Tyrus: Antifa just need a 'good old-fashioned spanking' 

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'Gutfeld!' panel discusses how they would handle ongoing 'mayhem' in Portland, Oregon if they were in charge. #FoxNews #Gutfeld
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Adam knuese
Adam knuese Hour ago
Wheeler is such a hypocrite. When the babies in black come after him . Different story .
Ierei Iro
Ierei Iro 8 hours ago
You know the saying a dog always eats its vomit
Asaph Tovar
Asaph Tovar 12 hours ago
That’s brodus!!! Lol
Big Game
Big Game 18 hours ago
Calling Biden Mr. Takes away the honer of those who really deserve that respect. Mr. President is lower than that.
1619 》 Om Ranashing
"He doesn't know what a cat is " 🔥🔥🔥🔥
joe bama
joe bama Day ago
Cowmooooooola is waiting in the wings
Blaise 2 days ago
If I am a betting man, either Ted is killed within a month by these heretics, or he self exiles. I'm really having a hard time feeling bad for Ted.
derek west
derek west 2 days ago
The biggest problem isn’t that Ted wheeler is a buffoon but that he actually agrees with and sides with the protesters
Melvin Williams
Melvin Williams 2 days ago
Y'all just mad because trump got his but kick and I love it the hell with trump.
Ron Olanda
Ron Olanda 2 days ago
Tyrus I love you but they need more than that.... Their funders need to be fried.
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson 2 days ago
This guys got non boomer humor too i like it.
h0tne0 3 days ago
The Left needs to be castrated and made a social pariah. We need to be able to spot them from afar so they must be branded on the forehead with "L" for liberal/Loser.
Brad Steiner
Brad Steiner 3 days ago
How dare "Dr." Biden call a cat a she! Perhaps that cat identifies as a boy cat.
Who was Sparta?
Who was Sparta? 3 days ago
If he ever cares to wrestle again, & he was a gd wrestler, he should try AEW. WWE robbed him of creativity of character & turned him into a cartoon.
AlleyCa7 3 days ago
Lol angry weebs? Do you even know what a weeb is? Judging on how you pronounced "pokemon" I'd say you dont. Gutfeld, whoever's writes your bits needs to try to be less edgy. I know quite a few "weebs" that want nothing to do with the left.
John Walker
John Walker 3 days ago
Brave heart. Awesome.
William Randall
William Randall 3 days ago
If they come to the South Tyrus we will give those wusses a good old spanking!
Jared Huskey
Jared Huskey 3 days ago
So that's Frasier's stand in? Explains a lot
WHITESOXWIN31 4 days ago
Be a bouncer or something, you suck as a political hack!!! Just identity pick!!
T Bo
T Bo 4 days ago
In general, antifa is known for what they oppose: Fascism, nationalism, far-right ideologies, white supremacy, authoritarianism, racism, homophobia and xenophobia. If Tyrus isn't opposed to these things how would he define freedom? Think he is just starving for attention.
stfutruck68 4 days ago
Call the police, does he mean the police he wants to not be around? What a idiot.
Ian Alderige
Ian Alderige 4 days ago
Gutfeld: "I don't care if an innocent man goes to jail as long as the riots stop". ......Gutless
zam iel
zam iel 4 days ago
The guy on the "talk show" talking shite about "they want a job as a media influencer". Oh the irony.
Akbar Safari
Akbar Safari 4 days ago
he can be a famous clown!? in Russian circuses
Caldaque 4 days ago
My parents spanked me every now and then when I was young and I will tell you, even then I usually knew that I deserved it. Discipline takes all kinds of forms beyond just physical action and it is not a bad thing, it is a part of ones’ education. Too bad these ANTIFA people didn’t have parents who loved them enough to set them on a good path.
E. S.
E. S. 4 days ago
Tyrus is a moron. Not wrong but he’s an idiot.
Alatreon 4 days ago
please don't lump us gamers in with these scumbags. please, please, we're much better people who only get mad at our games and don't (usually) cause any property damage, and in those rare instances it's our own properties.
Nestor 123
Nestor 123 4 days ago
No they need to be executed
Paul Strzykalski
Paul Strzykalski 4 days ago
Who voted for this idiot Wheeler?
Gus 4 days ago
Antifag are just a bunch of insignificant, zero achieving, basement dwelling little bedwetters. I disagree they should be designated as Domestic Terrorists, because that would give them way more credit than they deserve. I don't underestimate them, it's just that the left have let them get away with, what they have so far. Under normal circumstances, or rather in a proper Law abiding community, and not leftist cesspits, they would all be serving appropriate prison sentences, or dead and quite rightly so.
Lambodara The Dark Star
by the power of Sofia the black Sun there shall only be the Aurora Borealis coming down and bringing forth great change by force all people who have no melanin in their flesh shall be oppressed and discriminated against in the system of black Supremacy that is the four islands of rapture City. AMUN.
rawr xD
rawr xD 5 days ago
these similes are so crazy unfunny that i wanted to shoot myself in the head 90% of the time
kb_prophet 4 days ago
Very cringey that they think this can compete with any political commentaries on Comedy Central
TsIntent 5 days ago
Who knows about the Funkasaurus...
Mr Shadow
Mr Shadow 5 days ago
Anti-fah lol
Kate VanGelder
Kate VanGelder 5 days ago
I lived in Portland for too long. Ted Wheeler is just a mirror image of Portlanders! Trust me..... You don't want to go there!!
lightitup 5 days ago
Trump had us up on plane... Biden has us rowing the boat again!
Ginger Ninja_Super
Portland is going the way of circuit city 🌆
Lisa Beaudrie
Lisa Beaudrie 5 days ago
I thought this crap was supposed to be funny!?
Free Spirit
Free Spirit 5 days ago
Lol I sure would not help him. He turned his back on the tax payers, and police so if I was in that city I would not lift a finger to help him. Funny when it involves him now he wants to do something about it. I say it is to late take a hike! Glad she labeled BLM and Antifa as local terrorists. That is truly what they are.
Gina T
Gina T 5 days ago
Wheeler is a weenie!
rt3593 5 days ago
That mayor's a loser. As cringeworthy as jimmy kimmel
abntemplar82 6 days ago
Antifa and BLM are Marxist organizations. it's the 21st century, the only people pushing any flavor of Marxism are either the control freak megalomaniac who thinks they are going to be on the top of the government food chain when the revolution is over or, they are the goose stepping moronic useful idiot waste of a good sperm cell. there is only one cure for the infection of Marxism, 1668 / 3.
peter harahus
peter harahus 6 days ago
Shut FUX down.
michelle bybee
michelle bybee 6 days ago
Most if NOT all democrats are paid off ... ww3 coming cause of them be safe E1
Gee Yetwah
Gee Yetwah 6 days ago
How are comedic lines delivered by an angry bitter man funny or enlightening?
Fist Fight
Fist Fight 6 days ago
As a gamer I find that offensive but also very funny. And also as a member of the gamer community I do not promote this terrorism.
Momma Lew
Momma Lew 6 days ago
These idiots need a good ole fashioned group mind and body conditioning, grass drills on the parade field in 5.
R K 6 days ago
Don’t disrespect the busboys. Sometimes you’ve gotta start somewhere, and I’ve known a few restaurant owners and chefs who started that way. Heck, Anthony Bourdain stated as a busboy.
Aron Speedy
Aron Speedy 6 days ago
After the city is burned to the ground the military is willing to come in and rebuild but it will be too dangerous until then because he does not want them there.
Portland Patriot
Portland Patriot 6 days ago
You guys would be blast to take in there. Gutfelds mouth, with the big guys intimidation the perfect weapon. Talking to antifablm is like a twisted game of " your mama's so dumb" with 9 yr olds, ' cept someone gave the 9yr olds AR15's. Maybe just a bunch of tough guys, real tough guys, quiet ones help them misguided boys become men. There are the cops though, that's the problem. You guys got connections, have em look the other way. Please
Justin Horn
Justin Horn 6 days ago
Ted wheeler is such a puss
Ronald Dorsey
Ronald Dorsey 6 days ago
Trust tried to get into Britt McHenry pants at one time. His chances was like a snowball on a hot grill.
William Werner
William Werner 6 days ago
Ronald Dorsey
Ronald Dorsey 6 days ago
That airhead have nothing in his head but air.
Robert DeGrandis
Robert DeGrandis 6 days ago
He doesn't know where he's, never mind a cat!!
Dani08Nicole 6 days ago
Hunter of Truth
Hunter of Truth 6 days ago
Idiot Wheeler getting exactly what he deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Williams
David Williams 6 days ago
An azz kicking indeed! Too many privileged caucasians kids being instructed to go to "TIMEOUT!" And this the outcome!...lol😂🤣😂🤣
The Security BodyCam Channel
Don't spank them they might enjoy it.
Joseph A. Jones
Joseph A. Jones 6 days ago
Fox News works for CNN.
Pitsrforidiots 6 days ago
Oh this is Gutfeld? No thanks, it's a waste of time watching a backslidden conservative.
Fernando Hernandez
He called the mayor a mob rat😂 you only call snitching thugs rats. Not regular people. They not thugs they made to snitch
Ted Fransis
Ted Fransis 6 days ago
"Catch and beat the crap out of "
Stanley Masterson
The dogs are the only good thing about these two incompetents
Stephanie Martinez
Portland needs to wheel Ted right outta there.
manny ramires
manny ramires 6 days ago
Ok Rambo🙀
Corey Hoover
Corey Hoover 6 days ago
So do the proud boys. Can't punish one if not the other.
Little Debbie Yvonne
When you tolerantly threaten someone you are still tolerant. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Anne-Marie Nordin
Anne-Marie Nordin
Kerr P
Kerr P 7 days ago
I live near Portland and I just love to watch the woke mob now going against their leader AKA Ted Wheeler. Now he wants every one to help fight against the mob....Wheeler is a big joke
Fast4SloW 717
Fast4SloW 717 7 days ago
I hate when people say Nobodys working. I've been working 60 hrs a week since they started giving free money. 60 hours because we can't find nobody to hire. It's a 60k to start job and nobody is applying. And we hire felons
humming bird
humming bird 3 days ago
Bless you! There are so many folks needing help in their businesses but no one to work. Our Mr Potato Head has made unemployment too attractive. Not too many people care about pride in taking care of their own family anymore!
Michael 7 days ago
Fox viewer for 30 years. Greg, you are so unfunny, so bad, it's like a work instructional video for the obvious propaganda Fox puts out for establishment RINOs. Tucker is better than you, and you probably got your own show because everyone gets a trophy, even at Fox. Above all, Fox lost when they let Crowder go. You suck, Greg. That Chauvin faux pas you made sealed the deal. LOSER. Why they let you waste prime time is exactly why other networks are growing. Same cheese brains in the C level making mistakes like you repeat, over and over.
Michael 7 days ago
You make Fox audiences look bad. And trust me, it's already hard enough telling anyone we watch this network as it is.
Draethar 7 days ago
I thought Fred Durst left himself go...
Mairi Connell
Mairi Connell 7 days ago
Is this is not funny!
Aesop De Moor
Aesop De Moor 7 days ago
it is risky to have Biden talk about any kind of pussycat!
John Winchester
John Winchester 7 days ago
It's doesn't matter if the police arrest them or not they have NOT and will NOT be prosecuted in democrat strongholds by the states district attorneys. If they are arrested they are released within hours with no charges its all one giant game to them because there are 0 consequences.
Gypsy Girl
Gypsy Girl 7 days ago
Antifa is such a joke. and anyone who sides with this trash is trash themselves.
jkforever10 7 days ago
Tyrus: an epic name for an epic dude
Lungo Scrungo
Lungo Scrungo 7 days ago
Tyrus be lookin like Marcus Fenix from Gears of War
Brian Marlow
Brian Marlow 7 days ago
Now the election is over and all the leftist BS that worked for them. Now it’s time to actually clean up the streets. Such a joke
George Morrison
George Morrison 7 days ago
To Tyrus, It's catch, clean, and cook.
Dream Big
Dream Big 7 days ago
"The cure for antifa is getting laid".. best line of the year!🤣🤣
The man from room fiVe
I hear cement shoes are making a comeback, just putting that out there
FrankySaint 7 days ago
Adopting a cat is interview-worthy? American journalism is getting sadder and sadder.
Josef Sumrain
Josef Sumrain 7 days ago
Get out of MY city, Ted!
Rick W.
Rick W. 7 days ago
Whealer is a disgrace to humanity
Russ K
Russ K 7 days ago
OK Fox "News" keep coming out against Biden and keep supporting traitor Trump. You remember who Trump is right? He's the one who orchestrated an insurrection to overthrow the government of the USA. Can anyone explain why Trump shouldn't be called a traitor for his actions on January 6th? How is he any better than Benedict Arnold?And why is Fox "News" still supporting him? Are they trying to say they no longer believe in our Constitution, the rule of law, or America in general?
Jon H
Jon H 7 days ago
What no recall??!! 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣
I like Tyrus... He's like the average Joe, proposing better Solutions than many Officials.
G Bae
G Bae 7 days ago
They needed that spanking 18-20 years ago!!
Tim Torgerson
Tim Torgerson 7 days ago
Whats Biden doing about domestic Terrism Nothing.
Antonio Pinto
Antonio Pinto 7 days ago
Reds eat their own like history shows
Ernest Martinelli
if you spotted that guy a C, and a T, he couldn't spell CAT
Wasc Lit
Wasc Lit 8 days ago
Antifa tried their chaos in Oklahoma City - got shut-down by the locals which included minorities. Antifa failed to realize that Oklahoma is fly-over country where folks live who cling to their bibles and drive pickup trucks with gun racks . Portland - R.I.P.
Dave 8 days ago
Gutfeld is great with the best guests.
Shannon Nonnahs
Shannon Nonnahs 8 days ago
When did Fox become a comedy special!?I have to admit though that this guy has good timing.
Plums Mom
Plums Mom 6 days ago
Having media literacy is important. The difference from news and entertainment is crucial. Not all understand the difference without regard for political party. Obviously this is purely entertainment.
Garth kightlinger
They need drafted or deported no exception, they are mindless genetically defective animals.
Amazing Hangover
Amazing Hangover 8 days ago
Sorry - new here - Who are they? I know they are a danger but how can you tell? Please inform .
Jackie Kaszuba
Jackie Kaszuba 8 days ago
Portland and other cities that were destroyed and looted will never be the same I grew up in Newark in 1964 during the Newark riots it’s been over 50 years and Newark has not totally come back what a shame these young people don’t know what they’re doing
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 8 days ago
She just misgendered a cat... we should protest misgendered cats and or any other fluffy anamial with a tail....cats lives matter