UNDISPUTED - Skip losing his mind Tim Tebow works out for Jaguars as tight end 

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UNDISPUTED - Skip losing his mind Tim Tebow works out for Jaguars as tight end


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Apr 30, 2021




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Undisputed Today
Undisputed Today 10 days ago
UNDISPUTED - Skip SHOCKED Jaguars considering to sign Tim Tebow us-first.info/player/video/mainoW1kmIGpm4k.html
Drop Kick Murphy00
@Dadson worldwide 100% My friend. Skip hasnt even slid pads on in his life. And honestly guys like that should take a seat and not discuss NFL depth charts. Hes a glorified over paid beta male who should breakdown womans synchronized swimming or lawn bowling
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 7 days ago
I've heard the slander and discrementation . So what if a pro athlete is trying out for a job? Rich eisen laughed said what is he gonna be team Chaplin? Sure why not 99% of players are religous and than God for giving them the body and brain to become a millionaire by what they was born with . 2nd most joke is urbans given charity to tim. So what no tim Tebow playing for urban at UF then no Ohio job no jags job urban would be some d3 coach right now if he didn't have Tebow. The 3rd real big positive for jags is that tim knows what urban wants and can convey it down to te and lockeroom And if tim actually is elite at te thats just a plus on top of all the value such a winning icon like tim can bring to the team. Hes such a great person its trust beyond normal. He brings so much urban would be dumb not to hire him
MOl aChi
MOl aChi 7 days ago
I believe in tim tebow
Mytown Trill
Mytown Trill 8 days ago
Don't do that Skip! 😆
Shane Fernandez
Shane Fernandez 8 days ago
If Tebow can at least block, he’ll be useful.
James Ashcraft
James Ashcraft 7 hours ago
Shannon does does have a point concerning the age factor! Have to wait and see!
Mark Kraft
Mark Kraft 16 hours ago
This whole Tebow circus is just that. It is a public relations stunt. He cannot make the team.
Old Guys Rock!!
Tebow creates fans wherever he plays. Tebow had over 30 TDs when playing in Denver, won a playoff game. He can play!
Joseph Childress
He will make the team or he won't. Don't count him out before he starts...AGAIN!
Kuekuatsheu Motley
...but what, after all this talk, Tebow proves to be a beast? What happened when Shannon said Brady was washed up and needed at least a year in Tampa to make an impact? The “I know football and this is what will happen” is just talk. And you are giving Skip more wins...
WS P Day ago
Compare Tim Tebow to Bo Jackson....sorry Tim.
Tanner Schwartz
Kinda sounds like they're trying to make him a taysom hill
Fluffshep Network
LOL. Chaplin. Shannon nailed it! Not like Tebow was even that good after his Heisman win.
Angelo Cerrato
Why do people just let the man be wish him luck we only got one life to live in this crazy world if that's what he wants to do with it so be it
Richard Robertson
Why does Skip Bayless have anything to say about Tim Tebows career? Or what kind of deal a team makes?
Luke Negron
Luke Negron 2 days ago
Skip is one crazy dude, but he’s absolutely right here. People talking trash on Tim should really hold their tongues and just wait to see how well he does before judging him. Skip is right on - Tim being blackballed from the league a year after winning a division and going on a playoff run is insanity and Tim was right to walk away.
Brandon J 305
Brandon J 305 2 days ago
Denver had a top 3 defense that so called “miraculous” year Tebow had. His numbers were terrible that year
Byron Rich
Byron Rich 2 days ago
Tim toobow
Matthew Delgado
Matthew Delgado 3 days ago
Shannon wouldn't be mad if Kapernick came back. Wouldn't tell him to give it up
Tonto Kawalski
Tonto Kawalski 3 days ago
Who cares if he tries
Jeremy Howard
Jeremy Howard 3 days ago
The worst thing you can say to someone is to let it go. If you have a dream, and you have the opportunity to go for it. Take it. If you fail, then you fail but you fail knowing you gave it everything you had and it just didn't work out. You learn from it and apply it to the next thing you do in life.
Superman23 3 days ago
0:38 like always Shannon Horse Teeth Sharp A.K.A Mr. Ed doesn't know what the hell he's talking about first of all it's not Tim Tobo its Tim Tebow and secondly old shannon is just jealous because Tim Tebow got another shot in the nfl and that overrated, overhyped, distraction also known as Colon Kaeperdick didn't the hate for white people just oozes out of that racist Shannon Horse Teeth Sharp. FS1 and woke ESPCNN: the homes of racist, idiotic fools.
Sean Parker
Sean Parker 3 days ago
All u people talking the s@$t, u haven’t done nothing with ur sports lives haha if had any. Let the man do what he wants🤌🏻
D' La Vega T
D' La Vega T 3 days ago
Tebow time 😁
Trigga Face
Trigga Face 3 days ago
SKip a real nigga
Mongo Slade
Mongo Slade 3 days ago
So skip actually believes a washed up QB is going to walk into a locker and inspire an NFL team........ this is so ridiculous. Tebow is going to send that organization into a downward spiral. The Khans are so incompetent its beyond words.
Mongo Slade
Mongo Slade 3 days ago
How can he have influence in the locker room when he hasn’t done anything? Skip sounding ridiculous as usual.
Frank Moore
Frank Moore 3 days ago
hEs MAgIc mAn
KP 4 days ago
Shannon hates Tebow, always has. He’s about to eat his words this season and we’re here for it
Ron Bailey
Ron Bailey 4 days ago
Bill Russell : players are paid to win not just play .
BK NY 4 days ago
Just too small to play tight end, and not athletic enough to play outside reciever. maybe if he adds a little speed he could be a solid slot receiver
Clay Bolt
Clay Bolt 4 days ago
Don't hate someone that can play the game. The Jaguars should have pick him up years ago. Hometown boy does great have a better store. Just remember God don't like ugly God will bless his people. So have a blessed day
Mike Malick
Mike Malick 4 days ago
Tim Tebow bobble heads will be will be a Hot seller after he gets his bell rung a few times by some 20 year olds!
Carl Weiss
Carl Weiss 4 days ago
I highly doubt that Urban Meyer is pulling a publicity stunt with Tim Tebow. Remember, Urban has a boss to answer to. If Tebow can produce at TE, then why not? Any comparisons to the QB who was benched and then knelt for the anthem are ridiculous.I wonder if Shannon’s “pride” would have let him change positions? Maybe a long snapper?
Antonio Washington
When Skip speaks, viewers when listen, When viewers listen. Magical things happen in sports. Skip knows his stuff when it comes to analyze in sports. When it comes to Tom and now Tim, Skip speaks his mind of sports and allow Tim and Tom has Skip's back because he knows there's trust. Some people don't vision that. I get it that Tebow finish high school and college to get to the pros. I get it that Tim wants to be QB at pros. Sometimes in the league no matter what position you play whether or not your good, It's about being professional sports material and sometimes some players isn't professional sports material. I won't disrespect Tebow in fighting for your dreams to be in the professional football level and I wish him the best if he makes the cut in Jacksonville because if Urban Meyer is the one to groom and guide Tebow, So be it, because sometimes some professional sports isn't meant to be. Who knows, Maybe Urban would allow him to not only give him a once in a lifetime moment to be a player, then work under Meyer's coaching staff. It could happen. Tebow has a good heart with great character that finish high school and college. The reason that most people view Tebow different is because some people in our society don't show heart and Tebow has great heart. Whether if things didn't work out in the pros just because you want to be QB in the professional football and not a different position you desire, You can't always get what you want in life. You have to take what you can give or none at all. I believe he will do fine at Tight End while he will teach other young players to play smart football and give advice to Trevor Lawrence. This won't happen overnight but in time, Jacksonville will surprise 31 teams in the league and be superbowl contenders soon.
Saint Nemesis
Saint Nemesis 4 days ago
Such privilege
P Kell
P Kell 4 days ago
Meyer is a total joke a Clown ! 😆 Timmy is a Joke a Clown a Gum 👦 😆
Bruno Souza
Bruno Souza 4 days ago
How this Guy skip still on TV?
usssanjacinto1 4 days ago
Hockey is next
Sky Soldier
Sky Soldier 4 days ago
I don't care about Tim Tebow or the socially radicalized and corrupt NFL.
James Dorney
James Dorney 4 days ago
Shannon Sharpe is a clown. Don't believe me? Check out his glasses.
Little Bitty Customs
Came to the comments to see all the people who peaked their Jr year of high school make jokes about a professional athlete....
Ken Hill
Ken Hill 4 days ago
Wasn't Shannon one of the ones who made Brady's lowlights reel?
Jason White
Jason White 4 days ago
Who is to say urban didn’t call Tim to try out?!
jrb9191 4 days ago
Gotta love the butthurt. Why are people so butthurt ? He is going to get a shot at being Tebow at Florida. He will get certain players at the goal line. He will be like Tyson Hill.
walter bonner
walter bonner 4 days ago
He's got to compete to make the team , right ?
Chris Coccagna
Chris Coccagna 4 days ago
C'mon ya'll pulled this up cause you wanted to hear Skip talk his nonsense.
Eddie Graham
Eddie Graham 4 days ago
The one time I actually agree with Skip
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis 4 days ago
TEbow played TE in HS.
Ernest Valdez
Ernest Valdez 4 days ago
Tim Tebow is a full grown man!!!!! If he wants to go back to NFL as a Tight End , good!!!!! If a NFL Team would call me to be their water boy, I would go in a heartbeat!!!!!🇺🇸🧐👍 Someone sounds like a HATER 😄👌
Ron Williams
Ron Williams 4 days ago
Skip - He sucked as a QB. He hasn't played in the NFL in 8 years. Let it go. Tebow is over.
Joseph Cubbison
Joseph Cubbison 4 days ago
The only QB who can win the division and a playoff game in history to be blacklisted... There's professional criticism and then there's a personal problem. I'd put money Tebow can move Shannon Sharpe off the line of scrimmage blocking. Talking about pride before a fall... Shannon Sharpe knows football but Tebows body hasn't been playing in the league. Therefore his age isn't such an issue. I'd like to see Sharpe And Tebow blocking and pass rushing. How bout' Tebow at linebacker! I Love Shannon Sharpe but I'm afraid You're underestimating the witness and testimony He'll have on so many people! What was his QB rating for the league in the last quarter? How many QBs were better in the 4th quarter? I'm disappointed to see an ESPN employee subdued by emotionally charged convictions regarding Tebow. I'd like to see Shannon Sharpe block Tebow and tackle Him then vise versa. Not for prides sake
Rascal Garcia
Rascal Garcia 4 days ago
Im not sure wat to think...and im a gators fan
stevenawtb 4 days ago
Tebow will prove everyone wrong!
Jereme Manzanares
This one already didn't age well eh Shannon?
Chris Mozeleski
Chris Mozeleski 5 days ago
This conversation reminds me of the movie Money Ball. Teaching a guy to play 1st base well into his career. Put him in a uniform again. He will help you keep your youngsters out of trouble.
Carlos Coleman
Carlos Coleman 5 days ago
Skip needs to be taken off T.V Frfr !!!
Noah Landry
Noah Landry 5 days ago
Dude he played te once and caught the ball and scored in college
Carlos Coleman
Carlos Coleman 5 days ago
Man get out of here !!!!!
Asters Dixon
Asters Dixon 5 days ago
Skip is exactly what players say about him-a jerk and a fanboy! Urban Meyer has been making some bad hires since he arrived and will be out of the NFL within 3 years!😡🤨Tebow doesn’t really want to play tight end, it’s just a ploy to get in with the hopes of Urban letting play Quarterback!🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Veronica Williams
I didn’t know trying out as tight end meant he was still clutching his dreams of being a quarterback. Why does everyone love to hate on Tim? Let him workout and if he’s good enough to make the team, so be it. If not, at least Urban gave him a shot. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Harry Bales
Harry Bales 5 days ago
That being said Tebow is a stand up guy. Could be a positive influence in the locker room
SoEZ240 3 days ago
No one is getting hyped up by the 2nd string TE. 🤣
Joseph Bensman
Joseph Bensman 5 days ago
Damn Shannon taking shots at Dudley lol, ouch. Dudley was a solid player, def more capable in basketball than Tebow in football
somebody on the internet
Let tebow play if he earns a spot
a wade
a wade 5 days ago
Skip is right.. ppl hating on Tebow for no damn reason. Yal weak.
LS1 Power
LS1 Power 5 days ago
Tim ??????? 😂😆
Michael Styer
Michael Styer 5 days ago
This is the worst sports show. Is he not a phenomenal athlete? Rosters have 90 spots right now, why not try him out? What do you have to lose? I doubt it works out, but what do you have to lose? How tf is Shannon still on the air? You come off as petty and jealous dude
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis 5 days ago
Tim will be good at whatever he does
The Ronin
The Ronin 5 days ago
@10:43 Shannon is Gold !!
Jeff Mcdonough
Jeff Mcdonough 5 days ago
Both guys have real good points
Rick Dillinger
Rick Dillinger 5 days ago
Why is it a problem that he is working out with the Jaguars? It’s an American dream so let him try!
Jooj McStevenson
Jooj McStevenson 6 days ago
Tebow is a joke.
andrew 6 days ago
Stop trying to make Tebow happen. Its not going to happen.
Jill Williams
Jill Williams 6 days ago
If he was magic where has it been the last 10 years you just lost all respect from me let another player come back and try that skip will be tearing them apart only a white man can do that quit the sport and walk back and play
Pablo L.
Pablo L. 6 days ago
Skip asking Shannon if he knows what a H Back is. 😂
Jill Williams
Jill Williams 6 days ago
Really Skip Bayless you love the Great White Hope don't you playoff game he won was a a fluke if he was good enough he would still be in the NFL story over
Jill Williams
Jill Williams 6 days ago
He's barely a NFL player at best now after 6 years you want to play tight end cuz your college coach coaches NFL team Shannon's right he loves the spotlight he loves playing the holier-than-thou role playing tight end never played it before failed at football failed at baseball now back to football it's over Tim Tebow
David Krumme
David Krumme 6 days ago
Hating on a solid dude following his Passions.
Javonte Edmond
Javonte Edmond 6 days ago
Sharp aint tryna here nun of that shit skip talking bout
Alejandro Colon
Alejandro Colon 6 days ago
After so long no he wants to shift over he should of done it back then in New England next to gronk
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 6 days ago
I hear Johnny Football is planning to sign too. Just give it up skip. Tebow was a great college quarterback. He was a bust as a pro. You keep mentioning that playoff game. He completed 10 of 21 for 316 yards and two touchdowns. Denver put 13 points on the board. I'd say the defense had a lot more to do with the victory than Tebow. He was given multiple chances that quite frankly, he never deserved. Webster describes denialism as the practice of denying the existence, truth, or validity of something despite proof or strong evidence that it is real, true, or valid (see Trump supporters). I believe you suffer from this condition Skip. Please seek help.
Ralph Hutson
Ralph Hutson 6 days ago
No tats, no drug problem, never slaps women, shows up on time. He's just not NFL worthy. Hey remember he knelled for the Lord also, before kneeling was cool.
Stump Baby
Stump Baby 6 days ago
Skip is actually RIGHT
Hoa Luong
Hoa Luong 6 days ago
Trust the Process!!!
Even during his run with the Denver Broncos he was horrible the one game he threw something like 40 yds and they still won because the defense was winning in spite of him
Drabs 6 days ago
Lmfao Jenny:I’ll just let you sit and wishful think over there Skip 😂
Julio Loreto
Julio Loreto 6 days ago
I admire Shannon’s patience .. time will tell who knows more about what it takes to play Tight End in the NFL .. a HoF Tight End or a sport columnist? I would put my money on Shannon
Sanchito45 6 days ago
Tebow had his chance to be Taysom Hill but I'm afraid that ship has sailed
Nick Jaremko
Nick Jaremko 6 days ago
Member that episode of South Park when they were eating food up the butt and pooping out the mouth? Skip members.
Andy White
Andy White 6 days ago
Poor Shannon Just Does Not Get It! He was a Great Bronco Receiver. Why He Does Not Get It Is Beyond Me! Is He For Real???
NovejSpeed3 6 days ago
Next Tim Tebow will be on Dancing With The Stars lol!
ScottGH 6 days ago
If you are given a chance to try out and potentially make the team, would you take it? Most everyone would. Doesn't mean he's going to make it, but would you pass on the opportunity? It would be foolish to pass on at least the chance.
Drew Donaldson
Drew Donaldson 6 days ago
How embarassing. AEW doing THAT bad Khan?!😂
Christopher Beck
Christopher Beck 7 days ago
Jake Paul vs Tim Tebow
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson 7 days ago
Why doesn't Tim realize his career is over? He wasn't that good when he played and to me he is just taking someone's place who can play!There is a young man out there who could play that position way better their Tim but he's blocking that person's chance!Tim needs to shut it down and go find something else to do and leave the NFL alone!When he played he was given the chance to switch positions but his pride wouldn't let him!Guy was a high-level scrub now he's a low low level scrub!Shannon was right when he talked about a old coach giving him a second shot!Skip needs to shut up defending Tim! Shannon is a hof player and he knows what he's talking about!
Andy White
Andy White 6 days ago
Sounds Like A Personal Issue. Perhaps You Should Seek Medical Attention???
MrRdvs87 7 days ago
We’ll see...
Tracy Boeder
Tracy Boeder 7 days ago
over the years Sharpe has gotten dumper over the years, he doesn't know Tebow very well cause pride is nothing Tim has. what a looser Shannon has become.
Trust The Process 369
Why cant he just live his best life? Who cares tbh. If the guy wants to do it then do it, if he fails he fails, how many guys would pass up a chance to go out and play a "game" if they had the shot. Also, people grow and learn, just because Shannon thinks he should have done this earlier and didn't doesn't mean he can't change his mind or decide to try something different. It's life my guy
D Yates
D Yates 7 days ago
Poor "lill" soy boy Skippy.
Ned Washburn
Ned Washburn 7 days ago
Tim will be good for ratings
3NewDay 7 days ago
I think Skip won this debate.
NPA 7 days ago
Whats going on? What happened to baseball? Is he a better tight end having never played tight end than all the other guys in their 20's who got cut? I don't think so.
dynamite650 7 days ago
Put him in as qb on minimum salary. He could do special qb plays kinda like hill. He could be the expendable play maker. Which he would gladly be.
steven zander
steven zander 7 days ago
Shannon always has something to say negative when it comes to a white guy!!! I wonder how Shannon justified Phillip Adams?