UNDISPUTED - Skip was done with Cowboys, says Taylor Heinicke is much better than Dak Prescott 

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UNDISPUTED - Skip was done with Cowboys, says Taylor Heinicke is much better than Dak Prescott


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Feb 19, 2021




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Texan Football Houston
FCE GAMING 13 hours ago
Dam makes Zeke go so Zeke will be way better next year.
Luke Connors
Luke Connors 15 hours ago
Can’t believe the cowboys waisted 40 million on dak
ulphil08 18 hours ago
It's Undisputed these guys are morons
Chester MCPEAK
I'm stumped right now Jimmy Johnson please come save the day
WBsteve Day ago
i hope Heinicke is the starting QB cuz if he is I'll watch some football team games. I'm rooting for him hope he plays as well as he did vs the bucc's for the full season.
Jeffrey Musser
The problem here isn’t that the Cowboys don’t want Dak long term...the problem is that he’s asking for too much money... We’re literally watching the QB position being devalued like the RB position has been for the past 20 years...why? Because unless you have yourself an Aaron Rogers, a Tom Brady, a Peyton Manning, a Patrick Mahomes, or a Russell Wilson your QB is only as good as the team around him... Ironically, I think the 2014-2016 Cowboys teams really opened the league’s eyes to the value of a solid O-line... I’ll go one further - if I were a GM, I’d invest everything I could in O-line AND D-line...football is not complicated - it’s won in the trenches...
E Doss
E Doss Day ago
Skip need to get rid of his Cowboys card!
HowlBeast Day ago
We only won 7 games cos of Trashkins was too busy w/ strippers
Rie Sykes
Rie Sykes Day ago
Washington fans all soup about playing the Bucs good. When the Giants played the Bucs they only lost by 2 and should have beat them quite honestly
What's the name of the song in the beginning?
123lar •
123lar • Day ago
At the moment Washington are looking at all QB options , The fact Heinicke was signed doesn't mean he's the starter 😂😂. Darnold , Watson, Prescott or Mariota are in the radar.
Yournew Stepdad
Dont bring that trash Cam Newton to Washington!
Shaun Hensley
Shaun Hensley 2 days ago
That wentz interception reel they start everything with on all shows tho
Shlomo Feuer
Shlomo Feuer 2 days ago
Whoever wins the most games Intra- division wins the NFC east but skip is finally realistic about the cowboys.
Roberdsfarms Roberds
No one knows how good dak will be after his ingery sometimes there never the same
Billy Man
Billy Man 2 days ago
Skips a literal idiot
James Bingham
James Bingham 2 days ago
Cownoys need to trade one of their receivers to move up in the draft and seclect Trey Lance.
Band Of Life
Band Of Life 2 days ago
I think Taylor Heinicke is fantastic for so little - Prescott should be fone and over and asking way too much
Dylan England
Dylan England 2 days ago
The last time the cowboys had a shot to win the super bowl. If they would have benched Dak and played Romo in the play offs I bet they would of won a Super Bowl..... I say this as a cowboys hater.
Clay Myers
Clay Myers 2 days ago
“After 3 years, you thought Dak was the guy to win you a super bowl, so why haven’t you paid him?” Because he didn’t win or even SNIFF a super bowl. Case Keenum took his team to an NFC championship game! He’s looking for a job and he came out at the same draft as Dak. Why do you think you’re special, Dak? Ain’t won shite
Auto O
Auto O 2 days ago
Shannon said heincke is turnover prone. What is he talking about he only had one interception which wasn’t his fault
Jerimy Brekke
Jerimy Brekke 2 days ago
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Keech 2 days ago
Skip, I can agree with you on being frustrated, disappointed and all that, yes we do need to get our shit together, but no matter how bad and shitty we going down hill, me as a loyal DC fan, I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS have faith in my boys and will NEVER EVER give up on them.
Nate Dog97
Nate Dog97 2 days ago
skip bayless is a joke wtf Taylor henicke is not better then dad Prescott Taylor is a average back up qb or not third string this is why people like skip should not been a person who talks about sports lmfao dude is a joke
Nate Dog97
Nate Dog97 2 days ago
hes out of his god damn mind for saying that he's literally a clown
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 2 days ago
Listen u seen a rookie qb jalen and he did good to be a rookie.on top of that he is the younger version of Michael Vick..he use his legs to get em out of a sack..no qb u naming moves like him..so eagles will win the east division..
Mando Mendez
Mando Mendez 2 days ago
Damm l hope the skins don't go after Cam, he can't throw the ball
Marquis Bryant
Marquis Bryant 2 days ago
Shannon loves when skip talks about the cowboys lol
Boston B 96
Boston B 96 2 days ago
What happened here? Skip used to call Dak an elite QB for the longest time. He was actually going OFF this year before he got hurt and now he doesn't like him? What did I miss?
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson 2 days ago
If I’m Dak I agree to the franchise tag but I don’t play until I’m fully healthy. That could be week 1 or week 6 whatever. I play however many healthy games I got until 2 or 1 week before the trade deadline depending on the health and timing and what his agent is hearing, then I just demand a trade.
Alexander Phillips
I must have missed the part where skip says henieke is better than dak
Steve Karr
Steve Karr 2 days ago
Ask the Superbowl 55 loosing KC Chiefs about the importance of an offensive line. Even with Mahomes and Treck "duces" Hill and the rest of the legion of zoom, they couldn't even score a TD with both OTs in covid protocol.
Aj Mcilwain
Aj Mcilwain 2 days ago
Skip needs to shut up that dude aint nowhere near better than Dak smh trying to break up the nucleus of our team saying the same bs every week smh
Earl Eckles
Earl Eckles 2 days ago
But Skip calls himself a Cowboys fan and a Dak fan
33Lady RAM
33Lady RAM 2 days ago
I feel bad for Dak...its just wrong!
otherZinc 2 days ago
Daniel Jones is Garbage. Taylor Hinkie is Trash. Sam Darnold is Trash. That surrounding area is loaded with Terrible Quarterbacks, those 3! The Giants, Washington, and Jets will never win with their Current Quarterback situations.
Mr_fusionz123 2 days ago
Cowboys are clear front runners in that division it’s a joke to think otherwise
Ted Williams
Ted Williams 2 days ago
skip not piciking the girls?
Desmond Jordan
Desmond Jordan 2 days ago
Bro skip your not a real fan bro cowboy nation don’t claim you no more
Chuck Calo
Chuck Calo 2 days ago
I'm sick of repetitive talks by these guys! I could guess what these guys are going to say ...... especially skip.
chris goodin
chris goodin 2 days ago
Take a shot every time he says skip. So annoying, booze will help
KokoFN 2 days ago
Skip annoys me like mans be bipolar in his arguments henicke isn’t even close to Dak
BMXK1301 2 days ago
Isn’t Kyle Allen still on Washington? Like he just got injured last season
halfxbreed23 2 days ago
Hurts wasn't making the throws Heineke was.
Christopher Serrano
If daks stays, Dallas wins the East!! Ezzz 💯
C W None
C W None 2 days ago
Did he just pick the giants to win the division
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno 2 days ago
Skip I think you loss it.. need to stop drinking Mountain Dew soda Dak is better than heinicke
daniel ferrell Sr
The new name for the Washingtons football team should be the Washington outlaws. so when they play Dallas it'll be the Cowboys versus the outlaws replacing the Redskin name
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney 3 days ago
Drip Bayless is always classy on em...When will Sterling be on the show....he carries a team on his back.....not the other way around Chef Shay Shay.....Still serving up L plate specials
Alexander 3 days ago
Shawn Wallop
Shawn Wallop 3 days ago
Skip how much was dak getting paid when romo went down?so stop comparing dak to heinicke!!shut up skip
aaron breeds
aaron breeds 3 days ago
the cowboys sign dak and theyre easily the best team in the division... its not saying much, but as a washington fan, i dont think even our defense can shut down that offense enough for our offense to keep up... maybe they get some o this year, but we arent scoring enough and cant lean on defense as much as they did last season
aaron breeds
aaron breeds 3 days ago
i think the wft has a good situation where they have cap space and assets to go out and take a swing at an elite qb in a trade, and if they miss they have an exciting young qb that they can throw the keys to and see what hes got and use that cap space and capital to maybe get him an elite weapon... but they must do one or the other... the offense as it is now isnt good enough to expect a guy who only started one game ever to become a franchise guy... should be interesting offseason for washington
Jeremy Anello
Jeremy Anello 3 days ago
Heinicke had no tape on him so the defense didn’t know how to play him he also had the better defense besides the Bucs in the playoffs
DaQuan Porzel
DaQuan Porzel 2 days ago
I think he can be Andy dalton esque, well dalton on the bengals, serviceable and decent enough to get to the post season but not enough to win it all. God bless him my family is a bunch of wft fans outside of myself lol
Jennifer Yelvington
I used to like Skip but now he's just gotten to be rediculous .Hes not a Cowboys fan at all and isn't liked or respected by the folks down at the star .What a joke
Luke Kyota
Luke Kyota 3 days ago
Damn the cowboys bouta go off next season for no other reason than Skip being off the bandwagon and then he’s gonna come back mid season and say he’s been with them all along 🤦🏽‍♂️
Pedro Arguelles
Pedro Arguelles 2 days ago
TV Raise
TV Raise 3 days ago
How was barkley not brought up in this conversation
Jabari McBride
Jabari McBride 3 days ago
Skip Bayless if you think Tyler Heinicke better than Dak Prescott you smoking Crack
Travis Mannix
Travis Mannix 3 days ago
They've had a year to come up with a new mascot. They prob got a whole team on this and they still ain't got name. Dan snyder money always fails
Hannah Nguyen
Hannah Nguyen 3 days ago
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Justin Wrenn
Justin Wrenn 3 days ago
dallas is going draft mac jones with their pick
Teddy Boehm
Teddy Boehm 18 hours ago
That's a possibility
Nick Rodriguez
Nick Rodriguez 3 days ago
Skip is on coke
John Marx
John Marx 3 days ago
Daniel Jones will be an above average qb in a couple years - I think top 10-12
WRECK 215 3 days ago
Stu skip...!!!
CJ PARKS 3 days ago
Yep we're (Eagles) going to be trash for awhile
c 97
c 97 3 days ago
If they get cam I'm not watching the next year
Sylvester Shaw
Sylvester Shaw 2 days ago
Good because you be missing the great comeback. In the NFL let's go cam just like antonio brown I kept beleiving in the guy and he showed them he still one of the best in ThE game still
c 97
c 97 3 days ago
People can Make fun of washington for no name but I aint see any other team play the bucs better than them
Beastalvarado 3 days ago
This show is horrible
Kelly Mcquay
Kelly Mcquay 3 days ago
I am glad skip is done , I never liked a jackass like him being a fan of my COWBOYS
Chris Hunter
Chris Hunter 3 days ago
Turned the video off at :38 secs
A Miranda
A Miranda 3 days ago
Why does skip alway look gay in the thumb nails ? He’s a heterosexual married man stop pushing gay agenda bullshit and stick to the sports
Stephen John
Stephen John 3 days ago
They really started this segment with a Carson Wentz low light tape 😂 yall foul.
Raphael Moore
Raphael Moore 3 days ago
Clickbait title.
Rocky Tulio
Rocky Tulio 3 days ago
We’re gonna trade for Mariota
John Bartz
John Bartz 3 days ago
Y'all realize Tyler had the best performance against the bucs?
Eric EL3
Eric EL3 3 days ago
Daniel Jones Upper Body told his legs..”you never had the makings of a varsity athlete”
Nikolas NunnFears
dak does need to prove it cause he hasn’t gotten them there
2stepjoey 3 days ago
Which dumpster fire is the best, which turd is the shiniest?
Mikey Hope
Mikey Hope 3 days ago
Philly won’t finish last.
Jerry Dumond
Jerry Dumond 3 days ago
Get a life with these clickbait vids 🤣
Straight Facts Homie
Does anyone find it completely hallarious that Tyler H. and Washington battled Tampa all the way into the late 4th Quarter. KC game was over 2 minutes into the 3rd Quarter. Washington played in the worst division in the history of the NFL, correct? Had a 7-9 record, correct? Yet we already proclaimed Mahomes the GOAT - more JOKE.
William Jemison III
Sometimes Skip just says dumb Shit. It's okay. 😅🤣
Tom 4 days ago
Lock him up.
B Z 4 days ago
best interviewee in mma
bill Scientist Guy
Trade dak prescott for deshun waston
Harry Clarke
Harry Clarke 4 days ago
Skip laughing at someone earning 4.5 million. These dont live in the real world
Leo Tan
Leo Tan 4 days ago
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robert hudson
robert hudson 4 days ago
Skip is always so proud of the phrases he comes up with. Lol.
Anthony Thompson
Anthony Thompson 4 days ago
skip bayless is a liar & closet bucs fan
Brandon Dillman
Brandon Dillman 4 days ago
Dak coming back from a "career threatening injury" and 2 surgeries. Alex Smith, coming back from 17 surgeries and almost dying, " Hold my beer".
Rob H3ro
Rob H3ro 4 days ago
Did Skip just insinuate the Eagles might trade the 6th overall to Vegas for MARIOTA? I would be absolutely thrilled
Elsa Tan
Elsa Tan 4 days ago
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Elsa Tan 4 days ago
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Chris Ratcliffe
Chris Ratcliffe 4 days ago
Rhys Iovine
Rhys Iovine 4 days ago
In CAR Heineke ,same as now; always has been. a great QB.
Rhys Iovine
Rhys Iovine 4 days ago
Joneses just say”DAL is waiting on JAX to take offer for NFL DRAFT 21 ,1st round/pick to get Lawerence !” IF JAX says “NO,” DAK is DAL QB!
Johnny Brown
Johnny Brown 4 days ago
Im a cowboy fan but i dont believe dak will win us a super bowl he keep making rookie mistakes in big games bad throws missing receiver to many times
Alijah Gray
Alijah Gray 4 days ago
Heinicke did that in a playoff game
Chris Luppy
Chris Luppy 4 days ago
Shannon wth r u talkn about dallas offered dak a hellava contract and he turned it down WOW i know ur a tru cowboy hater so it is what it is
Gamingponcho Creed
Skip on crack talking bout how Tyler better than dak
i broke my foot...
i broke my foot...