Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Apr 19) 

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Our WWE Raw review was Simon Miller talks about Randy Orton vs Matt Riddle, Charlotte vs Asuka, Miz vs Damian Priest, and much more craziness.
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Apr 20, 2021




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Dion Share
Dion Share 21 day ago
I agree with everyone else watching this Simon Miller thing is more entertaining than the show. At least Smackdown is just as good as the Ups & Downs.
Dion Share
Dion Share 21 day ago
Mr. McMahon and company what is going on? Monday Night Raw used to be headliner show. And I agree with Simon who is now writing Raw. Why is the writing for Smackdown so much better? Can't we work out something so that both shows are good?
kian moiny
kian moiny 22 days ago
T-Bar sounds like some sort of chocolate bar
fidielio 23 days ago
Some heroes don't wear capes... they watch RAW even when it's shite in order to host a US-first video breaking down how bad the episode actually was
Antione Wilson
Antione Wilson 24 days ago
FYI I sent Adnan Virk the video directly and he loved it..Interesting and entertaining
Antione Wilson
Antione Wilson 24 days ago
For those that don't get it, my man Adnan is with Meadowlark Media..home of the Dan Lebatard Show with Stugotz..he is amazing..great at baseball but even more..movies and cinema and there will be show references dropped so please even though I don't watch wwe. Like that..he is AWESOME SO SUPPORT HIM AND DONT BE JACKASSSES
Mc Gyver Louw
Mc Gyver Louw 24 days ago
The legendary "suprise roll up" lol Simon. Can someone in WWE demote that move?
Noodle 84
Noodle 84 24 days ago
I just fast forward through much of raw now. I enjoy watching certain wrestlers, but the booking is shocking. Smackdown isnt much better either! Its easy to fall into the trap of "raw is bad, smackdown is good" but its simply not true! Both shows have some good wrestlers, but both shows are also really bad generally. Personally I'd ditch the brand split to avoid boring repetition of matches and get better writers too.
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson 25 days ago
Well I guess since WWE has to explain every little detail to you, then let me explain one great big detail to you and that is.... you're stupid
Paul Counelis
Paul Counelis 25 days ago
Simon: Give New Day anything, they'll make it entertaining Also Simon: Doesn't give them an up
Paul Counelis
Paul Counelis 25 days ago
Alexa's Playground was great, sorry.
Paul Counelis
Paul Counelis 25 days ago
Simon needs to step away from Raw for a while. He is nitpicking because of things he already dislikes, like when you hate everything someone does because you don't like them. This RAW was not THAT bad. Wasn't great. Wasn't THAT bad.
Joshua Bollenhagen
Joshua Bollenhagen 25 days ago
Ok I don't disagree with the ups and downs on this RAW, don't disagree with the rollup/DQ/distraction board what I disagree with is Simon seemingly having a up down bias against Raw. Watched many up/downs for AEW and Impact and seems to go easy on them. Where is the Claxon board for tag team matches in AEW? where is the after match brawls board for AEW? Also damn would love some retro ups/downs for Wrestle Kingdom events
Zachary Tasler
Zachary Tasler 25 days ago
who needs to watch Monday Night RAW when we have these reviews? lol
Jon Rogers
Jon Rogers 25 days ago
Why TF did mace and t bag get disqualified? I can't get over that
Jon Rogers
Jon Rogers 25 days ago
Nia jax and angel garza new women's tag champions soon, idk how the f that's gonna happen but wwe will do it anyway. You heard it here first! Also how did mace and t bag get disqualified in 2 seconds for a double team attack? Doesn't anyone else give a damn about the rules??? 5 count was dismissed and clearly rules can be created as they go
Ry Mental
Ry Mental 25 days ago
No! Not the "Viking experience" its the "Viking Express" according to the new crap commentator!? He said it twice even after the other 2 corrected him, bring back Tom Phillips please.
Andrew Burgess-Linden
Randy Orton vs Riddle was Awesome
GuillotineStare 26 days ago
How do you feel? Simon, how do you feel to actually give Ups and Downs as it Truly is rather than being paid to Give All wrestling shows Decent ratings even if not deserved?
Invincible Young Empire
Omos and Aj still not appearing... Wondering when Alexa will be back in the women's roster again (more likely) and DON'T FORGET! We have yet to get Xavier vs Reckoning!!
Hypie Harry
Hypie Harry 26 days ago
Raw was absolutely awful this week
Kenshigo 26 days ago
Thanks for watching RAW so I don´t have to Simon. You are a real hero!
malice 26 days ago
AH d
AH d 26 days ago
Love your show Simon, can't say I love or like WWE anymore
Justin Villalva
Justin Villalva 26 days ago
19:20 yeah it’s a down? 🤣🤣🤣
Justin Villalva
Justin Villalva 26 days ago
I thought I was the only one who thought I watched this twice! 🤣
Anthony Ferguson
Anthony Ferguson 26 days ago
Jobbing the Fiend was such a stupid idea.
Eazy 26 days ago
I guess they just stopped trying to make raw good or watchable smh!!!!!!!
majkie hugo
majkie hugo 26 days ago
They are making Lashly to the next Lesnar. Overpowered big boi that just shows up when he is going to kill someone
General Penultimo
General Penultimo 26 days ago
Omg, that show was SHIT 😂 I'm really happy I didn't watch it xD
Doc A
Doc A 26 days ago
"it gets a down..." Arrow shows up...even the spinning arrow is confused
k-dub 26 days ago
What a complete shit show Raw is these days. Can we just have the writers from Smackdown do double duty and write Raw also plz?!
Michael Kreitz
Michael Kreitz 26 days ago
I saw Cesaro on "Nobody Talks like that"... 😂
Tony Walters
Tony Walters 26 days ago
Everytime I switch from Raw to Smackdown or Smackdown to Raw it's the other one that is the good show. I haven't watched Smackdown because I know it's good and I don't want to truin it for anyone else
Chuck Hansen
Chuck Hansen 27 days ago
Wwe wants raw to look bad to make Roman look good like the guy. Sad to throw so many people under to make him look great
Delsus 75
Delsus 75 27 days ago
Shana should not be in the tag department, she should be wrecking people in singles, and going after the main titles.
The Two Two Late Show
Where is the top ten pole matches. I know Simon fn loves a good dudes fighting over pole match
jojo lotz
jojo lotz 27 days ago
Check out jojo lotz
Jordan Beck
Jordan Beck 27 days ago
WWE does too many replays. I’m usually not as critical as most fans but I’m tired of being reminded of events that only happened 5 minutes ago lol. I’m glad Asuka won I guess? Even though it wasn’t clean
Macmak Mc
Macmak Mc 27 days ago
I knew there was a reason I felt the urge to go level my frost mage when I was watching. This was a really bad Monday Night Raw
Serial Miller
Serial Miller 27 days ago
I'm surprised "Pardon me while I unload" is not on a t-shirt and ran into the ground like "my hole."
YNGTonyMontana 27 days ago
I don’t think you understood the mace and tbar segment
Serial Miller
Serial Miller 27 days ago
VKM: Advertised matches? Who cares pal! Card subject to change!
DURttt Co6ain
DURttt Co6ain 27 days ago
This is exactly why I dont watch Raw or Smackdown, I stay strictly watchin Nxt and Aew but I do always watch The Ups and Downs💯
Kalarius 27 days ago
Love when he mentions the roll up haha
Jeffery Cassity
Jeffery Cassity 27 days ago
check the end of your video. Called it a down but the arrow was up???
Buckshot Jones
Buckshot Jones 27 days ago
I really REALLY hope they make the Orton/Riddle feud like Riddle is that annoying guy at work. Because when he sped past Randy on the scooter I was dying. He looked so annoyed.
PaH601 27 days ago
Sounds like Raw booking is now using WWE2k20 Universe mode to come up with matches
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 27 days ago
Raw sucks lately!
Snarfery ASMR
Snarfery ASMR 27 days ago
Same matches as last week? After cutting talent? You don't say...
Michael Skatharoudis
Do nxt call ups just end up in retribution? The only members I know are Mia yim and Dominic dijakovic
CEER 27 days ago
Would be interesting to see what %age of wins are clean compared to distraction, dq and even %age won by rollup 🙂
JimmyJimJam1984 27 days ago
I watched this episode of Raw with my own eyes.. all 3 hours of it. The only parts I remember is Matt Riddle vs Orton and Charlotte beating the shit out of the refs at the end. Nothing else was worth saving in my brain I guess? Haha
Rob Ayling
Rob Ayling 27 days ago
I liked the Arkham Bane fight reference
TridentH20 27 days ago
Correction, it's Monday Night Bobby
Haffeez Mohammed
Haffeez Mohammed 27 days ago
Its not even funny anymore.... the creative on RAW is so much garbage!! WTH is happening with this show :(
VISHNU M 27 days ago
Hey simon randy mentioned riddle is growing on him in the broken skull session
Alpha_Dog_ 90
Alpha_Dog_ 90 27 days ago
Such lazy booking is putting me off watching Raw 🤦🏼‍♂️
Dan Hazard
Dan Hazard 27 days ago
This Mason Teebar sounds like a pretty Good Wrestle 😂
TheStasznik 27 days ago
Is there any way to send an email to WWE just to wrote some things about their current product? I think most of us watching Simon can book at least decent RAW having the same roster of "Superstars".
djspunkymonkey 27 days ago
When I heard Mace and T Bone reciting all the animals they’d seen at the zoo I thought to myself this is definitely a “nobody talks like that” moment.. I wasn’t disappointed!! Who writes this shit?! 😳
djspunkymonkey 27 days ago
If I was one of those guys who got released last week I’d be so glad! WWE is absolute garbage. Thank GOD we’ve got Dynamite to look forward to!
Daryl MC Death
Daryl MC Death 27 days ago
Maryse has to get an up...ALWAYS! But hey...it is not that I have given up on you a long Time ago...You give Bad bits an up and good bits a down...
Alex Shores
Alex Shores 27 days ago
raw suck in wwe2k universe mode replaying the same matches for absolutely no reason
Benjamin Legend
Benjamin Legend 27 days ago
Raw sucks
Dustin Spencer
Dustin Spencer 27 days ago
Why are we still seeing lana and nia jax interact
Mark Froman
Mark Froman 27 days ago
Jason Hills
Jason Hills 27 days ago
Simon and too many people “Who is writing RAW?” Me: “God damn it! It’s fucking VINCE! Stop asking! It’s VIIIIIIIIIIIIINCE!” *head explodes*
Tyrone Blocker
Tyrone Blocker 27 days ago
Thank you for up and down I watch raw for 6 seconds and knew I wasn't missing i don't understand Aew dark has a better show ON US-first "US-first" than Raw on CABLE "CABLE"
saurav bhattacharjee
Orton is the only reason raw is watchable for 15mins,Orton vs Riddle was good
Måns Holm
Måns Holm 27 days ago
Soooo I guess Raw was so bad, the show got an up for being that bad??
Silas Rivera
Silas Rivera 27 days ago
The fact that I watch Ups and Downs for Raw just to see how bad it is says a lot
Simon you said it was a down but arrow said up hmm perhaps a raw rewrite by Vince
lycanz dukpa
lycanz dukpa 27 days ago
Always look forward to nobody talks like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Diane Long
Diane Long 27 days ago
love simon's shirt! raw was great, loved seeing charlotte back, but it didnt last long, her and rhea ripley is gonna bring the house down!
michaeloptv 27 days ago
Wow!! I knew RAW was bad...but damn did Simon go off!! It’s get to be TNA bad!! 😨
John McHugh
John McHugh 27 days ago
8:10 We now live in a world where Barefoot uber-tiny-underwear wearing underwear model-esque pretty boy Matt Riddle can win against RANDY FUCKING ORTON! I really don't like this world!
Antonio Castro
Antonio Castro 27 days ago
I miss Monday night Bobby
Tyler Fordt
Tyler Fordt 27 days ago
Simon is the only reason I know what's happening on Monday nights
Akshay Shelar
Akshay Shelar 27 days ago
Raw getting a down but the arrow going up? Now I confused
R M 27 days ago
This should be called the downs and lower. There's nothing good about this garbage on both smackdown and raw
That one guy I know
When was the last time Raw got an Up for the whole show?
Thnsum 27 days ago
Damn Ripply, how is that fair to Flair ?
Jonatan Geisser
Jonatan Geisser 27 days ago
Now that graded is over, the only way I can keep up with Raw is ups and downs, bless you Simon
Michael Wells
Michael Wells 27 days ago
Raw broke the Matrix. Simon said down and it pointed up 🤦🏿‍♂️😂
Harry Behr
Harry Behr 27 days ago
It’s getting worse every week
Katerine Quinde
Katerine Quinde 27 days ago
At this point I watch Ups and Downs before I watch Raw and see if it’s worth watching lol
Franco Yauri
Franco Yauri 27 days ago
Raw is terrible. So unwatchable.
Allie Allan Poet
Allie Allan Poet 27 days ago
Raw was really boring this week and I don't even watch the bliss stuff anymore, just doesn't hold my interest
TY THE TRUTH 27 days ago
Bob isn't on the show because like Lesnar if you're a partimer you get to do Steroids in WWE! Fact
mark lister
mark lister 27 days ago
Brown down
Jayla Gaskins
Jayla Gaskins 27 days ago
billy bob
billy bob 27 days ago
i wonder if flair and broke has the same plastic surgeon
Andrew Bodin
Andrew Bodin 27 days ago
Can we get a bitch counter.?
Mr. Mimikyu
Mr. Mimikyu 28 days ago
Please please please wwe make orton punt riddle in the head and make him retire
Simeon Bhaggan
Simeon Bhaggan 28 days ago
...i miss Laycool
Ceres 28 days ago
Hahaha you accidentally said "doo TQ's" instead of Two DQs
Reyzorisk 28 days ago
Exactly where the heck is AJ and Omos we haven’t seen them since Mania.
Joseph Belanger
Joseph Belanger 28 days ago
Long live simon miller
Deep Chatterjee
Deep Chatterjee 28 days ago
The Riddle that is Matt.. just keeps getting Mattier.. 🛴
crazy new way to mlg
crazy new way to mlg