UFC Fighters slam Jake Paul 's actions 

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UFC Fighters gives thoughts on what they think of Jake Paul and his KO win over Ben Askren at Triller Fight Club Boxing event
Uriah Hall, Anthony Smith and Chris Weidman.
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Apr 22, 2021




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lil yup
lil yup Hour ago
Any shit fighter: jake paul😈
Daniel Mace
Daniel Mace 2 hours ago
But they're all talking about him, that's what he wants
ToatsMcGoats 9 hours ago
"whatever bum he drags into the fight" next words: "I'm all about respect"
LoriParker213 10 hours ago
Jake Paul can beat all of them.
Billy The_Kid
Billy The_Kid 11 hours ago
Sneakz N' Heat
Sneakz N' Heat 14 hours ago
The vengeful waitress controversly shiver because inch specially strip pro a debonair bun. insidious, obedient purchase
MrIsrael55 16 hours ago
You guys think it’s jakes fault for you not being paid enough 🤡😂
Mike Hillary
Mike Hillary 20 hours ago
Professional fighters are real tough guys this bs of thugs being tough is a lie try being a professional fighter eating an sleeping fighting that shit is hard. I took mma classes an learned most people can’t fight that shit is mainly mental you gotta have the mental to do it
Violet Wade
Violet Wade 21 hour ago
Uriah Hall a.k.a. Moses speaking preaching the gospel
kai moore
kai moore 22 hours ago
Haters gonna hate lmao
brice hamshar
brice hamshar 22 hours ago
Well i dont like jake i would love to see him in the ring with chuck liddell just so i could see him but jake in his place
A wanted man
A wanted man Day ago
Id like the first guy to fight paul So paul can lose the ego He might lose his life tho
danielvandam Day ago
The fact that mma fighter are selling out like this is just tarnishing the reputation of the sport as a whole. Can’t take them seriously as athletes anymore
Jake Day ago
Uriah Hall vs The Paul brothers would be dope
TheBarry1394 Day ago
"I will beat you with one hand, you dont deserve my right hand" Thats some Takamura vibes
Johnny Boy Spero
Another Kembo
One up One down
One up One down 2 days ago
I don’t think ppl care about what Jake Paul
Liam Ellis
Liam Ellis 2 days ago
I want to see a reaction video so damn bad.
Rage 2 days ago
An amateur would not stand up to a professional in any field. Jake had as much right being in the Octagon as I would.
Bing Bong
Bing Bong 2 days ago
What these MMA fighters dont get is that they cannot use all their tactics in a mixed martial arts fight into a boxing match That's the sort of cockiness that got Mcgregor beat by Mayweather and Askren beat by Jake Paul.
Ryan S
Ryan S 2 days ago
Salty pricks. He's making more money than them so he "sucks" he "really sucks". Fuck off. The guy's on a personal journey and he's doing pretty well, making money and it means a lot to him. I say this as someone who can't stand celebrity culture - especially US-firstrs. But I give this guy full credit for doing what most of us only fantasise about as we shovel chips down our throats. Good luck to him.
yVAn Official47
yVAn Official47 2 days ago
Wtf He worked harder to get all the fame and money Moreover he trains hard to beat those so-called respected boxers
yVAn Official47
yVAn Official47 2 days ago
Wtf He worked harder to get all the fame and money Moreover he trains hard to beat those so-called respected boxers
yVAn Official47
yVAn Official47 2 days ago
He is bringing clout to ufc You ungrateful beings He is the reason 17 million people have started watching boxing in the last year
Max Montesi
Max Montesi 2 days ago
The Paul's wouldn't make it out alive against a regional level amateur. They're straight up NOT boxers.
makaveli bien hoa
Bruh Uriah hall had me fucking dead 😂
Lor East
Lor East 2 days ago
Gotta agree wit Chris weird man commentating on the fight was ass
Mason Walter
Mason Walter 2 days ago
Damn I hope Jake Paul actually watches this!
Calvin Mondrago
Calvin Mondrago 3 days ago
Jake Paul is fighting well at his level, he comes in fit and has learned the basic skills. These guys have zero respect or class and are jealous because Jake Paul, fighting at a much lower level, is making much more money than them.
Andrew Halliday Music
i thought Anthony Smith was calling Ben Askren a BUM for a min there! he said he "whatever bum he drangs into the fight " ...then talks up Ben...
cassie 3 days ago
I'm not a fan of jake paul. I didn't hate. But seeing that he cant even go into a fight without being disrespectful is outrageous. He could have handled this all differently. He did that for attention and fame, and that's exactly what he got from this.
Buena Energía
Buena Energía 3 days ago
All is fun and games untill someone hurt him beyond repair
Joy 4 days ago
I'LL BEAT HIM WITH ONE HAND,BECAUSE HE DON'T DESERVE MY RIGHT HAND. ( lol! He looked so sexy when he said that)
Stale Bread
Stale Bread 4 days ago
True sportsmanship
ComedyCast With Joe Zachary
Monster really slapped a sticker on their water bottles😂
felicia huck
felicia huck 4 days ago
Bro your a hater
Swoopster117 aka TyPooly
Let me break it down for you: There's a Fighter, and then there's a Rodeo Clown. Conor was a Fighter, in your face, try to knock you off your game, cocky, put his money where his mouth is fighter. Conor demanded respect cause at the time he was the best. Yes, it was heated, it got ugly, but it was all part of the build up, made the fights electric before the first punch was thrown, both warrior and showman. Then there's the Rodeo Clown......he makes you laugh, that's his job, does unexpected shit, gets points for creativity, and everyone points, has a good chuckle and says "Well....that was funny.....worth a laugh or two....what's next?" but unfortunately, in the meme society we live in where Teens, Tweens, and other rubber people of no real importance to these sports. They think the show is better than the fight, start throwing their parents money at this garbage that's tacking itself onto a once reputable sport (boxing) that unfortunately doesn't age well with this marshmallow era. I mean, I remember when fights were stopped because the boxer couldn't get to his feet.....Ben could have stood up and walked away in under 2 mins from that fight. Jake Paul is THAT Rodeo Clown, not the one that makes you laugh then goes away, but the one that refuses to go away cause a few lil kids chuckle in the audience every time they see him. Fighter? Don't make me laugh, Ben's punches look like a school girl threw them. AND he fought a ex-basketball player before that????? DA FUQ!? Ben was the first person I saw as a legit fight (albeit briefly cause when Ben threw those 'hay'-makers) I knew this fight was fixed worse than a blind man replacing a transmission on a transport truck. But Ben (I don't think) cared win or loss as much as he would if this was an on the record "Fight" so good for him for taking Jake's money..... But can the rest of the Fighters (Even thumb wrestlers) of the world just forget this little crusty shit stain is alive? For the sake of a society that's got enough social media "celebrities" I think sacrificing one of it's worst to Limbo is only proper, everyone just collectively hit the ignore button on all his accounts.....
New Infor wild
New Infor wild 4 days ago
PERFECT TALK DONT GIVE HIM THE opportunity he doesn't deserve the fight
Mike Brunt
Mike Brunt 4 days ago
lol who cares really - 3 mouths vs 1 mouth what are the odds its all for self promotion !
Raymx slapped y'all
wow them cauliflowers
Raymx slapped y'all
hey irs please check if Paul's paying taxes on all that money then arrest him
PP_MM MM 4 days ago
Thank you Uriah!
chris harohau
chris harohau 4 days ago
Its indirectly youtubes' fault.
Ang Lovetree
Ang Lovetree 4 days ago
This time the Paul brothers might be taking this clown stunt little to far, when Jake Paul's starts to mock the UFC. But the more extreme the clowning is, the more fame & money they get.
Longbeard Bobson
Longbeard Bobson 4 days ago
He won. What is the problem with someone training hard and winning?
Matt Law
Matt Law 4 days ago
Like to see the US-firster punk go against a military veteran off the street. See how that goes for that him.
Necracudda 5 days ago
As a Ohioan. I apologize on behalf of Jake Paul’s Stupidity.
Edra’s Thoughts
In boxing he’d knock out all of these guys tho lol
Force Ghost Anakin Skywalker
Jake paul is the hot tub streamer of professional fighting.
Gemmab Berrow
Gemmab Berrow 5 days ago
Is disgusting what Jake Paul has the power the money
Lucas the grinder
I like how they all laugh when they get the question about Jake Paul
Monkexe 3 days ago
Well it’s natural to laugh at jokes lol
zan kurent
zan kurent 5 days ago
I like the ending.
XRePete 5 days ago
All the salty fan boys....hahaha. If he was hopeless he wouldn't be knocking mfers out. Talk crap when he gets beat at least
Kevin D
Kevin D 5 days ago
Jake Paul fights an old guy with a hip replacement and thinks he’s tough. I didn’t and wouldn’t ever pay to watch a fight from that dweeb.
Happy Meal
Happy Meal 5 days ago
give him one more non striker and it’s time we show him the real guns...
Truth Justice
Truth Justice 5 days ago
Ha ha first guy is so bitter and petty dont be mad cause your not worth the money homie
Estp Alpha
Estp Alpha 5 days ago
That black reporter is the only Jake Paul fan over 10.
Noah rewis
Noah rewis 5 days ago
You would think he would try and fight a real boxer at some point.
Tracer Sweat
Tracer Sweat 5 days ago
Dude Uriah is a beast, im pretty sure he rubbed off all the black off his palms of his hands by lifting so much, absolute legend.
Ritems 5 days ago
Jake paul is the type of guy that will mock khabib's win streak in MMA but chalange him in basketball game
Lenny Cruz
Lenny Cruz 5 days ago
They are not owning jake paul as their own...they are mma fighters, Jake's a loose cannon youtuber
koolworld27 5 days ago
It doesn't matter. Jake Paul has already achieved what he wants from this situation. The Paul brothers have already won, it sickens me.
nineteen96 6 days ago
What ever happened to staying ur lane? Like shoot your shot but be respectful
Robin Heling
Robin Heling 6 days ago
Man, I know, being a sport journalist is hardly a profession and most of them suck. No matter which sport or country. But these journalists are an embarrassment for every real one out there. Wow, are these guys dumb! Respect to the fighters for playing with these cranks!
Eduardo Lazaro
Eduardo Lazaro 6 days ago
Just look at those 1.4k dislike from Jake Paul fan,.
Michael Flores
Michael Flores 6 days ago
What's going to happen when Jake Paul gets killed? He's a nobody and you fighters ate making him a somebody. You should all ask for more money for what you do. Because if this joke could come in and make more money then you who's the joke?
Business Now24
Business Now24 6 days ago
Anthony baby so cute!
Jason Braun
Jason Braun 6 days ago
We forget that Jake Paul was a former state champion for wrestling and played football before getting famous. As much as I don't care for the guy, he's legit. Also, fighters have this big thing about pride, but money doesn't buy pride. Pride is earned, fuck the money.
Celebrity Fountain
No one needs to be respected. Start fighting people that are competitive instead of weak losers and then we will see the truth behind real talents
Howdicowdi io
Howdicowdi io 6 days ago
number 2 guy real dude
Von Trap
Von Trap 6 days ago
Those idiot brothers just need knocking out. Real fighters go through shit to get to fight professionally. These guys do a year or two of training, no real fights and they get to fight pro fighters. This aint right.
Kd C
Kd C 6 days ago
He wants a quick in no do not let that shit happen it’s a fun fight but he has not put in
Aditya Arora
Aditya Arora 6 days ago
guy says jake paul sucks me: like
key bear
key bear 6 days ago
as much i hate Jake Paul.. this one totally on their own mate Ben
Chidi Okoro
Chidi Okoro 6 days ago
I like how Chris Weidman says that he's been a fan of ben askren since he's a kid but He's a few months older then ben
D JJ C. 6 days ago
You got to understand that theirs con artists in every situation in life, from Jake Paul to Trump being President, 😂! Great job Jake Paul 👍
Gina Furdero
Gina Furdero 6 days ago
Gina Furdero
Gina Furdero 6 days ago
I LOVE THIS! It’s about the respect for ithers and the game!
Not Scratch
Not Scratch 6 days ago
Something I’m noticing about all these successful fighters is they all have a phenomenal amount of care for respect, and that’s something Jake will never have
mark radcliffe
mark radcliffe 6 days ago
Proud to be an MMA fan after seeing these thoughtful responses to a complete nonsense
Arcadius 6 days ago
"It Humiliates real athletes" Its not Jakes fault that Ben Askren didn't take his fight seriously or that he ill-prepared for it and got dropped, if you want to blame anyone for the Humiliation then blame Ben...as much as I hate Jake Paul he seems to be genuinely trying as a Boxer despite how bad he is at it compared to people who work harder at it or are more talented. This just comes off as some salty shit because a unlikeable US-firstr is casually being more successful at something then most of these guys are who worked significantly harder at it.
Mr. Sweet
Mr. Sweet 6 days ago
Has jake Paul even been in a fight before he fought ksi
j k
j k 6 days ago
It's impossible to NOT like Anthony lionheart Smith
ThatMan Narbash
ThatMan Narbash 6 days ago
man floyd is gonna make Logan look like Nate
Adner Suazo
Adner Suazo 6 days ago
All the dislikes are Jake Paul's fans
John Miller
John Miller 6 days ago
"Jake Paul's Actions" is a funny way of saying "knocking the f out of ben asscue in the first round
Different Vision Tv
Fuc* Oscar I'll take Snoop commentating anything
Brian P
Brian P 7 days ago
These cats are only famous because stupid people follow them and make them famous. Just like the Kardashians. You won’t ever see me put a dime or a click into these hacks. If these idiots would stop giving them the attention they’re begging for, they will go away. That’s best for everyone. Not gonna lie though, I can’t wait until they get put to sleep.
En Ei
En Ei 7 days ago
tbh this whole thing is fucking garbage. even the reporters in this video saying "are you gonna be the one to smash Jake Paul?" this whole scenario creates a really disgusting and shameful moment for boxing and mma. the people egging this kinda shit on are fucking pathetic.
Alen Fora
Alen Fora 7 days ago
Everybody has a plan till you get punched in the "Mike Tyson"
NO ONE CARES 7 days ago
Breezoh S
Breezoh S 7 days ago
Little did Chris know he would soon have no leg
BlockChainPlanet 7 days ago
i cant wait for jake paul to get his ass beat
SevenDeMagnus 7 days ago
Zach Jordan
Zach Jordan 7 days ago
Trust me no ones gunna move especially after setting up a fight like that
Zach Jordan
Zach Jordan 7 days ago
Lol jake doesn’t show shit mans got little kids buying his shit 😂😂 u gotta be dumb if u think it’s the same audience as ufc
Panta Rei 83
Panta Rei 83 7 days ago
The fact that they make money by making spectacle of themselves or more correctly being progressional duchebags. I hate them BUT I NEVER WATCH THEM .. i have tried but i end up getting a fight later on that day
AntiSocial 7 days ago
Swear to god the worst boxer would whip his ass bro jake so fuckin ass
Valverdeno1 7 days ago
Asken should have never been in the UFC period. A good amount of people fall in that same category. What Jake is doing is taking the power away from the organizations and placing it more in the hands of fighters themselves. Paul would never exist if the public didn't allow for douche bags like him to exist.
Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra 7 days ago
I don't like Jake Paul but everyone here is jealous
Dear Slim
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Dear Slim
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