Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins) 

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To all my Malaysian niece and nephew, #nowyoucan get Heineken 0.0 deliver to your house: bit.ly/Heineken00UncRog #socialiseresponsibly. For non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.
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Feb 21, 2021




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Cowboy Kent Rollins
Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef
Dar Cos
Dar Cos 7 minutes ago
An uncle Roger review is a double edged sword. You get way more views, but you'll have to swallow your pride 🤔
Stradskie Gaming VLOG
Red dead redemption town folk😂
William Ma
William Ma 7 hours ago
Richard Branson
Richard Branson 7 hours ago
Marvel and DC crossover.
Tess Silentarrow
Tess Silentarrow 9 hours ago
@mrnigelng Oh gosh you gotta do it. The dude films from a ranch. That beef will be AMAZING!!
shoeurenda 34 minutes ago
Hiiiiya uncle roger... you need to put yourself in his shoes. Fancy dining to cowboy is not fancing dining to you.
Gilbert Amoguis
Hey Uncle Roger, can you make a reaction video on Kichi Kichi Omurice by a famous Japanese Chief in Japan. I guarantee it will make you say " fuiyohhh".
abraham limarga
Wooo ya ya
Sans Sans
Sans Sans Hour ago
You should see tanboy kun (indonesian food vlogger) making a steak with micin (MSG) and bon cabe (Chili powder)
Redjoker 2 hours ago
Wait until Uncle Roger learns there were Chinese shops all over the western US
Mithcal Sn0w
Mithcal Sn0w 2 hours ago
Uncle roder i am worried that some lady called vegan teacher will attack you
Jayendra Pujara
Jayendra Pujara 2 hours ago
dude move on from fried rice.
blushuwu 2 hours ago
Thanks for the Heineken 0.0 ad uncle! I’m so happy! I sent the website to my dad. Hopefully, he’ll see it soon! 💕
Feel freedom
Feel freedom 3 hours ago
*Still waiting to Uncle Roger to react at Nino's Home fried rice
AsuraWraiths 3 hours ago
Uncle Roger: No No No Things bouta go wild
Ray Mak
Ray Mak 4 hours ago
How are you doing in Malaysia now? Hehe
Puppyistic 3 hours ago
Haiyaa,why do I see you everywhere!?!?
Cyka Vodka
Cyka Vodka 3 hours ago
I mean tuak
Cyka Vodka
Cyka Vodka 3 hours ago
Just eating durian and some legen
Thai HD Vision
Thai HD Vision 3 hours ago
hi Ray Mak the everywhere person
Tech 3 hours ago
2 likes so sad so sad
Chaewon International Forehead
Stay Spotted ,0o0,
Drumpling 4 hours ago
When Hu Tao said "AIYA", I immediatlly came here...
Night Angel
Night Angel 4 hours ago
I could've gone my entire life without seeing his nails.
xa 5 hours ago
9:00 my left ear enjoyed this
allgreatfictions 5 hours ago
Hate to call you out, Uncle, but Kikkoman IS a superhero. us-first.info/player/video/p65-aK2poad5iZ8.html
陳宥謙 5 hours ago
Cilantro Cake is more disgusting
taiming71 6 hours ago
The leg didn't go down so not a fail thumbs up.
Bernie Copal
Bernie Copal 6 hours ago
Love your work Uncle Roger......you never let me down.....Hyaah 😁
Bella Booker
Bella Booker 6 hours ago
I’m here from an article that said he mentioned Felix from stray kids 😂 Me being a big fan of stray kids 😳
Ranz Orate
Ranz Orate 6 hours ago
Why is there no salt?? (I’m asian too by the way)
Rizky Yuliansah
Rizky Yuliansah 6 hours ago
Review TheSantoso, you will be surprised when you see
Non KSF Lover Singapore
Harlo niece and nephews it’s unker roger
LeanIsAStay 7 hours ago
I think we all know who chan bout to mention in the next live WATCH HIM SAY HAIYA EVERY OTHER SENTENCE LMAO
Antommy Lim
Antommy Lim 7 hours ago
I'm still demanding to know who is this Auntie Hellen. The women who breaks uncle Roger's heart.
ffuna 7 hours ago
Where is aunty jennie
李欣然 7 hours ago
put some of that eegg looking shet in that rass boiii
Flexibo 7 hours ago
Ngl i wld 100% try the sauce, it doesnt look that bad to me
Scot Gover
Scot Gover 7 hours ago
"Heavy enough to kill someone with it." I lost it. XD
Kiko Cream
Kiko Cream 7 hours ago
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer 7 hours ago
Hey Nigel/Uncle Roger Could You Please React To BTS? And I'm Referring To The 7 Member K-pop Group
Ivan 90
Ivan 90 7 hours ago
I realized uncle roger like prisoner always wear orange
Vera Wroe
Vera Wroe 8 hours ago
"If you find an Asian on this ranch, this man is lost". Still laughing at that. Love you Uncle Roger.
flying v
flying v 8 hours ago
Is heineken 0.0 is legal for underage people?
BILL MCBRIDE 9 hours ago
Class act response from Cowboy. A true gentlemen and all around great dude. Staying relevant online in a young persons game. Hats off to him.
S160 2jayZee
S160 2jayZee 9 hours ago
Mr. Kent that cowboy himself is my neighbor not only is his food awesome but seeing the man cook off a legit early 1900s style Chuck Wagon it's a blast from the past an he's a genuine OG/KAWAN/Top bloke
Zurina Reen
Zurina Reen 9 hours ago
Uncle .. can u try to cook same fried rice using this recipe?
Zealline Ananda Virginia
use me as the "im here because uncle roger mentioned stray kids" button
basit lodhi
basit lodhi 10 hours ago
I really dislike you now.
aina amira
aina amira 9 hours ago
Fajar Imani Satrio Aji Ramadhan
Okay, nowadays people uses a chicken broth/stock. But, how about mushroom stock?
Melinda Legerski
Melinda Legerski 10 hours ago
I cried a few times watching this 🤣🤣🤣
wheelmanstan 10 hours ago
Good food needs no sugar, but Cowboy Kent is legend.
여름Yeoreum 10 hours ago
The bead of sweat rolling down his cheek as he looked at that horrid sauce. Lmao
《I'm_Weird》 10 hours ago
I am Asia but I am too young
238 Freezone
238 Freezone 10 hours ago
Love you Nigel.
Monet Burrows
Monet Burrows 10 hours ago
Uncle Rodger: “and now we start video” *ad pops up
SANIKA 10 hours ago
In my language we call MSG tasty salt.
Edward Higgs
Edward Higgs 10 hours ago
Jamie Oliver - I want to be an amazing TV chef known all around the world! Reality - Becomes the minimal standard Uncle Roger judges people on their fried rice for. Oh and..... Twizzlers are back in the shops! :D
Nazimul Islam
Nazimul Islam 10 hours ago
Baby Shrimp
Baby Shrimp 11 hours ago
WOWWW beer sponsor you're moving up in life. Congrats!!
Dina batool
Dina batool 11 hours ago
Uncle roger is a kpop fan omg 😂🥺💕btw stan stray kids stays we gotta stay by stray kids and hyunjin's side like they always have been ❤️
Ignacius Valentino
Ignacius Valentino 12 hours ago
uncle roger , i think you need to react to pro player pubg which is Uhigh Team secret . he teach people how to cook fried rice lol 😂
Amrusha & London Adventures!
Dose anyone know that he has a fake accent XD
anddudewaslike 12 hours ago
the BLM joke was amazing lol
jiajun goeh
jiajun goeh 13 hours ago
When i click in the video : tis heinekan same taste and 0.0 Me: Like , download,share
ehhmanduh 13 hours ago
uncle roger is officially a stay wbk
Zac Nuttall
Zac Nuttall 13 hours ago
I love Kent! How dare you!? Lol nah. Jk. He can handle it!
Unsolvable Captcha
Unsolvable Captcha 13 hours ago
Why would I want to drink beer that has close to zero alcohol in it?
trinh hung
trinh hung 13 hours ago
React to How to Basic, Uncle Roger, please
s.h. 13 hours ago
There's a video call 4 levels of Fried Rice by epicurious, can uncle Roger review that please.
Jim Adams
Jim Adams 14 hours ago
Uncle Roger is harder on white people than Coca Cola.
Milady 14 hours ago
Watching while wearing my "Sorry Children" shirt makes it even better when he says it in widyo. 🥰
S.An.T 14 hours ago
I like cowboy Kent's accent.
Espen Kristiansen
Espen Kristiansen 14 hours ago
Cellery sauce?:p any bolognese:p
Marito H.
Marito H. 15 hours ago
Nigel is so cute.....! What is your real Asian name? Does he answer?
Justin Emlay
Justin Emlay 15 hours ago
Near beer is still a thing?
Courier 6
Courier 6 15 hours ago
man got sponsored by beer.......
shoeyethink 15 hours ago
Nice shout-out felix from skz!!
Adam Lee
Adam Lee 15 hours ago
Cooking like a chef I'm a 5 star Michelin 😏 Uncle Roger 😂
Francesco Noya
Francesco Noya 15 hours ago
Heineken is shit... I can not imagine how shittier can get when it's alcohol free
David Zito
David Zito 16 hours ago
Uncle roger you need to check out flavcity healthy fried rice you could roast him pretty bad lol.
ReapsReaper 16 hours ago
I'd rather eat that than chilli jam and that's coming from Chinese who eats like fried rice every week
Rocket Concepts
Rocket Concepts 16 hours ago
I hate the intro, so stupid
steelokey 17 hours ago
I love you weejio’s
cephaslzw 17 hours ago
Uncle Roger's first video in this Chinese New Year of the Cow is to feature cows! FUIYOH! ;-D #gongxifacai #beef #牛年 #恭喜发财
Matin Mahmoudi
Matin Mahmoudi 17 hours ago
Heineken 0.0.... and you trash talk vegetarians... 😂
Lord Mandoogle
Lord Mandoogle 17 hours ago
Honestly surprised no garlic is in there already. I know over here in Kentucky we put garlic in a lot of things. Also salt and black pepper. Course, if you're feeling a little lazy, you just put some Mrs. Dash in there. That's got a bit of everything (except msg, as it's a southern U.S blend)
michael geddes
michael geddes 18 hours ago
Love the fact some people here are explaining that this is parody.. XD
Nicolay W
Nicolay W 18 hours ago
I got myself some MSG 🤩
bigal official
bigal official 18 hours ago
I love Cowboy Kent, thanks for reviewing his recipe! Most of this recipes are traditional American or Mexican food, so forgive him for the weird recipe. Most of this stuff is great- my favorite is his sopapilla recipe.
Barbie N. I
Barbie N. I 19 hours ago
This is my first time watching his videos and I questioned myself if this is really how he talks and I waited till the end and wow he is so fine
Cat J
Cat J 19 hours ago
Alcohol free Heineken? So I can enjoy the great taste of piss without even getting drunk as a benefit?
Enderpro417 19 hours ago
I am 11 and i drink a lot og heineken
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 19 hours ago
Don't spend the whole video criticizing The Cowboy without doing a collab with him! I better see Uncle Roger on Red River Ranch in the next couple of months.
•_• R. •_•
•_• R. •_• 20 hours ago
2:39 You should name your refrigerator Auntie Hellen because they’re both cold inside.
Kenai Durathon
Kenai Durathon 20 hours ago
She correct😂
Percival Lee A Fong
Percival Lee A Fong 20 hours ago
Randall Glass
Randall Glass 20 hours ago
Is this what they call white privlage
Randall Glass
Randall Glass 20 hours ago
I never wear a mask
Ryan Hackland
Ryan Hackland 20 hours ago
Is he Chinese, Vietnamese, or Laotian? Idk
Hillow Atheee
Hillow Atheee 12 hours ago
Ahmad Yue
Ahmad Yue 20 hours ago
please react to maria ozawa fried rice
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 21 hour ago
When Cowboy Kent still does a better job than Jamie Oliver 😂
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 21 hour ago
But why in TV they cook fried rice with "PLANTA"🤣
BE Outdoors
BE Outdoors 21 hour ago
In cowboy Kent’s defense some gas stations are huge out west and you can get lost in those things like a grocery store lol
Matsumoto Karma
Matsumoto Karma 22 hours ago
Uncle roger you should watch this guy named quang Tran on his fried rice
Bursting Wizard
Bursting Wizard 22 hours ago
Cowboy food is weird, It never looks as good as it tastes and it always tastes really good
Jill Koczent
Jill Koczent 22 hours ago
My kitchen aide mixer is named Henry, and my pro-heat bowl is named Hazel (complete with decals!) I just got a 36" griddle, and I HAVE to name it!!! Suggestions?
Asger Hougård Mikkelsen
Maybe he should drink more Heineken 0.0 Stay safe, healthy and not drunk
Stuart Humphrey
Stuart Humphrey 23 hours ago
you fake hahahaha love it keep it up
vcwchen 23 hours ago
1.6K privileged whites