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Feb 21, 2021




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Comments 100   
FunnyMike Month ago
Kerisha Matthews
Kerisha Matthews 2 days ago
Hey fun Mike I love your videos and I watch your videos and I like and subscribe and I want to be a bad kid really really really really right now but when I get like 11:00 button and you can adopt me right now or if you make me a bad kid right now I can play with your little girl unless you f*** you and she better not be mean cuz I is sassy and I can't fight until Kyrie Kyrie whatever his name is to him I'm waiting for him when I wake up my back and he's not going to work about everybody else we going to have wine
Gdk Hotboi
Gdk Hotboi 28 days ago
Shameka Marbles
Shameka Marbles Month ago
Hey funnymike
Quavers Life Style
princess fam
princess fam Month ago
Can i please
Crumpton Lovie
Crumpton Lovie 6 days ago
When they going on a date dropping up the video
badkidaysata 6 days ago
tyson first his voice is cute ✨ they cute together.✨
Kelly Taylor
Kelly Taylor 7 days ago
She said point blank yea like ok 😂😂😂😂🥰🥰🤭
Family Games
Family Games 10 days ago
Che’ Smith
Che’ Smith 11 days ago
Post more
Racquel Scipio
Racquel Scipio 13 days ago
London Wiley-Wilson
I thought you didn’t want a boyfriend I thought you wanted a and B
Aniya White
Aniya White 17 days ago
😂😂😂ohh he like her 😏😏😏😏
China Sanovia
China Sanovia 17 days ago
Hey funny mike cannot be a bad kid hit the thumbs up is like a baby he hit the thumbs down because I can’t be a bad kid
Life as Nene
Life as Nene 22 days ago
Nooooo not my crush
ImtotoxicYt Gaming
ImtotoxicYt Gaming 23 days ago
Can I be a badkid please
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas 24 days ago
Didn't he like mirah
promise .
promise . 26 days ago
lmaoo 😂
Hector Ruiz
Hector Ruiz 26 days ago
Absolute Money
Absolute Money 27 days ago
Bring the lock in to atl we get way more lit up here
Tylicia Johnson
Tylicia Johnson 28 days ago
Did yall get a new house
Bosstho 895
Bosstho 895 Month ago
It's Not my Fault
I like how Funny Mike be like "100,000 likes they will be going out on a date" doesn't even give them a chance to be like I dont want to lol
Ayoo Jxan
Ayoo Jxan Month ago
It aight big show it's mark henry 😂😂
Makayla Haile
Makayla Haile Month ago
Is that Tyson Is he new or old bad kiddd 🤟🏾💗🌸
Angela Martin
Angela Martin Month ago
kiarra jackson
kiarra jackson Month ago
Robot Girl by
Kammmmmm noooo he uglyyyy
DxpressedMonkey Month ago
I thought she did not like tyson??????
King Bear
King Bear Month ago
Go, Kam
Lidia Zapata
Lidia Zapata Month ago
Tugging on her hair salon 💇‍♂️ is a great salon and a great salon for you to salon stylist and friends and I am happy to
Marziya jackson
Marziya jackson Month ago
TmAa🕳💖💤🤰👆💪✌Tamas Hmrkmd,gkck💞
Shadonna Reid
Shadonna Reid Month ago
Aww cam my girl Goin on a date lol
Imani Davis
Imani Davis Month ago
Audrea Davis
Audrea Davis Month ago
# 23 savage all day
Marianna Collins
Every time the bad kids go on a date they break up the next day like for real
Aleigha Francis
Aleigha Francis Month ago
I love y’all but please can we get a new intro and a prank
Kryptic Vlogs
Kryptic Vlogs Month ago
Jerry was loki cuddleing wit spider man
BigHomie ET
BigHomie ET Month ago
Y’all gotta stop giving fat ppl excuses, I see if they were talking about a something he can’t change but it’s a problem he clearly needs to fix for his overall health anyway 🤷🏾‍♂️ stop being sensitive; they’re preparing him for the REAL WORLD!
jaliyah hutchinson
Y'all took my sister. TV damn
Praise Karto
Praise Karto Month ago
On 14:15 I started dyeing from his face lol🤣😂
LimeEx Month ago
She was so desperate after all these videos that she said yes just because she wanted one😭
Nyeshia Prelow
Nyeshia Prelow Month ago
JennyBsquad Month ago
I haven't watched y'all since Jay's birthday 😳
Lonejsy Month ago
Ky Aborom
Ky Aborom Month ago
Okkkk go head kam and Tyson
Makayla Shivers
Makayla Shivers Month ago
Murph G_ The Kefi Boy
9:01 you want to see how big it is 🤔
DDG_ Drippy
DDG_ Drippy Month ago
Pick me for the giveaway
Christy Lang
Christy Lang Month ago
Y’all need ta hop of Toric😐
Jasmine Narcisse
people saying “jay be thuggin” yea he thuggin to the streets.
Regina Brown
Regina Brown 6 days ago
🤣😂😂😂😂😂 on me
David Thomas
David Thomas Month ago
Look y’all he will never get it catching fish and l killed that...
kylei C.
kylei C. Month ago
Haha I bet Jay is mad
Zakyria Bozeman
Zakyria Bozeman Month ago
Mike can I be a badkid please I have been watching you for six years now
Kamryn Tyler
Kamryn Tyler Month ago
I dont even laugh wen im watchin this
Davon Curry
Davon Curry Month ago
Ok shirt
ibix paint makeovers
They a cut couple tho and ima a big fan funnyman yo video always lit tho I ain't gon lie
Corneus Jackson
Corneus Jackson Month ago
We the fuck u at wit the videos
Bodygang93rd Month ago
Victor Uzondu_ezenwa
At this point I can't do these relationship vids I swear if he make anthor relationship video I might be heading my way to cj so cool I know he flex but I can't, I can't even mermrsise who dating who like wtf
Leo&I Ayala
Leo&I Ayala Month ago
"mexicans good foe moving stuff" IM DEAD☠️☠️☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tavion Carey
Tavion Carey Month ago
Where the link for the event at cosmic air
Serenity Gainey
Serenity Gainey Month ago
Its Jakiya
Its Jakiya Month ago
Clout ok 👌 So if you go to mk life mariha did a prank on jay that she was on the phone with a boy and jay called their mom their mom don’t want them to date so what makes you think she going let kam date if mariha older then her ? 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
camren prince
camren prince Month ago
I'm not a hater but, Jay for the streets. He not even all that at all if Mac didn't get him followers he wouldn't have got no girls. He do to much.
SheldonTo Saucy
SheldonTo Saucy Month ago
Who’s here after funnymike quit US-first 😐😐😐
Naz Bazi
Naz Bazi Month ago
I can be a badkid
Naz Bazi
Naz Bazi Month ago
Funny mike
PartyPooper1983 Month ago
Aye it’s 2021 are you gonna break jays game
bigbuckzwoo Month ago
aye man tell tyler mirah all mines #respectfully 🚀
Carlito Hamaseb
Carlito Hamaseb Month ago
What's up funnymike why stop again
MCKINNEY love Month ago
MCKINNEY love Month ago
A Squad_.
A Squad_. Month ago
Y’all go follow my US-first @A Squad_.
Theylovecece Month ago
Mac post a video
Santel Melton
Santel Melton Month ago
Unfortunately my lil cousin in listening to kidz bop (THEY IS NOT EVEN A BOP BRUH)
LaVaunta Hill
LaVaunta Hill Month ago
Hey funny mike remember when u did th
Rah Shard Roberson
can i be a bad kid i'm a big fan i want to see you in real life in person im a really big fan for all these years i wanted to be a bad kid can you please say yes i followed you on instagram and everything i want to be a bad kid please say yes
Brittany Lanus
Brittany Lanus Month ago
Best yter 🔥🥰 .
Lil chico tv
Lil chico tv Month ago
Jow mac i love your vidios i hop i can be in won
Tanija Vance
Tanija Vance Month ago
Mane get your lying as on 🤣🤣
the 4 amazing kids 1234
They look like a good couple all ready
the 4 amazing kids 1234
Omg nooo this about to go down
Last Goner
Last Goner Month ago
Who else Miss Mikla
King Zavion Z squad
I’m going through
Armenta Walker
Armenta Walker Month ago
I killed him really love you I will literally take Macy from a kill my kid like your belt at Makeout think you’re a builder Mikal I’m in your city I want to head a boxer mix kale fun of my
Blake Houze
Blake Houze Month ago
Can you make more video for us
Baby bosss Niyah
Prrrrr she said up with no hesitation
Amariauna Carter
I just saw there of the bad kids at the mall
Andrei hall
Andrei hall Month ago
Listen Mike I must say that you allowed yourself to be feminized . I mean if you truly was helping liyah from your heart. Then no matter if girls go through whatever. You should stay in your lane and not respond like a female.
Jayda B
Jayda B Month ago
Jayda B
Jayda B Month ago
[] Month ago
What type of clown exploits kids for money these youtubers needing kids to make money for them 😭🤦🏻‍♂️
Digna Arias
Digna Arias Month ago
*Unfollow *don’t come for liyah 😘
Lil Booklyn
Lil Booklyn Month ago
I like funnymike
what it doo
Rains Fall
Rains Fall Month ago
Rains Fall
Rains Fall Month ago
Hide on macei with jay
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo Month ago
I'm not soft or offended but Mike is to disrespectful and rude. The money and fame changed him.
All about Track
All about Track Month ago
hyepr bot
hyepr bot Month ago
bruh look at tory face when he gets a girl but no one girl likes him bc of how he looks thats sad
hyepr bot
hyepr bot Month ago
bruh why tory got to do everything and get called names i feel bad for him but deep down we all know hes sad and i hate the fact he got slaped
Barbara Conrad
Barbara Conrad Month ago
Bruh I’m mad at Mac he slacking we’re you at make
racist buzzfeed
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