UNDISPUTED - Skip: If Tom Brady win Super Bowl LV, he will make Belichick & Patriots look foolish 

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UNDISPUTED - Skip: If Tom Brady win Super Bowl LV, he will make Belichick & Patriots look foolish


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Jan 18, 2021




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Undisputed Today
UNDISPUTED - Shannon: If Packers beat Buccaneers, Aaron Rodgers will pass Tom Brady in GOAT debate us-first.info/player/video/ga6rn356gX2hiqM.html
GsP1979 26 days ago
Too bad. So sad. There’s only ONE #12 in the GOAT debate. And his initials aren’t A.R.
GsP1979 26 days ago
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 28 days ago
more rubbish ... emptiest barrels make the loudest noise ... this attempt at a "show" is absurd ... watch no more ............
Evanflow Forever
Hmmm...you were saying
Jody Lambert
Jody Lambert Month ago
All that dumassery and your boy still lost
Ibrahim Cehajic
Ibrahim Cehajic 9 days ago
You only know how good you are is by how many haters you have.
Driver 18
Driver 18 11 days ago
I know Shannon gets paid to talk. ..but he's way to overbearing it's like he's shouting every point he's trying to make. He needs an iv drip of valium directly into his vien. I cannot watch a full show with this guy. Skips good.
Robert Ortiz
Robert Ortiz 13 days ago
Shannon Sharpe is really salty right now, and it's amazing to see him melt down over Tom Brady's Greatness.
tam tran
tam tran 15 days ago
What ever Shannon. Bill is looking really bad now that Brady won his seventh 👏👏
Aleksander Keca
Aleksander Keca 19 days ago
Mission accomplished
R S 21 day ago
You bet againist Tom, you gonna lose you money.
Choo-Choo Sims
Choo-Choo Sims 21 day ago
Tom Brady just won another Super Bowl and is looking to add more in Tampa. Do the patriots realize that the GOAT retires in a few he is gonna retire as a Buccaneer. Just like Peyton did to the colts. That’s a huge FU lol
Thenumberoneoreo v
Thenumberoneoreo v 22 days ago
NFC AFC KFC I don’t give a fuck I’m going to the Super Bowl - Tom Brady 2021
monos70 22 days ago
We see this situation at the workplace all the time. Bad management sets in, good employees leave, the workplace goes to shit.
David Garcia
David Garcia 23 days ago
He Just won!
Ken Bowser
Ken Bowser 23 days ago
Nobody's more wrong more often than skip.. this program is a huge waste of anyone's time cause nobody learns much from him.
Mitchell Crump
Mitchell Crump 23 days ago
Bill Belichick has never had a winning season without Tom Brady so who was the dynasty Brady or Belichick Brady of course
Mitchell Crump
Mitchell Crump 23 days ago
Hey Shannon why not give him a little bit of respect like he deserved that would’ve went along way. You guys opinions suck
Dan Field
Dan Field 24 days ago
I highly disagree since they were a team and worked together well this would only add to the incredible resume of Tom Brady
uniaguilar 24 days ago
How about both of them are Goats and give them both credit? Football is a game of multiple moving parts, including defense... no ONE part is more important, everything had to click. They made it click 6 times TOGETHER. This debate is stupid
Ben Foster
Ben Foster 25 days ago
He already made them look foolish. He's been making bellichick look good for years.
Eric Rickert
Eric Rickert 25 days ago
More than could not give Tom what he needed, Belichick chose not to give Tom what he needed with the personnel decision made. For example, even if Gronk is getting old, you decide to trade away one of Tom's dependable go-to tight ends? This is only one thing, but part of the whole.
STEVEN BURGER 25 days ago
T. Brady GOAT by the most Unlikely Non-Athletic person (like a Golfer). But a Leader & Clutch & Come Back from being down is almost a given. If Brady did not have some Losses in Playoffs & 3 Losses in the S.B. by 'Extreme Underdogs' (2x Giants & 1x Eagles w/Back Up QB) > it would be a perfect career! S.B 55 will be Climax to the Story.
RJ S 25 days ago
Bill Belichick...11 superbowl appearances as a head coach or defensive coordinator...8 superbowl wins...all the rest is hate..jealousy and noise......
nara nonnapha
nara nonnapha 26 days ago
Even Patriots kept Tom, they cannot get past Maholmes anyway. Bucs more equiped with receivers and running backs. Tom made the right decision and even he loses to Chiefs this weekend, he would be remembered as a 10 times super bowl appearance.
OG 22 days ago
Losing was never an option for Tom
Zakariah1971 26 days ago
Zakariah1971 26 days ago
Bella chick should fire himself if Brady wins another Lombardi
Justin Dancer
Justin Dancer 26 days ago
Belicheck won’t even make it to another Super Bowl. I’ll be surprised if he even makes the playoffs. He doesn’t draft well at all. And what happened to the “ system “ everyone was talking about? Scam Newton is younger and more athletic than Tommy Diamonds but Newton struggled.
Jamie Hubbard
Jamie Hubbard 27 days ago
Don't worry he won't have to do anything dealing with Belichick cuz they going to lose
Domenic Brangiforte
I'm from NE the Pat's love tom wouldn't surprise me if tom talk's to bill and rob every day
O.N. Rider
O.N. Rider 27 days ago
Look Brady left to play for a team that by seasons end was loaded with offensive talent. The same could not be said of the team Billechick was left with. That's why Brady went there. Duh
rogera andaya
rogera andaya 27 days ago
Go Tom get that 7!!!!
JOSE TAYLOR 27 days ago
Shannon is the dumbest person that's ever worked with Skip. Even dumber than Woody lol. I don't watch this show. I watch these clips and skip Shannon sharpes segments and go straight to skip bayless.
jeffwads 27 days ago
Correction: He already made the whole organization look foolish. They are 7-9.
James Pharris
James Pharris 27 days ago
Sometimes the stars just seem to line up for a select few. Like Brady.
mike deez
mike deez 28 days ago
Bit of a pointless convo... its TB12 man c'mon!!!
jj sa
jj sa 28 days ago
It’s too early to ask how management is feeling. Wait three years before asking.
August Augustus
August Augustus 28 days ago
But I understand but Tom Brady had To really gel with his players Those players that were already on the team of the Patriots he would have been already child with them know their ins and outs and when they like to turn and everything else Barely seeing the timing and the Just repetition Throwing to the same person again and again You at the pickup their little quirks their little Tails when they're going to make a move when they're going to go left I can put it here close to the ground in a spot where only he can get it and he'll get to it You're saying that now With Tom Brady in the Tampa Tampa Bay Buccaneers Receivers and the rest of the entire team they're all starting to gel together
August Augustus
August Augustus 28 days ago
Come on everyone let's be Truthful here Even when Tom Brady was doing amazing in winning 6 Super Bowls Belichick wanted to trade him out for something better Belichick. Tom was degrading And decided he can go with someone else and get a better results And finally show the owner and the fans that is not Tom it's him Tom was sitting there like I'll take less money Belichick come to me and say I want you Tom to stay Belichick wouldn't do it cuz he didn't want him to stay He decided he had a number of different options that would do way better than Tom It just so happened he was completely totally wrong And if you would have time even with the weapons they had they would have found themselves in the same predicament in the playoffs With a chance to go to the Superbowl And let's be honest and number of years Belichick gave him Really no weapons The same man took a pay cut so he can get some weapons Then they throw Cam Newton in and expect them to be able to do what Tom was able to do He's more agile he's faster he's stronger So much better than the man that wanna six Super Bowls And we all saw the results of that brilliant strategy
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 28 days ago
rubbish ... Tom has already moved far from & far ahead of Bill ... but this is Andy's Super Bowl !!!
lawrence holland
lawrence holland 29 days ago
I don't even think the Bucs are click"n on all cylinders yet, wait till next year, if they bring a majority of their squad back.
Geoffrey Edwards
Geoffrey Edwards 29 days ago
Is it mandatory for horse mouth to say Skip 20 times in one sentence. This people is one of many examples of when I say this is a disgrace to the black american race..........
Randle Durant
Randle Durant 29 days ago
Skip!!! Tony Romo to get 1/2 million from CBS get plays to the Chefs.
Bucser Month ago
New England fans? Welcome to QB hell for the next 20 years. You will never find a QB that will live up to the expectation to fulfill the role of Brady in that organisation.
Javi Soprano
Javi Soprano Month ago
You can have a picnic on 🧺 Shannon’s jacket after you wear it .
David Lagarde
David Lagarde Month ago
They already look foolish!
hkcestudents Month ago
They look very stupid already.
Tony Fant Jr.
Tony Fant Jr. Month ago
Sean Payton and Tom Brady would’ve been hella crazy to watch. I could only imagine
ron bee
ron bee Month ago
Just making it to the Super Bowl already made Belichick look foolish.
David Stokes-Lopez
I really don’t blame Kraft and coach Belichick for letting Brady go. Brady won’t play until he’s 45 years old. Not a chance!!! Patrick Mahomes will walk away with another Super Bowl Ring this year.
Lauren Fairchild
"Let me ask you a question, Skip", says Mr. Ed, interrupting Skip again! Waiting for Skip to say, "STFU, Shannon, save your questions for when I'm done!"
Fernando Obregon
Bill could have he just wanted to build a defense and build his EGO and legacy rather than for Tom 🤔🤔🤔# intuitive reading
Mr Mai
Mr Mai Month ago
But he made it to the super bowl? Win or lose, that alone is amazing! Only person he has left to prove to is himself💪🏽 -from a chiefs fan
Ray Brozzo
Ray Brozzo Month ago
He already made the Pats look foolish....they make the playoffs with Brady and we obviously see how they are without him
Chester MCPEAK
Chester MCPEAK Month ago
Green bay game was rigged for brady to win
OneStep Closer
OneStep Closer Month ago
This argument is so played out. Brady has an all-star team around him. He wasn’t going to have that in New England. If he stayed the Pats would have been 11-5 maybe and out in the first round.
Pat Pat
Pat Pat Month ago
When Tom Brady retires, he will make better coach than that Bellicjack
Hulk Timberlake
Hulk Timberlake Month ago
He's a brat QB that's career has been assisted by the league. Two rule changes, he follows the Patriots DNA offensive structure, he begs/pays his best receiver Gronk out of retirement, and get the best wide receiver in the game. Montana never begged Rice to join the chiefs, Manning never pleaded for Harrison at Denver...and further 7-9 Cam Newton actually did better than Brady when he started the Pats at 5-11. None of what I said is a lie.
Juan Perez
Juan Perez Month ago
So, dressing like a clown is back in fashion now?
stephen7072 Month ago
lloyd monahan
lloyd monahan Month ago
he's not showing any loss of skills, don't let those picks fool ya
C Monro3ski
C Monro3ski Month ago
Brady vs Belichick... Brady had a better season and went farther.
David Sawyers
David Sawyers Month ago
Brady doesnt need to win the super bowl. He has already showed he was the reason why they won superbowls and not coach belichick. Every top 10 team has a decent defense and some have a better defense. But when you have a goat QB, you have a team that can compete under any circumstance. TB needed a QB. They had all the pieces. Yes Brady is a hollowed shell of his past self. But that hallow shell is still better than the Patriots organization. Have Belichick be the HC of the Jaguars and see what happens? If Tom Brady was not on the Pat's team for all those years, there would be no superbowl wins. Brady was the team and now that he is gone, the Pat's wont win another superbowl.
Speedy Final Mile Eric Moss
Bill don’t care what other people think. Twenty years is a unbelievable ride. At some point he had to leave. I am willing to bet Bill will call Tom and wish him luck. He will also watch and route for him.
Jordan Love
Jordan Love Month ago
They already look foolish
D Me
D Me Month ago
Brady is a great player, but also a VERY lucky one. He is NOT the GOAT that Skip thinks he is. The Tuck against the Raiders, Seattle getting stupid at the goal-line, Atlanta choking big-time, the Rams playing like the Jets in last year's Super Bowl, New Orleans playing stupid in this year's playoffs, Philly's coach quitting in this year's last reg season game, & Green Bay blowing it yesterday. Brady has been a great player for a long time, but the GOAT? Hell naw!
Georgie Porgie
Georgie Porgie Month ago
Its the white guy against the black...ohh no am i being a racist
nunya Month ago
He's already made them look like fools. Cam Newton ? Please. Should have paid the money.
PeterDeko86 Month ago
Can it be more obviously scripted? Brady will "win" because it's probably his last game and he will ride off into the sunset with "another great accomplishment": breaking the curse of the hosting city. Lol!!!
Bryan Wright
Bryan Wright Month ago
Let's go Tampa Bay Buccaneers that's win a Superbowl again
fair business
fair business Month ago
Like Skip said about LBJ. "This is a pandemic title. There should be an asterisk beside it"
Khurram Khan
Khurram Khan Month ago
Super Bowl or no Super Bowl, Brady has already made Belichick and Patriots look like idiots.
Nathan Cuellar
Nathan Cuellar Month ago
The Patriots already look stupid with cam newton
Ozzie Loki
Ozzie Loki Month ago
lol at Shannon. I've no idea how they've got no money. Check the internet. It's in black and white. Top 2 caps are Brady and Brown. You shift money around enough, soon enough, you've gotta pay the cap man. How many times did Brady rework his deal. That cap, gotta be paid. What's not said, is that the pat's are cap rich next season. However I wouldn't expect much improvement. Better off tanking this season.
Ozzie Loki
Ozzie Loki Month ago
Why are people so stupid. It's a team game. Bill wasn't the reason nor was Tom. You need a team of fort from coaching to star QB. You need them all, he left NE and landed in a good Team. Not the jets but a winnable team. Arguably his best team since moss. Brady the goat but he achieved that because of bill and his coaching. Bill best coach of all time, his 4th qtr record speaks for itself. But he not the best coach without Brady. Neither are the goat, without a good team. I give it. 60/40 to Brady. Based not on numbers but as a fan. Brady put the team on his back and carried them a lot. Bill carried the defence. His planning beat the Seahawks. The butler int, they'd been working on that play for a while. Against the rams.
Joshua A
Joshua A Month ago
Wow.. look how quick all these so called "pats fans" turned their back on their team lol I love it! Before Bill was a genius and the goat! Now u all trashing him and jumped on tampas bandwagon lol just wow
BoB n fishy
BoB n fishy Month ago
Weird to see them agree
Quav Johnson
Quav Johnson Month ago
Its so crazy when you think about it just like bron last year and Cleveland could anybody name another person on that finals team..no 😭😭😭😭Brady knew he had to go so where else
notrightnotleft Month ago
you cant point any fingers. if tom brady was in New England they wouldnt be in the super bowl this year. The coach got on with what he needed to do and Tom is going to the bowl with a great team.
Bjorn Yesterday
Bjorn Yesterday Month ago
He's already done that
Don Carr
Don Carr Month ago
Best Skip and Shannon.
M Month ago
Another record Brady has shattered....disgracing so many football "experts," time after time, year after year, decade after decade.
M Month ago
It was Tom all along....not Bill. Debate ended.
Vipers Curse
Vipers Curse Month ago
shannon is full of shit all he’s been saying for 3 years is that brady is washed up he doesn’t look washed up to me i heard he’s crap about brady he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and if u want to be honest shannon wouldn’t have a ring if he wasn’t on stacked team
TB12 is the goat. I'm a Giants fan but 10 SB appearances? In the words of Sleepy Joe. "Come on man"
Xero Hiryu
Xero Hiryu Month ago
With the pats current cap situation the only way the pats would have given Brady the weapons he needed he would have had to take another pay cut (something he said he wasn’t doing) The pats offseason cap this year is gonna be 80-90 million which would be the 4th in the league. Had Brady stayed, even with this current group, they may only win 1 less game then the year he got knocked out by Tennessee (hell with the emergence of Buffalo and Cleveland it may had been less) The hoodie can’t get mad if he couldn’t provide the weapons necessary and Tampa bay could. If pats had cap and they let him go this is a completely different topic but money talks bull shit walks. And money talked TB12 over there and since tampa had weapons already all he did was add AB,gronk, fournette. Sounds ideal if u ask me Not to mention to answer Shannon’s question as to where the cap went: Gostowksi AB Gronk TB The late Hernandez I could be wrong tho
thf 46Game
thf 46Game Month ago
Bruh he already did make em look foolish
Trevor Cheeks
Trevor Cheeks Month ago
Let’s not forget that the quarterback Bill picked to succeed Tom took his team to the Super Bowl last year. This year is not just about Tom and the quarterback position. The team has had to deal with several free agent departures and opt outs and then there is the coaching departures.Bill has not only had to replace players he has had to replace staff members from coaches to front office personnel. I have total confidence in coach Belichick and I believe it won’t be long before the patriots are back to their winning ways.
Big Will
Big Will Month ago
He’s already looking pretty dumb.
bob lee
bob lee Month ago
Belichick will never win another Super Bowl game, never, ever.
Mackson Jude
Mackson Jude Month ago
Bill Belichick never won anything without TB12: He coaches other teams prior to New England. He coaches the Cleveland Brown and got fired. He Coaches other teams but didn’t have any success. He quite his Job as the head coach from the Jets and sign with New England. His QB was Drew but didn’t have any success talking about NFC’s appearance or the Super Bowls appearance h had none. Drew got hurt TB12 take his place the rest is history..
Prince Jordan
Prince Jordan Month ago
Brady was the comeback kid in Michigan he was doing the 49er Montana style then belchick was learning from Tom because belichick was defense only belichick lost in jets , Cleveland he only prevailed as defense coordinator with the giants when Bill parcels was doing the run game good luck patriots Lmaooo
David Coggin
David Coggin Month ago
Shannon doesn't know what he is taking about. New England didn't want to pay up for an old Tom Brady and Tom wanted to get paid. The Patriots screwed up this year but maybe not in the long run.
Luke Converse
Luke Converse Month ago
It’s Gona happen and really piss us patriots fans off to the extent of calling for bellicheks job
Bob Billings
Bob Billings Month ago
Bottom line, 5 days ago, picks: Shannon>Saints Skip>Tampa Skip is STILL too nice to tell Shannon to stfu, I told you so, jump up and do a endzone dance in the studio like I would in front of Shannon.
J S Month ago
New England wasn't making the playoffs even with Brady. It was time for both the Patriots and for Brady to move on. The Patriots were showing signs of decay and decline during the last 1-2 seasons with Brady, and it was time for the Patriots to rebuild. Brady at 43 years of age wasn't interested in a rebuild and isn't the right player to have around for the rebuild since he won't be there when the rebuild is done. What ended up happening was right for the Patriots and right for Brady. It was a divorce they both needed.
Jack Beatey
Jack Beatey Month ago
Bro for the team we had 7-9 was decent like our #1 receiver is Jakobi Meyers💀
Lee Majors
Lee Majors Month ago
Skip and all those audible pauses kill me . . . E V E R Y. . . S I N G L E. . . T I M E
Regooddevil Month ago
If he does win are we just gonna ignore how he went to a team with two number one receivers, a really good offensive line, a top defense and Ronald Jones. Also he got ring chasers to join the team like Gronk, Antonio Brown, and Leonard Fournette.
Xalyc_power Month ago
He already made them look foolish
Giorgio Kradjian
Skip you are a head of yourself having a big mouth....Brady was nobody without BB, a BIG period!!
Levi Swan
Levi Swan Month ago
To bad Brady is not going to win...
Mr Hussain
Mr Hussain Month ago
This is like Real Madrid going to shit when CR7 left them. Everyone was saying it's the manager who's playing him perfectly, the midfield is creating easy goal scoring chances for him, they would've won the Champions League if you had any other great goalscorer in his position.. yeah sure. Cristiano Ronaldo Is still scoring and winning titles without Madrid and Madrid look finished without him.
Tim Lassiter
Tim Lassiter Month ago
If Cam had that group of recivers and that offensive lt things would happen