UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to Najee Harris & Travis Etienne get drafted back-to-back near end Rd 1 

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UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts to Najee Harris & Travis Etienne get drafted back-to-back near end Rd 1


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Apr 30, 2021




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Hoàng Bi
Hoàng Bi 15 days ago
First Take [Full] | Stephen A.: "Not Lawrence or Wilson, Trey Lance is the most successful young QB" us-first.info/player/video/e81peJynlZuLYXk.html
Randomly 2 hours ago
The jags just built a stable
1234epps 3 hours ago
Two ok rbs in the first round reach
Marc Narciso
Marc Narciso 18 hours ago
Skip has no idea wtf he’s talking about! Shannon is completely right about the running backs! Even when comparing the two picks from Clemson to Harrison! There is no comparison. To add to skip not know what he’s talking about Clemson lost this past years national title....hum... let me guess who won Alabama! What a no brained! Skip needs to get off the show!
Mike Ireland
Mike Ireland Day ago
Shannon you are correct I need to be on the set with you. That guy you work with does a bad job of playing devils advocate.
Adrian Chambliss
Adrian Chambliss 2 days ago
Trent Richardson anyone lol
Guillermo Sena
Guillermo Sena 2 days ago
Skip being skip lol 🤡🤡🤡🤡
NycThaDon 205
NycThaDon 205 3 days ago
Skip just said Najee has no acceleration? imma need this man job and his check plz😂
sons of liberty
sons of liberty 4 days ago
These 2 don't get it, harris fits Pittsburgh play better.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 4 days ago
When did 4.4 become slow?
Marcel Overlorx
Marcel Overlorx 4 days ago
Skip straight lying...
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor 5 days ago
They both got drafted in the right place... Etienne would have struggled in a cold weather city...
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor 5 days ago
We have no idea how good Najee is until he actually takes the field... He could be Derrick Henry, or he could be Trent Richardson.
Thomas Dumont
Thomas Dumont 5 days ago
I'm shocked that Shannon said these guys aren't close. Both these guys are studs. Etienne is the greatest RB in ACC history.
Alex Jameson
Alex Jameson 5 days ago
i have to disagree with skip on his choice of who fits better where. The reason why the Steelers took Najee over Travis is because of the player's fit and their playstyle. Look at the history of Steelers running's backs, big bruising game clock eating 3rd down converting strong backs. Najee Harris fits the Steelers profile like a glove. Travis Etienne is very special and a great player, his style of football would not do well here in Pittsburgh unlike Najee's. Sorry skip, i gotta go with Shannon on this one
Writer Man1
Writer Man1 5 days ago
Skip needs to stop, Najee Harris was also a runner up for the Heisman, no one ever even put Etienne in the conversation for that honor....he's great but for the NFL, Najee is bigger, stronger, can catch, block and is the better all around back.....Etienne is more of a traditional back.......
Joe Battista
Joe Battista 6 days ago
Drip Bayless going HAM right here!
Najee is great but without protection he will not succeed - the problem with Steelers
Anthony Wheatley
Anthony Wheatley 6 days ago
Etienne is a beast
Johnathan Butler
Johnathan Butler 6 days ago
I love Clemson. Love etienne. If you watched his junior year and senior year you’d know he took a step back. I woulda said Etienne junior year was much better than Najee. Now? I’d say Najee pretty easily
Jacob Chartier
Jacob Chartier 6 days ago
Skip on crack
warren hymes
warren hymes 6 days ago
Skip is always an idiot.
kh7955 6 days ago
Finally Skip makes a great call on this one
daveon autry
daveon autry 7 days ago
bama does not claim Alvin!!!!!!!!!!!
trusoldier77 7 days ago
Skip says stuff just to say stuff. Wtf he smoking
David Ellis
David Ellis 8 days ago
Is he really that dumb? Does he not know that Najees 40 time was .01 seconds slower than etienne? And he makes it sound like najee is a turtle wtf
Josiah H. King
Josiah H. King 8 days ago
Najee is way better. And it’s not even close. Skip is a blind fool.
Ant Huncho
Ant Huncho 8 days ago
Whenever Skip over the top I know he about to say some BS lmao
Russell Cox
Russell Cox 8 days ago
Najee is without question the better back. Etienne ain’t no slouch but he is not Najee.
GamingPlug -_-
GamingPlug -_- 8 days ago
To be honest Travis Eteine is like a Alvin Kamara type back
John Lewis
John Lewis 8 days ago
I agree with Skip.
Rick Nation
Rick Nation 8 days ago
Etienne made a name for himself as a freshman
GTBreezy 9 days ago
The Jags wanted to take Kadarius Toney then ETN
Antinorio Brown
Antinorio Brown 9 days ago
Skip is still hating on bama and the players. Ettiene was basically the starter for 3 or 4 years at Clemson while najee Harris only started 2 years. Ettiene has never been in the talk for a hiesman nor a finalist. That speaks volumes on who is the better back. Skip talking seasons versus a single season. Only thing Etienne was better at was acceleration. Other than that najee blocks way better and brings catching to the game. Harris is way more versatile than Etienne main reason he came off the board 1st.
Travian Rainey
Travian Rainey 9 days ago
Najee is perfect for the Steelers but etienne was amazing at Clemson
Ty Mesgale
Ty Mesgale 9 days ago
Le’veon bell didn’t have breakout speed but he was one of the best backs in the league. Skip is on one. Harris is going to tear it up.
DS_Colbster 9 days ago
Skip is such an idiot
Nika989 9 days ago
But...the Jags didn't move anywhere to get him. They had the 25th. Also Iike the idea of having a two headed monster. Give Trevor all the weapons
Leonard Thomas
Leonard Thomas 9 days ago
They. Always. Do. This. If. Steelers. Would. Have. Drafted. The. Other. Back. Then. They. Would have. Played. That. Angle. Saying. Steelers. Mess. Up. On. Not. Drafting. Harris. I. Don't. Care. What. They. Think 🤔. I. Can. Think. For. Myself. I. Been. a. Steelers. Fan. Since. 1994. I. Now. The. Mindset. Of. My. Team. And. I. Now. How.too Evaluate. Talent football 🏈. And. Basketball 🏀. 9/10. 95 percent. Of. The. Times..I. Am. Right.
Loren Rich
Loren Rich 9 days ago
Let me remind you all....skip liked RG3,Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford over their counterparts in the draft.....and it looks like he’s going to be wrong again choosing ettiene over Najee
MechaGodzillaX9 10 days ago
Actually the Jags took Etienne at 25 because the Giants took the Florida WR
D Rae
D Rae 10 days ago
Najee harris is a bigger better version of derrick henry
Amims 10 days ago
Skip is literally smirking as he says his script. He doesn’t believe in what he’s being told to say.
Amims 10 days ago
This is why talk sports shows like this will always be a novelty for sheep. The “takes” are terrible. This forcing disagreement to have content is stupid. If Najee is the best guy just say that and then also say how Etienne is also a beast but not the same animal. But no they have to have competing takes to have a show. And that’s all these talk sports bs programs are. Shows. It’s not a legitimate discussion.
Grape Street
Grape Street 10 days ago
ETN ya big dummies not ATN
Mr Green pants
Mr Green pants 10 days ago
Najee is ok but he ain’t no nick chubb
Chris Ancrum
Chris Ancrum 10 days ago
Trevor, Travis, Tim....Urban is cooking up something for this year. Triple threat maybe🤷🏾‍♂️
YouMake MeReal
YouMake MeReal 10 days ago
Speed kills? Yea playoff chances. Look at raiders lol all speed no skill.
YouMake MeReal
YouMake MeReal 10 days ago
Lmao etienne over najee. Skips an idiot
Tyler Elmore
Tyler Elmore 10 days ago
I agree with Skip
Jakerton97 10 days ago
I guess nobody in this comment thread understands running back by committee. Jacksonville didn’t draft Etienne to be a 35 plus carry a game back. That’s why we have James Robinson!! Etienne is going to be a receiving weapon out of the backfield and occasionally run out of the shotgun. You have to understand how Urban is going to use him before you judge the pick. Najee is a better pure runner yes but Jacksonville wouldn’t have drafted him because he’s all power. We already have that we need speed and that’s what we got. Does anybody understand football anymore my god. Are people aware you can have multiple players at 1 position lol. Every team in the NFL that is good has a 2 back system and that’s a fact. Only 1 team in the nfl has 1 guy do it all and that’s Tennessee, and Derrick Henry is a generational talent.
Rinnegan Phil
Rinnegan Phil 10 days ago
Horrible take by unc... bro ETN with speed alone will translate to the league better than Najee. Najee is great and quick dude had the best line in football and couldn’t break a long one to save his life
Isaiah Johnson
Isaiah Johnson 10 days ago
I agree Travis is better!!!!!
adrian cisneros
adrian cisneros 10 days ago
I promise every 1 najee harris will win rookie of year he will easly get 1 k yards 12 tds
ChuckTown Tiger
ChuckTown Tiger 10 days ago
Shannon doesn't realize Najee Harris was also at Bama for 4 years as he said "you aren't staying at bama 4 years you're getting up outta there" once Skip started talking about stats between the two.
ToreWorld 10 days ago
Najee been the bast back in college football since he got picked up by bama. Trust me. Dudes been league ready since high school. Also skip saying he won’t last is wrong, he doesn’t absorb as much contact as you think, his reaction time is unreal, he rolls with contact and doesn’t take as much a beating as you may think. I’m telling you, it’s like he has eyes in the back of his head. Najee will be a top 10 back in his rookie season.
Jordan Stefan
Jordan Stefan 10 days ago
I don't know man it's just something about Bamas RB most of them are trash good in college terrible in the pros Henry is an exspeti
Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe
Travis gots power and is harder to tackle
Elijah Cullum
Elijah Cullum 11 days ago
Travis is a better overall back Shannon on drugs
Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe
I never agree with skip until now Travis is better
Uncagedbeast22 Jeehe
Travis etn is better he averages 8 yards a carry
Caity 11 days ago
I think both backs went to the perfect situation and both will have tremendous success.
Selon'sC 11 days ago
I’m gitty we got ourselves a bama RB
Daquan McDonald
Daquan McDonald 11 days ago
Bro Trevor and Travis back on the same team and chase and burrow on the same team hurts and Smith on the same team
Jayson Lamonge
Jayson Lamonge 11 days ago
Reggie Leak
Reggie Leak 11 days ago
I saw Etienne in person and I'm glad my Steelers picked Harris but Skip is right, Etienne runs violently. The only thing that scared me from Etienne was that he tends to run violently with high pads but other than that I thought it was a toss up between the two.
RT 86
RT 86 11 days ago
Steelers needed line help and the Jags have holes everywhere. Both drafted too early in my opinion.
Brandon Renollet
Brandon Renollet 11 days ago
Trust the lineage... Trent Richardson...
Jigg Palegend
Jigg Palegend 11 days ago
Skip shut your mouth Nahji is the better running back if he stays healthy in Pittsburgh he will break Jerome Bettis records
Wigs 251
Wigs 251 11 days ago
I know they played together in college but Skip delusional
youngmurk100 11 days ago
Nahjee good but as a bama fan i would still want Travis he harder to hit...atleast a good hit
Pepe Santomauro
Pepe Santomauro 11 days ago
Just a feeling skip bailess saying all that because he is envious of steelers. Wishes his cowboys were that good. Sorry while jerry jones is around cowboys aint got no chance.
Dave OsBeatz
Dave OsBeatz 11 days ago
It’s weird to say that running backs only last 4-5 years nowadays..because that’s there rookie contracts years..after that rookie contract is done then what? Running backs are underpaid ..I know Elliot got big money from cowboys but what’s he done lately? There should be a rookie year contract and after that year then bigger money be paid..sucks to get out your rookie contract and then pray for a big pay day .,that is if your still around ..I’m tryna explain it the best way I can lol
STRIKEFURY 11 days ago
Skip is so high
Keliʻi Kalauokaʻaeʻa-kahele
Dolphins should’ve reunited Tua with najee would’ve been action!!!
Tyrell Brown
Tyrell Brown 11 days ago
😂😂😂😂 😂
Amir Harris
Amir Harris 11 days ago
Najee is the better back. Period!
ljgrayson33 11 days ago
What is skip smoking travis can’t take care of the ball
Kevin McDonald
Kevin McDonald 11 days ago
Ettiene reminds me of Tony Dorsett.
James 11 days ago
Skip you're going to lose that bet🤣😂🤣😂
FLYAR TISM 11 days ago
Shannon u tripping
Brian Archibald
Brian Archibald 11 days ago
Skip look like photoshop. I’m sorry Skip, you have not a clue of what you’re talking about.
Slumlord Studios
Slumlord Studios 11 days ago
Just ask The Golden Domer's
Alejandro Ida
Alejandro Ida 11 days ago
Najee Jerome Harris, he was born to be a Steeler
Bama Hammer
Bama Hammer 11 days ago
There is no comparison Najee is a better back who can do it all. The Steelers got their ideal RB. He got that Steeler attitude as well and will fit right in the line up. I think the Jaguars made a mistake when they selected ET in the first round. He is a great RB but the Jaguars got an undrafted RB last year who dominated the NFL. Everyone was surprised he did not get selected to the ProBowl last season largely in part due to the Jags finishing last. He had no support around him. The Jags could have spent their second first round pick on a OL, DL, WR or DB. They have numerous needs.
Rod smith
Rod smith 11 days ago
I love Shannon, but he always hating on my home team Jaguars
Rodger Hughes
Rodger Hughes 12 days ago
Now y would skip dumbass say that 5 year shit smh didnt have shit else to say
Max Media
Max Media 12 days ago
Both these teams are idiots lol. Drafting running backs when you need O line.
Bradley Faile
Bradley Faile 12 days ago
Najee is the better runningback of the 2 and actually Skip Bayless is the ONLY person ive heard on tv say Etienne is better.....the ONLY person.....and Skip is straight up just a Bama Hater and ANY PLAYER that came from Bama Skip has to throw some shade. For Skip to say that Najee is "just a power runner" goes to show that he has NEVER EVER watched Najee play and complerely discredits his claim , and ibviously he NEVER EVER watched Travis Etienne play either causemost of the things he said about him just arent true....ive seen Travis Etienne get shit completely down by teams....Notre Dame in the 1st game shut him DOWN....he didnt even have 40 yrds rushing on over 20 or 25 carries....a d ive seen it happen more than just once......on the other hand NOBODY EVER HAS COMPLETELY SHUT NAJEE HARRIS DOWN AND HELD HIM TO UNDER 40 YARDS RUSHING ON OVER 20 CARRIES......EVERRRRR!!!!!!!.....Najee is A BEAST and is far more Dynamic than any running back in the 2021 Draft....its NOT EVEN CLOSE EITHER!!!!!!Skip is still just Butthurt over Bama humiliating Oklahoma in the CFP and it even goes back way further than that with his hatred for anything BAMA.....but unfortunately for Skip BAMA has been the most DOMINANT football program in college football history for the last decade winning 6 championships in 11 seasons and aren't slowi g down ANYTIME SOON!!!!!!!......ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!
Ralph Segar
Ralph Segar 12 days ago
I believe Travis will have a better career because of the relationship and experience with Trevor Lawrence.
PiereDevon 12 days ago
The thing about Etienne is your not catching him if he gets pass the 2nd level. Something Najee and Williams lacked
ASavageProduction 12 days ago
This is hard because I watched Najee in highschool but he’s more leveon Bell and etienne is more dalvin cook
Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis 12 days ago
Put some respect on that man's name, that's the bayou blur, Travis Etienne is the real life Bobby Boucher! And Spiller was a pro bowler in 2012 for what it's worth, why all the hostility from you Shannon??
Keilan Johnson
Keilan Johnson 12 days ago
“Ohh noooo”
Jaye _
Jaye _ 12 days ago
Let’s be honest Skip Bayless is only saying this because he don’t like Alabama and Nick Saban 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Dutch Coleman
Dutch Coleman 12 days ago
Skip wants urban Meyer to succeed in the nfl so bad, just so he can say he’s a better coach than nick saban. Watch what I tell you😂😂😂.
jude Jackson
jude Jackson 12 days ago
They both are really good backs. But I'm leaning towards Travis.
DonBranTheBuilder 12 days ago
Etienne is super fast and has a good build for breaking arm tackles, but he has poor vision and lateral agility. He will no doubt have some big runs, but I don't think he will be as consistent or efficient as Najee
lawrence 12 days ago
He (Urban Myer) used a first-round pick to draft a third down/third string running back? Why not use that pick and your second/fourth to move up and and get Rashawn Slater or Vera Tucker?
Mark Metzgar II
Mark Metzgar II 12 days ago
For once, I agree with Skip. Etienne is gonna be the next Kamara