UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless reacts to Kyrie Irving to return tonight vs Cavs after missing 7 games 

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UNDISPUTED | Skip Bayless reacts to Kyrie Irving to return tonight vs Cavs after missing 7 games


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Jan 20, 2021




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toptenguy1 Month ago
Fun fact: What happened at the Capitol had *ZERO* to do with fucking racism. You can only play that card so many times before it loses all meaning..
toptenguy1 Month ago
Anyone LOL'ing at them losing to the Cavs twice in a row? :D
C.A. M
C.A. M Month ago
lol dudes a straight clown.
Jus Desireable
Jus Desireable Month ago
Say it like it is Shannon. Unprofessional is being unprofessional and it does and will have an impact on the team.
Junio Nolet
Junio Nolet Month ago
Why didn't Steve nash retire?
Beau Peterson
Beau Peterson Month ago
Honestly I think the sports world could use some disruption. We take it way too seriously, especially when we consider all the terrible things going on. There are more important things. Too many interested people and fans seem to hide or retreat within it as well. They go to it to get away from reality.
Darien Barth
Darien Barth Month ago
If you’ve got a million dollar move and a five cent finish... how much are you really worth? -Uncle Drew
EastGate 613
EastGate 613 Month ago
I thought skip said Lebron was mentally weak?
Darien Barth
Darien Barth Month ago
Kinda think this is bs. Everyone is going through a hard time no matter who you voted for, or where you live. But I still get up and go to work everyday for a lot less money. Just like millions of others.
LoneWolf x93
LoneWolf x93 Month ago
lol skip gtfo
Virginia Vell
Virginia Vell Month ago
Kyrie literally been through nothing and get a pass. Not like his house got ran up on. But you spend some money and everyone overlooks how weak he is. Black men in my circle don't respect that.
Cory Gwyn
Cory Gwyn Month ago
Look I’m sick of hearing about all of This BS. Skip this is the last show I will be watching. The country went through a lot as a whole These people that have gotten shot or killed by police where criminals. They fought the police in some cases. Being a black man in America right now is not any harder then it has ever been. How about they take some of there millions and teach these kids that grow up to be drug dealers and gang bangers not to be those things and not to steal. Then they have no problems. This narrative makes me sick give them a pass because they are black. No no one gets a pass everyone should Be treated equally.
Gant Breeblebox
Gant Breeblebox Month ago
What in hells name is Skip riding with here??!🤮. Its like he’s caught up in caping for Sean Marks, AS IF Shannon is attacking “him”!!??? Skip, you are so lost in the sauce on this its “reeeediculus”😪😪
Dave Ram
Dave Ram Month ago
Not judging hopefully he controls his narcissm, narcissist despise authority, He did that to stay out of the trade package for Harden
I D Month ago
Blm is not for my ppl so please stop saying that
Mikey Adelberger
alex martiez
alex martiez Month ago
What a show
Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas Month ago
Just validate yourself on the court!!!!
Chakou Yang
Chakou Yang Month ago
You are basketball player not a president black man
Jordan Kane
Jordan Kane Month ago
Yo skip How can you support Kyrie Irving when you killed your quarterback Dak Prescott about the same thing? You're such a damn hypocrite!
Blake Nichols
Blake Nichols Month ago
He would be homeless if he had to work a real job like the people he's trying to represent.
Smoov Gee
Smoov Gee Month ago
Kyrie has to live and learn ,it’s called becoming a Grown Man.
DropSixteenTV Tv
Brah he's 28 lol this shit you do pre-25
Yafeu Blue
Yafeu Blue Month ago
Unc is wrong on this 1. There are a million ways to handle a situation. This is the Nets being the Nets. Do you think Phil Jackson throws Rodman under the bus in the media? Or Carlisle/Jackson would throw Artest under the bus? Funny part is, he was doing something good. He may not handle it like LBJ, or even how Unc would. But he is doing something!!!
Nafis Johnson
Nafis Johnson Month ago
The last dance is to blame for this !
Taylor jones
Taylor jones Month ago
Apparently having partying helps mental health.🤦
Taylor jones
Taylor jones Month ago
A call would have made the difference... Mental health had nothing to do with it
Taffy Taz
Taffy Taz Month ago
It’s funny how Irving did this interview with his head on his hands lik that coz I know if Goat James had done the same 🤨
Hassan Usman
Hassan Usman Month ago
Who is here after Nets loss😂
Bonkz Month ago
Kryie got cooked tonight. Barbecue Chicken!
Tyler Seeley
Tyler Seeley Month ago
I am 🤣
Must be hard growing up in the suburbs playing in ymcas going to prestige d1 college play only a few games and then go staight to the nba and now getting paid millions and all a sudden you wanna talk about mental health and politics!? Get the he'll outa here with that shit
Don Sapo
Don Sapo Month ago
And just loss to the Cavs 😂😂😂
Moe Shak
Moe Shak Month ago
Why can’t you do both. Just be professional
Mr. Cook
Mr. Cook Month ago
Shannon needs to mind his business and speak on his own shiiieeettt. He doesn't know what Kyrie is going through. Everyone handles situations differently. Depression will effect ppl differently. No one situation is the same. If the owners are ok with Kyrie why is the media even commenting? I swear these guys are turning more and more into puppets and mouth pieces 😏 I can't even watch ESPN anymore and now fox got to Shannon too. Waaaccckkk
Rene Avalos
Rene Avalos Month ago
What a bunch of bullshit 🤦🏽‍♂️
Warren Rambo Terry
Dude throw me some cash man I need help
Robert Stefan
Robert Stefan Month ago
Sasha A
Sasha A Month ago
Kyrie thinks he's deep, and smarter then everyone - dude couldn't be more wrong.
Dorien Wharton
Dorien Wharton Month ago
Man up and tell the coach and GM what you're going through man aint he damn near 30 jeez.smh
Gooner N4
Gooner N4 Month ago
Kyrie is only being humble now because of Harden's arrival. He realises the game doesn't revolve around him and the Nets have options.
Blake Quann
Blake Quann Month ago
Kyrie is a fuckin nut..It is wat it is and idgaf wat yall have to say about it 🤷🏾‍♂️
Brad Pote
Brad Pote Month ago
Shannon should be ashamed for his comments on mental health !!!!!!!!!!!!
Dustin Adams
Dustin Adams Month ago
You are fine when Kyrie has mental health but Dak brings it up and he is not a true leader because of it Skip? You called it a sign of weakness. Make up your mind on it skip
Saul Carrasco
Saul Carrasco Month ago
I wish I could step away from my job cause I got things on my mind
steve Month ago
Kyrie was hungover lets keep it real.
Le Angelo Saravia
Shannon right
Jason Lancaster
Jason Lancaster Month ago
Kyrie's weird
Josiah Mitchell
Josiah Mitchell Month ago
Kyrie is ridiculous. The whole world went back to work after the Capitol situation and everything else. But you mean to tell me he had to miss work for 7 days? He is very childish in his methods.
Jay B
Jay B Month ago
Very unprofessional. No matter how much money you make you always respect the leadership
Delvaughn Mccall
Skip shut up, cause if this was LeBron you would have nailed him to a post , stop it! But because it his opposition you throat him
Fernando Hernandez
as soon as skip started speaking i was like " where was this energy when dak was talikn bout mental health" ?
Delvaughn Mccall
Kyrie is a puss, go sit yo jackass down then
Willie Smith
Willie Smith Month ago
Nah, what happened was he saw that Brooklyn doesn’t need him and made a smart decision to come back and take care of business.
Patrick Baquiran
Skip tp dramatic with the sigh. Fuxk skip
//// AMG
//// AMG Month ago
Kyrie need to grow some balls he to emotionally he definitely isn’t a leader on the court. Kyrie does shit like this every time when he don’t want to be on a team it’s proven
Peter Pignatello
Rosa Cruz
Rosa Cruz Month ago
Skip why u always bring up OLE GOAT JAMES its about kyrie
Janet Monroe
Janet Monroe Month ago
He must be professional about his livelihood, because of it he's able to do all of the caring things for so many people. On most jobs you must callout 4 hours before your shift starts. He can do that. I wouldn't even try to judge his reasons for missing the game, he just needs to cover his back.
How To PGH 420
How To PGH 420 Month ago
Damn Lil Wayne and Kodak Black out white privileges killing BLM
Ilias M
Ilias M Month ago
BS nothing but snowflakes in today nba
D Z Month ago
Im glad there's a lot of therapists in the comment section. Be careful about couch diagnosing people
ChuCho The Ace
ChuCho The Ace Month ago
Thank u Shannon! Just cause ur complaining about your mental health doesn’t mean u have a pass to be unprofessional.
Djerhy Jn Baptiste
Listening to skip lately, I am wondering if any journalist can afford to be honest when talking about any public figure from a different race, LGBTQ or overweight , regardless of the topic. The cancellation is real, immediate with long lasting damages.
rod Edwards
rod Edwards Month ago
what does this have to do with sports?
Lvtr3ll Racing
Lvtr3ll Racing Month ago
Still found a way to talk about Lebron smh
real me
real me Month ago
We like the music man. You just play it at the worst times. Damn you copyright!
Stepan D
Stepan D Month ago
Am make 100 millions of dollars working barley while 70 percent of Americans have no jobs can't make rent thats real stress so stfu with ur personal feelings and do ur job must be great to not show up and make millions upon millions no sympathy for him u just a spoiled lil punk
Prince Ofpeacecorps
Shannon is a black nationalist. Skrap is a sycophant
Lee taptico
Lee taptico Month ago
All Kyrie had to do was call Bron. How dumb could you be when you have Bron's number and you don't run everything by him. We're talking about Bron here. If Bron can't fix it, it aint broke. Bron, Bron, freakin Bron.
Prince Ofpeacecorps
Sam Park
Sam Park Month ago
A lot people in the comments showing that they unprofessional just like kyrie. Nobody saying hes wrong in his feelings but he has a job and hes fcking over all his colleagues with his action. Its basically ditching work without any notice
Stebbie J
Stebbie J Month ago
He should've told someone in front office.
Damian Clark
Damian Clark Month ago
He's been crying about KD and James having a good relationship. Basically a jealous ex girlfriend
Lizzy G
Lizzy G Month ago
There’s a right and wrong way to deal with situations when they arise and he just didn’t handle it correctly. Hopefully he learned the right way to do things and it doesn’t happen again.
Big Gig G
Big Gig G Month ago
Id Trade kyrie for a Snickers bar, a bag of skittles and a shooter that plays defense 😳 🙌 😬
Mrs MTM Month ago
It’s what Shannon said. I can’t stand the unprofessionalism. No boss would want that whatever the reason. You can at least talk to your boss then take some time off if u want. He signed a contract didn’t he?
William William
William William Month ago
I liked Skip's take on this subject.
Derrick W
Derrick W Month ago
Unbelievable. He's so deep. How many passes this dude gonna get ? He has a contract for a professional basketball team. He has obligations . Everybody goes through some shit.
Darien Barth
Darien Barth Month ago
I’m not even a Boston fan, I’m a cavs fan. And I am mad he left the game because he let you guys down. We all are going through a hard time. But we aren’t millionaires. We still have to put our heads down and work.
Ftl Rig
Ftl Rig Month ago
Since we bringing up mental health congratulations to Delonte West for getting a job at the rehab center that he checked into.
Kyrie the type dude to start talkin about Astrophysics when u we having the goat debate between Bron and Mike😂
VETERAN Month ago
Kyrie said he needed a "pause"!? I was like, Bitch you didn't play all of last season and still got paid!!! That wasn't a long enough break for you??? On top of that, you only "work" half the year and by work I mean play a child's game of putting a ball into a hoop over and over. And you still need a pause with all the damn time you get off every year!? While most Americans only get weekends off and barely getting by financially? Kyrie is selfish, spoiled and entitled. He lives a privileged life and instead of being grateful and appreciative, he wants more and more. He is never happy just like when he was playing with LeBron. Kyrie wanted all the attention and wanted to be the teams #1 guy. Just like Harden getting special treatment and turning down 50 million a year. It just wasn't enough. He wanted more. He didn't want to abide by his contract anymore. He wanted to go to the Nets with 2 years left. Spoiled babies who want what they want, when they want it or else they gain 25lbs and don't show up to work and are not professional. Great example for the kids and the black community.
Michael T
Michael T Month ago
Cop out excuse for missing games. You get paid to play a game, show up and play.
unfiltered_ reaction
So all bets off now but when Dak (Dakota) had this happened and said he was battle mental illness. Nob this is a man of man sports you can't have a mental illness and shun that man. Skip is a opportunist at certain times.
Tony Engardio
Tony Engardio Month ago
When you put victim mentality in a community and everyone is out to get you and stop you, VERY fucking easy to control a community. Fuck the 2 party system and fuck the media
You know what so bad about this take. Hear me out. Shannon, black man, Skip, white man. Obviously right? But who had more understanding to kyrie situation? It was skip. Us as black people gotta stop belittling mental health!!! It's the biggest non diagnosed illness in America
Boog Boog
Boog Boog Month ago
@Boog Boog it's unfortunate
Boog Boog
Boog Boog Month ago
They're bots that's why they dont understand kyrie
Markis Pabon
Markis Pabon Month ago
All the ppl saying he should be grateful to make millions and that they wish they could make millions and be set for life....why aren’t you? Is that kyrie’s fault you don’t have millions?
mcronn 100
mcronn 100 Month ago
If i did what kyrie did i wouldn't have a job.!!
z z
z z Month ago
Skip is to soft.... Scared to be called out.
z z
z z Month ago
Since the world is so small nowadays why don't these folks sit down when China is fucking around or gangs are killing loads of people in the us
Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson Month ago
Most people won't have a job if they don't tell their boss they won't be in. The point is it is UNPROFESSIONAL!
z z
z z Month ago
Maaaaan sig up straight. Dude behaving like a soft gen Z. Making change by sitting down and partying ?? Soft...
Furiosa Month ago
Shannon missed the mark here
Terrell Smith
Terrell Smith Month ago
How quickly skip forget about that bullshit he spewed on Dak Prescott
not one is found
Cry-Baby millionaire bulshit
swagg 2much
swagg 2much Month ago
Skip think someone stupid stop it he is a good guy but he handled this situation wrong that’s it that’s all
Marcel Hall
Marcel Hall Month ago
Not sure if anyone said it or not but I can tell you why Kyrie Irving didn't reach out to his BOSS. When your doing revolutionary work it's not going to look right, it's going to make people uncomfortable, people won't join you. Then 5,10,15 maybe 20 years from now that's when it's gonna hit and people are going to say ohhhhhh damn that's what Kyrie was doing. Kyrie Irving I know you probably won't see this but continue to do what are doing please!!!!! It's more to life than a game of basketball and this is coming from someone who loves sports!!!!! Also I would ask Shannon if he would call his "boss" "a white" man and give him the comman courtesy call with all that's going on in the world, when trying to make a real change. Did anyone call Shannon or any other black person when they do stuff? No they just up and do it! LOL the comman courtesy is out the window!!!! Do something today!!!!
David Devin
David Devin Month ago
Skip..you are full of issh
Kashmere spencer
Lmao Skip learned his lesson with the Dak situation, so now he being really PC 😂😂
Erik Newton
Erik Newton Month ago
Kyrie is going to be the reason why the nets don't win. he'll take off again at the worst possible moment. look if he has things going on that's fine but he needs to handle it like a professional and let his bosses and coaches know rather than just not showing up to work. kyrie is handling the situation very poorly
Elite Medical
Elite Medical Month ago
You want to help oppressed communities? Take your nets salary and donate it
Robert Jacobson
Robert Jacobson Month ago
Kyrie. You get paid millions to do your job. It doesn't matter what else is going on. Do it when you're not on the clock.
David Devin
David Devin Month ago
Keep Durant and Harden Trade Kyrie..hes poison