big brain
Frog Edits
Frog Edits 9 hours ago
Hey can you check. inquisitormaster channel they have someone in there squad that has a deep voice like yours named Levi
gojo satoru
gojo satoru 11 hours ago
Am not gonna lie sykkuno sound like Ao bing in nezha
Tierra Smith
Tierra Smith 11 hours ago
The fact that I want to be corpse caretaker and best friend says something.
Gacha _anime lover
Gacha _anime lover 11 hours ago
I accidentally disliked the video and now I’m upset
Angel And matt
Angel And matt 12 hours ago
Amazing keep it up keep the channel
Account Stuff
Account Stuff 12 hours ago
26:42 I mean, he DID find a body in 3..2..1-
Shadow Moon
Shadow Moon 14 hours ago
Just want to say Corpse that I know it is hard right now but it will get better. We your fans and your online friends are here for you. If you don’t want to do a face reveal that is compeltely fine. Please don’t feel pressured or anything, we love you Corpse❤️
Shane W
Shane W 15 hours ago
Brooke is beautiful asf
Bea Fernandez
Bea Fernandez 15 hours ago
Hi Corpse!! Can I please have a request??? It's not a big one!!!!
Bea Fernandez
Bea Fernandez 15 hours ago
Hi Corpse!! Can I please have a request??? It's not a big one!!!!
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki 15 hours ago
Hi just wanna say im a big fan and ive just not recently have subscribed to u and i love ur vids and everything about u some day I'd love to meant u ofc it would be amazing but have. A good day - love as a friend Kaseymay
Christian Peel
Christian Peel 17 hours ago
I spilt water on my white tee
t 18 hours ago
So corpse apprabtly your a super star musician now ?! and da ladies want to kiss you on the butt, I’m proud of man, I hope you still read a creepy story of two from time to time.
Psychotic Kreeps
Psychotic Kreeps 21 hour ago
It's kinda sad that corpse wont read scary stories anymore, but I get it dont wanna scare the kids away.
XxTHE SIBLINGSxX 21 hour ago
No entendí nada pero la tuya por si acaso y buen video carnal
jeff shilanski
jeff shilanski 22 hours ago
Lol I been sup to u since 5k I just came back to your channel and was like damn
Ivan Balaz
Ivan Balaz 23 hours ago
Me: wait wha- My bestfriend(male ._.): What ;-; theres nothing stupid a-- Me: o>o * see's corpse * My best friend (male ._.) : oh .. ;-; .. -.- Me: are u Jelly ;.; My bestfriend (male ._.): He ll no! -_-... Me: u sure?
bre martin
bre martin Day ago
karl guess what, tirza said the b slur to her dog and then pushed the dog off her bed
Unice Mendoza-Gama
Hi corpse your probably never gonna see this but can you make a video of how people in public react to your voice please
Saul Torres
Saul Torres Day ago
So umm no more scary stories or only on Halloween maybe
Crazy coco cake
Hi corpse im a new sub
Pov:Corpe is a demon because he's caption is 66*
Deirdresue Day ago
Love Corpse’s voice it always calms me down and makes me smile, especially after having a stressful day. He is also hilarious to watch. 😊
Boba Fett the Bounty Hunter
Not to be a header on anything but is the voice really that deep like you could be using a voice changer
FreakinHell Day ago
Toast tryna reverse psychology brooke 🤣
Niklas Day ago
rip prince pihilip :(
FreakinHell Day ago
BROOKE-CORPSE rivalry is the best 🤣
Tina Day ago
Omg there was something on my volume and whenever corpse talked it started bouncing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I’m going through these comments and I have not seen a single person make an Inquisitormaster joke.🙄 I wanted to hear some good ones.
Karl: "... the one and only murderer, BROOKEAB!" everyone: hnUhGh :0 :0 :0 !!
Jennifer Reckers
BrookeAB: IM SORRY Corpse: 1.0 GPA?? Oof!
Primal Predator
Sykkuno is like an Asian Loki. Just wants to cause mischief.
Demonic Zero
Demonic Zero Day ago
I used to like you... then you played with POKIMANE
pluto. Day ago
brentmans char is so boujee
chris garland
hey corpse like your vids bye
XDhan FF
XDhan FF Day ago
Riley Day ago
This mans voice is higher than my grades
12 34
12 34 Day ago
I'm I the only one who finds it weird that corpse actually has a real name😅😅
Where’s the corpse who did horror stories.. all I’m seeing is this rubbish game from him.. I’m really disappointed.
Coco Zeliang
Coco Zeliang Day ago
Will someone explain what happened in 6:44
Kelsey Day ago
Brooke was killed by the sheriff which is a crewmate who has the ability to kill impostors. However, if the sheriff is wrong and tries to kill a crewmate then they end up killing themselves and that crewmate.
noura311 Day ago
His voice is so deep
Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh Day ago
His voice ❤️
Frosty_Cream Day ago
Who else misses his creepy story’s
gregory monteiro
Your music is trash bruh don’t nobody care
XeRxEs OP Day ago
Love corpse ❤️
qhizan faatir
you use my trick or dont say we same iq 7_7
Nathan Michigan69
I’m sorry man but I just unsubscribed you! You used to have so much awesome horror content, but here you are now making among us content 🤦‍♂️ this game is so boring and why do u keep making videos about it! You need get back into the horror videos dude.
Bun Trap•
Bun Trap• Day ago
I wanna hear corpse inhlaes Sulfur hexafluoride....lol im dead-
im still confused how randall have a deep voice-
skys! Day ago
Who was here before among us.
Kiyopon Ayanon
Why did brooke died in the first game shes the imposter i dont understand HAHAHA i havent watched their vids for months
Kelsey Day ago
Brooke was killed by the sheriff which is a crewmate who has the ability to kill impostors. However, if the sheriff is wrong and tries to kill a crewmate then they end up killing themselves and that crewmate.
Cadaver Day ago
Corpse is super good a gettting out of voted off
OLIIVI studios
Is corpse ever crewmate?
Natasha Kaur
Natasha Kaur 2 days ago
Hey, I've been watching your videos for awhile now and i urgently needed some help, I don't know who else to even ask, i was mugged day before yesterday and lost all my belongings, and I'm stuck in a different city due to covid. Any kind of help would be really amazing right now, and I'll try to return the money or favour as soon as possible, i just need it urgently right now, please just anyone?
Natasha Kaur
Natasha Kaur Day ago
I'd really really appreciate any kind of help
Natasha Kaur
Natasha Kaur Day ago
@V M I'm not able to reply to your comment, what's happening
V M Day ago
Yes. Sure.
Alex Scott
Alex Scott 2 days ago
Hey corpse not to rush you but do you know when you will do the face reveal
Kelsey Day ago
Why even ask this question then?
Jakub Nepomuceno
Jakub Nepomuceno 2 days ago
could u go back to reading scary stories pls the among us videos are very repetitive
Aiken Beraliyeva
Aiken Beraliyeva 2 days ago
Toast, with the mustache and your hat should be mr.toast, idk just a thought
Belissa Love
Belissa Love 2 days ago
just got your hoodie and mask in today! it looks so cool!!! the hoodie is so comfy and not too thick; thinn but keeps ya warm. tho the mask does give me 2nd glances lmao; i love it all. thank u!!
Kall 2 days ago
Big brein.
Zhian Gabagat Official Channel
Poki says what the f
Tenzin lhendrup Dorji
Vote for the NDL
123dragonledgends12 3
Corpse GTA has changed sulking 🥲🥲🥲
Rene rharvey
Rene rharvey 2 days ago
Sup. Are you done with scary stories?
ieateggs withcrack
do a music vid with eminem
ieateggs withcrack
Turtle Beyer
Turtle Beyer 2 days ago
Martin Liles
Martin Liles 2 days ago
His US-first sucks BIG TIME!!
Lexi Runyan
Lexi Runyan 2 days ago
We love that dream intro
clara afton
clara afton 2 days ago
Hey corpse, I just wanna say that your music has helped me a lot me personally I'm not in a good place and I'm a suicidal person and I have always been super self conscious and I wear a purge mask to cover my face and only my friends I trust and my girlfriend only know what my face looks like and I'm an agoraphobic and I hate going out in public if I do I always wear my purge mask and I can make my voice deep so I also hide my voice and I have Tourettes and multi personality disorder so I'm constantly bullied witch is the reason to all of this and my mom onece told me that I was going to be raped when I'm older because I wasn't sitting Lady like and now I have a fear of men I do trust you I think because you have the heart of an angel
Infin 2 days ago
lmao this game is literally too stressful for me to play, had a genuine panic attack when i was made imposter
ivy hiss
ivy hiss 2 days ago
UwU you need to see my hero academia CORPSE
Ricky spanish
Ricky spanish 2 days ago
Can you plz make a Horror Story vid again plzzzz
Nightmare 2 days ago
My mom asked me who I was watching and I said Corpse..... I have never seen that women raise her eyebrows so damn high.
Centurion 2 days ago
Am I an idiot or do corpse and billy styler sound similar?
Tanya Duran
Tanya Duran 2 days ago
Aye corpse i know how you look in real life you have one red eye black hair O-o
Gavin DeDon
Gavin DeDon 2 days ago
I would like to play Among Us with you guys but I'm not as famous as you guys but you guys are epic
Dillin Jeter
Dillin Jeter 2 days ago
Isn't machine gun Kelly a 1920s mobster
Jayce Mckinnis
Jayce Mckinnis 2 days ago
I love how every time everyone thinks its corpse
Mike Jarrett
Mike Jarrett 2 days ago
What the hell happened to your channel man. 7 months without a proper video. what is this shit?
OPyona 2 days ago
What happened to greaseball?
DreamWasTaken LOL
Voice 🥵🥵🥵