Update: On Moving Forward 

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Feb 19, 2021




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Evan Emerson
Evan Emerson 2 hours ago
My birthday is also November 7th
Johnny Scorea
Johnny Scorea 3 hours ago
Bro wish you the best man never give up!
Eddi O
Eddi O 4 hours ago
I'd love to see you compete again!
DayQuil23 5 hours ago
#Unban Nairo
prod. RSonthetrack
prod. RSonthetrack 5 hours ago
that reverse 3-0 with ganon still the best set i have ever witnessed
Brian Orellana
Brian Orellana 6 hours ago
I’m glad to see you come back smash is just not the same with out you I can’t wait for you to come back and continue the amazing work you do your streams have helped me out through some of the hardest times I’ve ever experienced this is amazing I can’t wait to see what you do I believe in you and so many others do too! You got this
Un Yaourt Pongiste
Un Yaourt Pongiste 6 hours ago
Let's goo my boy is back
Erick Hasbun
Erick Hasbun 7 hours ago
Nairo do youtube streams if twitch dosent let you stream anymore.
Kaptain Krunch
Kaptain Krunch 7 hours ago
Bro just sew twitch.
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie 57 minutes ago
Juancitø 7 hours ago
Damn. He’s back, learned from his fuck up. I hope to see you more often from now on, man. Missed you.
Conceptzer0 8 hours ago
I always knew you were innocent, you were too kind of a person and a lot of people doubted you anyways because it was the popular thing to do... think for yourself people, not just parrot what everyone else says. take this as a lesson, to just shut ur mouth and wait for the proof before claiming someone is guilty... Love ya Nairo!
Ryan Cochrane
Ryan Cochrane 8 hours ago
this really brought a tear to my eye. this must've taken an unbelievable amount of time to think over and come out with and I have the utmost respect for you for going through with it. take the time you need to heal and we will be waiting for you, we all miss you and hope that things get better for you. take good care of yourself Nairo.
Lofi Vibes
Lofi Vibes 8 hours ago
Nothing but positive vibes. I hope to see nothing but good things happen. I hope to see you in tournaments again. Hoping the you and the family stay safe as well during the pandemic situation 🙏
Phoenix Prue
Phoenix Prue 8 hours ago
Zeco117 8 hours ago
Nah dude gtfoh. You’re a kid diddler.
Ritesh Poddar
Ritesh Poddar 2 hours ago
So, this leads me to believe that you have no idea what the hell exactly happened to nairo. Read up about it and then feel free to comment. Until then, i shall join darthy, and call you a vulgar singular pronoun. Stinky.
Darthy 8 hours ago
Nario is innocent and this has been proven. This concludes me saying vulgar nicknames. 🖕
Darthy 8 hours ago
Burnt toast
Darthy 8 hours ago
Darthy 8 hours ago
Jun Ira
Jun Ira 10 hours ago
Welcome back, Nairo
BigTurtlesSlam 10 hours ago
I am glad to see that your coming back, A part of the community died when you left. Its time to rebuild!
Plaguexe 10 hours ago
Pt Accelerator
Pt Accelerator 10 hours ago
Probably gonna have a lot of dislikes and complains. You said moving forward... Then why don't try to do something else? How can you say that moving forward is going back to streaming with the same people, the same fanbase... To be honest, it sounds like someone trying to come back to make more money since he noticed it was the easiest path for him but since he messed up he needed to say something that makes people super agree( and he probably talked and got support mostly from people that also make money the same way he did) No one knows what really happened on the Nairo-zack incident except both of them. No matter how hard you guys try to defend one or another, you don't really know, we only know the statements. And Nairo innocent, guilty, panicked, depressed whatsoever, he admitted his guilt. Then after a while he said legal stuff and changed his statement. Sorry if I don't want you to come back to the scene and want you to do what you say. Sorry if I prefer you to move forward and find a job outside that past that is gonna leave a mark in you forever. You guys can choose to follow him and pay him money to come back to the scene if you want. Just remember that he eventually have to move forward (for real) and you guys choosing to support him to come back after all that happened is not really going to help him discover the person he needs to be. That is only going to give him comfortable money making him stay the same before till he has to face himself and his reality in the bad way. I hope you move forward, try something else, and get a real sequel (and not a patch) of the game that has your name.
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 9 hours ago
I dont jibe with your words of Nairo having to "face himself" and his reality. If anything he would be facing the reality that lies can destroy an innocent man's life. Not himself And that is a shame on us, not on him.
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 9 hours ago
I think it's a measure of due diligence and critical thinking. The more you line up the details, the more clear the picture becomes. Just yesterday we had Salem (the person who was in conversation with Zack in the screenshots used to expose Nairo)... chiming in with a Twitlonger where he says that Zack would fantasize to him about being able to "control the whole Smash community". We will get more details eventually but Ive read everything multiple times now and followed all the details as this case unfolded. The evidence is absolutely damning of Zack. Alpharad is publically endorsing Nairo's innocence, and says he viewed the court documents under NDA. It cant be talked about now by either party, but do you think Alpharad is in the business of making up BS for pedos? Because I don't
Quintyn Parker
Quintyn Parker 9 hours ago
I get where you're coming from, but I feel as if you are looking at this from only one possible perspective. And although I have to acknowledge that making money is definitely a motive of him coming back, there are other outcomes of which as to why he'd even come back in the way that he is. I don't personally know the guy, but I feel as if you shouldn't let past discrepancies disuade you from what you're passionate about. As he even mentions it in the video that, he genuinely enjoyed being around his fans for his birthday, which motivated him to come back. Let's say a musician was put into the same position as Nairo, unjustly accused of rape, shuned by their respective community for a time, only for newfound eveidence over time to suggest that the artist was innocent. Should that artist never draw again? Should that artist just never make any more money doing what they love rather than some random job? Idk man, but to me probably not, especially if he just genuinely loves to draw. As outsiders, we don't know what truly happened legally between Nairo and Zack, since we don't know them. However due to the new statement, and a lot of Nairo's friends openly supporting him (including the one's who openly shunned him at the time) I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. You never really know someone via their youtube/twitch persona anyways. TLDR: He could be doing it strictly for the money like you said. But he could just wanna do what he loves again with the people he loves to do it more. Yeah he gets payed either way, but that's his job. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kyre 13 hours ago
Welcome back
Cstrange 22 hours ago
Whoever set up that discord birthday party is one of the greatest friends I've ever heard of. That's someone who is a true friend, one that everybody needs in their life.
Rowell Ramos
Rowell Ramos 23 hours ago
I missed you so much man. Glad to hear that you're going to try to move forward. Honestly so inspirational.
Nitish Saravanakumar
when are you coming back bro?
XBrightFoxX Day ago
This video just makes me so mad. How can Nairo say that he's coming back but he doesn't say when smh
Bri’ish Goku
Bri’ish Goku 14 hours ago
Because he doesn’t know when. He uploaded this to say that he is ok.
Kyrillos Abdelshaheed
Eren Yeager keep moving forward.
Game Boss
Game Boss Day ago
Can someone explain what happened to me? I'm currently a bit confused
Steve Aguilar
Nairo I wanna say it’s good to see you back. I’m sorry to say I didn’t believe you when this all started but as things came out I can’t imagine what it is you’ve been through. Will do my best to support you buddy. Keep doing you and much love.
Cameron Yates
Astonishing will power to keep moving forward through your circumstances.. You have inspired me today
SanicSpeed Day ago
Always believed in my man
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Day ago
We finally live in a world where nairo can stream and Bobby Shmurda can rap again. 2021 really was our year
Velune’s Redeath
We love you Nairo.
Zewitshe 360
Zewitshe 360 Day ago
I believe
John Brown
John Brown Day ago
Can’t wait for the content. I love your aggressive play style and can’t wait to see your sephiroth.
Hocus Pocus 55
I've been helping people to be more aware of the facts about this situation in the comments lately. I remember there was something on Reddit about Ksizzle accepting DMs from people about how Nairo changed their life for the better. I know with all the dumb comments you see in this comment section, it wouldn't be wise for Nairo to check these comments, so for whoever manages this comment section I just wanted to say my part here, rather than in a DM. I've watched a lot of streamers. And none of them have impacted me in the way Nairo's did. It really did brighten my day. Not just Nairo himself but the community he built. Before I became a Naifu, I remember thinking "This is so silly" when I'd see all that emote spam in tourney brackets. The Naifus would go wild with those emotes. It wasn't long before I was one of those guys too. I always wanted to be a top player but I never really pursued it. But I watched Nairo since day 1 in brawl. I remember when he lost and cried after a set in top 8. He was just a kid then. To see him grow up and reach his dream has inspired me in my own path in life. And to see it all be so harshly taken away from him over a lie has been so heartbreaking. I just want to say that I've done my research. I've read all the twitlongers countless times. I've watched this video multiple times, and I truly believe that people like Alpharad, Pereden, Void, and Cosmos are right. What happened to Nairo is a tragedy. I hope Nairo can find his peace, his place again. I'll be in that first stream, reporting any ignorant comments. I'll be dawning my Naifu badge once more. Stay strong Nairo, and know that there are true supporters like me who will always see the real you. And again, thank you for everything. Thank yoi for not giving up on us, even when so many of us so foolishing had given up on you.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Day ago
the assistance you’ve needed over the last few months, and we all hope you the best for the future
soapflavor Day ago
Missed you bro
Brian Hafey
Brian Hafey Day ago
Nairo I missed you so much, I'm so glad to see you're doing ok, I kept checking up frequently to see if you were back on your feet and it never happened, until now when I heard you made an update video, you're extremely strong and I know you've learned from your experiences. Your true fans care about you.
FPPxMusic Day ago
This made me cry fuck. I really hope Nairo does more streaming. I want to watch his dailies again :)
MrT8Bit Day ago
Holy cow man, you got this
Takk Day ago
Sébastien St-Cyr
It's a shame this had to happen to you. Come back stronger Nairo ! We're waiting on that Ganon wrecking ball !
The OG Kairu
The OG Kairu Day ago
We love you!!! Can’t wait for the streams and uploads!😭😭💚💚bigger and stronger than ever 🙏🏽💪🏽💯🤙🏽
smokelakes Day ago
Even as someone who doesn't follow the scene much, this video makes me super happy. Cant imagine the pain and struggle that came from being misjudged and incorrectly blamed. Really feel for the guy and know he can come back as strong as ever if he gets the chance. And he 100% deserves that chance ofc
Deven Nelson
Deven Nelson Day ago
Despite the incident, Nairo still paid pro zack to stay quiet because of their sexual relations. He did not even recognize what he did was wrong. I am still very uncertain about nairo. Once something like sexual acts with a minor happens I cannot move forward sorry Nairo, I don’t want pedophiles in my community.
Joshua Wiens
Joshua Wiens Day ago
There is very little evidence that Nairo did anything illegal. If you objectively judged both Nairo and Zack it would be far more likely that Zack raped Nairo.
Don't Stalk me
bruh pls read what these guy said, don't say anything without researching first from a reliable resource.
Darkwing14 Day ago
Nairo never payed him to be quiet zack was giving the money because he asked for it after he had lost support from his team, and there was no sexual relationship zack raped him while he was sleep and held that at is neck due to him being 15 and Nairo being 20
TR ReVerb
TR ReVerb Day ago
Perhaps you should check up on the most recent info regarding the situation. It wasn't hush money, Zach asked Nairo for cash, which Zach then used to blackmail him. Also they didn't have sexual relations, Zach forced himself on Nairo one time while he was asleep. Considering Nairo took legal action and came out positive it would be safe to assume he wasn't in the wrong here. I can't imagine you knew what kind of reputation these two had in the community before all this came to light considering what you're typing.
boris delgado
te cansaste de acosar pendejos ???
Anu Prasad
Anu Prasad Day ago
I’m so happy for you Nairo. I can’t wait to have you back streaming and putting a smile on people’s faces.
Midori Luma
Midori Luma Day ago
We believe In you Nairo!
Zander the toad
I actually had to do a report for a writing class, and the topic that my group chose was cancel culture, and why it was such a negative force on the internet. Nairo’s story was the first to come to mind to give a solid example of why this ruins the lives of good people who just can’t get their voice heard before it’s too late. It’s great to see that you’ve gotten the assistance you’ve needed over the last few months, and we all hope you the best for the future
Mapfal Day ago
Bro I swear I did the exact same thing lol
Sebas Pog
Sebas Pog 2 days ago
Putitomalo 2 days ago
love u bro
Aarantula 2 days ago
I really do hope that you get fully reinstated. Would make my day. Sorry you ever had to be at the wrath of Twitter being its cancel hungry cancerous self.
*Scholel* 2 days ago
I really hope all from his statement was true because it's so difficult to dislike him. Hail lord Naifu.
skaels 2 days ago
naifu's sounds like waifu's....
Daddio McFly
Daddio McFly 2 days ago
That's the joke
Vicent Croes
Vicent Croes 2 days ago
This stupid game makes gays of you .....
Offdopp Day ago
You forgot the funny
Micean Hearns
Micean Hearns 2 days ago
Dude what?
d m
d m 2 days ago
Tami 2 days ago
Vicent Croes
Vicent Croes 2 days ago
Dont play something and make it this big deal your all gays mostly
AshPlusGnar 11
AshPlusGnar 11 2 days ago
Love you Nairo!!!
Kyrillos Abdelshaheed
Serious cringe
Offdopp Day ago
Profile picture
Adil 2 days ago
good luck and be strong, we are here for you!
Riku Watanabe
Riku Watanabe 2 days ago
Bruh hes doing everything that miniladd isnt. One of the few creators that I would like to see make a comeback.
Darkwing14 Day ago
Ok but minilaad actually did all the bs that came up about him Nairo didn’t
Choke on a tictac
The difference is miniladd is guilty
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 days ago
I'm so happy to hear that man, you were my favorite Smash content creator by a large margin and it really hurt me not seeing you in my subbox everyday for a long time.
OwnD1 2 days ago
I keep moving forward. Glad the latest season of Attack on Titan has inspired you lol
Lester Crest
Lester Crest 2 days ago
Best place to catch updates on the situation?
Velcon X15
Velcon X15 2 days ago
Hey, I'm sorry what happened to you. I may not watch your content but hearing this just sounds horrible
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 days ago
You can go back without it in your life, you can go back free
Raymond Noodles
Raymond Noodles 2 days ago
People are still defending zack. Why?
Hocus Pocus 55
@Raymond Noodles To be fair the actual "Legal" element has yet to be revealed (30 pages of evidence against Zack). But Alphrad says he has seen it and he wholeheartedly defends Nairo being innocent. That's good enough for me. The dude has lawyers and you can be sure he consulted them on the issue, from a legal stance. Nairo is likely innocent. But no, that's besides the point. If you just do that 5 minutes of reading on the objective timeline/ Tamin's expose on Zack... yeah. I dont see how you could defend Zack and say that Nairo is an abuser The public evidence we have is damning of Zack. I cant imagine what all might be in the 30 pages of court documents. Just yesterday we had Salem say that Zack would brag about being able to control the Smash community with his lies, so yeah. Anyways I am agreeing with you. I sorta talk too much in this comment section as I am really anticipating Nairo's full comeback...
Raymond Noodles
@Hocus Pocus 55 ikr. Couldn’t read 5 minutes worth of legal work
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 2 days ago
Its the people who are too lazy to read the updates, yet have the time to post hate comments
Zachery Peck
Zachery Peck 2 days ago
How is that piece of trash Zack not in jail
DOOM92 2 days ago
I miss you homie.
El Ham Ham
El Ham Ham 2 days ago
Top Ten Anime Comebacks
El Ham Ham
El Ham Ham 2 days ago
If twitch doesnt unban, stream here, NAIFU FOR LAIFU i knew something was up and didnt make sense I so relieved that youre okay and hopefully you come back to tourneys
Black Lotus
Black Lotus 2 days ago
Fuck CaptainZack. All my homies fucking HATE CaptainZack (genuine piece of shit).
Keaton Borutskie
Keaton Borutskie 2 days ago
Very poor choice of words - The Joker
Seidi Ishii
Seidi Ishii 2 days ago
d m
d m 2 days ago
rustle 2 days ago
you got what you deserved, and you took the punch, i just hope you grew from it!
YaBoi Hero
YaBoi Hero 7 hours ago
@rustle Maybe....idk....know what your talking about before you say some bullshit?
Verve 15 hours ago
@rustle haha good one maybe do a little research before you say something stupid, idiot
Pedro Calegari
Pedro Calegari 21 hour ago
@rustle if you don't know the current situation, don't comment. The reality is that Zack raped Nairo, so please do your research before talking shit.
rustle Day ago
@Verve nah you’re right diddlin with kids is cool my bad
Darkwing14 Day ago
You a lil slow huh?
Nick Nelsen
Nick Nelsen 2 days ago
We need to eliminate cancel culture.
nehkoo 2 days ago
Power to you man. I loved your content and can't wait to see your return
J Cook
J Cook 2 days ago
I believe you like lil dudes. So nah, you shouldn't come back
Darkwing14 Day ago
@Hocus Pocus 55 very weird
Choke on a tictac
@Hocus Pocus 55 This just proves how many idiots are roaming the earths surface
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 2 days ago
@Choke on a tictac I feel like half the hate comments on Nairo arent even ignorant people who neglect to read the updates A lot of them are just hating on gay people. Weird af
Choke on a tictac
Oh god it's a homophobe! Everybody run!!
Verve 2 days ago
well what you believe is wrong so he should come back
Zachary Klewin
Zachary Klewin 2 days ago
You did a wrong thing in your past. You are not your past. The only way to solve these kinds of problems in the world is to show that it's okay to become a better person. If you are a better person now then you deserve to try again
Raymond Noodles
He didn’t do anything wrong tho. That was zack.
Mohammed Aldeghaither
You people allowed this with your over sensitive liberal shit. Cancel culture is a cancer and its ruining the entertainment business. Good to see you back Nairo!
Fernando reyes
Fernando reyes 2 days ago
You can go back without it in your life, you can go back free
cooper family channel
Thanks Nairo good luck we all miss you
Sean Jessee :0
Sean Jessee :0 3 days ago
good luck bro
YunG_NesquiK 3 days ago
I'm really glad to see you back man I enjoyed watching your tournament clips and how hype they are. I wish you the best of luck for the new chapter in your life.
x xx
x xx 3 days ago
Why was he cancelled in the first place what did he (allegedly) do?
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 2 days ago
@The Boss 101 Zack has been silent 5 months. He probably wont talk. Tamin exposed him for basically admitting it it, too. And he straight up admitted to the lying/blackmail part
The Boss 101
The Boss 101 2 days ago
He was accused of consensually having sex with a minor (him consenting, minors cant consent), aka rape, but rn hes saying he didn't actually consent, and rn ppl are jumping on both sides of the train but imma just wait for evidence from either side lmao
Brennan Brock
Brennan Brock 3 days ago
Y’all are to soft, Nairo doesn’t deserve the right to apologize or receive complaints.
Hocus Pocus 55
Hocus Pocus 55 3 days ago
He isn't apologizing? Why would he apologize
zigzag 3 days ago
PinkLemon 3 days ago
I'm glad he's back.
Dreels soriano
Dreels soriano 3 days ago
Hell yeah, nairo is back at it again!! Tus videos me entretienen muchísimo!
Merfect 3 days ago
I legit cried watching this. I'm so happy you're trying to move forward.
Lincon BOIII
Lincon BOIII 3 days ago
I hate captain zack for putting you in this situation
Joseph Fredal
Joseph Fredal 3 days ago
Cheers Nairo, good to see you back!
Edoard Tejada
Edoard Tejada 3 days ago
I hope you make a a speedy and well recovery. Stay safe
sdfasf fdsaf
sdfasf fdsaf 3 days ago
finally, was so bored of watch other people. the real is back. dont get raped again dude. hit the parry
Jonathan Bayley
This is kinda insensitive dont you think?
cubano_fuego 3 days ago
Miss you Nairo! Stream on YT if u can!!!!
Bastien Bolafeld
Bastien Bolafeld 3 days ago
MonadoJoJo Zerø
MonadoJoJo Zerø 3 days ago
Really sorry to see all you went through Nairo, bit I really hope you can rise back up now. I'm super excited to see you come back and have some fun again.
Nathan Sanders
Nathan Sanders 3 days ago
I'm very excited to see you comeback Nairo!
Jonathan Dirmann
Jonathan Dirmann 3 days ago
Welcome back. Way to stand up and not allow yourself to be canceled! Props! 🙌🏻
Slouchy Carton18
Slouchy Carton18 3 days ago
Now it’s time for me to go watch it’s old streams clips BACK TO THE GOOD TIMES😎😁
Jakob Lindorfer
Jakob Lindorfer 3 days ago
We love you. We don't just need you back as a competitor also as our favorite content creator and a wonderful person and I think everybody that ever talked to you met you at smash tourneys knows how much of a nice person you are I'm so happy to see you back
MOSKITO 3 days ago
it’s fantastic to hear from you again and to know you’re safe Also ayyy we have the same birthday!!
Buttless Twigg
Buttless Twigg 3 days ago
been waiting for this
Taer 3 days ago
I'm sorry you had to go through so much due to mob mentality. You're a good man Nairo. Love your videos. Glad to hear you're able to go forward and looking forward to your content. Glad to hear people were hooking you up with support. Never doubted you for a moment.
ProAf Gamer
ProAf Gamer 3 days ago
You got this bro!
Nairo Finally Responds