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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Christina S
Christina S 3 hours ago
I need a Koi Rescue. Why is it so hard to find a person to take a beautiful koi?
Jett Harmon
Jett Harmon 3 hours ago
What do you call crypto currency for Bit-koi
David He
David He 7 hours ago
if you live at NA be really really care for the racoons and heron
Barb Mcfarlane
Barb Mcfarlane 10 hours ago
They are simply gorgeous and amazing colors!!🐡🐟🐠
No Edit Caleb
No Edit Caleb 18 hours ago
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse 20 hours ago
koi fish in a backyard pond?? gotta get a bigger and deeper pond bro,
Mesh Wah
Mesh Wah Day ago
Im ur new subscriber and i really enjoyed watching all ur koi fishes...im a fish keeper also from philippines🇵🇭
Dkckric Wocoentbjfkent
Wow I love the pond decor your mom did a nice job
You can bread them and make money🤧
Travis Neston
Your parents are rad
Stupid Side
Stupid Side Day ago
Do your fish have babies?
Abraham Tang
Abraham Tang Day ago
Why does coralfish12g take so long to edit his videos? It took him 11 months because the date on his video says 6-11-2020 i think it is definently 6-2020
foxchase 72
foxchase 72 Day ago
Wait I'm so confused. Didn't you post the video of the indoor pond in your house? I remember seeing it already.
Hallward Hallward
Dang i envy you! Japan is the mecca of koi
PTR NT Day ago
Me watching this for 10 times waiting for a new video
Ziggy Zagger
Ziggy Zagger 2 days ago
Your going to have to build them a bigger pond at some point my friend
Sam Robinson
Sam Robinson 2 days ago
Hey I’m trying to set up a clownfish tank for my uni room, can you help :(
Lilith Boo
Lilith Boo 2 days ago
Plz let your father take one koi one Greece 😈
Arito Soto
Arito Soto 2 days ago
Hahahaha these dad jokes killing me xD
Flight In June
Flight In June 2 days ago
Beautiful pond woadie!!
Josh Heath
Josh Heath 2 days ago
They’re awesome! Your mum is so excited to
Stephen James
Stephen James 2 days ago
About ten years ago my neighbor went on a overnight trip and was gone From morning to morning and during that time someone broke in to the back yard and stole all his fish.
Wonnie Lee
Wonnie Lee Day ago
Damn. Maybe wildlife ate them
Nishi Naya
Nishi Naya 3 days ago
I really like kio they are cute
Emir Mikael
Emir Mikael 3 days ago
one koi that been 100 day in the pond then got the golden skin
Rick James
Rick James 3 days ago
Perfect pond for goldfish 😂 just put thousands in there
gothic ocean
gothic ocean 3 days ago
The yellow one looks like something you would see in a movie
鹿人假 3 days ago
9:26 so clear so nice,, I suggest just a 5mins video of ur new koi fish)) 9:35 put ur gopro in the pond
Freddy Molander
Freddy Molander 4 days ago
You need to name one magikarp from Pokémon
Carl Perl
Carl Perl 4 days ago
Do you need video editor?
Michael Yoe
Michael Yoe 4 days ago
Mafia dad
My dog is cuter than yours my g
Woah! Supried! Been like a month? NO MASKS
RAJIH 4 days ago
Nice video 😍😍👍
edna souther
edna souther 4 days ago
Please don't forget to protect them well from predators. Painful to see them being taken by big birds. We spent money to enclose our babies. Good luck.
Rigor Mortis
Rigor Mortis 4 days ago
12:14 the plant name is eichhornia please remove it as its an oxygen eater and might effect you fishes.
Melissa Breedlove
I absolutely love ur moms koi!!! I agree they are some of the most amazing fish and so friendly.. I have a 90gl reef a 55gl fresh and a 30gl fresh but my koi pond is by far my favorite!!
van Sterdam
van Sterdam 4 days ago
Yesterday i bough 50 small 4-6cm koi fish and it's so cheap
Yeezus Air
Yeezus Air 4 days ago
My Girlfriend says "you need a bigger pond" but nice fish
Clint Erven Mosqueda
Wowww.. Amazing color...
Peper Abriam
Peper Abriam 5 days ago
Hello first time here 🙂 watching your videos 🙂 let's spread love and peace 🕊️ all over the world.. watching from Manila Philippines asian country now 🇵🇭🌹 god bless you
Nate K
Nate K 5 days ago
I'm sure mom and pop are proud of their boy putting out such good content!
Who Bird
Who Bird 5 days ago
Really love your new fish. Really love that Kohaku specially that humps on his head!
Dg Mh
Dg Mh 5 days ago
You need a bigger pond. Proper filtration and a bottom drain. They will suffer a lot in that pond, it's not well made for koi. It will be hard to feed them in that without there being an instant spike in dangerous levels of ammonia. I wouldn't have recommended to your viewers to get a similar pond
Dg Mh
Dg Mh 5 days ago
Look up rasta koi. Copy his pond. That's the best you emulate
Dg Mh
Dg Mh 5 days ago
Also that team aquascape guy has always given me really bad vibes. I have blocked all recommendations of his channel
Tova Marie
Tova Marie 5 days ago
Can we get an update on your red belly Piranhas?
Ashley Kelly
Ashley Kelly 5 days ago
DOOOOD you got koi fish bro
Bonzai SL
Bonzai SL 5 days ago
george is look like peter parker .
Mithun Mathew
Mithun Mathew 5 days ago
Man they r beautiful 😍
GumBurry 5 days ago
I found your US-first channel by Nas daily
Farhaana Mujid
Farhaana Mujid 5 days ago
Oh wow, glad to see this was recommended for me! I'm only able to actively keep up with a handful of fish youtubers so i completely rely on the algorithm to be exposed to the occasional content from other fish channels like coralFish. I watch a lot of Paul's content and would assume from that seed that this channel would end up on my feed more frequently but nope, in over a year the last video I've watched of his was the one where he actually built this dang thing lol Glad to see he still has it-- surprised actually. As a Chicagoan & koi enthusiast myself, I've always wanted a koi pond but just felt it's too hard to maintain and enjoy when we're not exactly known for our great year-round weather conditions. I'd LOVE to see a video where he goes into his experience keeping a backyard pond living in midwestern climate
Bridget Cave
Bridget Cave 6 days ago
So beautiful
kurniawan wahyu
kurniawan wahyu 6 days ago
Why ur so damn handsome 😔😔
Grant Howes
Grant Howes 6 days ago
Please excuse my tongue tied fan boy approach on the plane you just boarded. Of course it’s your US-first videos I enjoy, not the bloody podcast I mentioned! You must of thought I was very stupid indeed! Sincere apologies for any embarrassment I caused you.
CoralFish12g 2 days ago
Hahaha I figured you meant “videos”! No worries man :) that actually made my day so thank YOU!
Brocks Exotic Pets
Also you need a bigger pond lol
Brocks Exotic Pets
I don’t want to shit on Greg the aqua scape systems are probably the worst set ups , as a service man the most problems we face are with aquascape ponds
Kaveh Maguire
Kaveh Maguire 6 days ago
I feel like your pond needs to be bigger for that many big Koi. At least deeper. I had a big pond in my dad's backyard and we had a bunch of Koi and goldfish for like 10 years and everything was fine and then suddenly either a raccoon or heron figured out they were there and got every single one. It was so sad. If I do a pond again I am going to make sure it is 4 or 5 feet deep with nowhere for a heron to perch.
Dia 6 days ago
I can't get over how clear your pond ended up! And those Koi... Amazing! If you haven't named them all yet, my vote for my fav (the completely gold one) is Midas.
coshigould 6 days ago
I think you need a lot deeper ponds for kois.
Jose Shhh
Jose Shhh 6 days ago
They don’t die when is cold ?
Jose Shhh
Jose Shhh 6 days ago
9:04-9:19 was so funny 😂😂
Jaq Hass
Jaq Hass 6 days ago
12:21 Got news for you. The plant that "is sort of taking over and looks really natural" is a plant and is 100% natural. Wouldn't exactly call it plastic. xD xD xD
ZM FISH LOVER 6 days ago
No tancho and asagi?
I AM HUMAN 6 days ago
you need a waaaaay bigger pond those fish need rooooom!!!
Hasaranga Music
Hasaranga Music 7 days ago
If you got a full white koi that would look so nice in your pond☁️
Usama Chaudhri
Usama Chaudhri 7 days ago
Your dad has the same attitude my dad does when it comes to fish keeping always cracking jokes
Sanjana Abeysekera
The longest koi that lived was 100 and something years old
Yih Perng Khoo
Yih Perng Khoo 7 days ago
Especially love your shiro utsuri & chagoi!
YITING XIA 7 days ago
Doc Frank
Doc Frank 7 days ago
Sarogoi is full white koi. Chagoi is full brown koi. Ginrin means shiny scales. The fish that your dad dropped is actually Ginrin Sarogoi.
Dg Mh
Dg Mh 4 days ago
@Doc Frank no, it's definitely a soragoi
Doc Frank
Doc Frank 4 days ago
@Dg Mh You are right, soragoi means light blue or grey! 👍 But do you mean to say that fish isn't a Ginrin Soragoi? The one that dad dropped!
Dg Mh
Dg Mh 4 days ago
@Doc Frank as for culling, it depends what the breeder is looking for. Not all shiro muji get culled
Dg Mh
Dg Mh 4 days ago
@Doc Frank hey Frank do me a favour: Google the description of a soragoi, the copy and paste that description in this comment thread. Let's see if the colour grey pops up ;)
Doc Frank
Doc Frank 5 days ago
@Dg Mh There's no grey Koi. That silver one that was dropped was Ginrin Soragoi and the gold one was Ginrin Chagoi. Soragoi do appear greyish, they don't have the vibrancy of Platinum Ogon. Also Shiro Muji gets culled. I am no koi expert. But I have Benigoi, Karashigoi, Chagoi, Soragoi, Midorigoi, and Karasugoi in my pond. You can see I love monochromatic kois. Good day!!
name first
name first 7 days ago
How well does this pond over winter? You'll need to remove them won't you?
Cool Candy Fish 🐠
# FISH 🐠
Joe Day 1511
Joe Day 1511 7 days ago
I know nothing about koi keeping but isn't the pond a little small?
Ben H
Ben H 7 days ago
This set up is a disaster 🤦‍♂️
zalmangaming619 7 days ago
Been here since 17k wassup fam
SkittlesBomb 7 days ago
They are beautiful!! Welcome home babies!!! Congratulations on your new fishy family!
Cole Jeffries
Cole Jeffries 7 days ago
If it ever comes to it, use red fishing line above the pond. Blue herons see the red and think of fire. They will never bother you. 💪🏽
Stealth Swim223
Stealth Swim223 7 days ago
That’s a lot of koi for that pond...
Laura Kuehmstedt
Laura Kuehmstedt 7 days ago
I hope you have some kind of security camera or system so that they don't get stolen.
Hunter M
Hunter M 7 days ago
Such a stud 🤤
Alita de Guzman
Alita de Guzman 7 days ago
Finally! ur KOI are home now 🎏 I love watching this episode and i enjoyed I also love to watch ur mom & dad 🤗
sudi sudi
sudi sudi 7 days ago
How much feet long do they grow?!
Brian Emery
Brian Emery 7 days ago
Why Why Why That's a goldfish pond man You better put a Net over that shallow puddle.
Jessica Grewe
Jessica Grewe 7 days ago
Do you have a Chagoi in there??!!
Aaron Kameric
Aaron Kameric 8 days ago
Is the pond big enough?
Attila 8 days ago
Lovely kois
SlowN54 8 days ago
What is this dude talking about? Last days of summer? It’s freaking may lmao “stay tuned to see what I do with them in winter soon?” What? Lmao
SlowN54 8 days ago
They don’t have any room in that pond at all, not sure what this dudes thinking investing so much just to have unhappy koi
Sal B
Sal B 8 days ago
Weak ass content. Didn’t we just get to watch a monster pond built in your parents basement? Everyone else’s channel involved gave us content. You’re still out here giving us garbage goldfish content.
Cal McHugh
Cal McHugh 8 days ago
Ur dad is legendary Edit: The pond looks so small from a too view but managed to fit all the koi
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera 8 days ago
I love how happy your mom gets to see her koi’s, reminds me of mine 😂
Roel Lujano
Roel Lujano 8 days ago
How long ago was this recorded?
FAb 8 days ago
Not gonna lie those fish are way to big for your pond
Miguel Antonio
Miguel Antonio 8 days ago
George can you breed danio zebras or do a tutorial to breed them
Jepzy Gungob
Jepzy Gungob 8 days ago
let it freeeeeeeeeeeezeee
Nitesh gaming
Nitesh gaming 8 days ago
You should make more bigger pound
Ramseys D.I.Y Koi Pond
Hi mucker theres some beuties in there defo picked well fella 🐟👌👍
OM Albertson
OM Albertson 8 days ago
I’ve missed the acclimation montage....
Alaiza Mae Tomaro
I just wanna go there and get some kisses from those Kois #Goals
Owen Wilson’s Nose
I just beat you at basketball
Aaron Nichols
Aaron Nichols 8 days ago
Dude! You are living my koi dream. I'm currently house shopping and plan to build small koi pond once I move. I'll def be watching your videos for advice!
Gabe S.
Gabe S. 8 days ago
I wonder how they react to winter weather?
Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen 8 days ago
That is no where near big enough for those fish.... wow...
I adopted a cat.
I adopted a cat.